What is imba?

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In gaming reviews on YouTube, Internet users often see the word “IMBA”. 📖 Its meaning in youth slang may be incomprehensible to those who have recently started playing computer games. 💻 And also to the older generation who were not a player at a young age.

What does IMBA and IMBA mean – in simple words – definition

In simple terms, Imba or Imba is a playable character, character class, a bunch of characters, items of equipment or something similar, which gives a clear advantage over other players, due to an incorrectly configured game balance.

Before considering what types of imbosity are, and why this happens at all, you should, in general, get acquainted with what the “Game Balance” is as a whole.

What is imba?

Dictionary meaning of IMBA

The well-known Wiktionary has its own explanation for this word. He classifies imba as jargon, meaning a game feature, most often of role-playing games, where there is a clear and unreasonable advantage of one team over another. Imba, according to the dictionary, is primarily a violation of the overall game balance. In such cases, the game makes the process interesting for one (strong) team or opposing side and not interesting or fair for the other (weak). It is for this quality that gamers most often scold developers.

What does ginger mean?

There are adjectives formed from imba. Their meaning does not change and is used in cases where it is necessary to express that the character is significantly superior in strength. For example, an imboss boss means that he cannot be defeated alone. It is beyond the power of an ordinary player. An imbecile character means that his parameters at the initial stage exceed the parameters of other units.

An example is the game World of Tanks, where, despite the constant balancing of game equipment, one or another tank becomes an imbecile.

League of Legends has its own iconic heroes that players try to learn how to play in the first place: Mordekaiser, Aurelion Sol, Yone and others. The game balance has been fine-tuned in CS:GO, where players can only customize the appearance of the character. Combat parameters such as bullet damage, defense and others are controlled by developers and made the same for both teams.

What is imba?

There is a persistent belief on the Internet that any player can win on imba, but it is not entirely accurate. Since all units and games in general require skill from the player.

Usage examples for imba

Sometimes the best way to understand an unknown word is through examples. From them it becomes clear to whom, when and for what imba is used in youth slang in different meanings.

This character needs to be made weaker (nerfed), he is the fiercest imba;

The new tank is just an imba at its level;

Help on the bottom lane, I can’t handle this imba myself;

Need help on mid, Persian has 35 crit and is a mage;

It’s pointless to go against him, this character is an imba;

Recommend the best imbs for level 10;

This is not a bad character at all, but he is not an imba;

Help me choose the most iconic barrel on my level, except for the fly and the headlight;

They dragged the skating rink together against the imba;

It’s imba and it doesn’t counter.

Youth slang often leaves the Internet and spreads to everything around. They begin to use it instead of the usual words in order to seem more advanced, original in the eyes of their peers.

For example, classmates can call the most attractive girl in the class imbova. She has no real competitors in terms of beauty, with which she could be compared.

Imbos can be a car, a smartphone, a computer – anything. And in all cases, the meaning of this slang will be equivalent to “the best”, “without competition”, “superior”. The word can also be used in less obvious cases, when it practically does not fit the meaning of the context.

What is imba?

What is imba in anime?

Jargon is not only transferred to real life, but also appears in other areas of entertainment. It can be found in reviews and articles about anime. Imba takes on a slightly different connotation and definition here. So earlier, the characters of anime films were initially weak and fell into various troubles according to the plot. Based on this situation, they needed to become stronger in order to cope with more powerful villains.

After that, the main plot began, where the hero upgraded his abilities, and the audience followed him without leaving the screens.

Nowadays the anime is a bit different, the hero may already be leveled up and learned a lot before his story even started. Such anime characters are called imba. They can already fight back most of the villains that get in the way of the plot of the film. And their abilities can manifest themselves later and even new ones can form. Fans of this genre call Hajime Nagumo one of them.

He alone is able to exterminate crowds of monsters, and he acquired this skill almost imperceptibly to the viewer. This is another reason why the hero got his status.

What is GAME BALANCE – Definition

Game balance is a video game design concept where the strengths of a character or a particular strategy are offset by a proportional weakness in another area to prevent one character or game approach from dominating.

In simple terms, this means that if a character is endowed with some strong abilities in one area, then weak points must be created for him. Thanks to this, other players will be able to defeat him. This achieves a balance between classes, and all players have an equal chance of winning, provided that the correct mechanics are used in the confrontation.

For example, if one character is very strong in melee, then he can be made slower so that other less powerful but fast characters can kite him.

Unfortunately, there are no perfectly balanced games in nature. Despite the best efforts of the designers, some characters or strategies turn out to be stronger than others, both in certain areas and throughout the gameplay.

Balancing is an extremely difficult process for game developers due to many variables and different game circumstances. The balancing issue becomes more pronounced in complex games such as RPGs, where the character has multiple stats that must increase as levels are reached. This introduces a huge number of variables into the balance calibration that must constantly be taken into account when formulating formulas.

And yet, despite the difficulty of drawing up the correct game balance, many modern games can boast of a very good balance of power between characters. This becomes possible thanks to the constant work of the development team, who monitor the gameplay and make timely corrections to problem areas.

What is the peculiarity of imba?

If we talk about players, it is not difficult to guess that the presence of an imba can greatly influence the interest in a computer game. If this is an opportunity that the player himself can use, then for some it can even be a plus, as it allows you to quickly deal with some other imbalances in the game or hardcore places mess with those monsters”).

But, when the player doesn’t have the imba, most people don’t like it, because the imbalance makes the computer game either too complicated or boring. Let’s say, in the first case, it may be some kind of too strong monster that needs to be “kicked” for a very long and boring time, in the second case it may be part of the plot, since, for example, it requires too much from the player in the style of “spend 10 hours, collect crystals, then check every pixel in the location to find a few items, then comb the rest of the locations to find the right NPCs, then roam for another dozen hours in search of individual rare resources that randomly drop out of monsters and they may not exist at all. “.

If we talk about the authors. In general, the question of balance in game mechanics, such as gameplay, is a rather complicated thing. Especially when it comes to something non-trivial, like the same combinations of character skills. Therefore, in principle, in many games you can find something similar, no matter what efforts the authors make.

In addition, it is worth remembering the ingenuity of the players, sometimes allowing them to come up with tactics that were hard to imagine.

It’s another matter how strongly the imbosity manifests itself. For example, if this concerns some optional part of the plot, specially created for hardcore players, then, in principle, this is unlikely to cause a stir and hatred. Let’s say the same “survival” mode. There are many games with this difficulty level. And if the user wants, then he turns it on, if he doesn’t want, then he doesn’t turn it on (in a way, this is a provided imbosity). And somehow it does not cause any special problems for anyone.

But if the user necessarily has to deal with imba, then this can be significant. A banal example is an overly complex “supermonster”. Although, in fairness, I note that such an imbecile may be a feature of a computer toy. For example, the same horrors in which the character is constantly running from an invincible monster. True, this is more of a gameplay feature, but still.

Note: By the way, the term imbovy eventually pumped into ordinary life. It is used in situations with an unsolvable or very complex problem.

Where did the term come from?

Imba (or imba) is a slang term that, like many others, came to us from the English language. “Imba” is an abbreviation for “imbalanced”, translated into Russian means “unbalanced”. The word can be found in chats, on forums and in live communication between gamers or participants in eSports competitions. But it is especially often used in multiplayer online games, role-playing RPGs and strategies where a large number of players participate. From this environment, the word “imba” most likely came.

What is imba?

Various skills

In the case of picking imb skills for the game, you have to make a lot of effort and spend part of your life to become the best of the best: get top equipment, as well as a hero with a maximum level and fully upgraded skills. An easier and faster way is to invest your money and smash everyone left and right with a max level fire sword bought for, say, $5,000.

In games with a non-target system, such a definition can be given to the most deft and virtuoso person who controls his character.

  • For example, in Counter Strike, imba is to headshot with a shotgun when the enemy is very far away.

There are many skills in online-RPG, some of which can also be unbalanced. Such skills are also called “ulta” (from the English ultimate) – each character can get them when they reach a certain level. Such a skill can deal massive damage, grant temporary invulnerability, and so on, depending on the chosen class. It’s hard to call this an Imboy, because all classes have such an “ultimate”.

However, this is not always the case – sometimes there are imb classes that have a skill that upsets the balance. This happens with new games or with updates, but after a while, the imbalance is eliminated through various restrictions that are imposed on imbo characters by developers.


Imbo equipment is a unique equipment, whose parameters are not reduced and the possibilities are not limited. It can be an artifact, a legendary item, or an item from a set. Getting such things alone is almost impossible, but after getting them you will get a very big advantage over other heroes.


There are many more ways to get imba. But you must remember that an advantage in one thing will entail a weakness in something else.

Let’s give an example – an archer who developed only an attack and has excellent damage indicators will lose in defense, amount of life and other parameters. Therefore, we advise you to treat such distortions with caution.

And if you find a bug and happily use it, then sooner or later it will be found, you will be fined, and the bug will be eliminated. Be careful.

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