What is lois?

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As part of this note, I will tell you what lois is, 👍🏻 as well as some features. ✨ And I’ll start with a definition.

Lois – what does it mean?

What is lois?

Lois is, in Internet slang, an analogue of the term like. The word appeared as a result of a distortion of the original term Like – Laik – Lays – Loys – Loyce (loys). For example, the phrase “don’t be mean, put a lois on this video” is similar to the phrase “be well done, put a like on this video.”

Why is the term lois necessary when there is a like? Here, as with many things in life, various derisive or ironic words can take root.

Like many Internet slang terms, lois is used in informal communication. Therefore, no matter what advantages slang provides (speed, etc.), it is still worth being able to correctly express your thoughts without “different words”.

Why say lois instead of like?

The Like button appeared on Facebook* in April 2010. In September 2010, a similar feature was added to VKontakte. In Odnoklassniki, this button is called “Class”.

Likes quickly became the universal measure of online recognition. Bloggers began to measure the quality of their content by the number of likes. The verb “like” appeared – like, approve someone else’s publication.

Among “advanced” users, it is customary to treat likes with ostentatious disdain. For them, worrying about the number of likes on social networks is zashkvar, indecent behavior.

But bloggers still want someone else’s approval. And then the ironic word “lois” comes to the rescue. It is used with a sneer: “Put lois, kotans!” As a result, the user seems to have asked to put likes, but no matter how hard he got completely.

What is lois?

Usage Examples

Pliz put a lois and subscribe to the channel.

If you liked the video, then put Lois under it!

You really deserve this lois. You look at all 100!

Whoever collects the most lois will win a prize.

Stop loiting all the girls in a row, do you really like them all?

How did the word appear?

As you understand, “lois” can be fully considered equivalent to the word “like”, because it appeared by distorting the well-known and repeatedly used word “like” on Internet platforms, the meaning of which, probably, few people do not know now , because we often think that we need to leave “lois” under photos or videos.

What is lois?

For example: “Did you like the video? If yes, then don’t forget to put “lois” under it!”.

Lois on social media

Users of many Internet sites invest all the abundance of the creativity given to them into creating unique content, and all this in order for people unfamiliar to them to put “like”, aka “loys”, because now it has become the main evaluation criterion work done.

In addition to the deliberate distortion of the word “loys” that appeared in the process, there are other variations, such as “lays”, “louis”, “loys”.

What is lois?

For the first time, the word “loys” was used on VKontakte, in a public group that was aimed at promoting parodies, and after that it quickly entered into circulation and became the most popular in the Internet space, especially against the background of such analogues as “+1 ”,“ class! ”,“ I like it ”.

Are Lois and Like the same thing?

It turns out that lois and like are the same thing? Quite right. In addition, you can add all the words with the letter “l” at the beginning, which will be used in the phrase “if you liked the video, put an l.” Real examples of contextual synonyms for the word like: “Lucas, Lucas, lactose, horse surname, etc.”

Why you need to bet lois

What is lois?

Like if you really liked the content and want to support a blogger or content maker.

If you put a lois in social networks under the publication, then the smart news feed will supply you with new content with similar material over time. For example, you liked the image of a motorcycle. Now in the news feed you will more often come across pictures, texts and communities in sentences on the topic of motorcycles.

In addition, Lois helps to save the publication in the “liked” tab. You can return to the content you like after a while and not look for it again.

Lois helps the blogger to show advertisers that the page is active and that the subscribers are real people, not bots. For example, if there are 10 thousand people in subscribers, but under the majority of the publication there are only 2-3 likes, then suspicion appears. After all, subscribers can be bought very cheaply, and gaining loyals is not so easy.

Now you know what a lois is, and you will put it only as you wish.

Can you see who put the lois

Yes, it’s usually easy to find out who placed a lois. To do this, you need to open a list with users who clicked on the “heart” or “thumb”. You can also easily find out who “reposted”, i.e. posted a post on his page for more views.

You can’t see who watched the video and who forwarded the post to whom.

Thus, if you want to remain inconspicuous on social networks, you do not need to put a lois.

When to write lois or lol

Many users who know what lois is use it in messages. Since you can’t click on the heart in the dialog box and mark a good statement, you can write “like, lois” with words. In this way, you support your interlocutor or a statement in a general chat. It helps not to say a long expression: “I agree with this statement; I fully support this opinion.”

The word lol should be used in its direct meaning, i.e. “I’m laughing out loud.” You should not use the figurative ironic meaning “funny, funny; he joked himself – he laughed himself.

Sometimes lol and lois are used at the same time. This means that the joke was successful and the interlocutor supports it.

Thus, in order to correctly write lois and lol in a dialogue, you need to understand their meaning well.

What is lois in youth slang?

Like has gained immense popularity in social networks, because, how convenient, with one “click” of the mouse, express your disposition to a specific information, message or image. It was first used on Facebook. Since then, many are real hunters for Likes, they began to be called “Like Frogs”.

So, lois, what is it and where did it come from?

First, the term “Like” appeared, then it became the Russian-language “Like”. It was this simple button that was to become the main driving force of the World Wide Web. Subsequently, in order to make money on the Internet, it became necessary to have as many Likes as possible. Therefore, they gave a significant impetus to the fact that people voluntarily began to spread a huge amount of information.

In the Russian Federation, “Like” has its own analogues: the button “Like”, “Class!”, “+1” and others. However, Lois has recently gone up the hill. Some suggest that “Lois” owes its origin to stupid schoolchildren who misspelled the term. However, this is not entirely true; such a typo was made quite consciously.

There is a very popular social network Vkontakte, in which you can create communities on various topics, one of these communities was “Memchiks and Funny Squares”, which drew funny parodies of comics on the Internet. This community developed its own particular style of communication. Creative people tried to take a fresh look at various words and jargon. At first they didn’t like “Like”, it was suggested to write it as “Laik”, then it smoothly “flowed” into “Layc”. After that, the inquisitive thought of the idlers from this community did not stop, and they continued to experiment further.

The next were the words “Lays”, “Loys” and “Loyc”, and finally it happened, after a long and painful search, “Loyc” smoothly turned into “Loyce”, which in Russian will be “Loyce”. After some time, the fruits of creativity “MEMCHIKI and FUNNY SQUARES” spread throughout the Russian Internet due to popularity among schoolchildren and teenagers.

After reading this short article, you will now know what Lois means, and you will no longer get into trouble when you find this word on the Internet or in real life.

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