What is jiza?

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Zhiza (life) is, in Internet slang, the 💭 analogue of “life situation” or “life”. 👆🏻 Usually, the term is used in a situation where you need to emphasize “oh, how I know this” ✨ or “this happens every day.”

What is jiza?

Giza what does it mean

A huge variety of statements is growing every day, especially when words appear in youth vocabulary. If you ever wondered: “What does zhiza mean?”, Then it’s time to open the veil of youth slang. It cannot be said that the words of modern youth vocabulary are bad, even taking into account the fact that they are annoying at times.

So, the slang word “giza” can be explained in different ways.

What is jiza?

Zhiza is a kind of abbreviation for “life situation” or “vital”, “very familiar” or “it happens to me so often”. So, if a person finds himself in some not very pleasant situation, then he can describe everything that happens with this word, for example: “This is such a life, you just need to wait and everything will work out!”.

Philosophical interpretation

This concept can be understood as an abbreviation from the usual word “life”, which in itself is the most logical explanation, it must be assumed that each of you drew such a parallel between the concepts. Everyone in life has situations that surprise with their unpredictability, the main thing is that at such moments a person can treat the situation with a positive attitude and not lose self-control, and then say with a smile: “This is life, it’s okay.”

In addition, the word “giza” is often used in jokes, for example, when your friend tells how long he could not find this or that thing, and you answer him jokingly: “Yes, zhiza, the same thing happened to me yesterday it was the best!”

What is “giza” in social networks

What is jiza?

In various social networks, you can see a huge number of memes and just pictures where the word “giza” is present, most often it is used to convey the similarities between comical situations in people. For example: “When I decided not to take an umbrella, and it started to rain. Giza. Usually the word is used as an approving comment on the Internet in the form of a response to a good joke or story that many people fall into.

“Okay Boomer”: 20 Slang Words to Help Teens Understand

If it seems to you that you have ceased to understand your children, most likely it does not seem to you. Piss crash and a new creepy location are real topics for teenagers to talk about. Relatively decent. If you want to know what it is about, and just be on the same wavelength with teenagers, you will have to learn a few words from their language.

What is jiza?


An abbreviation for the words “avatar”, “avatar”, which is the name of a user’s photo / picture in a social network profile. The expression “loys on avu” means “mark the avatar image as liked.” The word “lois”, by the way, is a mangled “like”.


At first the English word vibe meant “vibrations”. And then they began to call the mood or atmosphere that a particular person, thing or place creates. It is believed that the word owes its slang meaning to esotericists: they began to describe positive vibrations with its help. Interestingly, the name of the messenger Viber has nothing to do with vibe. The Danish word viber translates to “lapwing”.

The word comes from the English donate – “to donate”, “to give” – ​​and means to financially support a particular project, content author or program developer. In a computer game, buying something virtual (currency, things, opportunities) for real money. Sometimes a donator is a person who spends too much real money on game values.


Abbreviation for the word “life”. Means “vital”, “such is life”, “it happens”. It is used, as a rule, when describing funny or instructive stories. Then such a story ends with the words “this is such a life!”. The word is often used in memes as evidence that the described situation is familiar to the author.

What is jiza?


Derived from the English word crush, meaning “infatuation”. This is the name given to a strong but short-lived infatuation with someone who is unattainable, or this person himself. About this kind of sympathy, her object – often a famous person – knows nothing. Recently, teenagers call the crash of someone who just likes.


The English verb to cringe is most often translated into Russian as “to cringe”. However, one of the definitions in the electronic Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary helps to better understand its meaning: “to feel uncomfortable because of something that causes shame, embarrassment.” In this context, the word is used in social networks. You can also find the adverb “krinzhovo” and the adjective “krinzhovy” there. When they say that the film is cringe, they mean that it is frankly bad, a failure.


It comes from the English creepy – “creepy”, “creepy”. The word is used to talk about something that makes everything inside go cold and the hair moves on the head. For example, a cemetery at night is definitely a creepy place. But the company can also be creepy – this is how teenagers talk about peers whose behavior or views repel them.


This word has many meanings. In youth slang, this is a Lamborghini brand car, often used as a synonym for a very cool and expensive car. The word Lambo is found in the famous song of Morgenstern and Timati, in which there is a lot of profanity, while teenagers pronounce it exactly as “lamba”.


The word came from computer games. There it means one of the parts of the virtual world. The player can only be in one location and moves on to the next when he completes a series of tasks. This usually takes a limited amount of time. Sometimes a location is called spaces, labyrinths and entire levels in games.

What is jiza?


Abbreviation for the English word merchandise – “goods”. In slang, these are various products with the symbols of a brand, a musical group or artist, a movie, and a computer game. Celebrities call their clothing collections so. And the sponsoring companies of various competitions usually offer merch as a prize.


The word comes from the English old, “old”, pronounced with an emphasis on the second syllable. Teenagers call their parents or people who are “for” like that. At the same time, the word characterizes the state of the soul rather than age. Most often used in relation to people with outdated, according to the younger generation, views and preferences.

Oldies often indulge in nostalgia and criticize social networks, gadgets and computer games. The word has a synonym – boomers.


It comes from English random and translates as “random”. This word is used when talking about a random choice or event. You can often hear about the random selection of players or winners in a contest.

Ril (rili)

Translation of the English word really, means “really”, “actually”. For example, in the morning at school, a teenager may complain to friends: “I didn’t get enough sleep today.”


The English abbreviation ROFL stands for rolling on the floor laughing (“rolling on the floor with laughter”). The word “rofl” is used to describe something that is ridiculous beyond belief. But in the expression “to sneer at someone” means rather a mockery, sarcasm.


Derived from English sassy – “impudent”, “impudent”. At the same time, among our own, Russian, teenagers, it has acquired more positive meanings. If someone is called sassy, ​​then they consider him seductive, and sometimes pleasant and pretty.


Derived from English streaming, “streaming”, and means to shoot and show video in real time. After the opportunity to conduct live video broadcasts appeared in social networks, streams began to gain popularity, and during the period of self-isolation they reached their peak. The word “stream” was used by gamers even earlier. In their environment, this is the name of the process when the player shows his actions and comments on them in real time.

What is jiza?

Top, topchik

Probably the most widely known word in our collection. It comes from the English top – “highest”, “maximum”, “first” and means something incredibly cool, popular. Topchik can be a person, object or action.


Artificially created hype around a person or event; what everyone is talking about. It comes from the English hype – “obtrusive advertising”, “hype”. The second meaning of this American word appeared in the second half of the 20th century. It entered the Russian language several years ago, on the next wave of popularity of hip-hop culture. And after the historic rap battle between Oxxxymiron and Slava CPSU, it became widespread.


It comes from the English verb to chill, among its meanings there is also slang: to relax, to relax, and also to stop getting angry and worried about something. When a teenager chills, he simply sits back and does not think about anything serious, does not take anything into his head. A great practice that many adults for some reason forget about.


Imagine relationships between characters or idols. The word comes from part of the English words, such as friendship (“friendship”) and relationship (“relationship”). It appeared among fans of The X-Files who wrote fan fiction, where a romantic relationship developed between Agents Mulder and Scully. Subsequently, a kind of “pimping” spread to the heroes of films, books, video games, and even to real actors. So, shippers – fans of the Harry Potter books dreamed of the relationship of the title character with Hermione.

Speech is one of the brightest characteristics of any group, social or age group. In this vein, teenage slang is a completely natural phenomenon. The words they use in the real world originated in the virtual, mostly in social networks and games. Which again is not surprising, because most teenagers cannot imagine their lives without smartphones, tablets and computers.

Language is mobile, it is constantly evolving and updating. Slang words that are popular today will be replaced by others. Therefore, for adults who want to speak the same language with teenagers and thus be closer to them, it is important not only to learn top expressions once, but also to update their list in time.

It is unlikely that adults should use youth slang in everyday speech. But also asking children in the presence of their friends to translate every second word is a frank crying. So it makes sense to master a few modern expressions. Ryl. Giza.


The slang word “giza” can be used as a synonym or abbreviation for the phrases “as always”, “it’s normal”, “I have the same”. Simply put, life is life.

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