Wikipedia Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin) ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin

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Alisa Kazmina: general data

  • Full name: Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin)
  • Date of Birth: June 7, 1982
  • Place of birth: Leningrad, USSR
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Alisa Kazmina (by her husband – Arshavin). She was born on June 7, 1982 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). Russian journalist. Ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin.
  • Education: In 2005 she graduated in absentia from the Higher School of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University.

Alisa Kazmina biography

Alisa Kazmina is a journalist and model whose biography became known to the public in connection with the name of Russian football player Andrei Arshavin. Alisa took the place of honor as the first official wife of the former captain of the Russian national team. At the same time, both at the time of the marriage, children from previous relationships were growing up.

Wikipedia Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin) ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin

Childhood and youth

Alice was born on June 7, 1982 in St. Petersburg, where she spent her childhood and youth. There is no information in the media about the girl’s parents, as well as about her maiden name.

After school, Kazmina was educated at the Higher School of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University, where she studied at the correspondence department. Alice does not share with the public about what the girl did before her first marriage, but classmates say that even in her youth she was bright, purposeful and ambitious, which is typical of individuals born under the Gemini zodiac sign.

Alisa Kazmina personal life

Alice’s first husband was Alexei Kazmin, a businessman and entrepreneur who led companies such as Sevtransstroy, Vyborg Cellulose, SIBUR-Portenergo and Stroytransgaz-M.

In this family, the Kazmins had two children, a daughter and a son, who, after the divorce, remained to live with their mother. By the way, Alice’s ex-husband also created a new alliance with Alla Usova, cousin of Ksenia Sobchak.

After some time, Kazmina in the UK met the Russian national team player Andrei Arshavin, who at that time was playing in London’s Arsenal.

According to the press, the girl was in London under a contract with a modeling agency. The couple could not decide on their status for a long time, but already in 2013 the lovers appeared together at the premiere of the film “Stalingrad”, which took place in Moscow. Reporters noticed that a diamond ring sparkled on the ring finger of the beauty.

Andrey Arshavin’s new passion began to be discussed on social networks. Skeptical users noted in the comments that Alisa Kazmina used plastic surgery.

Young people met for four years, they were going to get married in 2015, but due to the difficulties of breaking up Andrei with his previous wife Yulia Baranovskaya, who gave birth to three children to the football player, the wedding was postponed.

Only on September 1, 2016, the lovers officially registered their relationship. The celebration took place in the St. Petersburg Wedding Palace on the English Embankment, and Alice took the name of her second husband. The footballer’s children stayed with their mother.

It became clear to all the guests and journalists present at the wedding by the tight-fitting dress of the bride that the young woman was again in position. The couple flew to rest on the sea, and the woman posted on Instagram her picture in a swimsuit, where a rounded belly is clearly visible. For her, this was already the third birth, but Alice responsibly approached this issue and consulted with doctors at least twice a week. As a result, on February 11, 2017, the daughter of Kazmina and Arshavin, Yesenia, was born safely.

For living together, the couple chose Andrey’s three-story mansion in their native St. Petersburg. Alice herself was partially involved in the design of the house. The wife personally drew a sketch of the fireplace in the living room, and entrusted the production to the famous sculptor Vladimir Roik. Arshavin and her husband also designed a new nursery for a newborn. Fans tracked the details of the family’s personal life on Kazmina’s Instagram account.

In October 2017, Arshavin’s wife announced on social networks that she was filing for divorce. The reason for the problems in a young family is the betrayal of a football player. According to Alice, she is tired of her husband’s novels on the side.

“I didn’t forgive the betrayal, I fell out of love, I don’t want to be together,” said Kazmina.

But a month later, Alice puzzled the public with a new statement that she did not want to divorce her husband. She suggested that just at the moment when Andrei decided to cheat, she did not pay attention to her husband. The woman realized that she still loves her husband, and Andrei reciprocates.

In January 2019, Alice admitted that they divorced Arshavin a long time ago. The journalist did not name the reasons for the breakup, but did not deny that it lies in the love of the football player. By decision of the court, held in July, Andrey paid alimony to Kazmina for her daughter and the financial support of the mother herself until the child was 3 years old.

The footballer himself accused his ex-wife of cheating him with money. It was about some millions that Alice took without asking. Kazmina initially completely denied the words of Yesenia’s father. And then she declared: being a legal wife, she had the right to manage finances.

In 2019, on Instagram, Alice hinted that she was engaged to an “adult and conscious” man. The woman partially revealed the identity of the chosen one, indicating his initials M. B. Kazmina also noted that the groom is a father of many children, and his two daughters are already married.

In February 2020, Yesenia turned 3 years old. Alice organized a holiday for her daughter, to which Arshavin did not come. Despite the difficult relationship between the former spouses, Kazmina managed to write words of gratitude to Andrei for giving her a “special daughter.”

And on the eve of Yesenia’s birthday, Alisa received a paper demanding eviction from her former mother-in-law Tatyana Arshavina – the apartment in which Kazmina lived with her children was recorded on it. On behalf of the new lover, the mother of many children posted a post on Instagram, from which users realized that her fiancé was 53 years old. The man appealed to the conscience of the football player, pointing out that you should not do this to your own daughter. It should be noted that at the beginning of the appeal of his clear status in relation to Kazmina “M. B.” does not name, this is evidenced by his words “whoever I am for Alice now – a beloved man, friend, husband, and so on.”


At the beginning of 2018, there was a major scandal involving Alisa Kazmina. On January 6, the ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin, who has played for the Almaty football club Kairat since 2016, was going to fly to the southern capital of Kazakhstan from Sheremetyevo Airport by Aeroflot.

Together with Alice, three of her children were in the business class, the nanny was placed in the economy class. During preparation for the flight there was a hitch. According to the flight attendant, Kazmina did not buckle up when the command was already sounded, but tried to transfer the nanny not on a business class ticket. The mother of many children offered the stewardess a bribe of 15,000 rubles.

The flight crew decided to disembark Kazmina. According to Aeroflot employees, the girl called herself an FSB major and threatened with consequences. Upon arrival in Almaty, the stewardess received an SMS with threats on her phone, as if from an investigative committee. In turn, authorized intelligence officers assured reporters that Alice had never been an employee of the authorities.

After the incident at Kazmina, Aeroflot filed a claim with the court for compensation for losses incurred by the airline due to the flight delay. As of March 2018, Alice paid the air carrier’s expenses in full before the trial, thereby pleading guilty.

No sooner had the talk about the incident on board the airliner died down than provocative information from the Kazakh model Olga Semenova got onto the Web. The girl claims that after a video posted by unknown people on the Internet, in which Andrei Arshavin hugs her, Alisa Kazmina called the model with threats of physical violence. Semyonova said the woman threatened to cut off her fingers and then plant drugs on her. The girl regarded this conversation as a direct threat to her own safety.

In response to the allegations, Kazmina said that the Kazakh model is trying to make a name for herself on the scandal. Alice, according to her, did not call, did not write, and did not threaten Semenova.


At the beginning of 2021, Kazmina gave an interview in which she said that within five months she developed an autoimmune disease and necrosis, which led her body to a critical state. The journalist underwent two urgent operations on the sphenoid sinus. Medical manipulations delayed serious consequences. In an interview for Andrei Malakhov’s program “Live”, she said that in May 2020 she fell ill with a cold, then they discovered staphylococcus aureus, which was not cured. Then severe headaches and a constant temperature of 37.2 ° C began, and “cuts” formed on the nose, in which Alice saw blackness.

In February, she was put into a medically induced coma, and in March 2021, Alice was hospitalized again, this time due to a coronavirus infection. In the extract, which Kazmina posted on Instagram, the main diagnosis of the patient was written – a chronic ulcer of the antar of the stomach. Purulent sepsis became a complication.

Blogger Lena Miro, known for scandalous attacks on celebrities, accused Arshavin’s ex-wife of unsuccessful plastic surgery. But the fans supported the journalist and advised her not to pay attention to the girl who achieves popularity in such an unethical way.

The Instagram star was afraid to repeat the fate of Yulia Nachalova, who died from the disease against the background of reduced immunity in 2019.

In the program “The Fate of a Man”, where Arshavin’s ex-wife was invited in July 2021, she admitted: health problems began from the beginning of the discord with Andrei. As it turned out, there were literally 2 cm left before sepsis affected the brain, then the consequences would have become fatal.

At the same time, in a conversation with Boris Korchevnikov, Alice spoke about plastic surgery – only the journalist’s breasts were affected after the birth of her second child. She has never had a rhinoplasty. She also admitted that the ex-husband Alexei took over the financial issues in connection with the treatment.

Alisa Kazmina now

Now Kazmina is struggling with an autoimmune disease, dreaming of providing children with a decent life. Despite a series of expensive operations, she is not going to stop and continues to fight the disease.

You have to fight not only with your own body, but also with the former mother-in-law. She managed to get through the court a decision to evict the ex-daughter-in-law. Now Alice has the opportunity to appeal to the judicial authorities with a cassation.

Interesting Facts

  1. At the time of the meeting with Arshavin, Alice was officially married to a businessman. For the sake of a football player, a woman divorced Alexei Kazmin and flew to London to Andrei.
  2. In the fall of 2020, Arshavin’s ex-wife stated that she loved her ex-husband and hoped for a reunion.

Alisa Kazmina in social networks

Alisa Kazmina Instagram

Alisa Kazmina interview

“The belly is cut along, there is no face”: Kazmina gave a frank interview about all her illnesses

Interview for on June 22, 2021

The ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin documented all the ailments that torment her weakened body.

Wikipedia Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin) ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin

“I really collapse before my eyes and the life leaves me. I see and feel it,” Alisa Kazmina ended her last post on Instagram with these lines. For several days she did not get in touch, leaving subscribers face to face with disturbing thoughts. And there really is a source of anxiety. Most recently, Arshavin’s ex-wife wrote a farewell post to her children and grandmother, in which she admitted that she “no longer had the strength.”

In addition, five days ago it became known that Alice lost the court case to her ex-husband’s mother, Tatyana Arshavina, and now she has no right to live in the football player’s house. “Therefore, I am in a very serious state of health and my children are sent to the streets without giving their daughter even a one-room apartment or rent,” Alice wrote.

Extreme desperation was read in her words – the subscribers of the mother of many children were afraid that she would completely lose her will to fight further.

But suddenly a fresh interview with Kazmina came out, which was conducted by her close friend Suren Kagramanov. So far, only the announcement has appeared on the Web, but it also made a lot of noise. In the short video, Alice is quite cheerful and does not look exhausted, but it is important to remember that the conversation was recorded before the ill-fated eviction from her ex-husband’s house. Nevertheless, Kazmina found the strength to make several high-profile statements that included Yulia Baranovskaya.

Suren asked if Alice tried to contact her ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend. “For what reason? For the fact that her mudden did to me exactly the same as with her? the woman was indignant.

Kazmina also recalled the episode in which Arshavin, having returned from Kazakhstan (he played for the local team in 2018), “passed by his wife, home and children.” A year later, she officially announced a divorce from a football player. Before that, by the way, she had already convicted her husband of infidelity, and she did it publicly, and threatened to part. But later, Alice nevertheless found in the current situation, including her guilt, and tried to correct her relationship with Andrei.

However, now Kazmina is in distress and does not hide the fact that he asks strangers for help.

“My legs are bandaged, my face is gone, my stomach is cut lengthwise,” Alice exclaimed in her hearts. Earlier on Instagram, she shared a complete list of her diseases: peptic ulcer complicated by perforation, diffuse purulent peritonitis, abdominal sepsis, bilateral pneumonia, covid, necrosis of the internal and external nose…

Suren, who conducted the interview with Alice, asked the audience to concentrate on the topic of the conversation in advance: “What are we talking about now? About the fact that someone ruined someone’s family, or about the fact that a person is struggling with the disease on his own and sincerely repents of many things?

Seriously ill Alisa Kazmina fuels rumors about a new romance

For several months Alisa Kazmina has been struggling with a serious illness that has disfigured her face. Not only does Alice feel very bad because of autoimmune necrosis, she also looks terrible, because now there is practically no nose on the face of Andrey Arshavin’s ex-wife.

Wikipedia Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin) ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin

At one time, Alice was actively blogging on Instagram. At first, Kazmina turned away from the lens, then she simply began to cover her collapsing nose, and then she “revealed her cards” and showed herself without embellishment, talking about a terrible disease.

Alice took part in several shows where she complained that her ex-husband’s mother was kicking a seriously ill woman with three children (one of which is the footballer’s parent’s granddaughter) out of the house. A lot of contradictory and very confidential information surfaced, then several trials took place, which Kazmina lost.

Alice complained a lot about her life, but then abruptly disappeared from Instagram for 2 months. Recently, Kazmina returned to the social network, first posting a video of Yesenia dancing, and then hugging herself with an unfamiliar young man. Later it turned out that this was the capital’s lawyer Petros Poghosyan.

Photo Alice signed very intriguingly:

“Thank you for breaking away from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Only with you I do not survive, but I live. You give me energy and strength to live on.

Alice answered the fans’ questions with a riddle:

“I really needed him. Appeared to strangers, and left for relatives.

Wikipedia Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin) ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin

What happened between a man and a woman, what kind of closeness connects them and what kind of relationship they have now, remains a mystery. However, after some time, Alice deleted her post, apparently after uncomfortable questions and excessive attention from subscribers. But on the page of the young lawyer, the photo is saved.

He dedicated touching words to Kazmina, said that he was glad to meet and appreciate the sincere conversations that take place between them.

The couple sparked the interest of the followers, and they are now wondering what is happening between young people. Some are sure that there is a love affair between them, but Alice does not reveal all the cards, keeping a little intrigue.

Recall that Alisa Kazmina is raising three children: the eldest Lesha and Alisa from their first businessman husband, and the youngest Yesenia from football player Andrei Arshavin. For several months, Alice tirelessly fights for her life and health, spending the lion’s share of her time in the hospital. Kazmina assures that only children help her to survive now. For them, she is ready for anything.

Alisa Kazmina photo

Wikipedia Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin) ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin

Wikipedia Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin) ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin

Wikipedia Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin) ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin

Wikipedia Alisa Kazmina (Arshavin) ex-wife of football player Andrei Arshavin

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