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In the speech of young people, one can increasingly hear the word “truly”. 📣 Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the English language, 📖 immediately becomes clear that this definition is based on the word “true” ✔ – truth, truth.

Trushny what does it mean?

Today, all people, to one degree or another, use jargon and slang words during communication. They fit into our vocabulary so organically that we can no longer imagine our everyday speech without them. Some are extremely indignant when they hear from teenagers certain terms unfamiliar to him, but the most tsimus here is that these people themselves are not averse to using a few vivid expressions. In this article, we will continue to decipher another simple word from the youth dictionary. As you probably already figured out, we will talk about the term Trushny, which means you can find out a little lower.

Our site was created solely for educational purposes, to introduce people to the jargon of various subcultures, as well as to decipher the words from the slang of fashionistas and criminal slang.

  • Terrible, meaning? This term was borrowed from the English language “true”, and is translated into Russian as “true”, “true”, “true”, “accurate”.
  • Trushny – this is how they speak of something real, genuine. Often used to refer to true “non-formals”, as opposed to those who have only the external attributes of a particular subculture.


Tolyan, don’t be a hard metal worker, you never were one.

I was often mistaken for a real hippie, but I just like their style and nothing else.

No, Max, you’re wrong, what you heard was not true punk, but ordinary pop rock.

Today, emos are not the same anymore, I remember in 2007 I met real real girls – emos.

True metal is how much music is able to connect with the devil.

True merch is a genuine product manufactured by a particular group, not lower quality fakes.

Initially, the word “true” in the usual sense was used in the jargon of the “black metal” subculture. Fans of this music have a strong belief that the real black metallers live in Norway. Moreover, Norwegian metal even got its own separate name “True Norwegian Black Metal” (Trushny Norwegian black metal), for being noticeably different from its competitors in other countries. And lovers of Norwegian rock are called “true-blackers” or simply in one word “true”. A true true metal worker must fully comply with his status.

It means always wearing only black leather with studs, having long hair, drinking alcohol, and doing all sorts of things.

The main point is that the “black” subgenre emerged as an antagonist to all other trends. True black fans hate other music for being commercial. And in order to completely discourage the desire to commercialize black metal, it was recorded on cheap audio cassettes in terrible quality. Although after a while, commercialization reached this stronghold of the counterculture.

As a result, the true bands began to release their albums from well-known labels, and in huge numbers, but the sound and that original style still remained.

More time passed, and “blackers” began to use the definition of “true” not only in music, but also to refer to a variety of videos, texts, and much later, everything else. From metalheads, the habit of calling something good and sensible with the word “true” passed to the rest of the teenagers, who, not understanding the true origin of this term, fucked it up great.

What does it mean?

In addition, it is impossible not to mention such a well-known in narrow circles “Manowar” group, in the texts of which, back in the 80s of the last century, hints constantly slipped that they play real and true true metal, and all the rest are simple poseurs. And the popularity of such a phrase as “true metall” and the word “posers” (posers) brought the track “Metal Warriors” of the same group “Manowar”.

How did the words “true” and “true” appear?

Initially, the definition of “true” was used only in relation to “black” metalheads (black metallers) with their truly diabolical music. Some especially devoted fans of this musical direction were firmly convinced that real metal exists only in Norway.

It even got to the point that Norwegian metalheads formed their own movement called “True Norwegian Black Metall”, which translates as “Real Norwegian Black Metal”. These metalheads were called “true”, that is, real “black”, true rebels and informals.

Tru and commerce

This whole story with a separate trend of exactly “dark” metal is connected with the desire of its fans not to let the commercial world “absorb” their favorite music as well. They vehemently opposed and still oppose any commercialization. “Black” metalheads have always been against the entire musical world. They literally literally hate any music because it is associated with money and is sold.

What does it mean?

In order to prevent black metal from being commercialized, its authors and fans tried to record music on the cheapest audio cassettes of terrible quality with really terrible sound quality. This simply could not be sold!

But time passed and, of course, the world of buying and selling got to this music. Now “black” metalheads conclude agreements with producers, shoot videos and receive money for their work, and their fans are happy to buy tickets and CDs. And the word “true” gradually “migrated” to the definition of any real, genuine, high-quality content.

Fragility what does it mean

An interesting thing. Multifaceted. And necessary. You know what for. And A, no, wait, first I’ll write in what it can be manifested. And then – for what))

  • Real photos and pictures in social networks and blogs. Those who are “about themselves.” Without imitation and pathos. Even if the photo shoot is about the real you. In the bookstore, at work or on the lawn – wherever you really are. Not against the backdrop of a cardboard interior with a cardboard smile.
  • Real clothes. The one you like and love. I love and wear knitwear. And different brooches. Someone likes jeans and painted backpacks. Someone dyes T-shirts. And someone loves long dresses and heels))
  • Real activities. Draw – and show others – if you like to draw. Cook and feed – if you like to cook. Walk alone and not show anyone – if you like to walk alone. And do not consider yourself at the same time – an artistic mediocrity, a kitchen clown or a loafer (loafer))

So why?

And for the most important thing – in order to find YOURSELF. Our own, those who are similar and not like us. Those who dye T-shirts and go to the bookstore (this is mine, you have yours)). Those who write comments that you want to re-read and quote. And answer. Those who wear knitwear and take out of their pocket a round piece of hairy quartz with rutile needles piercing it.

We are gradually becoming more and more “truly”)) Real, if anyone does not like this word. And “their” begin to find us little by little. And we are to find our own. For knitted sweaters and a piece of quartz in your pocket.


The correct use and knowledge of youth slang will help you understand the previous generation and communicate with them in their language. In addition, it is a guarantee that your thought will also be correctly understood. Today we have analyzed the meanings of the words “true” and “true” in slang. The youth designate with these words something good, honest, real, but not many people know the real “truly” meaning of this “black” definition.

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