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Erik Davidovich: general data

  • Full name: Erik Davidovich Kituashvili
  • Date of Birth: July 8, 1981
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Weight: 127 kg
  • Brief biography: Davidich is a famous blogger and a fighter for the rights of motorists. Eric Kituashvili is not indifferent to expensive cars, participates in street racing, and covers his exploits in his blog. On his own YouTube channel, Davidich posts videos about the extortion of traffic police officers, about illegal actions of the traffic police.
  • Education: Eric decided that higher education was useless to him. What his heart lay in could be done without a diploma. In his father’s workshop, he learned to maintain expensive cars, mastered tuning and repair work. But the main thing is that he made a lot of useful acquaintances, began to rotate among non-poor people who drove expensive cars.

Erik Davidovich biography

The name of Erik Davidovich is popular among video bloggers and lovers of expensive cars. He is called the king of the Russian Internet. They also know about him in connection with the criminal case. After his release, the author of the car channel continued to create videos for subscribers, somewhat changing their concept: Eric now conducts test drives not in the capital, but in the regions of Russia.

Wikipedia Eric Davidich (Erik Davidovich) TV presenter, racer, blogger Eric "Davidich" Kituashvili

Childhood and youth

Eric Kituashvili, a Georgian by nationality, was born in Moscow (according to another version – in Tbilisi). Parents, David Vakhtangovich and Alla Viktorovna, worked in the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, on Petrovka, 38. Childhood was prosperous. The blogger has a sister.

At a young age, Eric graduated from school number 265 in 1998, after which he served in the army. At this time, the father (died in 2015) left the service and went into business related to cars: repairing and maintaining luxury cars, as well as selling and installing alarms on them.

Cars and blog

Returning from the service, Eric also plunged into the automotive world. But he was not interested in Russian cars. He was engaged in the sale, repair, tuning of cars. Quickly made acquaintances among the owners of expensive cars. His main pride, dream, “trick” is the golden BMW X5, known to everyone who knows about Erik Davidovich. On this BMW, he and Noggano stood in a Moscow traffic jam, he is often seen on video.

In 2008, with a friend, I participated in an Internet project of motorists, but I wanted my own resource, with my own ideas and readers. This is how the Smotra website was opened. It got its name from the Observation deck on the Sparrow Hills, where lovers of speed and cars gathered. The goal is to unite lovers of expensive cars.

At first there were races around Moscow from Sparrow Hills, where the golden youth still hang out today, as well as sales and repairs. Next – the site, its rapid development due to the activity of the organizer. In order to further expand the circle of users, motor rallies were organized around the country. Eric – impudent, versed in the most expensive brands, with money and friends, ignoring even the “brick”, became the idol of young people, the leader of night street racers in Moscow.

The work was in full swing. News about the world of cars was filmed, information was given from repairmen, a forum and blogs appeared for those who had expensive foreign cars and were ready to communicate with the same owners on their own territory. Eric conducted test drives and reviews of cars, in particular Rolls-Royce of various modifications. At first, these were simple videos on the phone, scenes from personal life, high-speed street racers. The first 15-20 thousand readers of the site appeared. Then there were only more of them.

Later, a YouTube channel appeared, which quickly became popular. Bright videos, interesting topics, scandals and provocations on the roads. Eric has proven himself to be a professional businessman who has succeeded on the Web.

Since 2010, he began to organize car races around the country, passing trips to orphanages with gifts and help. All this was laid out on the channel. So Eric’s activities became charitable and gained a lot of fans. On April 10, 2010, the first author’s program Smotra Life was filmed.

An incident in Samara was connected with the rally from Moscow to Yekaterinburg in 2010. There was a conflict with the administrator. A noisy company of men insulted a woman who did not recognize a Moscow celebrity and who took too long to fill out paperwork at the reception. There were supposedly apologies, but no confirmation could be found, and the administrator quit the hotel. This compromising evidence, however, did not spoil Eric’s life.

The appearance of his resource and its development gave a new impetus to his career: they learned about Davidovich far beyond his party. Now the blogger rarely appeared under his real name, and used only his middle name. And information about the latest models, a test drive expanded the circle of his acquaintances. So Alexander Khrustalev appeared among them, a man who managed to turn a medium-sized construction company into a prosperous holding company and was passionate about helicopters.

Helicopters, like cars, have become a passion. He promoted them both on the website and on the video channel, told how to rent them instead of a limousine, for example, for a wedding. Such a hectic activity did not go unnoticed: Eric was invited to TV. He broadcasts about cars on Russia-1, makes programs for other channels.

Law enforcement relations

Another situation seriously affected my career. In 2014, a gang of killers appeared on the M4 Don highway, stopping cars. 17 people died before the bandits were caught. The community of street racers under the leadership of Eric Davidovich also participated in their detention.

People also view this episode in two ways: activists driving around with weapons on the road, stopping everyone and treating their “colleagues” drivers rudely, looked more like gangsters than like Robin Hoods. However, the bandits were imprisoned, the attacks stopped. And who knows, only the police would have been able to solve this case, without the help of the Davidovich community. By the way, he was awarded a diploma from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a courageous act.

With the advent of the channel on YouTube, videos about the work of traffic police officers appeared. The series was called “Davidych on the hunt.” And again the audience was divided in two: some believed that a noble man was fighting a thoroughly corrupt service. Others took it as a provocation and rudeness of Davidovich. Arguments came from both sides.

Over the year, about 300 employees were shown breaking the law, complaints of extortion in the metropolitan area decreased. However, the manner of communication with employees, provocations, rudeness and offensive behavior are not very conducive to sympathy. Plus, a huge number of channel viewers took this behavior for granted in dealing with government officials.

Criminal case

In 2016, the blogger’s biography changed dramatically. On February 20 (according to police protocols, the 21st), Eric was arrested by the riot police when he was stopped by traffic police officers to check his documents. The accusation concerned the activity of 8 years ago – fraud with auto insurance in the amount of 10 million rubles. During Eric’s arrest, two more accusations appeared: an attempt on the life of the President of Ingushetia in 2009 and slander of traffic police officers (the motorist himself claimed that evidence of his words was stolen after his arrest).

In the fall of 2016, Davidovich wrote on Instagram that the European Court of Human Rights recognized the arguments about his unlawful detention as convincing. Nevertheless, he had to serve two years in prison while awaiting trial. During the absence of the blogger, his friends started rumors on the Web that he had escaped from the pre-trial detention center and was traveling around Moscow with a gun.

After release

Eric was released in December 2018. In a trial two months earlier, he was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months in prison in an insurance fraud case. Since the statute of limitations had expired on the main episodes, Davidovich was released. All seized property was returned to the video blogger.

The blogger got to work right away. He decided to change locations and began filming new videos not in the capital, but in the regions of Russia. Davidovich visited Tver, Tula, Irkutsk, Kazan, Dagestan. He devoted the first part of the video to a test drive of the car in new realities, and then did a brief overview of the city. Eric spoke about this in an interview with Yuri Dudyu, which was published in April 2019.

In February 2020, it became known that Davidich decided to master a new platform – television. The blogger became a member of the project “The Last Hero. Spectators against the stars. Eric Kituashvili was accompanied by Ptakha, Evgeny Papunaishvili, Alexey Voevoda and other celebrities. The show was hosted by Yana Troyanova.

In July of the same year, Kituashvili on his Instagram page boasted a photo of traffic violations that were filmed by video cameras. According to these indicators, the blogger “dashed off” fines in the amount of 257 thousand rubles. Subscribers advised the motorist to do the same number of squats so that the servants of the law would forgive him for his violations.

Erik Davidovich personal life

As for his personal life, Eric leaves it behind the scenes. It is known that he had a civil wife, Anna Kaganskaya, who was also arrested in 2016 after a search. Photos of Kaganskaya behind bars are in the public domain. During a search, the girl found papers that interested the investigation. In custody, Anna was persuaded to testify against Eric, but the blogger’s wife refused to do so. Later, there were rumors about the couple’s divorce.

After Davidich was released from prison, model Elizaveta Vasilenko, who allegedly met him through the Internet, announced her relationship with the autoblogger.

However, the couple’s relationship, if any, did not last long. In a conversation with Alana Mamaeva, Vasilenko called Eric a gigolo, after his release, he began to threaten both her and her family members. True, she soon translated these statements into a joke, thanking her former partner for what he had done for her.

The lady interested the Internet users, many thought that Vasilenko was hiding under the identity of the mysterious Monika, who acted as Davidovich’s manager and accompanied him on trips. However, the majority agreed that the blogger’s assistant is another girl who had a good relationship with the motorist. In 2021, it became known that Eric found himself a new colleague – now the no less mysterious Claire began to manage the host’s projects.

Eric Davidovich now

In 2021, Davidovich continued to work on the blog, releasing new videos on the YouTube channel and posting. Do not stop appearing in the life of Eric and scandals. So, it became known that the TV presenter “surrendered” the prankster Mikhail Litvinov to the servants of the law by posting a video on Instagram in which the latter fired a toy gun at a car with traffic police officers. Litvinov tried to find out from Davidich what inspired him to this act.

However, instead of a constructive conversation between the men, a verbal conflict ensued with mutual insults.

In June, there was a new “clash” of Eric, this time with the Russian wrestler Magomed Ismailov, who competes in mixed martial arts. The latter posted a video on his Instagram account showing how a popular blogger cuts him on the track. In the post, the athlete noted that mutual respect should be shown on the road, and also joked that an ambulance should be called to the place of the “accident”, since “a man with numerous fractures lies on the side of the gas station, according to the description he looks like Eric Davidich.”

But the motorist’s adventures didn’t end there. In July, the blogger went to Kazan to participate in the forum, and after it became known that the blogger had contracted a coronavirus infection. He himself announced this on Instagram.

Interesting Facts

  1. Despite the unsportsmanlike appearance (Eric’s weight with a height of 179 cm is 120 kg), Davidovich assures that he is capable of 1500 push-ups and 1200 sit-ups.
  2. One of the topics of communication between Davidovich and channel subscribers was the videos of another car video blogger, Dima Gordey. He made a copy of Eric’s golden BMW X5, which he used in his own video pranks.

Erik Davidich in social networks

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Davidich’s YouTube channel became popular because of the universal love for cars and scandals. The blogger skillfully filmed beautiful cars, street racing hooliganism. But the real fame came to Eric after the launch of the project “Davidych on the Hunt”. Responding to the government’s call to fight corruption nationwide, the blogger began to expose the actions of the traffic police, which does not shun extortion from drivers.

Videos appeared regularly. About 3 hundred traffic police officers fell under the watchful eye of a fighter against corrupt traffic police officers. Davidich’s ill-wishers (and there are many of them) claimed that the blogger himself often provoked employees, behaved boorishly, and frankly scandalized.

But the results of Eric’s activities were obvious – the number of complaints about the unauthorized actions of the traffic police in the Moscow region has noticeably decreased.

Help to catch road bandits

In 2014, a group of killers called the GTA gang raged on the Don highway. The bandits were elusive, killing 17 people. The street racing community, led by Davidich, came to the aid of the police.

Armed activists were constantly on the highway, searching suspicious cars. With drivers, Eric and his associates were treated unkindly, they themselves looked more like bandits than champions of justice and law. But “in war, as in war.”

The gang was detained, the police admitted that street racers helped in the capture of criminals. Davidich was awarded a diploma and thanked for his help.

Erik Davidich interview

“The Last Hero” Eric Davidich: “I’ll take a sweater, make a rope out of it, rent it out”

Interview to the portal from 07 FEBRUARY 2020

Wikipedia Eric Davidich (Erik Davidovich) TV presenter, racer, blogger Eric "Davidich" Kituashvili

Scandalous autoblogger and organizer of the street racer movement, Eric Davidich (Kituashvili), recently got back into the media after he almost died on a desert island during the filming of the TV-3 show “The Last Hero. Spectators against the stars.

It turned out that the blogger had diabetes, which almost became fatal for him. Davidich was pumped out in the hospital for 16 hours! Fortunately, everything ended well. On the eve of the new season of the show, the blogger told why he went to The Last Hero with such health and how it affected him.

– Why do you need an extreme show “The Last Hero” with such imperfect health?

— I watched this incredible program for a long time, and for me the guys from there have always been daredevils looking for incredible adventures. This test is interesting to me because I have never been in such conditions and I always wanted to test myself.

It’s one thing to watch on TV how someone, say, eats a frog, and turn up his nose. And it’s quite another thing to be in such a situation: you yourself will eat this very frog, because you won’t have any other food. Do you know this phrase: “Pride goes before the fall”? I’m interested in finding that edge.

— Is it important for you to win?

– Above yourself – yes. I have to beat today’s Eric in this one. Now I weigh 144 kilograms, this is my maximum weight – and my horror. My fans, friends, relatives – they all come to me to lose weight. My body is prepared, I can sit down 1200 times, push up.

But at the same time, I still walk with a belly and get fat. This is my body, but I have to defeat it. And this will be a major victory for me. The question is not to reach the final, for example. For me, the goal is not to win in the program – you need to win yourself, these are different things.

– So you agreed to the show, you are packing your bags, there is nowhere to go. Was it scary?

— Nothing. There are people who are only afraid of salty soup and the poor health of their parents. I went through everything that is possible.

What is loneliness and what is it like to be isolated, how the psychological state of people changes when they are locked up, how physiognomy works, how a person behaves in this or that dangerous situation – I already know all this. Nothing scares me. I’m going to win.

— Have you ever encountered extreme sports in your life?

— I get into extreme situations all the time in my life. They are completely different, and you can’t always explain why they happen.

Once I fell through the ice on a tractor: the door was pressed, my arms and legs were weaned from the cold, I already said goodbye to the white light. But if I start remembering all such cases now, it will take a long time.

— Do you think you can easily get along with the guys on the island?

– Absolutely. I am a workaholic, I like to work for the result, but I don’t like jerks and weaklings, and I can’t stand it when they whine and whine. I will always support, help, suggest, reassure. I see when a person breaks down, and I know how to help him. Our group does not need a psychologist – I will work with everyone myself!

But, of course, someone will be stronger, and someone will be weaker. And scandals, of course, are also possible – people are under stress, on their nerves. Although for the most part people are adults, and therefore, I hope there will be no conflicts. The main thing is that I’m lucky with the team. If there is a weak team, it will be much harder.

– What will you take with you to the show “The Last Hero”?

— I was given a limited list of things that you can take with you. I asked if I could take a wool sweater with me and they said yes. But nothing prevents me from dissolving it and making a rope out of it! And now Davidich will be on the island, who will have a rope and all the others. And then I will already think about giving it to someone for rent or something else …

— How will you manage the prize if you win? (The show is at stake – an apartment in Moscow. – Approx. ed.)

— I’ll take the money and transfer it to a children’s fund, or select someone with a disability in a screaming situation – who urgently needs money right now. Or maybe I will support another orphanage. I have been supporting children with cerebral palsy since 2010 and visit a huge number of orphanages. And even today, before the interview, I received a video report. Before the New Year, my guys went to distribute sweets, gifts, toys. We visited a total of five orphanages. The Lord gives me – and I give it.

“I had 50 girls. Or, as Davidich would say, 1500. The host of SmotraTV swung at one and a half thousand push-ups, but they did not believe him

The author of the YouTube channel for motorists SmotraTV, Eric Kituashvili (Davidych), in an interview with Yuri Dudyu, said that he could do 1,500 push-ups in three to four hours, do 1,200 squats without stopping, and about 3,000 press exercises. This statement caused criticism and ridicule from athletes and bloggers

In addition, according to Davidich, in conclusion, he answered 150,000 letters. Prepared to send up to 300 responses per day.

Davidich, in a comment to Snob, said that he was positively looking at the hype around his statement and was going to do one and a half thousand push-ups live. Spectators, he said, will be given the opportunity to place bets.

Dude’s reaction to Davidich’s statement:

  • Producer and songwriter Semyon Slepakov jokingly said that he would do like Davidich every day.
  • Actor Garik Kharlamov published his version of Davidich’s answers to Dud’s blitz questions.
  • Bronze medalist of the Athens Olympics, judoka Dmitry Nosov said that Davidich’s words are “complete nonsense”.
  • “Even when I was number one and was preparing for the Russian national team for the Olympics, I probably didn’t do so much. Now I do maybe a hundred times a week. And compare my abs and Eric’s stomach, ”he said.
  • “In principle, I believe in such indicators,” Kamil Gadzhiev, President of Fight Night Global, commented on the situation to
  • “Whether the person made these indicators is a question. But it is possible that in prison, having nothing to do, Eric could do 1,500 push-ups in 3-4 hours. He’s a talent!” – said Kamil in an interview with Azamat Bostanov
  • The “1500 Challenge” is gaining momentum on YouTube – bloggers are trying to do one and a half thousand push-ups in three to four hours. On Twitter, users joke about Davidich.

Davidich’s comment:
“You won’t be nice to everyone. In our country, the norm is to crap anyone for anything! You can’t find a better place, ”Davidovich reacted to criticism.

He admitted that he had never done push-ups for the last five months, but even without training he can do it 600 times.

“If there is no preparation today, it can be 600 times, but this is not yet an indicator. We need to put on a show. And we also need to monetize this show for 20-25 million. Therefore, in order to do everything beautifully, legally and correctly, you need to conclude contracts, make agreements, find a site. We are doing all this. And let the haters hate – health and love to them, ”said Davidich.

What is known about the author of the SmotraTV channel:

Davidich spent more than two years in a pre-trial detention center on a criminal case of car insurance fraud and money laundering. In October 2018, the court sentenced him to four years and eight months in prison, but the actual term, taking into account the days spent in the pre-trial detention center, ended in November of the same year.

In December, the author of the SmotraTV channel was released from serving his sentence. He himself said that he was innocent, but the case was fabricated. It is known that in 2015 the blogger published several videos in which he accused the traffic police of corruption.

Last year, the Supreme Court declared the blogger’s arrest illegal. The European Court of Human Rights demanded that the Russian authorities pay Kituashvili 2.1 thousand euros in compensation.

“As if he drank a bottle”: Davidich was pumped out on the “Last Hero”

January 30, 2020

Wikipedia Eric Davidich (Erik Davidovich) TV presenter, racer, blogger Eric "Davidich" Kituashvili

Blogger Eric Davidich could not cope with the workload on the set of the show “The Last Hero” and almost fell into a coma, according to the media. According to the press, doctors fought for the life of a YouTube star for 16 hours and diagnosed him with hypoglycemia.

Blogger Eric Kituashvili, better known as Davidich, could not stand the load during the filming of the show “The Last Hero” in the Philippines, which is why he almost fell into a coma, according to the Mash Telegram channel. It is noted that local doctors spent 16 hours to bring Davidich to his senses, they also diagnosed him with hypoglycemia, a condition characterized by a low level of glucose in the blood.

A video has also appeared on the network in which the blogger lies in a hospital bed, holding his head, and doctors are standing around him discussing the details of his condition.

Kituashvili himself, commenting on the incident, said that he felt then as if he had drunk a bottle of strong alcoholic drink.

“I felt like I couldn’t stand. The condition is as if he drank a bottle of vodka, ”he said.

The new season of the popular desert island survival show is due to start on Russian television in early February. According to the StarHit publication, 16 participants will compete for victory in the extreme contest, including Comedy Woman participant Nadezhda Angarskaya, actress Natalia Bardo, bobsledder Alexei Voevoda, star of the Treason TV series Lukerya Ilyashenko, dancer Yevgeny Papunaishvili, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Elena Proklova, rapper David Nuriev, better known as Ptah, as well as Davidich.

The latter, by the way, said earlier that he decided to participate in the project, hosted by actress Yana Troyanova, including for the sake of losing weight.

“In my life, in principle, I get into extreme situations all the time – both on the road and in life. If I start to remember them, it will drag on for a long time. True, now I weigh 144 kilograms: this is my maximum weight – and my horror. My fans, friends, relatives – they all come to me to lose weight. So you need to lose weight, quit smoking and win – these are my goals, ”the blogger emphasized.

In February 2016, Davidich, at that time already an Internet star, was detained on suspicion of fraud on an especially large scale, after which he was taken into custody. According to the investigation, in 2008 Kituashvili staged the theft of an expensive car, and subsequently received a payment from an insurance company in the amount of 1.3 million rubles. Later, he was charged with staging the theft of three more cars for a total of 7 million rubles. In addition, a criminal case was opened against the blogger for illegally receiving insurance payments totaling 1.196 million rubles and charged with organizing a criminal group – however, Kituashvili himself did not admit guilt.

In court, the YouTube star and his lawyers repeatedly emphasized that the criminal case was fabricated, calling it revenge on the part of the traffic police for Davidich’s exposing films, which talked about alleged corruption in the State traffic inspectorate.

In October 2018, the Dorogomilovsky Court of Moscow announced Kituashvili’s verdict, finding him guilty of fraud with insurance payments. He received a sentence of imprisonment for a term of 4 years and 8 months with serving in a general regime colony – and due to the recalculation of the appointed term of imprisonment (he spent almost 30 months in a pre-trial detention center), he was released already in December 2018.

Later, he gave an interview to journalist Yuri Dudyu, in which he made a resonant statement about his leisure during his imprisonment. According to Davidich, during this period of time he read 620 books and answered 150 thousand letters sent to him manually. He also stated that he does 1,500 push-ups in about 3.5 hours, can do 2,000 sit-ups with stops, and has a record of 3,000 ab exercises.

Erik Davidich photo

Wikipedia Eric Davidich (Erik Davidovich) TV presenter, racer, blogger Eric "Davidich" Kituashvili

Wikipedia Eric Davidich (Erik Davidovich) TV presenter, racer, blogger Eric "Davidich" Kituashvili

Wikipedia Eric Davidich (Erik Davidovich) TV presenter, racer, blogger Eric "Davidich" Kituashvili

Wikipedia Eric Davidich (Erik Davidovich) TV presenter, racer, blogger Eric "Davidich" Kituashvili

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