What does it mean to force?

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Force (from English to force – “force, push”) ❗ is a slang word meaning fast 🔜 and active promotion of any new idea, 💡 product, process.

What is forcing in youth slang?

Simply put, when a phenomenon becomes so quickly known and popular among the people that it seems that this phenomenon is diligently pushed and spread. That is forsyat.

Social networks often force news or memes. The call in the post “Help to force” means “repost and spread the information as much as possible.”

Forcing a product on the market means making a lot of efforts to promote it. Sometimes this concept carries a negative connotation: “forcing” means “to distribute something unnecessarily intrusively.” So much so that it is disgusting. For example, a kitten from the Soviet cartoon “Scarecrow-Miauchelo” for a long time and unsuccessfully forced his new song until he changed his marketing strategy.

Usage example

“This is often talked about throughout the season. It seems to me that the people who force this are wishful thinking. And it’s not close. If we wanted to leave, we would have left a long time ago.”

(The head of the Spartak press service, Dmitry Zelenov, in refuting rumors that the owner of the football club, Leonid Fedun, plans to step down from the leadership.)

The word “forcing” has a more well-known, but already outdated homonym. It comes from the French forcer (strength, significance), so the emphasis in it falls on the letter “and”. This word means – to put on airs, show off and be fashionable.

Other meanings of the word “force”

  • The word “force” has other definitions. According to Ushakov’s dictionary, force is a synonym for boasting and panache. In this regard, the meaning of the word practically coincides with the term “flex”.
  • The term “brute force” is also found on the Internet. This is programmer jargon. And it means choosing a password to hack a computer or website. Brute force (from the English brute force – “brute force”) is carried out by enumerating all possible combinations of characters.

What does it mean to force?

Force – the meaning of the word

So, when placing the stress in the word “force” on the second syllable, it will have the following meanings:

1) Break, set the tone, put on airs, show off.

2) Show off, be fashionable (connected with clothes).

Forcing means putting something on display, be it expensive designer clothes or jewelry.

Usage Examples:

This man is too forceful, causing hostility among the people around him.

I don’t think that forcing them is the best idea.

Forsyth – the meaning of the word

In the case of placing the stress on the first syllable – forsit, the meaning of the word changes dramatically and acquires a new meaning, more modern, since it was used on the Internet quite recently.

forcing – pushing information, news with force; impose, push through.

A verb of this kind currently belongs to the number of neologisms and slang words, expressions. The word comes from the English “force”, which literally means “strengthen, distribute.” It is used as an active promotion of something, a constant mention of an event, object, action.

Usage Examples:

This series was forced very quickly and therefore it is now uninteresting to many.

What is the point of forcing this expression everywhere?

In most cases, this verb is used more in a negative context than in a positive one. If a person is literally told that he is forcing, it is worth understanding this as a proposal to stop mentioning something and bother, get it.

Forcing in explanatory dictionaries

explanatory dictionary
nes. neperekh. unfold

1. Hold with force [Force I]; boast, flaunt, flaunt.

2. Put on airs by showing off something.

Ushakov’s explanatory dictionary
FORCE, forsha (little used), force, incompetent. simple.).

1. To flaunt, to be smart, to keep with force. He likes to force, that’s why there is not enough money. Nothing to force, put on an old coat.

2. Show off, put on airs, put something on display. “Summer was walking with the clerk. And I suppose forsila … I’m de husband’s wife. Stanyukovich.

Ozhegov’s explanatory dictionary
FORCE, -rsh, -rsh; incompatibility simple.). Hold on with force, put on airs, exposing something. for show F. in front of her friends.

encyclopedic dictionary
FORCE – rsh, – rsh; nsv. Razg. Hold on with force, put on airs, exposing something. for show; swank. F. in front of her friends. Only forsyth, but nothing behind the soul.

academic dictionary
-rshu, -rshu; nesov. simple.

To flaunt, to be smart.

– Pyotr Vasilyich, they say it hurts something forsyth. – He started his boots with a creak, a downy hat – so he walks around like a rooster. Mamin-Siberian. Gold.

[Efimov:] And this is not a monocle, but glass from a ladies’ watch, I see. You cheat cheaply. M. Gorky, counterfeit coin.


Show off, put on airs, exhibit something. for show

Everything, you know, I want to ask him if he is just forcing, or is he really rich. Pisemsky, Fanfaron.

– Our ensign is not very combative, – Rodionov grinned. “But he doesn’t force and listens to us,” Blokhin interceded. Stepanov, Port Arthur.

collection of words and parables
force – brag, put on airs

Wed. And here’s my tale to you: put on a paper duckweed for dinner – there is nothing to force.

P. P. Gnedich. Impressionist. 11.

Wed. Another time they play with the prince (on billiards) until two o’clock, they do not put money in the pocket (to make sure the payment is correct), and I know that neither one nor the other has money, but everyone is forcing.

Gr. L.N. Tolstoy. Marker notes.

spelling dictionary
force, force, force

accent dictionary
force, force, force

word forms
force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, force, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing, forcing

1. see flaunt 1.

2. See chic.

3. see flaunt

Ch. nesov.





impose, push through

Clever linguists once noticed a similar phenomenon and came up with the word “occasionalism” – that is, a word that one author invents and forces.


show off; put on airs by flaunting something

But, gentlemen, who can boast of their own illnesses, and even force them?

You think it’s good: for this reason, will you force yourself, tear your nose up?

Even now you are dressing up like a groom… He started to force. Recently I ordered every dress for three hundred rubles, Kishkin boasted.

show off, flaunt, flaunt something new, beautiful, fashionable, expensive (clothes, jewelry)

– Pyotr Vasilyich, they say it hurts something forsyth. – He started his boots with a creak, a downy hat, – so he walks like a rooster.

Aunt Lina began to bring home money, wine, food, became excitedly cheerful, was late home from work, tried to force, tint.

morphemic spelling dictionary

grammar dictionary
force nsv np 4b

This word, which means “flaunt, dandy”, is formed on the basis of the French force – “strength, power”.

etymological dictionary
Original. Suf. derived from fors “strength, arrogance” < fr. force – aka.

Dictionary of Russian Gallicisms
FORCE forcer.

1. obsolete. Exaggerate, exaggerate. Martynov is the best, although he is a bit overzealous and presents Benevolensky as a drunkard. 1853. Druzhinin Dn. 246.

2. dec. Hold on with force; boasting, flaunting one’s dexterity, courage, wealth, etc. BAS-1.- Well, respectfully! – said the judge, looking with pleasure at the festive attire of his cook, – you need to farce in front of the mayor. Foma Kostyga Marvelous incidents in the city of Fert. // New. almanac 1846 183. Another time they play with the prince until two o’clock, they don’t put money in the pocket, and I already know that neither one nor the other has money, but everyone is forcing. 1855 Tolstoy. Zap. marker. // РР 1995 6 113. The aunt obviously speaks Farsi as if (the hat moves down a bit ) and seems to be ashamed. Y. Polonsky Steep hills. // Case 1881 8 1 2. Khvarisey (not a hypocrite, but a braggart – from the word ill). 1898. Nicknames of the peasants of the village of Berezovka, Dmitrovsky district, Oryol province. // Alive. old 3-4 421. Some, hiding their pain out of false shame, still force themselves, yell, quarrel, pretending to be strong people, but they are deeply unhappy, mortally tired. Gorky Uninvented. thoughts. // LO 1988 10 105. Do not force, forceful force, Do not think, I will not fall in love, I will pass sideways past the windows, I will not look back at you. 1922. Struminsky Orenb. frequent // TOIK 2 132. Vinnikovsky guys didn’t like it when “louts” came to us to “sick” in front of the girls. N. Plevitskaya Dezhkin Karagod. // Moscow 1993 11 93. You, my dear, do not be sick, Do not wear a wide belt. Smolensk. F N 2001 1 38. || unfold Break down, swagger. The military, I repeat, felt themselves at a great advantage, and, according to the modern expression, “strongly forced.” Leskov Pechersk antiques. // 11-7 181. Don’t force, my dear, You’re throwing ropes. Yaroslavl folklore 220. We guys are hedgehogs, There are knives in the tops, We like to drink, have a bite, In a drunken state, force. Bunin Cursed days. // Only word 316. ? Force over someone. B AS-1. Over the weakest one could not only “force”, but one could also “forget”, and Bulanin very soon understood the difference between these two actions. Kuprin At the turning point. || To flaunt, to flaunt. B AS-1. On Midsummer’s Day I’ll sew a burgundy blouse. Simakov Chast. 1913 135. The adversary wears a hat, But I don’t wear a hat, I’ll put on a white scarf, I’ll remake it. Astafieva 1998 277. – Lex. C AN 1852: force.

dictionary of foreign words
FORCE (from French forcer). Put on airs, set the tone, break down.


So, as you understand, the word “force”, depending on which syllable is stressed, can have a completely different meaning. So, to force is to show off and be fashionable, but to force is to impose something.

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