Wikipedia Anna Shafran (Anna Borisovna Paliukh) TV presenter, radio host

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Anna Shafran: general information

  • Full name: Anna Borisovna Paliukh
  • Date of Birth: December 31, 1982
  • Place of birth: Tver
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Anna Shafran is a Russian TV and radio host, a well-known blogger.
  • Education: In 2009, the girl graduated from PFUR, where she studied in the direction of the history of philosophy.


  • “Once Upon a Time in the Rain”
  • “Breakfast for Champions”
  • Nightingale trills
  • “Full Contact”
  • “Strategy”
  • “Operating principle”
  • “Theory of Empires”


  • “The main thing with Anna Shafran”
  • “About the most important thing”

Anna Shafran biography

Journalist Anna Shafran gained wide popularity thanks to joint projects with Vladimir Solovyov. Now the woman prefers to work independently and leads author’s programs on radio and television, blogs on social networks, and also writes books.

Wikipedia Anna Shafran (Anna Borisovna Paliukh) TV presenter, radio host

Childhood and youth

Despite being active on social networks, Anna selectively provides information about her biography. For example, he does not hide that he celebrates his birthday on December 31, but he prefers not to advertise the year of birth. The real name of the journalist is also known, who, before choosing a sonorous pseudonym, was known as Anna Palyukh.

Anya was born and raised in Tver in an educated, intelligent family, where her parents were engaged in science and teaching.

Since childhood, the girl loved to read, studied foreign languages ​​and preferred humanitarian subjects. In addition, she was distinguished by sociability, organizational skills and a love of creativity. She realized her artistic talents in a theatrical circle and even dreamed at one time of a career as an actress, however, she wanted to become a philosopher no less.

To implement this plan, Anna moved to Moscow, where she became a student at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Here Shafran studied history and philosophy and received her diploma in 2009. By that time, the woman had experience as a DJ in the Tver branch of Nashe Radio. She decided to connect her further career with journalism.

Anna Shafran personal life

Anna is famous, smart and pretty, and therefore her personal life attracts close attention. However, Saffron does not seek to make it public, and therefore prefers not to talk about her husband. But her motherly pride could not hide her beloved son Leo. Photos of the boy from time to time appear on the Instagram of the TV presenter.

In February 2020, during a holiday in Sochi, they drove together along the Olympic luge and bobsleigh track, accompanied by a professional pilot. The woman compared the sensations of the 1.5-kilometer downhill to flying in a fighter plane. Anna loves thrills, and therefore she chose skiing as a hobby.


Shafran started her career as a radio presenter. She worked at the Silver Rain station, worked on the Orient Express program, and also participated in joint projects with Leonid Volodarsky (Once Upon a Rain) and Alex Dubasov (Breakfast for Champions). The girl gained fame after entering into a tandem with Vladimir Solovyov, with whom she began to release Nightingale Trills.

Since 2010, the Vesti FM radio began broadcasting the Full Contact show, built on the dialogue between a famous journalist and his talented interlocutor. In peace and harmony, the presenters worked for 10 years, until in June 2020 they came into conflict right on the air of the program.

When discussing the bill on digitalization, Shafran expressed her open disagreement with the opinion of her eminent colleague and even called him a demagogue, as a result of which Solovyov suggested that she leave the place, and the employee left.

After the dismissal, the journalist did not remain without work. At the station “Vesti FM” she is engaged in the author’s projects “Strategy” and “Principle of Action”. Here, Anna and Sergey Sudakov are broadcasting Theory of Empires. In addition, the journalist has enough worries on television. On her account, participation in the show by Alexander Myasnikov “About the most important thing”, and she also appears weekly on the air of the Spas TV channel with the final Sunday program “The Main thing with Anna Shafran”.

Anna Shafran now

Anna continues to create radio and TV programs, and also maintains a Telegram channel and accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where she broadcasts her civil, political and professional views.

In particular, he calls the sentence handed down to Yegor Zhukov too lenient. The journalist is sure that revolutionary calls that threaten to lead to bloodshed should not go unpunished.

Interesting Facts

  1. Anna can play the piano and speaks three foreign languages ​​— English, French and Arabic.
  2. Shafran professes Orthodoxy, adheres to traditional values, and equates surrogate motherhood with child trafficking.
  3. In 2018, in the studio of the Vesti FM radio station, Anna came into conflict with Evgeny Satanovsky, a journalist and expert on the Middle East. During the live broadcast, the interlocutor left the studio with a reproach that Shafran was teaching him how to live.
  4. A woman participates in charity, helping orphans.
  5. TV presenter – author of the book “The State of Honor. Monarchy is the future of Russia”, which was released in 2018. The liberal employees of the Non/fiction book fair in Moscow considered the publication too traditionalist and refused to present it.

Anna Shafran in social networks

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  • Anna Shafran instagram
  • Vkontakte
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Official website

Anna Shafran photo

Wikipedia Anna Shafran (Anna Borisovna Paliukh) TV presenter, radio host

Wikipedia Anna Shafran (Anna Borisovna Paliukh) TV presenter, radio host

Wikipedia Anna Shafran (Anna Borisovna Paliukh) TV presenter, radio host

Wikipedia Anna Shafran (Anna Borisovna Paliukh) TV presenter, radio host

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