Who is a poser?

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Youth slang is increasingly replenished with strange words, 💭 which, nevertheless, are widely used. Very few adults ❗ understand such strange words. 📃 Take at least the unusual word “poser”. 💡 Not everyone is aware of when it is used and in what respect.

Who is a poser?

Who are poseurs in youth slang?

Posers are people who identify themselves with certain subcultures, and if the similarities with these groups are limited only by external characteristics. That is, this is a person who dresses like a punk or rocker, but does not pay much attention to the lifestyle of such people, their worldview and the meaning of the subculture itself.

Posturing is very common, as more and more young guys and girls want to be like someone. In this pursuit of similarity, they lose their own individuality

Posturing: what is it?

Dictionaries say that “posturing” means pretense, imitation in behavior and manner of communication. Even posturing is often correlated with coquetry or posing. In general, the poser tries to convince the people around him that something does not exist.

The word “poser” can also be replaced by such a synonym as “poor”. Also, this concept is actively used in relation to those who put themselves above others, trying to point out the shortcomings of these people.

Poser and youth slang

Today’s youth tend to want to try on different roles. There are people who are “true”, that is, true representatives of one or another trend among subcultures, and there is a “poseur”, which is opposed to true representatives.

Aspects of the life of poseurs largely coincide with the subculture they are interested in.

People who “true” are very rarely completely united with the chosen group. Often posturing arises from a feeling of sympathy and love for a follower of some subculture, which makes a person correspond to the object of sympathy.

Thus, a kind of game based on imitation begins. In terms of the behavior of the poseur, the following points can be distinguished. From them it is easy to determine whether a person is who he wants to appear or not.

Posturing is limited only by an external sign. The truth is easy to achieve by asking a couple of questions why a person chose this subculture and what it means to him.

Fashion poseurs are constantly aware of fashion trends, so their style and preferences often change.

In communication, poseurs betray their uncertainty in their own words. They constantly need the support of people, as well as their opinion.

Posers constantly copy the behavior of others, and also use their phrases in communication. Of course, in a one-time case, everything can be attributed to a coincidence. However, with regular repetition, this already gives a signal of a problem.

Internet posturing

You can get acquainted on the Internet without having an idea about each other. People share information online, have conversations and discuss. In all cases, it is very difficult to understand who is hiding on the other side of the monitor, and what this person is like.

People conducting conversations always run the risk of stumbling upon a wishful thinking poser. Thus, some interlocutors become victims of fraudulent transactions.

Poser and skater

Posturing is very common among skateboarders. Again, there are signs by which it is easy to understand the true person or actor in front of you.

The question of why a person rides a skateboard can immediately bring a poseur to clean water. Posers ride on the call of fashion trends. Real skaters do it for fun.

Posers endlessly brag about difficult tricks, and if they are asked to repeat, they will find a reason to refuse.

Posers are ignorant even in simple skater terminology.

Posturing also often attracts insecure people into its ranks. These young people think it’s cool to be a rocker, punk or skater. However, they are always accompanied by the fear that they will not be able to join this group.

As a result, everything ends with the fact that a person takes on the appearance, not bothering to think about the meaning of using individual attributes.

For example, buying a biker jacket and buying a cool guitar is considered enough for a poseur to shout about himself as a rocker and boast of his skill. This once again confirms that the poseur is never sincerely interested in the subculture, the inner state of this or that representative of the group is alien to him.

Namely, without this it is impossible to become a real informal. The desire of poseurs is simply to capture the attention of certain people (often of the opposite sex), to receive compliments and words of admiration.

At the same time, the poser enjoys the impression made, the attention, but does not invest anything in the idea, as those who rub do.

True representatives of movements do not like poseurs through discrediting subcultures, blind imitation without a deep understanding of the meaning of actions and image.

Traditional concept

It is believed that the word “poser” came from the world of subcultures, in particular from the culture of emo.

At a time when emo was extremely popular, the culture gained followers. They dressed like emo, tried to imitate habits, but were not adherents of their worldview. These emo people were called poseurs.

Modern poseur

A modern poser is a person who hides behind a mask, this is someone who tries to make the right impression on the people around him.

His way of speaking and dressing is sometimes pretentious, and such a person looks like he is posing.

Posers are also called people who consider themselves intelligentsia, the elite. Such people go out of their way to show off their new gadgets, fashionable clothes, and more.


We would only win by showing ourselves as we are, rather than trying to appear as we are not.

The word is used both with stress on the first and second syllables (in this case, the sound of the vowel is replaced by the racial Yo).

The opposite of a poseur is a true.

It is often very difficult to determine whether a person is a poseur or a true. This is the subject of many disputes, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. Fighters with posturing rush to extremes – from the requirement that a member of the subculture live and breathe the object of his adoration, to claims that the true work, on the contrary, looks like a civilian and is not even particularly fanatical. Especially sharp are the disputes “true or not true” among blackers, from whom, in fact, these expressions originated. In some cases, however, disputes and proving their trueness by poseurs have gone so far that the word “true” itself has acquired the meaning of “poseur” and has been used in an ironic sense.

The phenomenon of a poseur lies in the fact that he decides in advance for himself that, due to objective (for him) reasons (most often the belief in the “wonderfulness” of the subculture), he cannot achieve the desired unity with the chosen subculture, but still achieve wants, and therefore tries to achieve the desired goals in some super-perverted ways, which makes it look ridiculous and ridiculous. The effort spent on these methods is ten times greater than the cost of the method of half-casting and learning everything about the subculture in which he aspires.

All this betrays the true goals of the poseur: he does not need a subculture at all, he needs respect and respect, which, as it seems to him, TRU representatives of the subculture have. While these labor representatives just get high from their occupation, not paying attention to anyone.

Given the above, it is important to note that posturing as such is impossible without unfounded claims or jerking off to a pretentious form in the absence of important content. Some five hipsters playing high-quality but sterile-soulless indie rock may be far from “true rock” and the protest associated with it, but if this is not accompanied by claims of “power of true rock” or rock star status, then this is just another commercial soulless project, but not posturing. Similarly, people who simply listen will not be poseurs just because they are not informal rockers, but ordinary people listening to commercial pop-rock. This simple truth can be very difficult to understand for the advocates of “trueness”, who themselves are not far from the poseurs, for whom the truth is measured by how much they can raise the FSC, accusing some schoolchildren or rednecks of posturing.

Examples of Posers

  • Poser – poseur from hardness
  • Nebydlo – poseur from the elite
  • Cattle-kun – poser beatard
  • Kaschenit – poser-kaschenite
  • Herka – poseur goth
  • Shit is a poser-punk, however, and a poser-metalist too
  • Faggots are poser-emo, however, posturing is the basis of the emo movement in this country, so faggots are poseurs squared!
  • Potsreot – poseur from patriotism
  • Liberast – poser from liberalism
  • Internet SJW activists in general are a poseur from a political activist, especially if the activism is tweet whining.
  • Moony – anime poseur
  • Narutofag – poseur anime 2.0
  • Guitarist – poser guitarist
  • Bydlokoder – poser programmer
  • Coolhacker (sometimes a fucker) – poseur hacker
  • Indie – poseur from indie rock
  • Wigger – hip-hop poseur
  • Gopnik – mafia poseur
  • Ponieb – poser armor
  • Dollfuck – Rosenfag Poser
  • Streetsrucker – poser racer
  • Chicoker – poseur writer
  • Buttercup – poseur from near-football
  • Fanboys – depending on the context[1], poseur fans
  • Benchery RUB — types of poses from bikers
  • Wanksta – poser by OG (Original Ganster) – See below


Wannabe (distorted English. want to be, literally “want to be”), is one of the subspecies of the poseur. Wannabe-someone describes an individual who portrays what he does not have or aspires to be someone, but is not because of the lack of required qualities. For example, wannabe-hacker is a person who strives to show everyone that he is a cool hacker, although his words and deeds give the opposite.

Unlike the ordinary poseur, whose masses and masses are able to create their own movements, wonnabes are loners, frantically trying to join the party (do I need to say how effective?). Particularly repulsed individuals are unable to even distinguish true from non-true (or true they have already been sent), so they gouge into poser parties, but even against their background they are so bastard that posers wrap them up. There is no limit to perfection!

Snob is a classic example of a wannabe VIP with the mannerisms and looks of a caricatured aristocrat; causes hatred, both from real aristocrats and commoners.

В хип-хоп культуре существует термин wigger (производное от white + nigger) – белый человек, имитирующий повадки обитателей ниггерских гетто, тем самым являясь ярким примером позёрства. The theme of wiggering as a whole is revealed in the Offspring video “Pretty Fly”, and partly in the work of Eminem.

When applied to fans of Japanese culture and all things Japanese, who are trying to be more Japanese than the Japanese themselves, the construction is shortened to wapanese or wap-kun/viabu.

“Wannabe” to some extent corresponds to the words with the prefix “quasi-“. For example: quasi-photographer, quasi-scientist.


In his heart he was very happy with the proposal of his friend, but considered it his duty to hide his feelings. No wonder he was a nihilist!

I. Turgenev, “Fathers and Sons”

He is an angel, he is a demon, he is so groovy.
But instead of wings, plywood rattles behind.
Opera plowman, perfumed penis.
He is waiting for big changes for the country.
The main thing is to move the hip in time,
Whether you’re on the podium at least a slop bucket.
And it doesn’t matter what to sing, it’s more important – to whom to give,
His bed never creaks.

“DDT”, “Phonogrammer”

“Hellish Sotona”, “Death to the Damned Pazers”

Also the song of the group Bad Balance – “Cattle”, as the great and mighty Russian rap was invaded by poseurs and fucked up on a public level.


In English slang, depending on the context, a fanboy can mean not only a “male fan”, but also a nerd who is fond of something very hype for very primitive reasons and, in the very essence of the object of adoration, does not understand anything. For example, teenagers who listen to the singer because of the ass-tits or yurifags who consider any interaction between girls to be yuri

This group of bikers has a motorcycle. At least they claim so. But usually it is under repair, tuning process, customizing or something else. Or the owner is deprived of rights, funds for gasoline, insurance or something else that does not allow him to make trips on his bike.

In America, and throughout the world, the letter abbreviation Rub’s, derived from Rich Urban Biker (Rich Urban Biker), has become widespread. This term refers to wealthy motorcycle owners who look like they came off a catalog or magazine cover, but are inherently far from the philosophy of bikers. For most Rub’s, the motorcycle and everything connected with it is just fashionable fun.

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