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Anton Batyrev: general data

  • Full name: Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev
  • Date of Birth: June 10, 1981
  • Place of birth: Saratov, USSR
  • Height: 187 cm
  • Weight:
  • Brief biography: Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev. Born June 10, 1981 in Saratov. Russian theater and film actor.
  • Education: In 2003 he graduated from the Saratov State Theater Institute. Sobinova, master of the course R. I. Belyakova. Then he served in the Saratov Youth Theatre. Kiseleva.

Anton Batyrev filmography

Movie List
  • 2021 FORTUNE
  • You are only mine (2020, serial, dir. Taras Dudar)
  • Game of Fate (2020, serial, dir. Sergey Storozhev)
  • Nothing happens twice. Continuation (2020, serial, dir. Oksana Bayrak)
  • Godunov. Continuation (2019, serial, dir. Timur Alpatov)
  • Mop (2019, TV series, dir. Taras Dudar)
  • Looking into the distance (2019, TV series, dir. Vladimir Melnichenko)
  • On the swing of fate (2018, serial, dir. Valery Ibragimov)
  • Secrets of Mrs. Kirsanova (2018, TV series, dir. Sergei Mezentsev)
  • Shroud (2018, serial, dir. Valery Ibragimov)
  • Traces to the past (2018, serial, dir. Dmitry Matov)
  • Native blood (2018, serial, dir. Roman Barabash)
  • Nothing happens twice (2018, TV series, dir. Oksana Bayrak)
  • 4:59 (2018, serial, dir. Angelina Nikonova)
  • Old women on the run (2018, serial, directed by Ivan Bychkov)
  • According to rumors, there is only one life (2017, serial, dir. Igor Nurislamov)
  • Diamond Endgame (2017, serial, dir. Pyotr Amelin)
  • Return at any cost (2017, serial, dir. Timur Alpatov)
  • Secretary (2017, TV series, dir. Radda Novikova)
  • Prisoner of Moscow (2017, television, dir. Natalya Khlopetskaya)
  • Shuttle women (2016, TV series, dir. Yulia Krasnova)
  • Double solid II (2016, TV series, dir. Vladimir Nakhabtsev)
  • Consequence of love (2016, TV series, dir. Andrey Marmontov)
  • Moms. The third season (2016, TV series, dir. Andrey Elinson, Ekaterina Zabulonskaya)
  • Someone else’s happiness (2016, serial, dir. Boris Rabey, Anna Erofeeva (participation))
  • Karina the Red (2015, serial, directed by Evgeny Lavrentiev)
  • Shadow of the Dragonfly (2015, serial, dir. Natalia Mikryukova)
  • Double solid (2015, TV series, dir. Vladimir Nakhabtsev)
  • Survive after. The third season (2015, TV series, dir. Dushan Gligorov, Andrey Komarov)
  • Survive after. Second season (2015, TV series, dir. Dushan Gligorov)
  • Ambulance (2014, TV series, dir. Max Litvinov, Eva Strelnikova)
  • Pyatnitsky. Chapter Four (2014, TV series, directed by Oleg Galin, Nikita Grammatikov)
  • Sweet Life (2014, serial, dir. Andrey Dzhunkovsky)
  • Pill from tears (2014, television, dir. Serik Beiseuov)
  • Believe me (2014, serial, directed by Pavel Drozdov)
  • Moving (2013/2015, serial, directed by Igor Kechaev)
  • Family happiness (2013/2015, television, dir. Victoria Derzhitskaya)
  • Operation “Puppeteer” (2013, TV series, dir. Karen Zakharov)
  • The Avenger (2013, serial, dir. Dmitry Brusnikin)
  • Pyatnitsky. Chapter Three (2013, TV series, dir. Michislav Yuzovsky, Grigory Fedorov)
  • Karpov. Season two (2013, TV series, directed by Ivan Shchegolev, Sergei Lesogorov)
  • Ultimate Depth (2013, serial, directed by Konstantin Maksimov)
  • Veronica. Runaway (2013, TV series, dir. Andrey Selivanov)
  • Katina Love (2012, TV series, dir. Dmitry Goldman)
  • 8 First Dates (2012, dir. David Dodson, Alexander Malyarevsky)
  • Pyatnitsky. Chapter Two (2012, TV series, dir. Michislav Yuzovsky, Sergei Lesogorov)
  • Maria’s Fate (2012, television, dir. Dmitry Bulin)
  • Vanka (2012, television, dir. Vyacheslav Lavrov)
  • Late Love (2012, television, dir. Sergey Aleshechkin)
  • Katina love 2 (2012, TV series, dir. Dmitry Goldman)
  • Karpov (2012, TV series, dir. Igor Romashchenko, Ivan Shchegolev)
  • At risk (2012, TV series, dir. Vladimir Kott)
  • Night Swallows (2012, serial, dir. Mikhail Kabanov)
  • I’m going out to look for you 2 (2012, TV series, dir. Sergey Bobrov)
  • Cop in law 4 (2011, TV series, dir. Vyacheslav Padalka)
  • Maiden Hunt (2011, TV series, dir. Sergei Mezentsev, Ulanbek Bayaliev and others)
  • Pyatnitsky (2011, TV series, directed by Yuri Popovich, Michislav Yuzovsky and others)
  • Reflections (2010, TV series, dir. Tatyana Arkhiptsova)
  • The sky is on fire (2010, TV series, dir. Dmitry Cherkasov)
  • Boomerang from the past (2010, TV series, dir. Mikhail Wasserbaum)
  • Random relationship (2010, dir. Olga Stolpovskaya)
  • Department (2010, series, directed by Georgy Gavrilov, Igor Kholodkov and others)
  • Moscow. Three stations 2 (2010-2011, series, dir. Andrey Kanivchenko, Evgeny Nevsky and others)
  • Children of the white goddess (2009, TV series, dir. Alexander Pavlovsky)
  • Lawyer 6 (2009, series, directed by Roman Fokin, Sergey Repetsky and others)
  • General Therapy (2008, TV series, dir. Oleg Media)
  • Kulagin and Partners (2004-2012, TV series, directed by Ivan Schegolev, Alexander Grabar and others)


  • Profitable place / Zhadov (Saratov Youth Theater named after Kiselev)
  • Ordinary miracle / Bear (Saratov Youth Theater named after Kiselev)
  • Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich / Krasilnikov (Saratov Youth Theater named after Kiselev)
  • Slaves / Mulin (Saratov Youth Theater named after Kiselev)

Anton Batyrev biography

Anton Batyrev admitted in an interview that, despite the presence of a diverse filmography, he did not immediately begin to enjoy the profession. Now the dreams of youth coincide with reality: the actor himself can already offer something to the directors, and not just follow their instructions. Frustrating, perhaps, one fact – the wrong handling of the surname. The letter “ё” was never in it, and should be pronounced with an emphasis on the first syllable.

Wikipedia Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev Russian theater and film actor

Childhood and youth

Anton is a native Muscovite, born in June 1981. Parents wanted their son to choose a “serious” specialty. After school, the young man studied for a year at the Academy of Chemical Technology, but the dream of acting did not let go. Batyrev tried to enter the capital’s theater universities and was eliminated everywhere in the 3rd round. Then he went to the Yaroslavl School, to Vyacheslav Shalimov.

Half a year later he ended up in St. Petersburg, served in the theater, an attempt to become a student at a local institute also ended in failure. Anton returned to Yaroslavl, but his place was taken by a colleague who transferred from Saratov.

As a result, the actor received a diploma from the Saratov Theater School, after which he was accepted into the troupe of the Yu. P. Kiselev Youth Theater.

Returning to Moscow, Anton found himself in the Snuffbox, where he was immediately approved for the role in the production of Fear and Poverty in the Third Empire. For 3.5 years he was in the capital’s troupe as a guest artist, then began to appear in private performances. But the theater stage inspired the performer less than work in the cinema, which predetermined his creative biography.


At first glance, it seems that the directors use in most cases the texture of the actor. Tall and stately (height 187 cm, weight 79 kg) with regular features, Anton looks organic in a white coat of a doctor, and in a business suit of a businessman, and how many times he had to put on shoulder straps, and do not count.

Anton became truly recognizable thanks to the crime films “Pyatnitsky” and “Department”. Later, in the form of a law enforcement officer, he appeared on the screen more than once. At the same time, there were enough negative characters in Batyrev’s acting piggy bank.

Over time, Anton discovered the genre of melodrama. The brutal artist, who is used to giving his best on the set, instantly found his audience.

In the drama “Sweet Life”, the actor received the characteristic role of a stripper-psychologist. For the sake of participating in the TNT channel series, many actors were ready for real sacrifices. For example, Natalya Shumakova managed to gain 15 kg before the start of the project.

Anton Batyrev and Ekaterina Kuznetsova turned out to be a brilliant acting duet, with whom the artist played in the project “Who are you?”. The melodrama fell in love with the audience, so several clips created from the frames of the series appeared on the Internet.

In Oksana Bayrak’s thriller Nothing Happens Twice, Batyrev demonstrated the transformation that has been going on with the former border guard for 20 years. The director nurtured the idea of ​​the film for several years. Filming of the outpost took place on the territory of an abandoned children’s camp. In addition, the team used locations in Georgia, Spain and Jordan.

In April 2019, the show of the series “Real Boys” ended, in which the actor appeared in the image of the former boyfriend of the heroine Zoya Berber, who married the character of Nikolai Naumov. The story of the provincial “gopniks” is close to Anton. He himself was not like that, but he had to deal with a similar atmosphere in Yaroslavl and Saratov.

The star cast was assembled in the series “Return at any cost.” Anton appeared in tandem with Sergei Puskepalis, and Timur Alpatov, director of the popular Capercaillie, acted as director.

“A house with a dog for sale” is a melodrama that is loved not only by the Ukrainian, but also by the Russian public. The film, in which Batyrev played the main role, was created at the intersection of genres, and the presence of the dog Sam added novelty to the usual soap opera.

A large-scale historical picture with the participation of the actor – the series “Terrible”, which premiered in November 2020. The hero of Batyrev is the boyar Danila Zakharyin, brother of the first wife of Ivan the Terrible Anastasia Romanovna. The Tsar was played by Alexander Yatsenko and Sergey Makovetsky.

The success of the actor is confirmed by the first places in the popularity ratings. In 2019, Batyrev became the leader of such a list along with Lyubov Aksenova, in 2020 he shared the palm with Maria Kulikova.

In the “Mop” project, Anton Batyrev got the opportunity to use the talent of improvisation. Director Taras Dudar allowed the leading actors a certain freedom of action, and the artists took this initiative with enthusiasm.

Anton Batyrev personal life

In conversations about his personal life, Anton notes that already in his youth he considered himself a kind of house builder. For him, the model is the Soviet family, in which the man is responsible for earning money, and the woman creates comfort. Of course, the wife can work if she wants, and the husband should not lie on the couch at home.

The first time Batyrev married at the age of 27, by his own admission, spontaneously. Six months later, the couple separated. The actor divorced his second wife Ekaterina in 2018. In this marriage, the son Dobrynya was born. The father periodically publishes a photo of the boy on the Instagram page. In the same place, in 2019, joint pictures appeared with a new darling, a colleague in the TV series “On the Swing of Fate” Evgenia Loza.

Already in the fall, it became known about the wedding of the stars of the Russian television screen. The actors did not hide their family happiness, but it did not last long: at the beginning of 2020, the couple broke up. Anton did not comment on the divorce. Vine said that she did not communicate with her ex-husband at all, and she experienced a painful breakup.

After 3 months, Batyrev began to be noticed in the company of an attractive brunette. Anna Savelyeva has nothing to do with the world of cinema. The girl was born in Ukraine and ended up in Russia as a child. The artist’s fans noted her resemblance to Anton’s previous companion.

The actor tries to support charitable foundations – posts about children suffering from rare diseases often appear on his Instagram account. Medicine entered the artist’s life not only thanks to his public position: at one time Anton appeared in the TV series “First Aid”.

Anton Batyrev now

Now the artist is expanding his repertoire with new exciting projects. One of the brightest series of 2021 was the mystical detective-melodrama “Vorozhka” (“The Fortune Teller”). As the artist said in an interview, on the screen his hero remained honest with himself and those around him. This quality impresses Anton.

Later it became known that Batyrev was returning to the new season of the melodrama Nothing Happens Twice. Ekaterina Tyshkevich again acted as the partner of the actor in the series. According to the director, she came up with new episodes in the usual way for her – the scenes came like a revelation, and formed into harmonious structures.

Interesting Facts

  1. The artist has a special love for animals: cats with extraordinary nicknames Electrophoresis and Phonophoresis live in his house. Batyrev picked up one on the street, bought the other from his grandmother in the subway for 3 rubles.
  2. In his youth, the future artist worked as a bartender, a cook in a hot shop and a waiter.
  3. Anton’s favorite childhood character is Pinocchio, whose adventure book was a reference book for him.

Anton Batyrev in social networks

  • Anton Batyrev Instagram
  • Anton Batyrev Vkontakte
  • Anton Batyrev YouTube

Anton Batyrev interview

Anton Batyrev: “I am 40 years old. What sex are you talking about?

Interview for Home Hearth October 8, 2021

After a divorce from Evgeny Loza, the actor began a romantic relationship with Anna Savelyeva. She is 25.

Anton Batyrev turned 40 this summer. The actor has repeatedly admitted that he feels truly happy thanks to a successful career and his beloved woman – Anna Savelyeva. She is 15 years younger than the chosen one. But the age difference does not interfere with the idyll in a couple.

Today, in the Stories of his microblog on Instagram, he used the popular Q&A feature. Most of the followers were interested in the personal life of the actor. So, for example, one of the subscribers asked: “What do you think about experiments in sex?”. To which it sounded: “I am 40 years old. What sex are you talking about? Many are sure that Batyrev is joking like that. Previously, he stated that he was fine with his intimate life.

The actor also spoke about his first love: “Nastya Mukhina. In the first grade, I even carried her briefcase.” In addition, Batyrev answered the question: “Is your idol, a person from whom you learned a lot?” “This is my son,” the artist admitted.

Note that Anna Savelyeva has nothing to do with the world of show business – she works as a personnel manager. At the same time, she often flies with Anton to shoot and sees the whole process from the inside. Previously, the chosen one of the actor told who she was by nationality.

Anton Batyrev and Anna Savelyeva have been together for more than a year. At the same time, they are in no hurry to go to the registry office. The actor already has three official marriages behind him. The most discussed of them was with Evgeny Loza. The stars divorced less than a year after registering the relationship. Batyrev spoke about the reasons for the divorce from Loza on the air of the program “The Fate of a Man” on the TV channel “Russia 1”. A couple of months after that, the actor admitted that he was not entirely honest in an interview with Boris Korchevnikov.


Interview for WomanHit on February 26, 2019

Wikipedia Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev Russian theater and film actor

Anton Batyrev, known to viewers from the series “Sweet Life” and “Real Boys”, is a person who has taken place in the profession. Once he, a native Muscovite, went to the provinces for the sake of his dream to enter the theater institute. And he did not regret the decision. Recognition is pleasant, although sometimes funny situations are associated with it. In an interview, Anton spoke about his love for the Soviet family, about his relationship with his little son Dobrynya and the search for inspiration. About all this – in an interview with the magazine “Atmosfera”.

– Anton, apparently, you are a purposeful person, since you went to Saratov. How did your parents react to your departure?

— After graduating from school, I studied for a year at the Moscow Academy of Fine Chemical Technology — I tried to follow the path that my parents suggested. But to be honest, I didn’t like it. I started trying to enter theater universities in Moscow, but for some reason I dropped out of the third round everywhere. Therefore, I did not go to Saratov, as they say on the Internet, but to Yaroslavl, and there I already entered the course of the wonderful Vyacheslav Sergeevich Shalimov. After studying for a year and a half, I ended up in St. Petersburg, I wanted to transfer there. To earn money, he got a job as a bartender, a cook in a hot shop and a waiter. They paid well, and besides, you could always eat for free. (Smiling.) He worked a little in the theater and not only, but in the summer when he entered, he again flew off the third round. I returned to Yaroslavl, and on my course the place was already taken by a guy who had transferred from Saratov. He said: “Go to Saratov.” So I ended up in this city and have already completed my studies there.

— How did Saratov seem to you?

— A nice old Russian city, partly built by captured Germans. Very comfortable and yet big. The width of the Volga flood, if I’m not mistaken, is about thirteen kilometers, there are islands. In general, I am attracted to such cities, they have preserved the ancient and beautiful beginning. In general, at that time the atmosphere in the province was peculiar. Now I remembered, and nostalgia for those times surged. Our teacher Rimma Ivanovna Belyakova loved it when men had long hair, and all the guys in our course wore just such a hairstyle. And the local guys didn’t really like it when other guys walked around with long hair. So sometimes we have conflicts.

— Did you live in a hostel?

– First in a hostel, then rented an apartment, a house. And then he returned to Moscow with a diploma. I thought about staying in Saratov, but by that time, probably, I had not quite matured. The hostel is generally a school of life, I’m not afraid of this comparison. It teaches many things, for example, to make new useful acquaintances, to defend one’s point of view, to work in a team. There was everything that was missing for recklessness, and even the locals always came to hang out with us.

— Did your parents help you?

— Yes, of course. They helped, they came. I called my parents once a week, then there were no mobile phones, and I went to the main post office. It was a funny time, it’s even hard to imagine that only twenty years ago we lived without cellular communications and the Internet.

— That is, you returned under the parental wing?

– Not quite like that: we lived together for a while, and then I got married for the first time. I was already twenty-seven … divorced six months later.

— Why did they last so little?

Probably, in many ways the decision to marry was emotional. They decided to get married spontaneously, then they began to live together, life fell upon us, and we realized that we were not at all suitable for each other. But this is already in the past, we must learn a lesson and move on. It seems to me that, in principle, we don’t come across bad people, we were taught something, they did something in our life, and that’s all.

— Is it easier for you with girls from your environment?

— I find a common language with everyone. But not everyone understands me and, let’s say, the specifics of the acting profession. For example, they see a bed scene on the screen, but they don’t know how we laugh during these shootings and how shy we are. They have a convincing picture before their eyes, and jealousy arises. But this is my job, such scenes are not filmed the first time, there is a film crew around, and everyone is focused. I want people to understand and trust this.

– You often get the roles of representatives of law enforcement agencies, doctors, goodies. Would you like to play something different?

— I’m interested in different roles — cops, doctors, and janitors… But most of all, on the set, I value freedom. If you have freedom of action, you can make candy out of anything. Now, unfortunately, texture is important, and actors are looking for roles based on it – this is bad. Look at the variety of roles of Soviet actors. They were taken not by texture, but by talent. I do not hide the fact that I agree to participate in some projects only because of the money. But there are also worthy works in which you can prove yourself. Of the latter, I can name the television film by Anatoly Mateshko “Who are you?” In which I play an investigator. There is a sharp plot, and a love line. In the historical saga of Timur Alpatov “Godunov” I have the role of ataman Zarutsky. Oksana Bayrak’s film “Nothing Happens Twice” is due out soon, where I play a former border guard, an interesting transformation of the character is taking place, a twenty-year time period is described. I even grew a beard for this role. A year and a half with her passed, then shaved off. All these characters are completely different, for each you come up with some of your own “tricks” to make the image bright, and I like it.

— Remember the moment when you realized that you became famous, fans appeared?

– I won’t say that I have to “cope” with the fans, I think that they don’t even exist, I’m not such a size that they guard me at the entrance. It’s just that sometimes they write in social networks after the release of a film, what they liked or didn’t like there, whether I played well or badly, in their opinion. They began to recognize after “Pyatnitsky” (Anton had the role of police lieutenant Oleg Tereshchenko. – Approx. Aut.), And, of course, it’s nice. Although sometimes there are funny stories. Recently I came to the store to buy herring. And the saleswoman recognized me and said: “Oh, the actors buy herring!” Imagine, and everyone else does too. We actors are the same people.

— How do you feel about long-running stories? For example, the series Real Boys, in which you also participate, has been on TNT for the fifth season.

– My role in it is small, I play Vadik, Lera’s ex-boyfriend. It has become a long story for the creators, and I believe that the audience’s interest here is fully justified. This is a good, vital movie about love, friendship, the adventures of ordinary guys who want to achieve something in life. I watched some series, although I don’t specifically go online to admire myself.

– Is the environment described in “Real Boys” not close to you?

— Why? After all, I lived in Saratov and Yaroslavl, where all this flourished to the fullest. My youth fell on the dashing nineties. I won’t say that I myself was a gopnik, but in such companies we sometimes hung out.

— Have there been conflicts in your life that have passed the stage of conversations?

— Of course. I can answer for the market. (Laughs.) With age, you understand that any conflict can be resolved with words, but sometimes situations arose that had to be acted differently.

Wikipedia Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev Russian theater and film actor

— Do you have your own “code of honor”?

— Every man has one. You have to be as honest as possible with your loved ones. We must be able to protect them, not to give offense. Also, be kinder to those around you. But this is not a code, but normal human behavior.

– And why did you call your son the epic name Dobrynya? Is it connected with ideas about what a real man should be like?

— Maybe I didn’t think about it. I always wanted my son to be called Dobrynya, long before his appearance. He is a very kind boy, but at the same time he can stand up for himself.

— Don’t they tease him in the yard?

— What are you! Now such names are given to children! It seems to me that Sash, Lesh and Seryozha will tease. I notice a tendency to return to the roots, and this pleases me.

— What has changed in your life with the advent of your son?

– Everything. The attitude to oneself and to the world has changed. I think that all parents with the advent of a child have an acute sense of responsibility, we always think ahead. Before that, I wanted to buy a motorcycle and become a biker, but then I immediately stopped dreaming about it. Moreover, even by car I drive much more carefully. Dobrynya is six years old, this is the main person in my life for me. Every evening we call each other by video link – whether I’m in Moscow or on the site – it doesn’t matter, I will always find a few minutes to talk with him. It’s important to me, and I hope it is to him too. I usually ask how the day went, what was interesting in the kindergarten, but I don’t always get an answer. He keeps silent or simply says that he does not remember, it is much more interesting for him to show something or come up with something.

– He will go to school soon. Will it be a regular school?

— Yes, normal. I believe that there is no need to instill in a child a sense of his exclusivity. If everything is given on a silver platter, as teachers from private “cool” gymnasiums do, he can grow up spoiled.

— What else does your son teach you?

— A lot, without knowing it. He quickly grasps the essence of things, teaches me to be more restrained, to fuss less, not to be nervous over trifles. Now the children are completely different, advanced in every sense … Although my childhood was really happy, even though we did not have such an abundance of toys, our brains worked, it was interesting for us in the yard, we could not be driven home. I remember at school we were told that Lenin walked for several hours after the gymnasium, and only then, when he came home, he taught his lessons … And when my mother told me that until I did my homework, I would not go anywhere, I had a ready answer . (Laughs.)

— Do you remember your reaction when you found out that you would be a father?

– I thought: well, that’s good. (Laughs.) In general, I don’t know how to rejoice, as they say, for show. The same thing in the cinema: I am for naturalness, for organics. Sometimes I argue with directors about this. What I liked about working with Anatoly Mateshko is that he did not press, did not impose his vision of the character. According to the script, there was a bed scene in the finale, but I expressed the opinion that it was too banal, they show this in every series. And he offered his own. I love poetry, and two months before that I came across a wonderful poem by Gennady Shpalikov. As a result, we abandoned the erotica. And they all made glances against the backdrop of poetry. I think it got a lot stronger emotionally.

– Women’s magazines write that there is less sex: both in movies and in life.

— In the 2000s there was a dominance of vulgarity, but now people have already eaten enough of it. Like it or not, we have a different mentality. Initially, our cinema was a psychological drama. And in life, people began to value relationships more. If there is no respect for each other in a couple, attention, care, sex cannot be saved. It is important for everyone to have a close person nearby who will support and express wise criticism so that there are common topics for conversation.

— Are you easily re-educated?

– Very difficult. But! I can admit my mistakes. If I have been proven in fact that I was wrong, I apologize. However, not everyone has the patience to provide facts. If they just start yelling at me, I turn on in response. In general, I believe that the head of the family is a man, and I have such a trait that everything should be my way. But again, if I hear a reasoned opinion, I agree.

— That is, you have a domostroy?

— I confess, yes. I like the Soviet-era family. It seems to me that everything was properly arranged in it. A woman dreams of a strong man, doesn’t she? “Married” means – for her husband. A man should earn more, be able to support his family. Let the wife also work if she wants, but he must be stronger both financially and in the rest too.

– By the way, I remembered the Soviet film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, where Gosha was offended that his beloved was the director of the plant, and he was just a mechanic.

– Yes. There is also manhood. Let her be the director, but for a man this is an incentive to strive to become cooler.

— There is an opinion that a house is a place where a man rests and a woman works. Do you agree?

– Probably, yes. For me, a woman is the keeper of the hearth, she is responsible for comfort. But this, of course, does not mean that all household chores should be hung on her. A man should be able to iron his things and cook dinner. The main person in the family should not lie on the couch hungry and wait for his wife to come home from work and feed him. But creating an atmosphere – curtains, pillows, vases – is the woman’s concern. A man buys wallpaper, and a woman suggests their color.

– If we take the period when you only dreamed of acting profession, and the current one – how far were dreams and reality?

— Finally, they coincide, but five years ago they did not converge at all. Now I enjoy my work, I have professional experience, I can already offer something to the director, but I didn’t dare to do it before. And if you are not filming in passing projects, you know that you did your job well, euphoria sets in. And in the checkpoints, euphoria comes from the money earned. (Laughs.) I feel confident on the set, at the beginning of my career, of course, I felt completely different. But there is one fact that has not changed over the years: colleagues and journalists sometimes distort my last name, it does not and never has the letter “e”, and it should be pronounced with an emphasis on the first syllable. Previously, I did not focus on this mistake, but now I always correct a person when I hear it. This is important to me.

— Is there a theater in your life? Have you played in Tabakerka?

– I played one performance there. I came myself, asked for a job, and they took me to the play “Fear and Poverty in the Third Empire”. For three and a half years I played as a guest artist. Then he participated in entreprises. At the end of February I will have a theatrical premiere. There are other offers, but I understand that I will not be able to combine with filming.

— There are photos of Yuri Gagarin, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Sergei Yesenin on your Instagram. Why are they dear to you?

— There are many other wonderful people and authors there. Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is a great man, a symbol of an era that I really like. Yesenin and Mayakovsky are my two favorite poets. They are very different, but both are so powerful! However, I do not focus on any one author. Not so long ago I re-read Dostoevsky’s Possessed, and if I used to pay attention to the plot, now I notice completely different things. His statements about Russian liberalism, his foresight of the future – this is brilliant.

— Do you write poetry yourself?

— Tried. It happens that something comes to mind when I’m standing in a traffic jam, but these poems are not of the quality that you can be proud of, publish somewhere. Yes, prank.

— Do you have a hobby?

— I don’t have time for this. Travel and work abound. And I try to spend all my free time with my son – museums, an aquarium, cinema, parks, attractions – I myself find it interesting, I get joy from our communication.

Anton Batyrev photo

Wikipedia Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev Russian theater and film actor

Wikipedia Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev Russian theater and film actor

Wikipedia Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev Russian theater and film actor

Wikipedia Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev Russian theater and film actor

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