Who is Slowpoke?

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Slang words began to appear in Russian from ancient times. 💭 Usually they were distributed only in a narrow circle of people who understood what was at stake. 🔍 However, sometimes these words still broke out of it, and they began to be used by everyone who was not lazy. 📃 The word “slowpoke” just became one of those. Now it is quite common in society, ✔ however, there are still people who do not know its true meaning, and are unlikely to be able to guess what it is about.

Slowpoke is in youth slang

The appearance of the word

Very often, interesting words come from certain TV shows, music, books and movies, when someone says something unusual and it somehow sticks. But things were very different with the word “slowpoke”. Who is it? Slowpoke has long been called a slow and unhurried person who does not think very quickly. This is not a direct insult, but rather a way to tease a person, rather than offend or humiliate him. Therefore, the word has become quite common and hit the TV screens.

But where can you see the embodiment of the word “slowpoke”? Who is it?

Anime Slowpoke

Who is Slowpoke?

Anime is an incredibly popular genre of animation that has a huge number of fans around the world. Most anime projects remain loved only by fans, but some become public domain. For example, the full-length anime cartoon “Spirited Away” is a masterpiece of Japanese culture, which is known throughout the world. It is known even to those who have never heard of anime at all and have no idea what kind of genre it is. But what does this have to do with the appearance of the term “slowpoke” on the screens? Who is it? Everything is quite simple – there is an anime series called “Pokemon”, which tells about magical creatures, which are called Pokemon. They are trained by special trainers who prepare them for fights among themselves. This series became so popular that it began to be broadcast all over the world, and not only in Japan, it came, of course, to Russia. It is easy to guess that it was in the Pokemon environment that this concept was reflected. One of these creatures was called Slowpoke. At the same time, it adopted absolutely all the features that were endowed with a person called slowpoke. This Pokemon has a rather silly appearance, is not particularly intelligent, and is also incredibly slow. In its initial form, it can do almost nothing, and only when it evolves into Slowbro or Slowking does it become strong. Especially in the second case, because fans of the series consider Slowking one of the smartest Pokémon. However, Slowpoke himself is extremely stupid, and it was this well-established expression that endowed him with this character. Now you know who Slowpoke is, the meaning of this word and its origin.

Who is Slowpoke?

Slowpoke in Russian

This word came into the Russian language quite recently and, of course, is not official – you will not find it in any dictionary. However, its meaning here is completely identical to that used in the West. Only with one caveat – here it appeared only after the anime, while in the West it got into the anime already from colloquial speech. Naturally, there is no point in explaining once again what slowpoke means, because now it is clear to absolutely everyone. But where does it apply?

Scope of Slowpoke

The meaning of the word “slowpoke” is now clear to everyone, but where can it be used? It goes without saying that the use of this concept in official speech is not acceptable, but in other cases it is quite applicable. Naturally, it is most often found on the Internet, since it was there that it originated from the image of Slowpoke in the anime. It is also used in informal communication in life, when they want to tell a person that he is slow thinking. There is a huge variety of memes about Slowpoke that do not lose their relevance. By the way, it is worth talking about relevance separately.

Who is Slowpoke?

Relevance of the word “slowpoke”

It’s not a secret for anyone that various popular words that come into colloquial speech very often quickly leave from there. However, the “slowpoke” lingered for a long time – it is still used today. And if you want to point out to the interlocutor his shortcomings, then he will understand you, like everyone around him. But it is worth saying that many people no longer remember the Pokemon that gave rise to this term. This anime in Russian-speaking countries has long lost its relevance, and the new generation is unlikely to know how popular it was a dozen years ago. But the word “slowpoke” and derivatives from it, for example, “slow” they can use constantly both online and in life.

Origin of expression

There are two opinions about the etymology of the origin of this term:

  1. The word “slowpoke” comes from the English “slow” slow and “poke” Pokemon.
  2. Scientists make a reference to the origin: “slow” – slow, “poke” – stupid, annoying.

History of occurrence and meaning

The word “slowpoke” has several meanings. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

Slowpoke is the protagonist of the Pokemon anime series

Slowpoke is a clumsy and lazy creature. Outwardly, it resembles a hippopotamus crossed with a salamander. Slowpoke pink. On the head of a pocket monster there is a white spot and a semicircular beak. On all four paws on a claw. The body of the Pokémon is crowned with a pink tail, which has the ability to regenerate in case of loss. Slowpoke looks pretty funny.

There was an interesting case with slowpoke. It happened in the Arkhangelsk region in 2010. One of the hacker-jokers posted a slowpoke instead of a flag on the website of the regional investigative committee. This made a lot of noise, and the media called slowpoke a “badly” drawn pig.

Now that the external picture of the creature has become quite clear, let’s deal with its origin.

Slowpoke was drawn by Ken Sugimori for Pokemon Red and Blue. It was decided to call the Pokemon Yadon, which was supposed to emphasize the high intelligence of the creature, but the name did not take root. In the final version of the game, Slowpoke still became himself.

In addition to his clumsiness and sluggishness, Slowpoke is also distinguished by stupidity, inertia and incomprehensibility. Thus, along with the change of name, there was also a reversion of the image of the Pokemon. Slowpoke is a combination of slowness and endurance.

The process of evolution of this pocket monster is interesting. The fact is that Slowpoke itself does not move to the next level in development. For this process, you need a fast and Shellder Pokemon. When Shellder bites Slowpoke’s tail, they both turn into Soluboro. But there is a nuance: if Shellder bites on the head, then Slowpoke, under certain evolutionary conditions, has a chance to turn into a powerful Pokemon Slowking. Slowking has incredible intuition and unique intelligence.

Slow people

By analogy with Pokémon, Slowpoke are people who react slowly to what is happening. Although in some sources there are references to the fact that the “slowpoke” appeared in England in the middle of the 19th century and was used precisely in the meaning of “kapushka”, that is, a sluggish and slow person.

Often in foreign forums you can find replicas: “How you slow-slowpoke”. It is users who make fun of fans to react to some important event a month later. The same evaluative expressions are awarded to users who post old jokes and anecdotes – “button accordions” on the resources.

Increasingly, the word “slowpoke” appears in Russian forums. It was first used on Forchan, and then loved and spread all over the Internet. “Slowpoke” does not carry a clearly offensive connotation, but characterizes the addresser in a clearly not positive way. And sometimes they call it not only an individual person, but also a whole group of people.

If we draw an analogy between a Pokémon and a slowpoke human, we can see the metaphorical nature of the process of evolution of the former. After all, often people with the characteristics of Slowpoke, with the right task of more nimble colleagues, are able to show miracles of quick wit and efficiency, and equipped with knowledge (the very Stone of the King on their heads, a necessary condition for super successful evolution), can become successful. The stamina and intuition of the “slowpoke” is a great support for the team.


  • hood
  • slow
  • sluggish
  • retarded
  • pokemon
  • slow-witted
  • brake (figuratively)

Application examples

– Victor caught Slowpoke in the park near the house.

— The new manager couldn’t issue an invoice to the client for three hours, what a slowpoke!

– Masha is going to school like a slowpoke.

The term “slowpoke” can be used in speech in certain cases. This fashionable and rather harmless word, used in the circle of close friends or good acquaintances, will help to defuse the situation and bring a smile to those around you. But it’s still not worth it to abuse it. It is important to remember that you need to treat the people around you the way you want them to treat you. Intonation also matters a lot. Sometimes even the most neutral word, seasoned with negative intonation and excessive gestures, can offend the interlocutor and ruin relationships.

Is this word relevant now?

Many words leave colloquial speech as quickly as they appear in it. However, the word “slowpoke” is still floating around. Many anime fans, however, as well as ordinary people, use it to this day. Someone may know about the true origin of this word, but someone may not. However, it is safe to say that this word will not disappear from use anytime soon.


Slowpoke image is mostly used on anonymous forums for a participant who added his valuable comments when the thread has already “drowned” and lost interest in the topic, and a similar comment has already been made by other participants. Or in relation to those who decided to congratulate on the past holidays, express emotions and recall events (for example, in sports) that have been out of date for a month now. A person who has missed all reasonable deadlines is sometimes jokingly remarked: “slowpoke is sooo sloooow” or its Russian counterpart “slowpoke is sooo slow.”

Slowpoke, which can be attached anywhere to the place and out of place, annoys some, so it all depends on the sense of proportion and the mood of the interlocutor.

The versatility and recognizability of the meme allows you to turn other characters of Internet folklore into a slowpoke.

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