Who is a loser?

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Today’s our word 📃 drives the vast majority of people into depression. Although almost always it is used with little or no reason. ❗ Consider what a “loser” is. 🔍 According to the spelling, it is noticeable that the word is of foreign origin. 📖 Therefore, we are unlikely to find it in the explanatory dictionary, but this will not stop us.

Who is a loser?


Infrequently, when it comes to the meaning of words, the explanatory dictionary is powerless to help us. In this case, it is necessary to open the Anglo-Russian colleague of our faithful and constant companion. Because the Russian version of the word “loser” is just a tracing paper. So let’s look at the translation. By the way, the “original” looks like this – loser:

  • loser;
  • loser;
  • losing or having lost.

In our country, as in English-speaking countries, this word is used to convey the semantic meaning of the noun “loser” most often. The noun that comes first on our list. Therefore, in order to fully reveal the meaning of the object of study, it will not be a great liberty to turn to the explanatory dictionary and see how the word “loser” is defined in it.


Naturally, the word speaks for itself, but accuracy is important here. So, the definition of a loser is: “A person who is not lucky in anything, there is no luck.” Pretty predictable, right?

Losers are not born, they are made. But you should not be upset, because this is largely a subjective concept and an extremely broad one. The one who lost his next job, and the one who did not have time to go to the grocery store for the last chicken, can equally complain about fate and call themselves losers out loud or mentally. The meaning of the word, or rather, its broad semantics, allows this to be done. But one was left without dinner, and the other without prospects.

What is a loser? This is a certain way of looking at things. In other words, being a loser is more of a state of mind.

That is, the psychological attitude is important: for one, another slap in the face from fate is a reason to fall into depression, and the other accepts the challenge and tries to resist the violence of higher powers. In addition, do not forget that there can always be people or a company for which a person will be a loser, but there are no such (excluding anti-social elements) who have absolutely no success in life. Everyone has small victories.


Unlike the translation, there will be more than three synonyms for the word “loser”. Moreover, among them there will be both words and expressions. Let’s start with the first:

  • outsider;
  • poor fellow;
  • sufferer;
  • unfortunate.

And phraseological units are the following:

  • stepson of fate (fortune);
  • was born on a Monday;
  • onion grief.

We deliberately did not reveal all the cards and did not provide all possible options so that the reader would have an incentive to find the rest if necessary. But we have tried to collect here the most worthy replacement candidates. Now the reader has everything to answer the question of what a “loser” is. We only need to mention one detail

Loser as a life position

Who is a loser?

But among those who are unlucky, there are people who put on a mask of misfortune. Professional mourners should be avoided because they use their own suffering as bait. If a person has pecked, then pseudo-losers are ready to load him with their problems as long as the benefactor is able to stand on his feet.

The reader will probably be surprised and ask: “What is the benefit of such a game of sacrifice?” Everything is very simple. If a person is weak, stupid, or seems so, then nothing can be demanded of him. Yes, in this case, benefits are distributed according to the residual principle, but there is no responsibility either.

Thus, sometimes the answer to the question of what a “loser” is may be unexpected: a loser is a pretender.

Losers or losers

A conflict of opinions also arises here. After all, many of those who could not reach the top still do not consider themselves losers. In this case, the reason usually lies in how the person evaluates himself.

  1. Many have certain goals that they strive for. Therefore, the inability to complete the task is not considered by them as a certain minus, because the goal can be achieved in the future.
  2. The second reason that does not allow one to recognize oneself as a loser, even if everything indicates this, is that a person’s life is very diverse.

For this reason, one who has lost in a certain area can always catch up if he puts his best efforts in the opposite direction. For example, someone was able to study well at school, complete a university and get a good position, but was not successful with girls and remains a bachelor.

Others pay less attention to their studies, but become good athletes and successful among the beautiful half of humanity.

What indicates a loser?

To understand who a loser is, it is not enough just to decide on the interpretation of the concept. You should also pay attention to the behavior of such a person in a variety of situations. So the loser can be noticed due to his pessimistic mood, which manifests itself in many aspects.

Naturally, anyone can develop such qualities for a short period of time, but it is for a loser that pessimism becomes practically a style of behavior. Losers are always dissatisfied with something, and the reason for their defeat is the lack of self-confidence, as well as the inability to enjoy life.

This trait causes a lot of difficulties for the loser himself, and can also affect his environment. Not all losers are ready to take responsibility for their own actions, so they often blame others or the circumstances for problems.

It may seem strange, but indifference also indicates a loser. If a person does not have any passion, then it will be extremely difficult for him to become a leader in any field. To change this state of affairs, it is enough for a loser to simply believe in himself and not stop in the event of the first failures. Each subsequent attempt will be more successful.

Who is a loser person

Losers, or, translated into Russian from English, losers, are very mysterious people. The fact is that ideas about who a loser is, in fact, are different everywhere and for everyone.

Glossy magazines say that losers are people who do not have a car by a certain age or have, but not of the same brand. Of course, the easiest way to measure success is by the number of zeros in a bank account, and better after a nine, not before.

In the most common sense of this popular word, supported by psychologists, a loser is a person who cannot financially provide for himself and his loved ones. That is, to be successful, you need to do what you love, spend a certain part of your earnings on your hobby, and still be able to support your family.

If you do not fit into this framework, then you, with a high degree of probability, can be called a loser.

Who will do it? First of all, you yourself.

The outward signs of a successful person, using the most popular point of view, are a suit and shoes bought in a good store. A tie properly matched to the clothes, a neat fresh hairstyle, a powerful laptop, expensive perfume, a new foreign car. But not only this is important and noticeable. And maybe even not so much. A rather slender, harmonious figure is important in the eyes of those looking at you. So that the shoulders are at the same level, the posture is without stoop, so that the head is kept straight, the hands do not fumble in the pockets and do not pull on the ears, do not wind the hair and other parts of the body, and the eyes calmly look at the interlocutor. A successful person, psychologists say, speaks confidently in any situation. And this shows his good condition, such a person speaks in the present and future tenses, and not in the past, and he himself is responsible for all his actions.

And many, many more points can be listed to describe a successful and successful person.

As for the loser, a little less is known about him. Psychologists like to single out one trait that appears in losers, but each one is different. A loser is someone who needs shocking. First of all, it is necessary for self-affirmation. The activity of a loser is full of the most incredible actions and processes that interfere with work and progress towards success. If a normal demanded person works, then a loser is looking for the best way to start. And all approaches to business are too complicated. It interferes with everything. And colleagues, and the lack of a cartridge in the printer, and snowfall, and above all, the loser incredibly hinders himself. And at the same time makes other people suffer and suffer.

Many losers know perfectly well what needs to be done to grab luck by the tail, they just don’t do it, because it’s scary, uncomfortable, hard, and so on.

Who is a loser?

And many can’t understand why they can’t get out of the everyday dullness and “pump” their lives.

And they will not understand, because they do not realize the reasons that do not allow to become better. After all, very often their habits are to blame for the troubles of losers. The ones you can’t see. Or the ones that seem so harmless. Losers do not realize the scale of the trouble. It seems to them that in fact habits are not critical and that everything is not so scary as to do something about it. Bad habits take away from you a colossal amount of vitality. And their combination completely deprives the energy that would be useful for achieving goals.

But many daily actions that again and again make losers stay in the swamp are also among those who are not losers …

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