Wikipedia Andrey Shirgin YouTube video blogger HiMan

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HiMan Andrey Shirgin: general data

  • Full name: Andrey Shirgin
  • Date of Birth: 10.09.1997
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk (Russia)
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Russian video blogger, creator of the HiMan YouTube channel

HiMan Andrey Shirgin biography

Domestic blogger HiMan (Andrey Shirgin) recently got into the well-known Forbes list as the blogger with the largest advertising income in the Russian segment of Youtube.

Wikipedia Andrey Shirgin YouTube video blogger HiMan

Hyman’s real name is Andrey Shirgin. He was born in the Russian city of Novosibirsk on September 10, 1997. Andrei also has a brother and sister – they are both older than him. We couldn’t find any truthful information about the guy’s education anywhere.

Information is circulating on the net that HiMan and his girlfriend have a child. But, this is absolutely not the case. The blogger’s nephew is mistaken for a son.

The audience is not even bothered by the fact that Andrey has been dating his girlfriend much less time than his “son” is. It even got to the point that Hyman’s father had to intervene in this confusion – he recorded a video and explained who, in fact, he had this boy.

Personal life

For more than four years, the blogger has been dating his girlfriend, Roza Asylgareeva. Rosa was born in Yekaterinburg in 1999. There are no more details about their relationship. There are also a few of their joint photos on Andrey’s page. Most of them are posted on social networks at Rosa.

Wikipedia Andrey Shirgin YouTube video blogger HiMan

YouTube channel

YouTube channel “HiMan” was created on October 16, 2014. Initially, various master classes (Do it yourself / DIY) and other entertaining videos were released on it. Now the channel profile has radically changed to videos with unusual challenges and tests. After that, the blogger’s popularity and subscribers on the channel began to grow very quickly. Many young people from among his audience take part in his videos. Now his channel has 17.1 million subscribers, and the videos are gaining several million views.

In 2018, Shirgin created another channel on the YouTube platform – HiM TeaM (more than 3,000,000 subscribers). The theme of the new brainchild is very similar to the main channel.

Instagram HiMan

Andrey Vede is also a popular Instagram account. It now has over 600,000 subscribers. In addition to photos of himself, insiders “from the set” also appear in the feed.


Most of the commercials are crushed in Yekaterinburg. But, there are also such videos where you need the fate of “extras” from other cities. A special group was also created in VK for those wishing to take part in the shooting process and receive valuable prizes.


Last year, the popular publication Forbes calculated all Andrey’s income. According to them, he earned more than $500,000. And in the overall ranking he was put on the 14th position.

HiMan Andrey Shirgin in social networks

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  • YouTube
  • TikTok


Interview from 5 DECEMBER 2020

With a bat, a pickaxe, a sledgehammer and an excavator: in Yekaterinburg, a blogger destroyed his Gelendvagen

23-year-old failed to fulfill his promise

Wikipedia Andrey Shirgin YouTube video blogger HiMan

In Russia, a blogger smashed his Gelandewagen with a bat and destroyed it with an excavator

A Novosibirsk blogger crashed his Gelendvagen in Yekaterinburg, and he did it himself – with a bat, a pick and an excavator. A month ago, 23-year-old Andrey Shirgin made a bet that if he didn’t have 20 million subscribers on the channel by January 1, 2021, he would break his Gelik into pieces.

– And yet, when there are 20 million subscribers on my channel, I will definitely arrange a tour where everyone will take a photo with me. But only without the “gelik,” the blogger promised, took a pickaxe and smashed the windows in the car.

After that, the guy threw coal under the hood and set it on fire, and fried the meat. The blogger clarified that he wants to set the goal even higher: if on January 1, 2021 there are 20 million on his channel, then he will buy a new Lamborghini in the salon and break it already.

The process of destroying Andrei Shirgin’s car took place in the UC area, not far from the intersection of Amundsen Street and Akademik Sakharov Avenue.

After a bat and a pick, a sledgehammer was used, and then an excavator was brought for the young blogger, behind the levers of which he completely destroyed the car, turning it into a pile of scrap metal.

HiMan Andrey Shirgin Photo

Wikipedia Andrey Shirgin YouTube video blogger HiMan

Wikipedia Andrey Shirgin YouTube video blogger HiMan

Wikipedia Andrey Shirgin YouTube video blogger HiMan

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