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Alexander Polyarny : general data

  • Full name: Alexander Polyarny
  • Date of Birth: September 18, 1994
  • Place of birth: Murmansk, Russia
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Alexander Polyarny is a modern Russian writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale.
  • Education: –

Polar Book Writer

Snow fairy tale

The touching love story of Sawyer and Zoe, the main characters of the famous “Peppermint Tale”, won several million hearts. But where one story ends, another begins. The book in your hands is the long-awaited sequel to The Peppermint Tale. This is the story of two people who have to go through many trials in order to find happiness. This is the story of Mitch and Nicky.


Yupi-i-i-i! I mean, it’s a book about Jupi. He is the same as you, but completely different: he is blue and catches fish not to fry and eat it, but to be friends with her. Kira, Yupi’s girlfriend (or not quite a girl – it depends), a little CAPRISE, but only until the moment when Jupi needs to be saved from the monster of despondency. Then she will take matters into her pink paws!

Mint fairy tale

“Peppermint Tale” is a cult book that brought its author phenomenal fame and love of readers. Alexander Polyarny has been writing this story for three years, posting chapters in his VKontakte group. Excerpts and quotes from “The Tale” instantly spread over the Internet and brought the book wide popularity even before its publication. In just two months, the project received funding on a crowdfunding platform, and Alexander successfully released the book that his fans had been waiting for on his own.

Suicide Tale

The events of the book unfold around a boy who was sent to an orphanage. He quickly realizes that there is no justice in the world. There will be some minty cappuccinos, lots of snow and a couple of broken hearts in this fairy tale.

Alexander Polar writer biography

Along with the development of the Internet, the world was able to get acquainted with a large number of contemporary artists. One of them was Alexander Polyarny, who is a gifted and promising young writer. At the age of 20, he managed to publish his debut work, which soon gained the status of a bestseller, and expanded the readership to several hundred thousand people. The Peppermint Tale has already been sorted into quotes.

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

Childhood and youth

Alexander Polyarny was born in 1994 in the Russian city of Murmansk, where he spent his childhood and youth.

The boy practically did not stand out among his peers, his parents belonged to simple workers – his father worked at a factory, and his mother was a seamstress. Alexander was a conflict-free child – he almost never quarreled with friends.

The turning point in the biography of Polyarny happened in 2011, when he got acquainted with the work of the popular writer Ray Bradbury and read one of the novels called Fahrenheit 451.

He inspired the guy to engage in literary activities – Alexander began to actively invent short stories, writing them down in notes on his smartphone.

Before starting work on a full-fledged book, the young man created more than a thousand entries on his phone – Polyarny was writing literally in any free minute.

At first, the novice author published stories on the Internet anonymously, uploading them to prose resources under various pseudonyms. To his surprise, they received mostly positive reviews. This circumstance inspired the young man to continue his creative activity. It was thanks to the placement of works on the Web that Alexander Polyarny was able to attract the first admirers of fictional stories, and then begin work on his debut book from his still modest bibliography.


It took Alexander 3 years to write the first work. Initially, the young man titled it as “The Story of One Love”, but later renamed it “The Tale of Suicide.”

Unfortunately, Polyarny did not have enough financial resources to publish a literary work, and then he decided to attract investors who could help him in this difficult matter. The first month of fees brought the guy only 20 thousand rubles, which was too small an amount.

A few months later, the young writer surprisingly collected as much as 400 thousand rubles. Thus, the circulation of Tale of Suicide exceeded 50,000 copies.

Such success did not pass by the keen eyes of the employees of the famous AST publishing house, who offered cooperation to the talented guy.

At the end of the winter of 2018, the shelves of Russian bookstores were filled with the novel Mint Tale. The publishing house “AST” decided to rename the work, as the former did not meet moral standards.

In his debut novel, the author told about a 13-year-old boy named Sawyer who ended up in an orphanage. From the first pages, the main character realized that there was no justice in the world around him, therefore he had a negative attitude towards life in general. This fact influenced the experiences of readers, because “Peppermint Tale” tells about the sad events that happened in the universe of one teenager.

Personal life

Alexander Polyarny prefers not to talk about his personal life. On his official page on VKontakte, there is a modest family status “Single”.

However, on Instagram, he regularly posts photos with a girl who, in all likelihood, is the writer’s lover.

Alexander Polyarny now

In 2019, Alexander Polyarny continues to develop his literary work using the World Wide Web.

On his official pages on social networks, he regularly publishes short novels and stories. Now the author is a popular media person, his activities are watched by subscribers.

Alexander Polyarny in social networks

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Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale


The book of the 26-year-old writer from Murmansk Alexander Polyarny “Mint Tale” in 2019 became the leader in popularity among teenagers. Read it, waiting for new works. It would seem that live and be happy, but recently Alexander said that he was no longer going to write anything.

It turned out that while some residents of our country were reading The Mint Tale, others did not like its naivety and the story about the boy from the orphanage at all. And for two years, since the publication of the book, hundreds of people have written nasty things to Alexander. And then they started harassing for another book, and it didn’t even see the light of day.

– A couple of toxic bloggers filmed “vidos” that allegedly I collected 800,000 rubles from my subscribers for a new book “Smoldering Branches of the Bloom Forest” and stole this money. This is a blatant lie. I returned all this money to the penny. Go to the comments on the Boomstarter platform and see for yourself. There are 5000 comments, which I personally answered in 4 years and returned the money to everyone. I just delayed this book, immediately apologized and immediately in 2016 began to return the money invested in the project to people,” said Alexander Polyarny.

Alexander did not bring joy and the third book – “Jupi”. This is a story about unusual creatures: “Jupi, he is the same as you, but completely different: he is blue and catches fish not to fry her, but to be friends with her. Kira, Jupi’s girlfriend, is a bit of a whim, but only to the point where Jupi needs to be rescued from the despondency monster. Then she will take matters into her pink paws! In Jupi’s world, everything is the same as yours, but in a different way: love and friendship, responsibility and courage, villains and heroes, problems and their solution, routine and incredible twists of fate.

The author decided to promote such a good story in a strange way. In August, he posted a post in which he said that if the book does not sell 100,000 copies by the end of the year, then he will pass away.

– “Jupi” is the work of my whole life. This is my second Bible,” wrote Alexander.

True, then he deleted the post, because after it the young man was literally covered by a wave of negativity. The Murmansk resident himself says that the haters found out his home address from somewhere, they are guarding him near the house, the mother of the aspiring writer is afraid to leave the apartment. So far, Alexander receives only minor nasty things in his address, but he is afraid that one day someone will cross the line.

Due to such a wave of negativity, the AST publishing house, with which Polyarny collaborated, terminated the contract with him. Apparently, this was the last straw for him.

– I burned two tons of books. As promised, I am retiring from the writing life and ending my career as an author. From now on, I will do other things. Too much hate, slander, toxicity flew in my direction. I really wanted to give these books to people. You can say whatever you want. But I’m not a fighter, but the usual Sasha from Murmansk, who sits at home, and I’m sick of the anger that pours from the Internet. Thanks to the people who have supported me all these years. In 6 years of my blog, I have never sold an ad and believed with all my heart that I would be appreciated for it. I didn’t sell you pyramids and bets, didn’t hype and didn’t do “joint work” with bloggers, – Alexander Polyarny wrote in his group on VKontakte.

Critics about the books of Alexander Polyarny

The book market in the modern world is a complex and ambiguous world in which it is quite difficult to make money. To sell a book, it is desirable to at least have some kind of audience initially, but even this does not guarantee success. Do you know what not to do? You don’t have to write anything good. And the best proof of this is the popularity of the writer Alexander Polyarny, the author of The Mint Tale.

This text is not a review of bad literature. On the same YouTube, there are dozens of videos where book bloggers and comedian Denis Alien execute Polyarny for poor quality. Much more interesting is how he achieved popularity. In this story there is blackmail, the meanest PR and a bunch of suspicious details.

Where did the Peppermint Tale come from?

Let’s start with the main ledger of Polyarny. If you go to the nearest bookstore, you will most likely find it in a prominent place. It seems that in “Chitay-Gorod” it lies in the bestseller section. This is a twisted and slanting story about an orphan named Sawyer, almost entirely composed of in-contact statuses from 2013. “The New Year is just 365 new reasons to be sad,” is a real quote from the book.

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

Initially, the project was called “The Tale of Suicide” and was an ambitious self-publishing, for which Polyarny raised money on Boomstarter. It was planned to collect one hundred thousand rubles, but people threw off more than 400,000. Book bloggers claim that not all cartridges received their copies, but we will not check this. The main thing is that Polarny seems to have succeeded.

When the project became popular on the net (and it was made public), Alexander signed an agreement with the AST publishing house, so the name had to be changed to comply with the requirements of Roskomnadzor. One way or another, in 2019, the fairy tale became the best-selling book of Exo-AST with a circulation of 240,000 copies.

At the same time, “Peppermint Tale” is a graphomaniac fan fiction without a clear structure, but with a huge number of stylistic errors and banal vocabulary. It’s just badly written. You can see for yourself by checking a couple of chapters on Wattpad. So how did a young writer’s success story grow from such a product? This is where the real thrash begins.

“Fairy Tale” was promoted according to very strange schemes

We will not address Polyarny with direct accusations – at least because he is one of those who threaten book bloggers with the police. In 2011, a user named Chocopie Dieanimal stole the Stereotypes public from its original owners. They failed to return access, as well as to prove the involvement of Alexander Polyarny. At that time, the resource had 300,000 subscribers, which at that time was quite a considerable number.

At the end of 2014, when “Stereotypes” grew to a million, quotes from the book “The Tale of Suicide” began to be published in public. At that time there was no book yet. The Boomstarter collection only opened in the second half of 2015. It turns out that Alexander Polyarny (he already posted it for sure) intrigued the audience in advance, quoting in a million-strong pablos something that does not yet exist. Not a weak advertising campaign turned out.

But then it was even cooler. Alexander quite sensibly reasoned that selling a few hundred books was not enough, and therefore launched a large-scale PR campaign. And that’s where his PR genius came into play. The author of the largest YouTube investigation about Polarny cites a whole bunch of book tops that appeared first in the Stereotypes public, which began to be called (and is still called) “the moment of your beautiful youth”, and then in other dubious publics with a large audience.

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

Well, you know what these tops look like: “50 books you need to read before you are 25”, “10 books that make you think” and other stuff. There, A. Polyarny’s book “The Tale of Suicide / Mint Tale” fasted on the same level as Bradbury, Hemingway and Remarque, that is, real classics. Normal comparison, you will not say anything.

At that time, “Fairy Tale” was a no-name crowdfunding project, so it was a tricky advertising sowing.

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

Naturally, such popularity eventually led to the fact that Polyarny signed with AST and became a hit author. But if it all ended there, then he would remain a mediocre trash maker with a bad reputation and a good grip on PR.

They raised money for the second book of Polyarny, but it never came out

If you study the Polyarny page on the same Boomstarter, you will also notice the second project that appeared after the Mint Tale. The writer asked for the usual 100,000 rubles for a book with the pretentious title Smoldering Branches of the Bloom Forest, and collected as much as 788,645 rubles. Not a bad start-up capital for a publication, is it? Not really.

In 2017, Polyarny wrote in his public that the book was about to be released, but dropped the following phrase: “At the time the project was launched, I did not have a publishing house, but I had a manuscript.” Since there was a manuscript, it is all the more strange that The Branches never came out. And many donators, according to the same book bloggers, never received their money back.

The situation is very offensive, especially considering that Polyarny, complaining about the lack of money, said that he spent money on a cool editor. Perhaps even a book would have turned out, and not a rubbish garbage pamphlet, as was the case with Peppermint Tale. But Polyarny did not bother to publish The Smoldering Branches of the Bloom Forest, even in electronic form, for which, in fact, one manuscript is enough. And if there were some pitfalls, then it would be nice to tell the fans about them.

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

But ok, we assume that some part of the production process went wrong. Why couldn’t this book have been released after the mega-successful 2019? Only one version suggests itself: Polyarny came up with the name, but was too lazy or could not write a second book, after which he put on a clown nose and went into the sunset.

Polar threatened to kill himself if the new book didn’t sell

Now the funniest thing is blackmail. I don’t want to engage in psychoanalysis of Polar, but the dude will turn suicides on you. At first, he was killed about the fact that the AST publishing house did not want to leave a suicidal title to the Mint Tale, and in 2020 he went even further – Alexander promised to die if his new project, Yupi, did not exceed the sales target of 100,000 copies .

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

That is, he did not promise, but wrote that “he would be forced.” Why? According to Polyarny, his books are good, and he wants to “make the world a little kinder.” A great lead to a suicide threat!

Now to the book itself. Moreover, on its back, Polyarny was declared “legendary”. In fact, Yupi is a joint project between Polyarny and illustrator Mister Sopkin, and it is more of a comic book than a full-fledged book. But given that The Peppermint Tale can be read in twenty minutes, no one expected otherwise. Alexander’s text there is a maximum of two pages.

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

By the way, advertising “Yupi”, Polyarny said that he was kicked out of the AST publishing house due to pressure from haters, and his family is being poisoned because of hatred for his work. The publication “Takie Dela” contacted the publishing house, which did not say anything about the expulsion, but only wrote that negotiations were underway with the author. Whining about toxic haters is not only another top sales method from Alexander Polyarny, but also a worthy example of behavior for teenagers. Unfortunately, the circus did not end there.

Polyarny left literature to return immediately

So, there were threats to die in August, and already in September 2020, Alexander Polyarny nevertheless left us. True, he did not leave life, but from literature. In his inimitable style, Mr. Writer announced that he was relinquishing the rights to UPI and transferring all royalties to co-author Mr. Sopkin.

“I’m really tired of writing and I’m leaving this life, creative, I mean. And I will do other things. I believe that this is not the price that a modern author in 2020 has to pay to be a writer. There are no words.”

By the way, “no words” is an excellent description of any book by Polyarny. There really aren’t enough of them. But the diamond of Russian literature, which has tied up with creativity, is not at all stingy with comments. The top one sounded like this: “In general, toxicity won! Good luck to all, I love you all. Until we meet again, perhaps in some other area.

Oh, has literature really lost such an interesting character? The most astute even then suspected that all this was the beginning of a new tearful PR campaign – especially considering that the book “Jupi” did not sell as its author expected.

Wikipedia Alexander Polar writer, author of the bestseller Mint Tale

The triumphant return took place quite recently, in December 2020. Polyarny suddenly changed his mind and published the book “Snow Tale”. Of course, in two covers at once – morning and evening, so that you can sell more.

This technique, unlike Alexander’s books, was read so clearly that it causes laughter, shame and admiration at the same time.

Polyarny is indeed the main nugget in modern Russian literature, even if he does not know how to write at all. Such cunning kringe geniuses are born once in a thousand years, so his work should be monitored as closely as possible. But preferably still not buying. Honest writers should be offended, but in modern times no one is counting on them.

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