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Alena Mikhailova: general information

  • Full name: Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova
  • Date of Birth: October 11, 1995
  • Place of birth: Perm, Russia
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Brief biography: Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova. She was born on October 11, 1995. Russian film and theater actress.
  • Education: Perm Institute of Culture, Acting Department.

Alena Mikhailova filmography

Movie List
  • One Hour Before Dawn (2021) (TV series) . Olga
  • Clinic of Happiness (2021) (TV series). Tatyana, teacher
  • Dormitory (2021) . Kira
  • Secrets of family life (2021-2022) (TV series) . Polina
  • Whirlpool (2020) (TV series)
  • Wolf (2020) (TV series)
  • Officially beautiful (2020) (TV series)
  • Chiki (2020) (TV series) . Marina
  • In a cage (2018) (TV series)
  • Love them all (2018)
  • Broken souls (2018)

Alena Mikhailova biography

Acting fate is capricious and unpredictable. Someone has to break into the screens for many years, and someone pulls a lucky ticket and instantly becomes a star. Alena Mikhailova from the latter. The magnetic-eyed platinum blonde first appeared in films in 2018 and is already getting one major role after another.

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

Childhood and youth

Alena was born on October 11, 1995 in Perm. As a child, a blue-eyed girl with a detached look did not even dream of becoming an actress. She devoted her free time to training, and her parents hoped that they were raising a future athletics champion. Mikhailova herself was going to link her fate with sports, but in high school, trauma intervened in these plans.

The graduate began to think about the vector of her further biography and chose the acting department of the Perm Institute of Culture, after all, in addition to the athletics section, the girl was engaged in amateur performances. With a not quite earthly appearance, she looked bewitching on the theater stage and shots of exotic photo shoots.

With a height of 172 cm, Alena weighed 52 kg, and her slender athletic body seemed to be created for the lens.

She could earn money as a model, but she chose to pose as a hobby, collaborating only with professional photographers who have an original vision. As a student, Mikhailova dreamed of moving to St. Petersburg, where she was going to audition for the troupe of the Lensoviet Theater. The girl was a fan of the work of Yuri Butusov and wanted to work with the master.

However, by the end of the institute in Alena, the determination to devote himself to cinema matured. The first attempt to conquer Moscow ended in failure: having arrived in the capital with a small suitcase, having no acquaintances and connections, the actress was able to hold out for only 2 weeks and went back to Perm. There she changed jobs and gained determination for a second attempt.

In an interview, Mikhailova admitted that at that time she had to overcome many complexes and barriers that were firmly planted in her head. For example, a lack of self-confidence and the opinion that Moscow is full of its own talents and there is simply no place for a provincial in this city. She set herself up for positive and hard work and, returning to the capital, sent her portfolio to all agencies.

For some reason, this time the girl did not doubt that she would definitely be offered roles, and at that time she herself worked as an ice cream seller in a shopping center, receiving mere pennies.

Alena Mikhailova personal life

The personal life of the actress remains in the shadows. She does not share her innermost in interviews and Instagram. True, in September 2020, it became known about the actress’s romance with her colleague on the TV series “Chiki” Anton Lapenko. The details of the relationship, as usual, remained behind the scenes.

Alena is focused on work, devoting her free time to singing and dancing. Judging by the posts on social networks, Mikhailova has vocal and choreographic talent.

Movies and series

Mikhailova did not have long to be content with small roles. Having hit the screens in 2018 in the 4-episode melodrama Broken Souls, she immediately put an end to the passing characters. The next work was the main role in the film of the young director Maria Agranovich “Love them all.” Not only did Alena own the lion’s share of the time in the frame, she also embodied three personalities in one image.

Her heroine, a fatal predator and manipulator, acts in different roles, seducing and defrauding men for money.

Finding their pain points, Faith-Hope-Love appears now as a seductive beauty, now as a defenseless baby, falling in love and disarming her partners with her feminine magic. Colleagues on the set were such experienced actors as Sergei Garmash, Alexander Kuznetsov and Kirill Safonov. For the novice artist, the main difficulty was not multiple reincarnations in the frame, but the need to undress in front of the camera.

This was followed by an invitation to shoot in the series “Chiki” by Eduard Oganesyan, where Mikhailova’s star shone in all its might. A drama about provincial prostitutes who decided to switch to doing business was filmed in 2019 in the Caucasus. There, the brilliant Irina Gorbacheva became the first violinist, but other girls turned out to be a match for her.

The role of the daring beauty Marina went to Alena, who still considers this work to be the main one in her career.

However, the actress has no time to rest on her laurels: she started shooting in the crime drama Whirlpool, where she played together with Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Aristarkh Venes and Gleb Kalyuzhny. In the dark atmosphere of a detective, tied to the murders of children, Mikhailova became the brightest hero, dispersing the gathering darkness.

Alena Mikhailova now

Alena’s shooting schedule is tight, and, judging by her growing popularity, the actress will have more work to do. Only in 2020, two high-profile premieres went on the air, where Mikhailova played major roles. These are the drama “Chiki” and the 8-episode thriller “Whirlpool”. At the same time, the girl continued to replenish her filmography, acting in the films The Wolf, One Hour Before Dawn, Scenes from Married Life, and Clinic of Happiness.

Alena comes to the fore in each of them. And it is unlikely that after a resounding success, she will agree to shadow roles. Although we must pay tribute to the artist: success did not make her “star”. She still remained a sweet, modest girl who writes off the fame that has come more for luck than for her own merits.

On September 4, 2020, Mikhailova, together with her colleagues on the set of the series “Chiki”, became a guest of the show “Evening Urgant”. Together with her, Anton Lapenko, Irina Nosova and Varvara Shmykova came to the studio. And in November of the same year, for shooting in this project, all the girls received the Woman of the Year award from Glamor magazine as faces of new sincerity.

Interesting Facts

  1. After graduating from the institute, Alena first worked as a nanny.
  2. The favorite games in childhood of the feminine and sophisticated actress were such fun as football and basketball.
  3. Mikhailova often talk about the resemblance to transgender actress Hunter Schafer.

Alena Mikhailova in social networks

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Alena Mikhailova interview

“I don’t like my profession, but I’m in it for a long time”: Alena Mikhailova – about her acting fate

Interview March 5, 2021

Alena Mikhailova became one of the main characters of the screen in 2020 – she was remembered for her roles in Chicks and Whirlpool. In 2021, Scenes from a Married Life and Dormitory are waiting for us, as well as the series One Hour Before Dawn, which is already being released exclusively on and on the Wink online cinema. Alena told Afisha Daily about creative growth and burnout.

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

— In your filmography there are six projects at once with the number 2020 next to the name. Add to this the demand in glossy magazines and requests from different media. How comfortable are you in your current status?

— Generally uncomfortable. There was a period when I was shooting for three months in a row without days off, and, probably, I went too far, oversaturated during this time. Someone quietly lives in such a rhythm when there is no time to eat, communicate with people, take a breath. This mode was uncomfortable for me, but at the same time I can’t do without work at all. I like shooting because I can travel, meet new people, create… But it seems that I am still afraid of the camera, there are such moments. Perhaps this happens to everyone.

– Three months on a very tight schedule. Was it difficult to switch between different images, moving from one shoot to another?

— Sometimes it’s hard to deal with yourself, with some of your subpersonalities. When I finish a project, I try to just forget it. I just put it out of my head because there’s another one, two or three others. Otherwise, the head is cluttered. So for these three months I just lost myself.

I already went to a psychologist, because when the weekend came, I didn’t understand who I was, what I wanted to do, whether I liked what I was doing.

At the same time, I take projects very selectively. They send me conditionally 50, I choose two or three of them. There is no such thing as grabbing everything.

— You have already said in previous interviews that One Hour Before Dawn is one of your most difficult roles, especially emotionally. What is this complexity?

– The heroine constantly has to choose – for example, between a profession and a loved one. This whole role is about making difficult decisions, and from this the heroine is chatting in different directions. Speaking of emotionality, it seems to me that I am working off some kind of past karma.

So it turns out that all the time I choose projects where something happens to me, where my heroine becomes a victim of violence.

– “One Hour Before Dawn” is a historical drama with appropriate props, costumes and scenery. Tell me, how was the acting immersion in the historical era?

– Actually, I wouldn’t call it a historical drama. Yes, we have amazing costumes, the artists are incredible fellows, they did a great job. But costumes and scenery do not serve to create historical authenticity, these attributes only refer us to that time. But at the same time there is no feeling of that reality, there is no race for realism. In One Hour Before Dawn, reality is embellished, more like Peaky Blinders in our own way.

— If we talk about plots and scenarios, what eras are you more interested in now — the past, the present or, perhaps, the future? And are there any suggestions already?

— I would like to play in a project about the future. And there was one suggestion. I don’t know how it will turn out in the end, but I really hope that everything will come true. In this project, an ideal puzzle has formed for me: both the director and the theme. Full hit on me! I can’t tell anything, because I haven’t been approved yet, but I really want to. I can say that these were the strangest tests in my life and the most adequate, as it seems to me.

– You have a lot of dances on Instagram. Have you thought about playing something with an emphasis on plasticity, dance, body language?

— Yes, I would like to. I really like Dimitris Papaioannou (theatrical director of the experimental theater and choreographer. – Approx. ed.). He is Greek and once brought the production to Moscow. I still lived in Perm and did not see live, I saw only recordings. I would be interested in trying something with a minimum of words and more movements. It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie or something theatrical.

In general, I really want to act in films without words, or at least with a minimum of words. I like to contemplate more, to live, to exist in space.

— Do you have some kind of dance base or what we see on Instagram is a broadcast of inner feelings and moods?

— I didn’t learn to dance. More precisely, I recently had my first lesson with a professional teacher. What we see on Instagram is more like a broadcast of something, but I don’t fully understand what exactly. Just dancing is what I probably love most in this life. I can even dance on set if I know people close enough.

Sometimes I spend many hours for the body to give out something else. It is necessary to force the brain to turn off – then it will stop controlling the movements and will give out something new, and not some memorized habitual combinations. Therefore, sometimes it happens that I get very angry when something doesn’t work out … Although I still dance for myself, I still want to grow and develop. I don’t want to dance the same thing.

– You had a sports injury (at school you tore off your lower back during skiing. – Ed.), which you associate with psychosomatics. Are you not afraid of a similar overload already in the acting profession? Because the schedule is crazy, and you are physically exhausted, and a hurricane of emotions in each role.

— I believe that every thought is reflected on our body. You are driven, for example, that there is no money – your lower back hurts. Therefore, I try to control my physical and emotional state. But my back hurt, and it still hurts.

When I was in Bali, I did this trick: they hung me on a noose. This sounds scary. The bottom line is that they hang you by the head – and supposedly all the vertebrae fall into place. After that, I lay in bed for a day and a half with a temperature of 39. I could not eat or walk. There are just so many processes going on in the body that if you have lived for 25 years with a certain arrangement of the vertebrae and joints, everything cannot suddenly fall into place. One way or another, everything will return to the same position in which it was before. We need to change gradually, and it takes years.

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

— We are talking about physical condition control. What do you mean by emotional self-control?

– Every day a lot of people write to me: projects, proposals, donate clothes, donate this, donate that. And I don’t want to be dragged into it. But you have to balance between real life and unreal. It’s hard for me so far.

To somehow disconnect, I spend time with myself. I really like to turn on meditation and lie on the floor at home. I like to spend time in an incomprehensible state, not communicating with anyone. I can lie down for 5-8 hours, do exercises, quietly fiddle with something.

Just as it is interesting for children to play with themselves, so I am not bored in my company.

– I think self-isolation quarantine was high for you.

— In general. Quarantine was the best time.

– You sarcastically remarked that all your roles are very “joyful”. Are there truly joyful ones on the horizon?

– I still don’t really like comedies. I don’t think it’s my genre. My genre is something strange, something incomprehensible, something that does not speak directly to a person, something that changes from within, something inexplicable.

It seems to me that after the coronavirus, when we were all closed at home, everything changed a lot. And now we need to do something completely different. I don’t have an answer to what it should be, but it should be something else. Because that life is already in the past, it is too understandable and not particularly interesting.

– On YouTube is your business card, in which you are 22 years old. This is exactly the business card with which you came to Moscow and looked for the first roles. So? When was the last time you watched it?

— Yes, this is the same business card. I rewatched it about 6 months ago. This video is often posted on Instagram and tagged me.

— How different is that Alena Mikhailova from today?

— A lot of things have changed, but at the same time, today’s Alena is no different. That Alena lives in me, but there is also some other one. That Alena is looking for something creative, unearthly, and the new Alena has experienced many events in her life and has become calmer from this. Maximalism, expectations from people and from oneself have slightly diminished.

– How do you think that Alena bribed agents, directors, producers?

— It’s hard to say, you can’t really look at yourself from the outside. Maybe she bribed her with her honesty. That business card really reflected what I had inside at the time.

— Your first film is the provocative and explicit drama “Love Them All”. How useful do you think it is for a young actress to start with a film like this?

– Since there are three roles in one – it’s definitely useful. I was seen from different sides, but about the nudity. She can be different … sometimes vulgar, dirty, and sometimes harmless. Well, we saw one “half-butt”, Lord, I’m sorry. There is nothing supernatural there.

— The question is just one hundred percent trust in the director and his vision. Sasha Bortich said that Nigina Saifullaeva spoiled her to some extent, because after the film “What’s My Name” she expected the same from other directors – help in the direction and approach to difficult scenes.

— I didn’t have such a thing that I entered explicit scenes gradually and through trust. Everything was without persuasion and lisping, but abruptly: “Undress and into the frame.” Then I sobbed at home, but now I’m not afraid of anything.

I’m already so liberated that I can’t be shy. In principle, I feel comfortable in what my mother gave birth to.

Maybe I have lost some boundaries. Perhaps it will be necessary to play some kind of love and awe, but I’m not ashamed of anything at all. Let’s see.

— What, in your opinion, is included in professional acting duties?

– We are constantly arguing with a PR agent who forces me to give interviews. I believe that it is my responsibility to come to the venue on time with the text memorized and in working condition. This is paramount. The actor works out his 12 hours, no more! Not 15 and not 16, as many of us like to go on a human resource. Twelve o’clock and home.

Honestly, I don’t really like interviews. I even joked: “Let’s get a cockatoo.” He will repeat the same thing in interviews. I believe that a good movie does not need to be advertised – it advertises itself.

An exception may be a project by an unknown director, such as “Chiki”, who needs a campaign. There are good works that have to be talked about a lot in order for people to believe that this movie can be great, that a director that no one knows yet made something talented, and that these actors played great. A person needs to say many times: “Look.” If it’s a famous director and a good film, it will still be watched.

– Conditionally, if the director of “Chick” Eduard Oganesyan came to you and asked for an interview, you would not be able to refuse. Right?

— Of course, I couldn’t.

— Is such a case possible when you are interested not in the interview itself, but in the interlocutor. If a star interviewer invites you to the show, will you go?

– I don’t know. May be. Perhaps this is some kind of coquetry, but I do not consider myself such an interesting person to talk about something with me. I don’t shut up with my loved ones, but I didn’t do anything great, I didn’t build anything in the world, I didn’t save a million poor children to talk about it. I have a normal life, I just dress weird. Maybe I look weird. Sometimes I dance. What can you ask about me? Everything I can do, I do: movies, some dancing.

In general, the most beautiful moments like a sunset with a loved one or the beauty of nature are perceived without words. The coolest moments are always without words.

— How do you feel about social networks?

— Now I try to minimize my stay in different applications. Otherwise, it will turn into an endless paging. When there was a peak moment and everyone wrote to me, I got so used to watching and reading all this that out of habit I went in and checked the phone. I thought: “Maybe someone wrote to me there.”

And at the suggestion of my boyfriend, I thought about who I am without memorizing the text, social networks and work. During the time that I was away from filming, my boyfriend took care of me, cooked food, washed me, massaged me, brought me to my senses. I realized that this is real life. At this point, the movie faded into the background. Before that, for the sake of the movie, I was ready to lose weight, get fat, shave my head baldly.

— What then comes to the fore?

— When I went to Moscow, I had a huge ego. I was kind of disliked, lacked attention, care. And I wanted endless love, so that everyone would admire, exalt and just love. And when this ego began to deflate, I became not so interested in my profession. I don’t understand what to do with it. But now, when I have time – there are not so many shootings, I thought, perhaps my work helps me get rid of some emotions and let them go into a creative channel, and not into self-destruction.

I really want to travel in the coming years, no matter how paradoxical it may sound in the situation with the coronavirus. I want to watch the world, travel to some holy places, connect to this energy, pray for our planet, which we do not protect.

– I hope you don’t think about ending your career early, because I would like to see you in the movies. And not just once.

— My life consists of paradoxes. I said I don’t like my job. This is most likely true, and I do not understand why and why I am in it. But I believe in karmic tasks – that you yourself choose your parents, that you choose in advance what you will do, whom you will serve, and so on. Along the way, I am connected with art for a long time. I will not go anywhere, and this is more a test for me than a joy.

— Have you thought about “re-inventing” yourself for cinema by trying producing?

— I want to do something, but I don’t know what to do. I’m interested in trying to learn the language and shoot outside of Russia. Perhaps you should come up with something yourself and gather a team around you.

It seems to me that I hit some kind of ceiling during these 3 years. I have creative throwing – I want something, I don’t know what. It would be interesting for me to produce something and gather people around me: directors, actors, other creative guys. There is an impulse within.

I was lucky that my profession gave me a lot in material terms, in terms of an unstable schedule. I can’t stand schedules. I like to work for a month or two, and then relax. For this I am grateful to this profession – for the air in my life.

It turns out another paradox… That’s why I don’t like to give interviews. Because people won’t understand me, and I don’t know how to tell a lie and what I’m not interested in.

— Do you really care that some part of people won’t understand you?

— Yes, otherwise what’s the point of talking if they don’t understand you. Why shake the air?

— There will always be a part of people who do not understand. So it will be with an interview, and with a film, and with a book, and with any other statement.

— Perhaps, but it seems to me that now I am silent in order to say something later. I don’t know when this will happen: in 5 years, in 10. For now, I speak out in films and dances.

— In other interviews, you said that you would also like to try music. Is there such a desire?

– So far, something is not working out with the music. I had a plan to shave my head, go to Mexico, buy equipment and write music there. I am going to get there in the near future by all sorts of detours (as a result, Alena really ended up in Mexico and, judging by the photo, she replaced her bald head with dreadlocks. – Approx. ed.).

I need this rest and a change of scenery. It’s just that my roof came off after three projects. Already on vacation, I was “caught up” so that I didn’t want to wake up in the morning, I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t believe in anything: not in God, not in myself, not in anyone. I just went crazy. I have a lot of cockroaches and I try to deal with them.

— Nevertheless, 2020 was a cool year for you or not?

– Probably cool, despite all the events that happened. The year changed me a lot. In any case, both bad and good happen in order to make us better. So yes, 2020 has been awesome.

Alena Mikhailova about her first comedy role, a new haircut and a trip to Mexico

Vogue Interview APRIL 20, 2021

As Alena herself likes to joke, all her roles in the cinema are far from “not joyful”. For the first time we saw the actress (and immediately fell in love) in the debut film for both her and director Maria Agranovich, Love Them All. Then they worried about the fate of her heroine in the thriller “Whirlpool”. But Alena Mikhailova officially secured the title of drama queen, perhaps after the loudest Russian series of 2020, Chiki. This project catapulted them with Varvara Shmykova to the pinnacle of fame.

The industry, like all of us, is hungry for new faces. Therefore, after a resounding success for the last six months, Alena literally settled on the set. The result was not long in coming: today in the new KION online cinema, the premiere of the new series “Secrets of Family Life” with Mikhailova in the title role will take place. This is a special project for the actress – the debut comedy in the track record. Immediately after the completion of filming, Alena went on her first well-deserved vacation in the last few years. With her boyfriend, she traveled around Mexico for three months.

“Something clicked in me, and I told Mishka (this is how Alena refers to her young man. – Approx. Vogue): “Let’s go to Mexico!” Why? Don’t know. My heart told me to go there. The result was not a vacation, but a real test. Everyone likes Mexico very much, but we didn’t have a good relationship with it. It is important to be there at the right time and in the right place. We always ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time,” says Alena.

The adventure began upon arrival at the airport, where her visa was canceled and she was almost deported from the country. “Mishka and I sobbed behind the glass. Like in the movies. We were not allowed to see each other.” The conflict was resolved after filling out one form, and they still got to Mexico. But a promising start. For three months, the couple changed more than 50 houses – they could not settle down anywhere. Every day they spent five hours in the car, moving from place to place. As a result, Alena and Misha traveled around half of the country and made a lot of beautiful shots, but the impressions were far from the most optimistic.

“You know, I’m such a child inside in many ways. I had the feeling that everyone was waiting for us everywhere, everything was tasty and inexpensive. After this trip, I realized that I lived in some kind of illusion. There is a tourist Mexico, such as Tulum, Cancun, Nayarit. Here everything is created for people. And we went along some completely unexplored paths, where only locals live. So, no one was particularly happy for us there.”

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

Since it didn’t work out with Mexico, they decided to try their luck in Costa Rica. The culmination was the moment when Alena and Misha boarded the plane and they were told that a volcano had erupted in Guatemala. “At that moment, Misha and I just silently stared at each other. Where we are, there is always some kind of collapse going on. I’m actually surprised that each other was not killed during this time. On such trips, the most unpleasant sides of each other are manifested. “But now nothing is scary,” I add, to which Alena nods with a smile.

At this point during our Zoom conversation, I notice that she has a new short haircut (like Zoe Kravitz). Although in the photographs from Mexico, Alena had luxurious long dreadlocks.

“I braided them back in Moscow. It was some kind of intuitive disguise before the trip. With dreadlocks, it is not clear who I am and where I come from. When I finally decided to undo it, I spent two hours on a pair of braids. Then it was decided that the time had come to do what I had long dreamed of. I sent Mishka to a German, from whom we rented a house, to find something to cut my hair with. He comes in, and there are only scissors on the table. We decided it was destiny.” At first, Alena was very complex and could not accept herself in a new image. “Before, it always seemed to me that a woman is decorated with her hair. But to get something, you have to give something. Let this be my sacrifice to the Mexican spirits. It sounds ridiculous, but it was also the beginning of a new stage in life. Anyway, my hair was all dyed and ruined after filming. So there’s nothing to be sorry about.”

I don’t know if it was the Mexican perfume that worked, but a new stage in her career really began. In the series “Secrets of Family Life”, Alena for the first time had to move away from her usual image and play a comedy.

I was under the illusion that comedy was very easy. But after trying, I realized how wrong I was

“When you watch The End of the Damn World, they don’t seem to be playing anything. Actually it is not. It is easier for me to exist in drama, for me it is a familiar environment. And here everything is brand new. Shota Gamisonia (the director of the series. – Approx. Vogue) was worried that I could destroy the lightness that he so reverently built in the frame. I can’t help it, even when I’m not doing drama, I still have it.”

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

Before, Alena immediately closed the script when she saw it as if it were a “comedy”. But “Secrets of family life” she read to the end. Firstly, she was hooked by the project because it raises the topic of mental health. Which is pretty rare in pop culture. And secondly, “this has not been done in Russia yet.” According to the plot, she and her husband (Peter Skvortsov played his role) are on the verge of a divorce and turn to a family psychologist. But after one tragic event, their marriage is stronger than ever.

“At one moment you just reach some line that you yourself are not able to overcome. I was in therapy for a long time, so I perfectly understand the feelings of my heroine. Now in my environment there are also many psychologists and mentors. Sometimes I feel like I have more of them than friends,” she laughs.

Mikhailova has repeatedly noted the similarity with her heroine Polina in everything, from the style of clothing to the attitude to social networks. “In my life I am as hysterical as Polina,” Alena jokes, “I resonate with the idea that on the Internet we are often not at all who we really are. Many try to create the illusion that they are happier, more beautiful, more successful. No one posts pictures of them crying, but everyone posts pictures of them laughing. As a heroine in the series and as Alena, I don’t like it. Therefore, I was happy when Polina declared a real war on this whole fake virtual world. She is by nature a real warrior. You can even see it in the way she dresses.”

Elena Kazakevich was responsible for the costumes in the series, with whom the actress worked together and became friends on the set of Chick. In the first episode of Secrets of Family Life, we see the main character Polina in black hoodies, jeans, sneakers and T-shirts with images of rock bands. When asked if the heroine’s style is close to her, Alena replies: “Look what I’m wearing now,” and shows her voluminous white T-shirt, from under which one can see the sleeves of the bodysuit, painted with patterns in the form of tattoos. “Very close,” she smiles.

Alena’s favorite brands are TTSWTRS and UShat?va. To the second, she has especially tender feelings. And the point here is not only in close friendship with its founders Nino Shamatava and Alisa Ushakova.

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

“My young man says to me: “Are you completely already?” I go to this store every week. I know I will always find a lot of cool basics there that go perfectly with everything. Lots of black, beige, grey.” Alena has been wearing all white lately. She says that the trip to Mexico and the new haircut affected her wardrobe. “It’s as if some sort of purification is taking place, getting rid of the superfluous.”

Alena almost never wears makeup in her life. In her cosmetic bag you can find only hygienic lipstick and blush. On the set, she likes to try on new images and experiment with appearance, but outside the cameras she wants to remain herself.

There are three types of actors: empaths by nature, those who are good at technique, and those who get used to the character. I belong to the latter

“So I have enough bright sensations, and makeup, and costumes in the frame. Therefore, in ordinary life, I want to rest from this.

She speaks very clearly about plans for the future. Alena dreams of acting in science fiction and sees herself as the main character of a film about the future. Something in the spirit of The Fifth Element or The Matrix. Do not mind playing a man or an alien. But now her main goal is a serious role in the full meter. “The series is still a long run. I want it to be short and deep. I feel that after all my trials, I am definitely ready for an adult role. For me, this profession is like therapy. When I don’t shoot for a long time, I start to destroy myself.”

Alena Mikhailova photo

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

Wikipedia Alena Dmitrievna Mikhailova Russian film and theater actress

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