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Alina Lanina: general information

  • Full name: Alina Alexandrovna Kisiyarova
  • Date of Birth: March 3, 1989
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk, USSR
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Short biography: Alina Lanina is a rising star of Russian cinema. She has already appeared in popular films and TV shows.
  • Education: Yekaterinburg Theater Institute


  • 2018 Scarlet Sails
  • Best Actress for The First Ones

Alina Lanina films

Roles in movies and on TV
  • 2018 First – Maria
    Director: Dmitry Suvorov
  • 2017 Defenders — Ksenia
    Director: Sarik Andreasyan
  • 2018 Foundling — Nina
    Director: Oleg Asadulin
  • 2017 Father’s Coast — Alenka
    Director: Milena Fadeeva
  • 2018 To Paris! — Tamara
    Director: Sergey Sarkisov
  • 2016 Kitchen — Dasha
    Director: Anton Fedotov
  • 2017 Serebryany Bor — Katya
    Director: Zinoviy Roizman
  • 2016 Sasha + Tanya – Eva
    Director: Alexander Potapov
  • 2015 Secrets of the Institute for Noble Maidens — Elizaveta Vishnevetskaya
    Director: Sergey Danielyan
  • 2016 Exchange Brothers – Nina
    Director: Alexander Zhigalkin
  • 2016 Prince of Siberia — Tatyana
    Director: Denis Eleonsky
  • 2009 Lady with a dog — Anna Sergeevna
    Director: Ekaterina Tsaregorodtseva
  • 2011 “Coast of Love” – ​​Irina
    Director: Andrey Selivanov
  • 2010 “New Year’s Trouble” – Sveta
    Director: Felix Gerchakov
  • 2014 Stronger than fate – Vera
    Director: Alexander Khvan
  • 2011 Wind in the face – Dina Chaikina
    Director: Nikolai Mikhailov
  • 2012 Love blooms in spring — Erika Nechaeva
    Director: Vsevolod Aravin

Roles in the theater

  • 2010 Tanya (based on the play by A. N. Arbuzov “Tanya”) — Tanya
  • 2009 Children of Vanyushin (based on the play by P. Naydenov) — Arina Vanyushina
  • 2010 Lady with a dog (based on the play by A.P. Chekhov) — Anna Sergeevna
  • 2009 Trap (based on the play by R. Tom “Trap for a lonely man”) – Elizabeth

Alina Lanina biography

The actress owes her success only to herself. Unsuccessful attempts did not break her, but, on the contrary, gave her strength to move on towards her dream. Behind the gentle sweet appearance of the artist lies a strong character.

Wikipedia Alina Lanina Russian actress Alina Aleksandrovna Kisiyarova

Childhood and youth

Alina was born on March 3, 1989 under the zodiac sign Pisces. She is Russian by nationality. Her hometown is Yekaterinburg, where she spent her childhood and youth. Lanina is a creative pseudonym, the real name of the actress is Kiziyarova.

The father left the mother with the child early, so the girl grew up under the care of her stepfather, who also had a son, Ivan, and a daughter, Katya. Soon Misha was born into a large family. Alina often went to church with her parents. During the holidays, the children were sent to the village to their relatives, where they willingly weeded the beds, looked after the flower beds. Lanina is still sure that children should spend more time in the countryside, in nature, and does not hide that she dreams of a house outside the city.

Christian upbringing instilled in the girl love for her neighbors, although it did not prevent her from developing creatively. As a child, Alina often arranged impromptu performances for her parents and acquaintances, and danced.

In the graduation classes, the girl knew that she would enter the theater institute. By this time, she graduated from a modeling school, signed a number of lucrative contracts and managed to work in Chile, Italy and France. After graduating from school, Lanina applied to the Yekaterinburg Theater Institute and in 2006 became a student.

The first professional acting achievement was 3rd place at the competition named after V. Yakhontov. In the last year of the institute, Alina Lanina received a scholarship from the Union of Theater Workers as the best student. This was the second significant achievement in the creative biography of the artist.

Alina played in student performances “The Trap”, “The Lady with the Dog”, “Children of Vanyushin” and others. The talented and plastic actress participated in the choreographic productions of Mowgli, Wife and the Serpent. With the audience, her game was a success, but the artist did not want to associate life with the theater.

In 2010, Lanina received her diploma and faced a choice – to abandon the acting profession or move to Moscow and seek recognition there. The girl chose the second option. Alina rented a room in the suburbs and traveled to Moscow every morning to get into acting bases and castings. It was a difficult period, because the directors did not offer permanent work. Lanina at some point had to return to Yekaterinburg, but after a while she again left for the capital, forever.

Alina Lanina personal life

The actress does not hide the facts about her personal life from journalists and fans, but she does not name the names of the men with whom fate has ever connected Alina. First love overtook her in high school, but the young man turned out to be a criminal and soon found himself behind bars.

During her acting career, Lanina had an affair with a colleague, as well as with a professional racer who helped her learn the basics of extreme driving. For the first time, Alina got behind the wheel at the age of 14, over time, her passion only got stronger: Lanina loves speed.

The actress speaks negatively about the presence of a wealthy sponsor, which is talked about on the Internet. Lanina positions herself as an independent girl who has achieved everything on her creative path on her own.

For some time, Alina answered questions about marriage that she was not ready to tie the knot because of a beautiful wedding and for show. Although she had already been offered a marriage proposal, but then the priority was creative self-realization.

And at the end of 2020, it turned out that the artist was already married. She does not name the name of her chosen one, but it is known that Alina’s husband is also related to the film industry. Then she admitted that she was pregnant and was preparing to become the mother of a boy. The child was born on December 13th.

In her free time from filming, the actress is engaged in fencing, dancing, singing. By nature, she is a workaholic, so she rarely rests. If the opportunity arises, she travels to other countries with pleasure, after which a new portion of the photo ends up on the artist’s personal page on Instagram. There you can also see pictures of Alina in a swimsuit – Lanina has a beautiful figure, which she does not hesitate to demonstrate. Celebrity adheres to a diet and leads an active lifestyle.

The artist dreams of visiting Argentina, while she has only seen it from the plane window. She says that this is the most beautiful place she has ever seen from above.


Alina made her film debut in 2006, it was an episodic role in the film “Detectives. F SB. Lanina had to wait 2 years for the next proposal. The actress played Svetlana, the ex-wife of a businessman, in the series “Wedding Ring”. The project was filmed for 4 years, from 2008 to 2012. In the next few years, the artist was offered supporting roles. Among the films of this period are “Detectives”, “Dusty Work”, “Love and Other Nonsense”, “Bros-3”, “New Year’s Trouble”.

The turning point in Lanina’s career was 2013, when the actress was approved for the main role in the serial film “Secrets of the Institute of Noble Maidens”. At the casting, a competition was held for 600 actresses for a place, but Alina’s model external data, as well as suitable height (167 cm) and weight (51 kg), drew the attention of the producers to her. The actress played the boarding school student Elizaveta Vishnevetskaya, who was sent here by her uncle. Alina says that she was lucky with the format of the series.

In the same year, the actress received another offer that influenced her career. Lanina reincarnated as Eva Sergeeva in the comedy sitcom SashaTanya.

The heroine worked as a flight attendant until she met Sylvester Sergeyev. She married a millionaire, later found out that she was pregnant, gave birth to a child. The series in a humorous way tells how the family lives. By the way, the artist was lucky to act in the same row with the stars of “Univer” Andrei Gaidulyan, Valentina Rubtsova, Alexei Klimushkin, Andrei Sviridov, which added to her popularity.

Lanina rarely appears naked on the screen. Religious upbringing, laid down in childhood, does not allow crossing the threshold of what is permitted. Candid scenes where she appeared in front of the camera partially naked appeared in the series SashaTanya – Alina starred in one scene with a bare back, as well as in the series Late Flowers, where she flashed in the scene of bathing in the bathroom. The second film was released in 2014, and again the partners of the actress became Maria Kulikova, Alexander Dyachenko, Pyotr Barancheev, who had proven themselves on the Russian television screen.

At the same time, Alina Lanina’s filmography is replenished with another major role in the film “Prince of Siberia”. The actress played the teacher Tatyana Demidova, and her partner Ivan Zhidkov played Max, Tanya’s fiancé. The shooting of the film took place in the countryside, after which the artist recalled with pleasure the impressions of a trip on a heap of hay in a horse-drawn cart.

In 2015, Alina appeared in the title role in the melodrama “Shards of the Glass Slipper”.

This time the director saw the negative character in the actress. Yulia Skvortsova, whose character was subtly caught by Lanina, only seemed kind and naive in appearance. At heart, she was a mercantile person, ready for any meanness. They did not do without the artist in the rating series “Kitchen”, where she received the episodic role of the heroine Dasha. From this year, Alina finally changes her surname and becomes Lanina. Prior to that, the credits indicated the surname inherited from her parents.

A year later, she starred in the TV series Daughters Time. Her partner on the site was Alexander Sokolovsky.

The career of an actress is on the rise. She is offered exclusively the main roles in significant projects. In 2017, Alina starred as Xenia, the keeper of the water element, in the Russian superhero action movie The Defenders, which dealt with Soviet superheroes that have been kept secret since the Cold War. The film grossed $5 million at the box office

Soon, the actress pleased the audience with her appearance in the drama “Father’s Coast” about the Morozov family, the fate of four offspring of which was crushed by the Great Patriotic War. The main roles, in addition to Alina, went to Yuri Borisov, Arina Zharkova, Maxim Kerin.

In addition to the premieres that took place, the artist’s repertoire was soon replenished with work in the family saga “Silver Forest” with Maria Shukshina in the title role, as well as in the film “To Paris” and in the historical film about the pioneers of the Far North “The First”. In the last film, the actress appeared on the screen in the image of the first polar woman Tatyana Pronchishcheva, the wife of Vasily Pronchishchev (Nail Abdrakhmanov).

Alina Lanina now

In 2019, the actress took part in the filming of the film “Foundling”. This is a family drama that tells the story of a little girl who got lost in Moscow. Alina played the secondary character Nina. But 2020 brought her several major roles.

The TV series “Alien Children” was released. In it, the artist reincarnated as Daria, an ordinary married woman and part-time mother. One day, her husband gets involved in a scam, because of which the family suffers financial collapse. To earn money, Daria becomes a surrogate mother. Evgeny Volovenko and Elena Velikanova are also involved in the film.

On July 3, 2020, the filming, editing and production work of the multi-part detective story Crime Formula was completed. In it, Lanina played the main role, reincarnated as Anastasia Ardashnikova, the first girl in Russian history to receive a law degree from the Sorbonne.

The premiere of the film was to take place on Channel One in the near future, as the press service of the Mostelefilm Distribution production company stated.

The plot of the detective is fascinating. He takes the viewer to St. Petersburg in 1896. Anastasia returns home after studying in France. The girl begins to investigate, using methods practically unknown in Russia. The detective’s entourage is sure that she is not engaged in a woman’s business at all. And the bailiff Taras Petrovich Smolokurov (Andrey Gorbachev) believes that Anastasia is far from domestic realities.

The second film with the participation of the actress, which was still in production in 2020, is “Crooked Mirror”. Alina tried on the image of a spoiled woman Victoria, who is waiting for the prince. One day she decides to go to a fortune teller. At the height of the session, Vika suddenly sees the image of a young man in the mirror. But here he is far from the limit of her dreams. However, fate brings them together.

Interesting Facts

  1. Arriving in Moscow for the first time, the actress immediately tried to get a job in the theater. At the auditions, she showed an excerpt from the play “The Little Mermaid”. Lanina portrayed a fish, bulging her eyes and drawing in her cheeks, and now she laughs at this and understands why she was refused after refusal.
  2. Alina was approved for an episodic role in the popular television series “Next”. But because of the filming of the film “Wedding Ring” she was forced to refuse.
  3. A celebrity prefers not to meet on the Internet and on the street. It is better if the meeting with the future chosen one takes place in a common company or at some kind of celebration.
  4. Lanina has never had plastic surgery, but she is often compared to Bella Heathcote. Indeed, both have thick blond hair, pale skin, large expressive eyes. The second “double” Lanina – Natalia Kustinskaya.

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Alina Lanina interview

Alina Lanina: “The sex scene with Pevtsov was filmed simply”

Interview from 28.07.2020

The Serebryany Bor series returns to Channel One, which premiered three years ago. The performer of the role of Katya, Alina Lanina, spoke about her impressions of participating in the project, as well as how criticism of bloggers affects her.

After the release of the Serebryany Bor series on Channel One, Alina Lanina’s filmography managed to replenish with big-budget films. So, the actress played the role of the mistress of the water element in Sarik Andreasyan’s “Defenders” and appeared in the film “To Paris”, playing the beloved of the hero Dmitry Pevtsov.

However, both projects evoked a mixed reaction from the public, they were also sharply criticized by the popular film blogger BadComedian. The 31-year-old star told how the shooting of the pictures went and why she does not respond to the attacks of the haters.

What are your impressions of working at Serebryany Bor?

Alina Lanina
All memories are wonderful. It was beautiful shooting in sunny Moscow, we also traveled to the nearest suburbs. I met wonderful guys who play the husbands of my heroine – Misha Pshenichny and Nil Kropalov. We continue to communicate. The team also had amazing make-up artists, and I think the viewer appreciated how believable the actresses look in the frame. Of course, it cannot be said that this is a historical movie, rather a temporary one – about the 70s and 80s. Even my mother, when she saw my photos from the shooting, said: “It can’t be! It looks like it!”

The heroes of the picture often face adultery. How do you feel about change?

Alina Lanina
This happens in almost every second couple, but cheating is always painful. And for both sides. Because, in the end, betrayal becomes sadness, burden and stress. You have to be a completely immoral person in order not to empathize with the soulmate who was betrayed. Just one or another temperament reacts differently. As for me, I would hardly have left quietly. Still, actors are emotional people. I have a peculiarity – in case of any conflicts, immediately discuss everything, slam the door, shout, but after thirty minutes drink tea, laughing cheerfully at what happened. But in controversial moments it is easier for mom to remain silent, to avoid harsh words, because then she cannot forget.

One of your most popular roles is the wife of the oligarch Sylvester Sergeyev from SashaTanya, played by Alexei Klimushkin…

Alina Lanina
The audience really liked my character, which was unexpected for me. In general, when I first came to this project, I thought: I will star in one episode, and it will all be over. And Eva turned out to be a big role, which became quite recognizable and non-standard for my filmography. 70 percent of my work is dramatic, and then suddenly a family comedy! It was surprising to me that a sitcom is a rather complicated genre, especially within the framework of Russian television. This is still an innovation brought from America. For example, when you say a phrase, you must not rearrange the words up to commas for the joke to work. These moments are noted in the script, and they need to be presented correctly. Plus, for sitcoms, you always play, roughly speaking, twice as fast to create a feeling of lightness for the viewer. It seemed difficult for me, because I had never worked with it, they don’t teach it in our theater institutes. I just looked into the mouths of Alexei Klimushkin, Valya Rubtsova and Andrey Gaidulyan, who have been successfully playing this genre since Univer. I uttered phrases more slowly, played live, and they told me: “So you tell a joke!” The acting team, of course, pulled me up, taught me. I don’t know how much I managed to enter into their experience, but Alexei helped a lot in many things. In general, he is extremely erudite in terms of cinematography. Lesha, it seems, even watched what has not yet been filmed! And, it would seem, in a light, uncomplicated genre, he can quote Fellini or Danelia. I had many partners, but Lesha with his approach in this sense is unique.

By the way, society is skeptical about marriages when a rich mature man and a young girl are in a couple. Do you think they can have real feelings?

Alina Lanina
The whole comedy was based on the fact that this girl, seemingly a typical blonde, turns out to be a character that is deep and loving to her husband. This is truly true love. Eva has a peculiarity – she is not mercantile. When Sylvester Andreevich tried to show feelings through expensive gifts, she said: “Come on, let’s just spend time together.” Yes, such alliances are rare. By nature, we choose plus or minus peers because they have the same life experience as we do. But there are exceptions when people with a big age difference have very happy relationships.

Could you enter into a so-called unequal marriage?

Alina Lanina
I probably could not marry a man who is much older than me, as well as younger. Sometimes I have to play love with guys who have just graduated from high school. We are only six or seven years apart, but I feel that we have completely different views on many things. It seems to me that I will become a mother for a 20-year-old guy, I will twist ropes out of him, educate him. It is still important for a girl that they put her to bed, rock her on the arms so that she feels small. But this is my opinion. There are those who are comfortable being mothers. I find a common language with men who are older by a maximum of 7-12 years, but it’s still not 30, like Eve’s.

You yourself are credited with an affair with a certain patron. How do you feel about such rumors?

Alina Lanina
Probably, the fact that I do not talk about my personal life at all affects. People always think worse of each other than they really are. And if this is a public person, then all the more so – it is easier to assume that behind it lies some kind of disgusting thing that can be discussed. I strongly disagree with this. My secrecy is solely due to the fact that the family asked me very much not to include them in public space.

That is, we will not know if your heart is free now…

Alina Lanina
When people within the same family swear publicly, and then step over this moment within the relationship, the viewer, as a rule, does not forget this. This aura of stain remains. And if a girl is free and informs the media about every time she goes on a date or breaks up with a guy, which, in principle, is normal for young people, then it seems that she is too active. It will stay with you forever, and you can’t prove otherwise. I think that it is not right to talk about yourself in terms of reputation and adequate assessment by the viewer. It’s like my mother once told me: “Here you will quarrel with a guy, come to me – you will cry, then you will make peace, and I will remember this all my life. And he will never be perfect for me.” And in general, as practice shows, the more everyday and personal in the media space, the less creative remains.

By the way, in addition to your acting career, you also have a great modeling career. In general, it seems that there are many designers and models in your native Yekaterinburg. What do you think it is connected with?

Alina Lanina
I’m far from this sphere now, I don’t know for sure. Although recently I have been looking for the perfect handbag for a very long time. And in the end, when I ordered, I realized that they sent it to me from Yekaterinburg. I needed a certain a la handbag, and I found it in my homeland – not in Moscow, not in Europe. In general, Yekaterinburg is a typical regional capital. There is a rather difficult ecological environment due to the large number of factories. Life there, let’s say, is not the easiest. This is not Saint Tropez, where people sit on the beach and draw beautiful clothes for themselves, and girls want to be models. Perhaps all this is from the opposite …

By the way, during the filming of The Defenders, you started having health problems due to diets…

Alina Lanina
When I stepped on this path, I did not know that it was actually so wrong. I, of course, had a goal, I ignited it. The film was promising in its early stages, and indeed I drew a lucky lottery ticket. But the problem was that only 2.5 months were given for sports, and during this period I dived into a carbohydrate-free diet, which is traumatic for the body. Professional athletes do not do this so abruptly, and, as I was approved, after a week I immediately excluded all carbohydrates from the diet. That is, the body did not grieve for itself, and then suddenly one continuous protein! There should be a softer transition. I understand that there are those who need diets for competitions or filming a movie. But when girls who just want to lose weight, having seen enough of people like me in the movie, decide to drastically deprive themselves of carbohydrates, they risk getting problems with women’s health, skin and hair. You become not beautiful, but painful. You are thin, but your whole face is in disgusting rashes, your hair is falling off, your nails are falling off, and most importantly, there is no vital energy. I remember a situation when I had to go to the next training session, but I simply could not get out of the car, my strength ran out. On such diets there is no joy, happiness. Well, who needs such a skinny? And most importantly, why does the girl herself need it? The most important thing is that we live to be happy, and God has given us every opportunity to enjoy life. And for some reason girls always torment themselves. However, I am not a bright adherent of body positivity. I am for a person to be healthy, beautiful and like himself in the mirror. At the same time, everything should be in moderation.

You said that you are very careful about sex scenes. And in the film “To Paris” almost from the first minutes you have a passionate scene with the hero Pevtsov…

Alina Lanina
My frankly naked body is not there. I’m in a shirt, only the shoulder is visible. In general, the viewer can get a sexually charged message even if the actors are fully clothed. But in the film “To Paris”, to be honest, this scene was spelled out differently. I was literally given a new version two days before going into the frame. In movies, script rewriting is normal, it happens. Initially, we were supposed to just lie on the bed, say something about love. But the authors felt that this was not enough emotionally. From the point of view of my filmography, this episode is not particularly frank, but it was a surprise for me to read that now I have to be naked, to show certain bulging parts of the body. Then I asked the authors: “OK, but why?” My heroine is a light character. She is opposed to the inhabitants of the brothel, who, by the way, were naked. As a result, we decided to shoot a tender scene in a beautiful light, about a different type of relationship between a man and a woman.

Was it embarrassing for you to play this episode?

Alina Lanina
There were no constraints. For example, in the TV series “Father’s Coast”, in which Sergei Peregudov and I played a love scene, director Milena Fadeeva constantly asked to add heat. My heroine is a kind of cat. Spoke words of love, cried and had sex – all at the same time. Those were the moments that were difficult for me. But with Pevtsov everything went quite simply. The most interesting thing is that everything was naturally filmed on the very first day when we had just met. As always. It’s just the law of meanness in cinema.

The film “To Paris” was recently smashed by the blogger BadComedian. How do you feel about his criticism?

Alina Lanina
Eugene is always very accurate, erudite, understands what he is talking about, does not hype. I support almost all of his analysis of a particular film. Yes, he sometimes takes something that didn’t promise to be good anyway, and creates content through this. But I am impressed that in order to analyze a movie that is somehow connected with the Great Patriotic War, he gets a huge amount of information. Thanks to Eugene, a new generation will learn about that time. If, for example, people like me absorbed this pain with Soviet films, then young people simply have nowhere to take it from. Another thing is that his manner of presentation breeds aggression. And people with an unbalanced psyche then fiercely hate all the participants in the filming process. This is the other side of the coin. I, as an actress, am ready to bear this fate, if only the younger generation could reflect, critically evaluate this or that information – even in this form. For example, with the film “The Defenders” he practically did not touch the actors and very constructively parsed the weak script. We, as actors, did our best. As for the film “To Paris”, I have only four scenes there. Moreover, even at the stage of voice acting there was an open ending, so I did not know how it would all end. And I was very surprised to see myself in the last episode, which, moreover, was presented differently than intended. In it, the major dreams about how he marries my heroine: she speaks French, there are naked girls around … But during editing, it turned out that the viewer mistook fantasy for reality. I absolutely do not hold a grudge, the authors had every right to arrange the scenes as they please, but, in my opinion, it turned out illogical. A big flurry of criticism hit me. An aggressive viewer, who had just seen the talented Evgeny, began to write me utter nasty things. I was very worried, but did not enter into controversy, because it is pointless. These are not even haters, but charged people who do not know who I am, what I do, what my civil position is. We actors cannot predict what will happen in the final. Sometimes the lines and names change right at the moment of voice acting. I perfectly understand and sympathize with the viewer in this regard. However, I cannot be responsible for someone else’s work.

Actress Alina Lanina: “Any woman doubts her beauty”

We asked the actress of the series “SashaTanya” on TNT Alina Lanina about her beauty secrets. The answer surprised us: algae, sports, psychology – beauty really requires sacrifice!


Power and a gift that you need to be able to handle, keep it. It is important to remember that it is not forever.


All at once, one without the other does not work. Beauty is not a set of some parameters, but the general impression of a person.


I don’t really strive for any parameters. I am for happiness and hard work. I do not agree with the expression “love yourself for who you are.” This provokes laziness, a woman allows herself not to take care of herself. You should look at yourself with a healthy critical eye, without excesses towards external improvement and ignoring internal development, but, on the contrary, appearance affects self-esteem and self-confidence. It is necessary to develop, learn new things continuously, otherwise degradation will begin. The ideal does not exist, therefore, first of all, a woman should want to please herself, and not someone else. Otherwise, only disappointment awaits. And, you see, the pleasure from victories and a dream come true is much greater than from a burger and another lazy day.


Late. Each of us must realize that she is beautiful.
Depending on how you make up your eyebrows, your whole face will change. If we are talking about such trifles as eyebrows, then what can we say about life values.
When I studied at the institute, they gave us the play “Children of Vanyushin”. There are many female roles in the play – from the first beauty to the old woman. I opted for the latter, made an application and got the role of a grandmother. I liked being unpredictable, not the most beautiful. But one does not interfere with the other.

I felt beautiful by the age of twenty-two, I met a man who finally instilled this in me. Although my mother told me this since childhood, for some reason, most often we do not take the words of our parents seriously. Gradually, my attitude towards myself changed, confidence appeared, this is important for my work, because so far it is impossible for me to play grandmothers in films.


I don’t know a single woman who would be satisfied with her appearance, especially with her figure.

In general, any woman doubts her beauty!

There are a lot of beautiful girls in Russia. With such an abundance, even men get used to eternal beauty, and the girls themselves do not see their gifts.

There are many ways: girls go to a photo shoot, try different makeup, self-discovery courses, it helps to see themselves from the outside, their pros and cons, but most importantly, do not be friends with those who do not believe in you, and cherish those who support you.

Any beautiful girl has bad photos, that’s normal. It is sad to see girls who, standing aside from the company, repeat: “I don’t turn out in photographs.” By repeating this over and over again, to themselves and to those around them, they give themselves and the world the wrong attitude – to fail.

I know for sure that what makes a woman beautiful is love. Fell in love, and that’s it – a beauty, you flutter, your eyes glow. A man in love always looks beautiful because he is happy. If now there is no way to fall in love, then at least you can find your favorite activity, the one that makes you happy: dancing, horse racing, getting a dog. If a woman lives in a routine, does not create anything, does not create love, does not give love to anyone, then no creams will help. At least an hour a day should be dedicated to what you love.


I always drink a glass of water in the morning. I can’t wake up without it.

I drink Indian vitamins, omega-3, algae. As for algae, of course, before taking any dietary supplement, consult your doctor. Now there are domestic producers. Inexpensive, high-quality, and most importantly, in tablets. I started drinking them for my face, I saw the result, now they are indispensable for weight loss and even allergies.

For beautiful weight loss, there is nothing better than cardio. There must be a system in which there is a big goal and small ones on the way to it. Do not quit the sport if there is no quick result, but it is worth changing the system if there are no results after three months.

Exercises in the morning, before breakfast, start the metabolism: everything that is eaten during the day, the body will process faster. The perfect girl’s morning? No social media, no TV morning news, a glass of water, then a workout, burpees, squats, rock climbing things that make you sweaty, then a shower and oatmeal, I love it with blueberries. After a couple of hours, you can eat something more interesting. To protect yourself from overeating and biscuits with tea in between: bring 5 meals a day with healthy snacks. But this is a separate issue.


Yes, it happens. I don’t have sweets at home, at most – you can find dates. If it is possible not to buy sweets, then do not buy. The probability of “failures” is significantly reduced.


It’s all about taste habits. For example, I have always had a wild passion for pizza. Now salmon steak seems much tastier to me. Everything changed during the preparation for the film “The Defenders”. I followed a strict diet, carbohydrate-free, but I categorically do not recommend it, in my case these were emergency measures with consequences. Nutrition should be balanced, let dinner be as protein-rich as possible.

It took more than a month to change my taste habits, I had to endure, wait until the taste buds were “cleared” and would not languish in sugar, salt, flour. Reduce the amount of sugar in tea from two spoons to one, only the first week will be tasteless, then you can eliminate sugar, and after a month you will not be able to drink tea with sugar. It takes a month to be patient in order to form the right habit for life.

In general, our brain and our body do not learn anything without stress. The body is so arranged that it is always lazy.

And until you create controlled stress for him, nothing will change.

Alina Lanina photo

Wikipedia Alina Lanina Russian actress Alina Aleksandrovna Kisiyarova

Wikipedia Alina Lanina Russian actress Alina Aleksandrovna Kisiyarova

Wikipedia Alina Lanina Russian actress Alina Aleksandrovna Kisiyarova

Wikipedia Alina Lanina Russian actress Alina Aleksandrovna Kisiyarova

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