Wikipedia Daria Romanovna Blokhina TV presenter, actress, blogger, tiktoker, dubbing

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Daria Blokhina: general data

  • Full name: Daria Romanovna Blokhina
  • Date of Birth: October 6, 1993
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Daria Blokhina is known as a blogger, as an actress, and as a TV presenter. Another girl imitates the voices of celebrities well. She is the author of the course on staging and mastering the voice capabilities “Your Voice”.
  • Education: I spent my childhood in the capital, in 2016 I graduated from the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), followed by the Moscow School of Radio and Television

Daria Blokhina biography

Millions of TikTok subscribers learned to growl like Simba, tweet like a bird together with her, and could not distinguish her voice from the voice assistant – Alice. Daria Blokhina worked as a TV presenter for 4 years, and now she is engaged in dubbing advertising, films and TV shows.

Wikipedia Daria Romanovna Blokhina TV presenter, actress, blogger, tiktoker, dubbing

Childhood and youth

Darya Romanovna Blokhina was born in Moscow on October 6, 1993. The girl’s family is creative, her father talentedly writes poetry in Yesenin’s style. The girl herself, except for Sergei Yesenin, loves the poets of the 1960s. The younger sister is the actress Khristina Blokhina.

But at the same time, Daria’s grandfather is a scientist, launches spaceships, and the granddaughter considered herself similar in character to him.

As a child, the girl had eczema on her arms, legs and cheeks, constantly flowed from her nose, the schoolgirl wore clothes that covered her throat. Dasha was often told that she was an ugly child. In response, the girl tried to become the best: study well, listen to her parents, go to a circle, play sports, grow long hair, paint.

But, trying to adapt to others, Daria reached an extreme state, became very ill, survived the operation. Only at the age of 24 did the TV presenter accept herself and understand: when nothing hurts, they love you, you can do what you like – this is happiness.

Blokhin received her education at the Faculty of Psychology of the RANEPA (Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration), which she graduated in 2016. After that, Daria entered the Moscow School of Radio and Television, and also worked at the Solveig Theater.

While studying at the academy, the girl was afraid to be on the street and not find a job, so many additional professions appeared in Blokhina’s biography – she worked as a make-up artist, administrator, master of myofascial massage, nutritionist, was engaged in preventive endocrinology.


At the radio school, the girl was noticed by representatives of Multimedia Holding, who invited Daria Blokhina to become the co-host of the morning show at the Best FM radio station. Work on the radio was not easy, I had to get up early in the morning, go to the other end of the city – however, this brought income.

Soon the girl was called to a casting for Nashe TV. The tests were successful, and Daria became a permanent host of the entertainment channel.

On the #NASHETВLIVE program, I had to constantly keep abreast of events and attend social events. Blokhin loved to talk with interesting people and listen to music. But at first, the TV presenter again had a difficult time. Daria said that she was neurotic, took criticism to heart, worried during the interview, shook her leg, touched her face and hair.

With experience, the fear of the camera passed, my hands stopped shaking, and an adrenaline rush began on the air. By the time the channel was completed, Blokhin had already had a hundred interviews. Including the girl learned to communicate with people who are unpleasant to the host, while respecting them, keeping a smile and fighting yawning.

From childhood, Daria Blokhina was fond of rock music with a garage sound and often obscene lyrics, she listened to Civil Defense, Zoo, King and Jester. Over time, the desire to create music came – it turned out that the girl was able to sing in rock style, scream, and even own operatic vocals.

In March 2017, the debut project with the participation of Daria, the composition of the PhilGo Project – “Flight” was released. In June 2017, the girl created the first solo music track Surragate, to which she wrote the lyrics.

The performer also has a collaboration between Dasha innuutzz and YL4NG – the dance track I Just Love U. Since 2020, Blokhin has been working under the pseudonym MISS INN. With this name, the singer has two Russian-language songs, already made in a light, relaxing pop style, together with the musician ZLOI NEGR – “Don’t be silent” and “Promise”.

At the age of 7, the girl was forbidden to watch TV, and Dasha listened to audio books on cassettes. It became a hobby, the girl loved to absorb the emotions that the reader conveyed, she herself read by roles, reproduce the text. The family lived in nature, surrounded by sounds that Daria also tried to portray – the voices of birds, animals.

Already at a conscious age, the TV presenter began to seriously train diction, record and distribute demos. At the same time, Blokhina does not have an acting education, but, according to Daria, it often only interferes, fetters, makes reading too theatrical, does not allow logically correct intonation.

Once, Daria got a lucky ticket in dubbing – the girl was invited to cooperate with stand-up comedian Karen Arutyunov, the founder of the Movie Mood dubbing company. Now Daria with a universal deep voice with the widest range is able to voice any role – from the voice of a child to a grandmother.

Daria Blokhina is the creator of the “Your Voice” course, an author’s product based on her own teaching experience and theoretical knowledge. With the help of online classes, students can set their own voice, learn diction, speech logic, intonation, rhetoric, and improvisation.

Daria Blokhina personal life

Daria Blokhina does not expose the details of her personal life to the public. The celebrity is embarrassed, believing that she has no sense of humor and she jokes unfunny. The dubbing actress rather analyzes the jokes and laughs to herself. He likes to watch comedy shows, including Comedy Battle, where the full namesake of Blokhina, a humorist from Buryatia, performed.

Since childhood, Daria prefers to dress closed and does not pose in a swimsuit, although she herself considers her clothes to be ordinary. True, a girl cannot live a day without makeup. Daria does 10-15 painful stretches every day, trains the plasticity of the body, sits on the twine. The host also loves to do yoga, which has a positive effect on mood.

Daria Blokhina now

Unexpectedly, Daria became a famous blogger on the TikTok network. The girl noted that she did not develop scripts, she recorded videos “for fun”, and videos with Simba’s roar or about “brooms” “became viral” on their own. For 4 months, tiktoker has collected 350 thousand subscribers. The dubbing actress also maintains an account on the Instagram network, where she posts photos and videos daily and communicates with fans.

In November 2020, Blokhin gave an interview to Eric Ricki’s YouTube channel. Among the recent works of the actress is the voice acting of the heroine Zargala for the advertising campaign of the game RAID: Shadow Legends.

In January 2021, Dasha, along with other dubbing actors, Albert Ibragimov, Anisa Murtaeva and Karen Arutyunov, parodied the voice assistant – navigator, during a trip around the Central Ring Road around Moscow. The video went viral on the Russian Internet, and on February 1, the actors were invited to the program of the First Channel “Evening Urgant”.

Daria noted that after leaving the TV channel, she felt free, stopped making plans and began to live in the present.

Interesting Facts

  1. Daria Blokhina’s life credo: “Do only what you really want. Don’t try to be in shape. If they want you to turn right, press all the way to the left.”
  2. The TV presenter feels like a creator and a thinker, but she doesn’t know how to be a housewife – it’s much easier for a girl to spend money on a cleaning lady and order food home.
  3. Blokhin is an anime fan. Through him, Daria not only improves her mood, but also learns Japanese culture. Speaks Japanese at 6th grade level. In the filmography of the dubbing actress and anime, and Japanese movies.

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Wikipedia Daria Romanovna Blokhina TV presenter, actress, blogger, tiktoker, dubbing

Wikipedia Daria Romanovna Blokhina TV presenter, actress, blogger, tiktoker, dubbing

Wikipedia Daria Romanovna Blokhina TV presenter, actress, blogger, tiktoker, dubbing

Wikipedia Daria Romanovna Blokhina TV presenter, actress, blogger, tiktoker, dubbing

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