What is epta?

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Literally every day on the Internet 💻 new obscure words and abbreviations appear, invented by young people 👧🏻 or borrowed from the English language. But at first glance, a very strange letter combination “epta” 👆🏻 cannot be attributed to either the first or the second. “Yopta” 🤬 has existed for a very long time, if it was invented by young people, then more than a dozen years ago. So what is epta?

What is epta?

What does the word epta mean?

Yopta (aka “yopt”) is a “word” that is used to express emotions. You could hear it even before the spread of the Internet. This is a kind of analogue of “go nuts” or even a replacement for the well-known curse.

The expression is used both in a positive and negative or neutral way, it all depends on the context.

A few years ago, a video went viral on the Internet, which quickly became viral. Everyone who watched it was in a hurry to show it to their friends and acquaintances, and those to theirs, and so this video began its victorious march on YouTube. The promotion was no doubt contributed by the long-dead Bose channel + 100500, which mentioned in one of its episodes about this funny creation of ordinary guys. This video is called “Ku-ku epta!!” and then many had questions, what does Yopta mean? The meaning of the word Yopta. Read some more interesting articles, for example, what does Skill mean, what is Ruin, how to understand the word Support, the meaning of the abbreviation Pwned, etc. for a visit.

So, let’s continue, what does Yopta mean?

Although in some parts of our vast country, several meanings of the word Yopta have been invented, which you no doubt need to know about.

  • The first value. Fuck nuyopt means a strong unpleasant surprise.
  • The second value. Yopta – means a strong negative reaction expressed due to some unpleasant event.

Example: I’m going to punch you in the face, bitch!

  • The third value. Epta (occasionally epty) is sometimes used to connect words in a sentence.

Example: I’m a lady, bitch!

  • The fourth meaning. Epta is an abbreviation that stands for “If You Answer Correctly!”.

Meanings of the expression “epta”

1. Quite often, “epta” is used in the meaning of “That’s it.”

2. The second meaning is surprise with a negative connotation. For example: “Damn, well, ept!” or “What the hell are you!”.

3. A strong negative reaction associated with some unpleasant event. For example: “Fuck off already, she doesn’t need you, epta!”.

4. Yopta (sometimes – eptyt) is used to link words in a sentence. For example: “I’m a master, epta!

5. A peculiar abbreviation that can be deciphered as “If You Answer Correctly!”.

Word Popularity

There were times when a video blew up on the Internet, which quickly became viral. Users who watched it hurried to share it with their friends, who, in turn, shared it with theirs. Later on +100500 this funny creation of simple guys was mentioned. The video is called “Ku-ku epta!!”.

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