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Diana Pozharskaya: general information

  • Full name: Diana Vladimirovna Pozharskaya
  • Date of Birth: February 3, 1992 (age 29)
  • Place of birth: Volzhsky, Russia
  • Height: 171cm
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Diana Vladimirovna Pozharskaya is a young Russian theater and film actress who declared herself in full voice only in 2016. The most striking work of the artist was the sitcom “Hotel Eleon”, as well as the melodrama “Bad Joke”, in which the girl for the first time in her career appeared on the screen in the image of the main character.
  • Education: VGIK | Acting department | Workshop of Mikhailov A. Ya.

Diana Pozharskaya movies

  • Firebird Production ltd | Firebird | 2020
  • Yelow, Black & White | Hotel Belgrade| 2020
  • First Films | Our children | 2019
  • Team Films | Heat | 2019
  • Elokuvaosakeyhti? Suomi 2017 | Unknown soldier| 2017
  • Kinodanz | Eclipse | 2016

TV series

  • BBC Studios| Trying | 2020
  • Russian| On the edge | 2018
  • Bear | Embassy | 2018
  • Sputnik Vostok Production/NEBO | Lapsi | 2018
  • Little box | Force Majeure | 2017
  • Yelow, Black & White | Hotel Eleon | 2016-2017
  • VGIK | Acting department | Workshop of Mikhailov A. Ya.


  • Chanel | Matte lip color | 2019
  • Chanel | Gabrielle | 2018

Diana Pozharskaya biography

Diana Pozharskaya was worried that she had not tasted the delights of theatrical work right from her student’s bench. Friends said that you should not rush to the stage – good roles go to media personalities.

The actress went to earn popularity. Now she only has a couple of days off a month – you can’t complain about the lack of offers.

Wikipedia Diana Vladimirovna Pozharskaya actress Dasha from Hotel Eleon

Childhood and youth

Diana was born on February 3, 1992 in the Volgograd region. There is information on the network that the celebrity is Jewish by nationality, but there is no evidence of this. As well as confirmations or denials of many other facts of the biography of a secretive Russian woman. Of the parents, only mother Svetlana remained. The father, whose name was Vladimir, died on the eve of the New Year 2019.

From the age of 5, ballroom dancing firmly and permanently entered the life of Pozharskaya.

In childhood, everything was present: exhausting trainings, contests and competitions, at school my favorite subject is physical education. In dancing, Diana achieved a high result – she passed the standards for the title of candidate master of sports, but at the age of 19 she suffered a knee injury.

Choosing between journalism, PR and an acting career, Pozharskaya settled on the latter and went to enter the theater universities of the capital. Luck smiled at VGIK. There she studied until the summer of 2016 in the workshop of the People’s Artist Alexander Mikhailov.


In her last year at the university, Diana began acting in films – in the comedy series written by Semyon Slepakov “Concerned, or Love of Evil” she got an episode. The main roles of provincial women looking for their place in Moscow were played by Maria Shalaeva, Evgenia Kalinets and Olga Dibtseva.

Then the filmography of the actress was replenished with works in the comedy “Eternal Vacation” with Konstantin Kryukov and Valeria Fedorovich, as well as in the adventure fantasy “Father Frost. Battle of the Mages, starring Taisiya Vilkova and Fyodor Bondarchuk. The name of Diana got into the credits of the crime tape “Vitya in the law”, where Pavel Priluchny shone in the foreground.

Having “lit up” in projects with the stars of Russian cinema, the artist got the central character in the mystical fantasy “Eclipse” (“The Mystical Game”), where Diana’s partner on the set was Alexander Petrov, the lead actor in the rating series “Policeman from Rublyovka “.

Pozharskaya recreated the image of a simple village girl in the 2016 film “Killing Joke”. The heroine Katya Levashova, being a student of a city university, is faced with human meanness, is forced to start a new life and say goodbye to the dream of marrying her beloved, whom she saw off to the army. In the melodrama, Diana starred with Ilya Korobko, Nina Dvorzhetskaya and Maria Fomina.

Participation in the sitcom “Hotel Eleon” was a breakthrough for the creative biography of the actress. Together with Pozharskaya, Grigory Siyatvinda, Elena Ksenofontova, Sergey Lavygin, as well as Milos Bikovich and Ekaterina Vilkova worked on the picture.

To match the image, Diana, who is distinguished by a slender physique (height – 171 cm, weight – 50 kg), needed hand-to-hand combat lessons. In the film, the fragile beauty took over the performance of most of the tricks, in rare cases, Pozharskaya was replaced by a stuntwoman. “Hotel Eleon” was so loved by the audience that the creators decided to release 2 more seasons.

In the detective “Alive” the actress played the daughter of a dishonest businessman. Diana’s screen father was Alexander Robak. The protagonist of the film, performed by Cyril Kyaro, is a journalist who unexpectedly reveals a criminal network that trades in the murders of rich people.

Another film in which Pozharskaya starred is the action-packed drama “On the Edge” about women recruited by a terrorist organization. Diana starred as a student who became disillusioned with family values ​​and ended up in one of the Middle Eastern countries. Parents in the person of Nikolai Fomenko and Evgenia Dmitrieva are taken to rescue the girl from captivity. Kirill Dytsevich also worked on the project.

The action of the spy tape “Embassy” is moved to Europe and takes place in the diplomatic mission of Russia, around the ambassador, who became the victim of a provocation. Pozharskaya played the ideological opponent of the character Igor Livanov, an intelligence officer in the fictional country of Caledonia.

The film crew needed the help of Milos Bikovich – thanks to the actor, the Russians were allowed to shoot near the Serbian President’s Palace, where it is forbidden to be with cameras.

The 2018 thriller Lapsy was shot by the ex-husband of the actress Artem Aksenenko, so Diana at first did not want to work there, remembering that it was hard for the spouses to be on the same site together. But the director did not see anyone else in the role of an immortal resident of the Karelian hinterland, who had her eye on the capital’s virologist. And Pozharskaya agreed.

In 2019, the producer of the film “Heat” was the popular singer Emin Agalarov, co-founder of the music festival of the same name. Therefore, in the picture, in addition to the actors, Russian and Azerbaijani pop stars are involved. In social networks, the artist called the shooting in the tape the most fun in life.

In the comedy set in Baku, Diana played the obstinate singer Dasha Steklova, who won the Voice show and ran away from the performance. Many adventures await the heroine on the city streets. The actress in the frame sings herself, besides, the celebrity has already worked with Emin before – she starred in the video for the song “Incredible”.

The film “Our Children” is another joint project of Pozharskaya and Aksyonenko. Diana played a governess whose daughter, along with the son of the owner, the director of a confectionery factory, decide to switch places with her brother and sister from the orphanage.

Diana Pozharskaya personal life

The personal life of the actress is closely connected with the creative path. During the filming of the film “Eclipse”, the artist became close to the director Artem Aksyonenko, who created the films “Fog” and “Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger”. The chosen one turned out to be 9 years older than Pozharskaya, but the age difference did not become an obstacle for lovers.

Diana claimed that her husband supported her in the acting field and he himself draws inspiration from mutual communication. It would seem that the woman did not hide her status from journalists and lived in a happy marriage, but she rarely posted joint photos with her husband on Instagram. The children of the former spouses never appeared.

Perhaps the paparazzi would never have known about the divorce of the stars if at the end of 2020 Artem had not become a frequent character in the posts of another celebrity – Anastasia Mikulchina. Unlike Pozharskaya, Aksyonenko’s new wife is not afraid to share happiness with subscribers.

Diana’s secretiveness gave rise to new rumors every day. In February 2021, information appeared in the media that the actress was pregnant by Ivan Yankovsky. The colleague comes from a well-known and wealthy family. He is the son of Philip Yankovsky and Oksana Fandera, the grandson of Oleg Yankovsky. Previously, pen sharks talked about the couple’s secret romance, even reported visiting the Pozharsky synagogue in order to appease the influential mother-in-law.

Diana tried to ignore persistent tabloids and not give interviews, but still could not withstand the attacks from the press and fans. In early March, the artist posted a romantic photo with Ivan, but kept silent about the piquant situation. Pozharskaya asked subscribers to be understanding and respect the “private space” of young stars.

On June 26, 2021, Diana gave birth to a son, who was named Oleg, in honor of Ivan’s grandfather.

Diana has a close relationship with her mother, which was formed in childhood. The actress even took a relative to shoot in Serbia. Pozharskaya Jr. often posts pictures of Svetlana’s paintings on the page. The work is done in delicate watercolor tones.

Diana Pozharskaya now

Before the start of quarantine in the spring of 2020, director Konstantin Statsky managed to complete the Russian-Serbian project Hotel Belgrade. Diana got the main role, and Bikovich again became a partner on the set. In fact, the film is a continuation of the famous series about “Eleon”. According to the results of the first weekend, the tape became the leader of the box office.

In July, the shooting of the sports drama “World Champion” began, where Pozharskaya plays one of the main roles. The picture is dedicated to the chess duel between Anatoly Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi.

Interesting Facts

  1. Diana Pozharskaya has been collaborating with Chanel for several years and is the face of the fashion house. The girl often advertises the brand’s cosmetics on her Instagram account, and calls Gabrielle Essence floral perfume her favorite fragrance.
  2. Pozharskaya owes her slender figure, which allows her to pose in a swimsuit and revealing outfits, not only to sports ballroom dancing. The celebrity loves to run. And both on the street and on the treadmill. The actress does not adhere to a strict diet, but prefers seafood and vegetables.
  3. The artist loves animals, helps with a dog shelter. Most of all, Diana likes light-colored quadrupeds. A fluffy snow-white cat and the same dog named Lakki live at Pozharskaya’s house.
  4. A celebrity is not limited to a certain creative activity. After the release of “Heat”, the performer believed in her talent and recorded the songs “Mirrors” and “Atmosphere”.

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Diana Pozharskaya interview

Diana Pozharskaya – about Russian cinema and filming in a new comedy with Milos Bikovich

Interview from 26 FEBRUARY 2020

What is closer to you: shooting in TV series or shooting in movies?

I like acting both in films and in serials. The most important thing is the story and the heroine. If they are interesting to me, then there is a desire to devote myself to the project.

Now many series are broadcast not on television, but on the Internet. What do you think of this trend?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t matter to me where the project that I like will be broadcast. I just enjoy my work, and if the viewer enjoys it, I am doubly pleased.

Do you think it is correct to compare Russian cinema with Hollywood?

In Russian, just like in Hollywood cinema, there are wonderful pictures. They are distinguished by culture. For me, as a creative person, both Russian and Hollywood cinema are of great value.

What do you think are the current trends in the Russian film industry?

A good movie that hurts a person’s feelings is always in trend. The most important thing is to find a response from the viewer. We now have very different films.

I just enjoy my work, and if the viewer enjoys it, I am doubly pleased.

What are the latest Russian movies or TV series that got you hooked?

It is very difficult to single out someone specific, but I want to note that the level of Russian cinema is growing noticeably.

On March 5, the romantic comedy “Hotel Belgrade” is released, where you played one of the main roles. What is this picture about and what attracted you to the project?

Hotel Belgrade is an adventure comedy. The project attracted me with a script that was sent to me at the development stage. The authors hooked me with the development of the story, humor, good atmosphere, Serbian flavor, and, of course, the fact that I again ran into my heroine, who was at the first steps of my career. I always remember Dasha with warmth.

You have been playing the role of Dasha for several years now. Are you tired of this image? Or vice versa? What distinguishes you from your heroine, and what is close to you in Dasha’s character?

I played the role of Dasha for a year and a half, finished in 2017, a long time ago. Therefore, even managed to get bored. This is one of my favorite roles. Dasha and I are somewhat similar.

Your partner in the film is Milos Bikovich, with whom you starred in the TV series Hotel Eleon. Describe what it’s like to work with Milos on set.

I was very happy to meet Milos on the set again. We are great friends and partners. We are always happy and comfortable. I hope we will work together again.

The events of the film take place in Belgrade. What do you remember about this city? What impressed you the most about him?

Belgrade is an amazing city. With a great history. With a deep spiritual culture, close to the Russian people. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but this is one of the most enjoyable and memorable film expeditions in my life.

How often do you manage to travel? What countries do you like to visit the most?

I travel a lot for work. Therefore, I like to relax at home, with my family.

Name your favorite romantic comedies.

There are a lot of them. One of them, for example, “The other couple.”

Diana Pozharskaya photo

Wikipedia Diana Vladimirovna Pozharskaya actress Dasha from Hotel Eleon

Wikipedia Diana Vladimirovna Pozharskaya actress Dasha from Hotel Eleon

Wikipedia Diana Vladimirovna Pozharskaya actress Dasha from Hotel Eleon

Wikipedia Diana Vladimirovna Pozharskaya actress Dasha from Hotel Eleon

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