What is a default?

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In our age of modern technology, literally every day new words appear, unknown to anyone yesterday. 💭 Youth slang is especially actively replenished. 📚 As for the word “default” – it has existed for a long time and has its own meaning, 👆🏻 which, however, is of little interest to modern youth. In slang, this word has acquired a slightly different meaning. ❓ So, what is default in modern slang?

What is a default?

What does default mean in slang?

Default is the default value, the option that is used in the program settings if the user does not select something else.

Usage Examples

By default, 35 is set there – increase if necessary.

By the way, I had RTS and DTS checked by default during installation – don’t forget to uncheck them!

If everything was normal, the system would shut down by default under heavy load.

The default settings of the music program are fine with me, I didn’t even think about changing them.

It’s better to set everything to the maximum here, because the default settings are unlikely to allow you to see all the graphic effects.

Default, default, default – where are the words used?

The word “default” can often be found in the FAQ for a variety of computer programs. Typically, the user is asked to choose from several proposed options the most suitable for him personally, and then report his answer to the computer.

For convenience, developers create the most popular answer options, marking all the items that are included there with “default” or “default” marks. Thanks to this, the user has the opportunity to avoid tedious and lengthy program settings. He simply makes the most appropriate decision from the options offered to him by the program.

“Default” in other dictionaries

  • Default – From English. default termination of payment of interest on securities, loans, interest on bonds, as well as termination.
    Business Dictionary
  • Default – — (eng. default) failure to fulfill obligations. Failure to make timely interest and principal payments on debt.
    Political Dictionary
  • default – – failure to fulfill a monetary obligation or transaction, refusal to fulfill a monetary obligation or transaction. D. may be a sovereign.
    Big Accounting Dictionary

Teenage slang and its meaning

Not all teenagers deliberately use slang. Many use it as a joke and often because of this they are not accepted by other peers. For a teenager, the use of slang expressions is a game, a code language that most adults are not able to understand, and therefore you can safely talk about anything. In most cases, as they grow older, youth slang leaves colloquial speech, and a teenager begins to call a spade a spade.

Influence of youth slang

In principle, there is nothing wrong with using slang when communication on it does not go beyond the limits and at the same time a person understands the difference between commonly used colloquial speech and this comic, coded (often temporary) language. But if, due to the non-acceptance of generally accepted norms in the transitional age, there is a rude rejection of the “normal” – then this is already a problem.

The thing is that all our thoughts are closely connected with the word, and not with the image, like in animals. Therefore, using slang expressions, a teenager begins to not only speak, but also think in it. As a result, slang seeps into all spheres of his activity and takes root in such a way that sometimes he himself needs to be translated from “normal” into “his” language.

It will be very difficult to get rid of slang later. But it is quite achievable. And this will require a lot of conscious effort.


Slang (from English slang) are new names of words or sets of words familiar to us, which are used by different kinds of people in various fields. In general, slang is non-standard vocabulary that unites people of the same profession and / or company.

Nowadays, many of the slang expressions are firmly established in our literary language and are actively used by almost all groups of people. For example, “write a cheat sheet” (hint, reminder), “make a fuss” (tell everyone, put it on public display), “fail the interview” (get rejected for an interview, not get a job).

The main difference between slang, for example, from colloquial expressions, is its use in their colloquial speech by educated people, people of similar professions, ages, etc. Often, it is slang that determines a person’s belonging to a certain group (for example, PS – computer slang, grandmas – criminal jargon). In addition, in different group circles, slang words with the same sound mean completely different things (for example, CNC – seo, Internet and CNC – factory machine).

In Russian, common slang is also actively used, for example, bummer, showdown, grandmas, hangout, ment, zadolbat, bullshit. These are words borrowed mainly from youth or criminal slang, but which have become common and understandable to almost everyone.


So, we can conclude that by default, default or default are words that denote the choice applied by the program “by default”. That is, it is an automatic choice that a computer program uses in the absence of a choice by the person himself.

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