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Antonova Natalia: general information

  • Full name: Antonova Natalya Sergeevna
  • Date of Birth: March 12, 1974
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Natalia Antonova actress height: 179 cm
  • Natalya Antonova actress age: 47 years old
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Brief biography: Antonova Natalia Sergeevna. She was born on March 12, 1974 in Moscow. In 1997 she graduated from the Higher Theater School named after B.V. Shchukin (course of M.A. Panteleeva). Since 1997 – actress of the Moscow Drama Theater named after N.V. Gogol.


  • After graduating from school in 1991, she entered Moscow Moscow State University, Faculty of Culture.
  • In 1993 she entered the acting department of the Higher Theater School. B.V. Shchukin, which she graduated in 1997.

Antonova Natalya actress filmography

  • Step sisters
    2016, Russia
  • Time to collect
    2014, Russia
  • Where there is happiness for me
    2013, Russia
  • Paradise
    2013, Russia
  • Love cannot be forgotten
    2012, Russia
  • If it wasn’t for happiness
    2012, Russia
  • Love does not come alone
    2011, Russia
  • Thirty-seventh novel
    2010, Russia
  • Third wish
    comedy, drama, mystery
    2009, Russia
  • Just come back!
    2009, Russia
  • Surprise
    2008, Ukraine
  • Stopwatch
    1970, USSR
  • Friends and years
    1965, USSR
  • End of Innocence
    drama, melodrama
    2021, Russia

Natalya Antonova actress biography

Natalia Antonova considers herself a Cinderella by nature, because only through hard work, having passed a certain path, can one become the favorite of millions and a happy woman. Her lyrical heroines easily make the whole country cry. The actress is burdened by such a role and gladly accepts invitations to projects where she is offered characteristic roles.

Wikipedia Antonova Natalya Sergeevna theater and film actress

Childhood and youth

The artist was born under the zodiac sign Pisces in 1974 in Moscow. Father is a soldier. Her mother, a philologist-teacher by profession, worked as a primary school teacher to look after her daughters – Natalia has a younger sister. Svetlana Antonova is the star of the films “Station”, “Piranha Hunting”, “Montecristo”.

The cousin Oleg Mosalyov followed the example of the girls. He graduated from the Shchukin School (classmate of Stanislav Duzhnikov and Maria Kulikova), served in the Russian Academic Youth Theater and TsATRA, acts in films and works as a sports commentator on Match-TV and KHL TV.

Natasha grew up as a cheerful, perky child who loved outdoor games. When the girl played football with the boys and stood at the gate, she was very worried, because the role of the goalkeeper in the team is the most responsible.

As a child, Antonova did not think about an acting career, she dreamed of becoming a ballerina, and after school she entered the Humanities University as a producer.

Once a friend Marina invited her to Lenkom, and everything turned upside down in Natalia’s mind. Seeing Dmitry Maryanov in the final scene of the performance, she realized that she also wanted to evoke emotions in the viewer. Leaving the theater, the girl first of all asked Marina what studio she was in, and later reviewed all Lenkom’s productions.

Parents found out about the change in their daughter’s plans a month before the entrance exams. My father believed that an actress was an indecent profession, my mother was sure that it was impossible to enter the theater “without blat”.

However, the girl was accepted immediately to Shchukinskoye, Shchepkinskoye and the Moscow Art Theater School. Antonova chose the first university, studied with Maria Poroshina, Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Olga Budina and Elena Zakharova.

As Natalia’s further biography showed, the producer’s diploma was not useful to her. Although colleagues, having learned about the second education of the actress, offer to do some kind of project. But Antonova admits to the lack of organizational skills and the desire to contact the director in terms of creativity, not technology.

Natalia Antonova actress personal life

In her personal life, Natalia is surrounded by five men – sons and husband Nikolai Semyonov. The actress does not divide children into relatives and strangers. The eldest son Artem was born in a marriage with Alexander Vershinin. Young people met on the set of a film about the life and work of the poet Alexei Koltsov “At the Dawn of Foggy Youth”, where Alexander played the main character, and Natalia – his lover. After 3 months, the couple got married, and after 5 years they broke up.

Divorce Antonova was also very upset because the union was consecrated in the church. Difficulties arose in material terms, she sometimes did not have enough money to get to the theater, she had to borrow from a neighbor. But the demand for an actress in films and on stage helped to overcome difficulties.

Artem followed in the footsteps of his parents, graduated from the theater college of Oleg Tabakov, starred in the TV series Penal Box, Ambulance, From Hatred to Love, Lev Yashin. The goalkeeper of my dreams. Natalia, knowing about the difficulties of the profession, at first dissuaded her son, but, seeing his persistence, she helped to prepare the introductory program. Today, the family tandem periodically plays on the same stage.

The young man lives separately, like his half-brother Anton. The son of Nicholas went on a legal path.

Antonova’s acquaintance with her future husband was arranged by Svetlana – she invited both to the dacha. Semenov, a gynecologist, a businessman, 6 years before the first meeting, he saw footage with Natalia on TV and thought that this woman would be his wife. And found common friends.

However, this time the artist was in no hurry to go to the registry office, remembering her grandmother’s advice that a person should first get to know her better. The lovers lived apart for a year, Antonova went on dates. And one day, little Artem said that it was time for mom to decide where she spends the night.

Nikolai and Natalia rented an apartment, where the four of them moved on the anniversary of their acquaintance, in May 2005 they got married. The family was held together in 2016 with the permission of the patriarch, the wedding and the birth of the weather of Nikita and Maxim.

In the fall of 2018, the actress shared on Instagram the news about the upcoming addition to the family. Moreover, Antonova gladly demonstrated the changes in the figure in the photo in a tight-fitting dress, in a swimsuit. October 11, the actress gave birth to a son, he was premature. Two months in intensive care, two surgeries, the doctors’ struggle for the child’s life did not help him survive: on December 14, the baby’s heart stopped.

While carrying a child, Natalia gained extra pounds, weight increased from the usual 55 kg to 86 kg (with a height of 172 cm). Thinking about the appearance of Antonov was forced by the words of her husband that he fell in love with the beauty, but what he sees now, he does not like.

At first, the actress was offended, and then went to the show “Dancing on Ice” and lost weight in a month and a half, skating 2 hours a day. Every morning Antonova starts with a run, then exercises, a gym and a swimming pool.

The actress is a supporter of separate nutrition, even in her youth she excluded flour, sweets, fast food and alcohol from the menu. Since the face is the main “weapon”, Natalia follows the advice of a beautician, prefers to use Belarusian or Japanese cosmetics, is fond of face-building and is glad that she does not need the services of plastic surgeons.

“I like to grow up, I like to change, it’s so cool. Well, it’s impossible to always be a young 18 year old doll. I believe that the process of growing up is the physical and spiritual development of the body, and every age is beautiful.

The artist’s family lives outside the city. Proximity to the earth and nature helps Antonova to recuperate after work and energizes. First, the couple rented a house, then bought a plot and built their own home. The decoration was entrusted to the architect, but the woman squandered the funds allocated for the repair.

To add money, Natalia and her husband sold one apartment and decided that they could make their dream come true. No wonder they say that repair is a test of feelings. Her hobbies are flower growing, sewing and knitting.

Movies and theater

In the 4th year of “Pike” Antonova was accepted into the capital’s drama theater named after N. Gogol. She played in the performances “Alien Child”, “Ivanov”, “My Crime”, “Faithful Wife”, “Arsenic and … Antique Lace”, “Lady Blizzard”. Having given birth to her son Maxim, Natalia did not return to the troupe, she switched to an entreprise so that there would be more time for the family.

The actress considers Alexander Shirvindt to be the “Godfather” in cinema. The master, who staged the play with Antonova in the title role, let her go to star in the first film, At the Dawn of Misty Youth. Next, the girl was offered roles in the films “My First Teacher, or Bachelor Party in Russian”, “Kamenskaya”, “Three Against All”, “Autumn Blues”, “Gold of Yugra” and “Hunting Season – 2”.

Later, Natalia brought Artem to the set of the action movie “Brigada”. However, due to the child’s extreme fatigue and irritability, she decided to stop her son’s acting career, believing that his health was much more important than any money and fame.

In 2003, the actress became famous throughout the country thanks to the role of Polina in the TV series Another Life. According to the plot, a purposeful, intelligent and sociable girl from a small provincial town comes to Moscow to start a new life.

After that, Antonova was offered the role of Princess Ekaterina Dolgorukova, mistress of Alexander II, in the TV series “The Emperor’s Love”, based on the novel by Valentin Azernikov. Natalia did an excellent job with the role, despite some difficulties. The actress recalls that one scene was removed from the sixth take, because due to an unusual outfit, she could not get into the carriage, getting tangled in her dress and falling.

After these roles, Antonova participated in the filming of TV series and films, where she was to play successful and beautiful girls. For example, in the film “The Recalcitrant Target” Natalia played Dina, the wife of a bandit who gets into trouble, and after getting out of it, meets her true love.

A year later, the actress got the role of a talented artist Victoria in the TV series “The Machinations of Love” by Ukrainian director Oleg Goida, in 2008 – in his TV series “Surprise”. Here Natalia played the role of a woman who had to make a difficult choice for the sake of love.

Natalia Antonova believed that people are tired of boring dramas and detective stories, therefore, the public needs something entertaining. That is why she starred in the New Year’s comedy directed by Pavel Bardin “The Devil’s Dozen”.

Notable was the work in the film “Freud’s Method”. In the multi-part detective story, Antonova played the investigator Anna Korablina, to whom a talented self-taught detective nicknamed Freud is sent to the department “by pull”. Warm feelings develop between the main characters, which develop into love. The main male role in the series was played by the inimitable Ivan Okhlobystin, who played an intellectual who skillfully hid behind the mask of a jester.

In 2014, the multi-part melodrama “Stronger than Fate” is released. Natalia plays the role of the mother of the main character. As soon as her daughter Anya began to improve things in her personal life, her mother accidentally gets into trouble, for which she faces an 8-year prison term.

In The Equation of Love, Antonova’s heroine nevertheless ends up behind bars when, in order to save her son, she takes his guilt upon herself. The family does not support the woman, and after her release she realizes that she does not want to return home.

Natalia is a star of melodramas. In 2016, she starred in The Fugitive and Step Sisters. The plot of the latter, where Antonova played the main role, tells about a couple who, during a meeting of classmates, came together after a 25-year break. Everything would be fine, because both main characters were free. However, everyone has adult daughters who come into sharp conflict and force their parents to part again.

In 2017, Natalia appeared in three projects – “Family Circumstances”, “New Life”, “Run to Yourself”. In the first, Antonova starred with the stars of Russian cinema Konstantin Lavronenko, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Anna Kamenkova and Yulia Takshina.

One of the brightest projects in the filmography of the actress was the series “Shards”, which was released in 2018. The melodrama is based on real events. In the maternity hospital, children born from two women were mixed up. After a while, the situation clears up. The film, in which, in addition to Antonova, Alexander Dyachenko, Tatyana Cherkasova, Aglaya Tarasova are involved, was warmly received by viewers and critics.

The actress also starred in the drama “Operation Muhabbat” about a military action in Afghanistan. On the screen, Natalia appeared in a creative ensemble with Ilya Malakov, Sergey Puskepalis. In the film, Dmitry Maryanov appeared in the image of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Antonova recalled that she wanted to tell her colleague how he influenced her choice of profession many years ago, but she did not dare. Alas, there was no other chance: Maryanov passed away.

The main role and the chance to transform into a lyrical heroine fell to the artist in the series “Just a Romance”. Eduard Trukhmenev became her partner in the frame. The picture is a story about a psychologist and a music producer whose relationship is envied by others. No one guesses that the couple meets only on weekends, everyone values ​​​​freedom and does not think about what will happen next.

Asya, the heroine of Natalia in the melodrama “Happiness can be given”, is once again a woman who faces difficult trials. The project was played by her eldest son Artem Vershinin. The film premiered in April 2020.

Those who prefer theatrical productions could see Natalia in the play of the production company Amethyst, The Ideal Wife. Maria Poroshina, Ilya Drevnov and Tatyana Abramova also played in the sitcom.

The idea to transfer the action of the famous comedy “Love and Pigeons” to the stage belonged to Natalya Gromushkina, who added directing and producing to the role of the actress. She played the daughter of the main characters, and Antonova recreated the image brilliantly embodied on the television screen by Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Natalia Antonova now

In April 2021, the long-awaited premiere of the series The End of Innocence took place on Channel One, where the mother of many children played one of the key roles. The draft title of the film directed by Konstantin Frolov and Stas Ivanov “New Life” also optimally suited the multi-part film, since each of the characters experienced severe upheavals and turned over not the best page of their biography.

Natalia spoke about the role in an interview with Channel One, showing sympathy for Tatyana. Antonova’s partner on the set was Vyacheslav Razbegaev. The project brought together many stars of Russian cinema, including Valeria Lanskaya, Anton Khabarov, Sergey Gubanov.

The name of the actress appears in the credits of the series “Bailiffs”, which tells about the work and personal relationships of representatives of the debt collection unit. Andrey Chadov, Alexey Grishin, Vladislav Kotlyarsky are involved in the tape of Vladimir Nakhabtsev Jr. Even before the illness, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk managed to play here.

Interesting Facts

  • Natalia Antonova is the godmother of Ekaterina Vulichenko’s son.
  • On the way to the set of the series “Viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions, ”the actress had an accident and arrived with a bump on her forehead. Therefore, her heroine wears ridiculous rose-colored glasses.
  • Colleagues consider Antonova the most disciplined and not at all capricious artist. The only time she wanted to terminate the contract was the shooting of the melodrama In a Foreign Land. There, Natalia, who cannot stand the cold, spent the whole day in ice-cold water.

Antonova Natalia in social networks

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Antonova Natalia interview

“I believe in love.” Interview with actress Natalia Antonova

Today our guest is actress Natalia Antonova. The main character of the sensational series “Breathe with me” and almost forty other feature films. At the same time, Natalia is the mother of four sons and a surprisingly beautiful fragile woman with huge blue eyes.

It’s their openness, the warmth that they radiate that made Faberlic see Natalia Antonova as Tolstoy’s Natasha Rostova, in the role of which our heroine starred for the Faberlic catalog. In the meantime, we were preparing for the shooting, we talked with Natalia about the life of a modern woman, about work, children and, of course, about love.

Faberlic Country: Natalia, how did you feel about the idea of ​​playing Natasha Rostova?

Natalia Antonova: Well, why not plunge into the image of an angel for a second? Now it’s easier for me to play the roles of women my age or older, but playing a young girl is both difficult and interesting.

Once I played Natasha. I read an excerpt from “War and Peace” at the state exam in the artistic word at the Shchukin school. True, then it produced a completely unexpected effect. I was pregnant, but I prepared the passage when the stomach was not yet visible. And so I go out to read the place where Natasha talks about suitors, I hide my huge belly behind a chair and say: “Mom, whom should I marry?” It was downright funny. Head Vasily Semenovich Lanovoy was literally dying of laughter as a department of the artistic word. But I still got an A. Everyone said I look like Natasha, this is my texture.

Country Faberlic: And internally, in character, do you look like Tolstoy’s heroine?

Natalia Antonova: I’m afraid to open up to the viewer. More precisely, not like this: I do not want the viewer to guess the real me. That’s why I hide. I avoid parties, TV shows, interviews. I want my images to be interesting, not myself or my life. And then, what we really are, probably, only our loved ones know.

Country Faberlic: You play bright, kind, wise, strict, sacrificial women. It’s hard to believe that you can be different. At least fundamentally different.

Natalia Antonova: As for the roles, they contain my insides, my mind, my heart. But I myself am not there. Otherwise I’ll go crazy. That’s the secret to survival in the acting profession – to leave a little space for yourself. Besides, playing yourself – what kind of skill is that? This is the simplest thing possible. I’m not interested.

Country Faberlic: What are you interested in?

Natalia Antonova: Search, invent, find out the character of the heroine. When I was young, I was often indignant when I saw the script: “Who says so! Yes, it doesn’t happen!” Now I understand that it happens in every way, and if the heroine of the film says “not my” words, it only means that that woman is different, she is not me, and there is a challenge, interest and work in this.

It is interesting for me to play not only tender, suffering women, but strong, complex, able to stand up for themselves, with a difficult character. It is interesting for me to understand them, and even if they do something bad in the film, to regret it, to make the audience feel sorry for them too.

Country Faberlic: But if you feel sorry for everyone – both bad and good – then there is no “educational role of art.” I understand that this is a difficult question – to be a socially responsible person, setting images that later, perhaps, will inspire and support millions of people, or to open up completely as a professional without getting stuck in a certain role.

Natalia Antonova: There is no contradiction here for me. Of course, the educational role of art is great, especially when it comes to cinema. For example, I refuse to act in a film if I don’t understand why its script was written, what I should feel and understand as a result.

Now, alas, there are a lot of such “empty” undertakings. But I also understand that no one is perfect. The same Natasha Rostova is not a “cardboard” character at all. She makes mistakes, commits some ambiguous acts, but Tolstoy, using the example of her fate, shows us a “way out”. Actually, the whole idea is precisely in this – to show: if you go there – you will get one result, if you go in the other direction – another. Again, we are not perfect. We have both good and bad mixed in. And it is important for us to learn to balance in this by a certain age. So that the good, the good, prevail.

Country Faberlic: That is, the task of the actor is to make the viewer understand and feel that “sin” means “to get past”, “to get in the wrong place” – this is how this word is translated from Greek.

Natalia Antonova: Yes. I have one wonderful role, for which I am very grateful to director Sergei Vinogradov. This is the movie “My Sin”. My heroine leaves her newborn child for a man. And when he leaves her, she realizes that she has nothing left. When I read the script, I was pounding, I was crying. And she could not understand how a woman could do this to her son. But I, it seems to me, did the role. I wanted to say to everyone who intends to leave their child – look around, what are you doing? My task is to show the viewer different options. If you take the wrong path, this is what will happen to you. And now everything is possible.

Country Faberlic: What character in modern cinema and literature can be a “sample” of how it should be? For you personally, who at one time was such a tuning fork? Which image, from your point of view, most fully embodies your ideal?

Natalia Antonova: You know, in movies and in novels, all women are so suffering that it even becomes scary. But this is understandable – there is no conflict – there is no history. As my theater director Sergei Ivanovich Yashin says: “He loves, She loves, you can give a curtain.” Therefore, it is so interesting for us to watch TV shows with all their betrayals, misunderstandings, and the struggle of egos. But I wouldn’t recommend doing it with them. My mother has always been my ideal. I have never seen another woman like her. I am sure that the family brings up – this function cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Country Faberlic: And how do you feel about the now widespread position that a child should choose his own destiny, who and what should he be?

Natalia Antonova: Now my eldest son – he is fifteen years old – is faced with a choice: to be an actor or not to be. I don’t support his desire to become an actor – it’s hard for male actors. A man is, first of all, responsibility, the ability to stand up for his family, friends, for his homeland. And our profession is very feminine, emotional. And I ask him to reconsider his views, but I do not pressure him. We consider different possibilities, we talk, we discuss. But I always tell him, whoever you are by profession, you need to remain a man.

If this is really his calling, I won’t interfere. At one time, I also told my dad: “I want to be an actress!” And he told me: “What a horror! You want to become a woman of easy virtue!” I told him: “No, I want to become an actress!” And he: “Yes, this world of art of yours is a complete vice.” I looked at him through the eyes of Natasha Rostova and said: “You don’t understand, I want to become an actress.”

Country Faberlic: Is the world of art really that vicious?

Natalia Antonova: There are many temptations in it, probably more than in other areas – parties, presentations, alcohol with all the ensuing consequences. But a person in any circumstances has a choice.

Country Faberlic: Have you encountered these temptations?

Natalia Antonova: Yes, and she made her choice. If he were different, perhaps I would have been more successful, but I acted differently and I have love, family, children – this is the main thing.

Country Faberlic: As far as I know, your family is strong, with traditional values, perhaps even patriarchal ones.

Natalia Antonova: I’ll tell you more – we have a family that is different from the family of my parents and my husband’s parents, we create our own traditions. We have our own way of life, which I am very proud of. Even my mother does not understand many things, but she respects them.

Country Faberlic: For example?

Natalia Antonova: We decided to live in a house, not in an apartment. Our house is located 70 kilometers from Moscow. Our kids are very strict. We get up early, play sports – run, swim, ride bicycles, eat what we consider healthy food. Excluded fat, soups we have without overcooking. Relatives do not understand this very well, but they respect it. And, most importantly, love and respect reign in our house.

Country Faberlic: Do you like Tolstoy’s understanding of love? At the end of the novel, his Natasha prefers almost family relations with her husband to “passions”.

Natalia Antonova: When love is real, and I hope that I managed to know it, you are so intertwined, grow into each other that you can no longer be torn apart. But this stereotype that if you have lived for 10, 15 years, then there is no longer any fire between you and you need to “start up” someone on the side, I am disgusted. And when women live all the time with different men, I don’t understand this either. As well as the fact that they turn a blind eye to the fact that her husband has another. They thereby deceive not only themselves, but also children. People are lazy, which is why they cannot keep what they had at the beginning of a relationship.

Country Faberlic: What does it mean to be “not lazy” when it comes to relationships?

Natalia Antonova: One must be able to listen and hear, to remain indifferent. It is important that your chosen one is in the first place – not work and not even children. And, of course, the secret is in the ability to talk. If there is even a small shadow, we need to talk. Do not wait for a snowball of claims to accumulate and destroy everything.

Country Faberlic: So you say that the chosen one should be in the first place. But at the same time, you work very hard. How do you manage to combine the roles of an actress, wife, mistress of a large house and mother of many children?

Natalia Antonova: I’m a genius planner! True, I could be a great assistant director. All our children, with the exception of the eldest, go to bed strictly at 21.00. And the time until midnight belongs only to me and my husband. And then, you know, the more things you do, the more you get done. True, I had to sacrifice some things.

Country Faberlic: What kind?

Natalia Antonova: I gave up partying. And lately I have not worked in the theater. The theater is a temple, you have to serve in it. I could not combine the service of this art with the service of the family. And I changed this temple to a family temple. It would be very difficult for us if the regimes did not coincide. My husband is a doctor, he Natalya Antonova 4 works in the morning, and the theater is evening performances and a late rise. That’s why I changed my routine. Was an “owl”, and became a “lark”.

Country Faberlic: Doesn’t cinema interfere with the family?

Natalia Antonova: No, I can plan this work. Cinema in a sense is an individual matter, but the theater is a family, a troupe, you have to live there, I couldn’t do it. Then my house will collapse.

Country Faberlic: Are household chores all yours or is there an au pair?

Natalia Antonova: No, there is no one. A nanny comes to us when my husband and I work together. But we gave birth to children consciously, we wanted to deal with them. Grandmothers don’t help us. Of course, sometimes you need support, given that the two younger ones are the weather. And when they were very small, you could go crazy. I have a baby in my arms, the other is a year and three, these are completely different rhythms. Moreover, for a child, the birth of a younger one is also an excitement. They say that when a child is born, more attention should be paid not to him, but to the elder.

Country Faberlic: Then maybe it’s better not to work at all when there are children?

Natalia Antonova: Oh, of course, I have such ideas – to sit at home, to become a housewife, but my friend told me about a woman who made a good career, was a director, and then left everything and became a housewife. “I,” she says, “I call her, I ask – how is it? And she told me: the first two weeks were good, but now I’m looking for a job, at least where, at least in your cinema. Here is such a story. But sometimes the temptation still arises. I have a 12-hour working day, like in a factory.

Country Faberlic: When do you have time to communicate with your children?

Natalia Antonova: Maybe I console myself, but it seems to me that being a working mom is better for everyone. Otherwise, this: “everything for the child” is a huge burden on him, and then he will have to work off his mother’s sacrifice. And now, it seems to me, it is easier to be working. It’s easier to organize it somehow. I realized that it’s easier to give a child half an hour a day, but honestly, than to be around, say: “You play, play,” and clean the pan itself or talk on the phone with a girlfriend. Better – in the morning she took her to school, kissed her, in the evening she met – she talked, and there is more energy in this than just sitting next to me. And, of course, you have to be in a good mood. For the child to see, it’s good for mom, and he feels good next to her. No need to ship kids.

Country Faberlic: Do you have time for yourself?

Natalia Antonova: Yes, you have to look for ways to stay young and be yourself at the same time. In addition, for an actor, appearance is a working tool, and “looking good” is a professional duty. It can be said that I am running towards youth. In the literal sense of the word, I go in for sports and prefer running. But I say “no” to overly aggressive means (Botox and plastic surgery).

First of all, as an actress, I can’t make my face immobile, lose the ability to express emotions. Secondly, there are a lot of secrets on how to prolong youth and beauty with everyday care without resorting to radical methods. Yes, and all of them, by and large, are known.

Follow the regime, go to bed before twelve, because it is before midnight that the most healthy and “beautiful” sleep. Drink 5-6 glasses of water daily. Do not overeat, especially at night, make sure that dinner is light and no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. Fasting days have not let anyone down yet – on kefir, cottage cheese, apples. In the morning of the next day, one or two kilograms are guaranteed to go away, as a bonus – a pleasant feeling of lightness. And you don’t have to torture yourself at all – you can choose a product to your taste (kefir, fermented baked milk), drink delicious kefir (even 3.2%).

Why did I start doing this? Once I did not recognize one actor. A slender, fit man approached me – and I understand that I do not recognize him, although both the voice and the face seem familiar. It turned out that I remembered him in his former “image” – overweight and all the attendant troubles, from aesthetic to health problems. He told me that he began to practice kefir days, and everything changed – the state of health, appearance. At the same time, subject to a reasonable regime, he even allows himself something forbidden – beer with friends, some sweets. But – once a week kefir! Another very important thing is to be able to listen to your body, its needs, to refuse something, to add something.

Country Faberlic: Have you tried our cosmetics yet? If yes, what do you say?

Natalia Antonova: I liked everything I tried. The cream for the neck and bust is just super: the skin after it became tender and very elastic! I was shocked that the effect of cosmetics was exactly the same as written on the tube. I really liked Secret Astra Volume mascara, Secret Rouge lipstick and Lace blush (with a brush). I liked the shades of blush themselves, and the fact that they can be mixed, and that they fit well. In general, I really want to try Faberlic full care.

Country Faberlic: Well, the last, probably, question. We are used to hearing that “beauty will save the world.” How do you – a beautiful woman – understand these words of Dostoevsky? What is behind them for you?

Natalia Antonova: This idea is that a person should be harmonious. What is beauty? For me it is love and kindness to people. If you radiate such energy, this is the beauty that changes people, makes them smile, think about life. I don’t like evil people. When my son was 4 years old, he once said: “Mom, I realized that evil people are stupid people, and kind people are smart.” Beauty is when people yearn for you. You can be the most beautiful snow queen and at the same time freeze everything around. I teach children to be kind, then they will be beautiful.

Actress Antonova Natalia photo

Wikipedia Antonova Natalya Sergeevna theater and film actress

Wikipedia Antonova Natalya Sergeevna theater and film actress

Wikipedia Antonova Natalya Sergeevna theater and film actress

Wikipedia Antonova Natalya Sergeevna theater and film actress

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