Wikipedia Gianluca Vacchi dancing millionaire, blogger, businessman Gianluca Vacchi

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Gianluca Vacchi: general information

  • Full name: Gianluca Vacchi
  • Date of Birth: August 5, 1967
  • Place of birth: Bologna, Italy
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Brief biography: In the five years that the world has known the Italian Gianluca Vacchi, he managed to wind up a million fortune, spin up novels with the most beautiful women on the planet, and become a father.
  • Education: After school, Gianluca entered the University of Bologna, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, and received a diploma in 1993.

Gianluca Vacchi Biography

Sporty body, stylish clothes, yachts, planes, luxurious mansions and no less luxurious women, a multi-million army of followers on “Instagram”, popularity is not comparable to Madonna. Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi lives and refuses to do anything. It’s like him, the Italians say: “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”

Wikipedia Gianluca Vacchi dancing millionaire, blogger, businessman Gianluca Vacchi

Childhood and youth

Gianluca was born on August 5, 1967 in Bologna. In 1961, Father Vacchi founded a company for the production of packaging and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. An enterprising Italian finds a profitable niche – soon the family firm enters the world market.

Vacchi is an Italian surname, which is one of the oldest. In his family, Janluki was a businessman and a so-called artist. In one of the interviews, Vacchi mentioned an ancestor, whose works are exhibited in the famous gallery “Palazzo Pitti” in Florence: apparently, from him, Gianluca inherited an irresistible attraction to beauty.

In his youth, Janluka used to turn up his left pants on jeans, trousers and even shorts. And today this habit remains, except for the tuxedo.

After school, Gianluca entered the University of Bologna, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, and received a diploma in 1993. He worked in the family business for 29 years, and then decided to expand the field of activity.

Gianluca Vacchi is famous for the number of tattoos, one of which he also turned into a show. The millionaire posted a video of the filming process on his Instagram account.


In the family company Fin Vacchi, Gianluca Vacchi is a member of the board of directors and owns 30% of the shares. The company is run by my cousin Alberto, a modest person who is closed to the press. Gianluca says that he is lucky to have Alberto Vacchi because he has the talent to start and maintain a successful business.

People in Russia are interested in the biography of the outrageous Italian millionaire. Gianluka regularly participates in Russian television programs. In 2016, he arrived in Moscow to shoot in two episodes of the program “Let them talk”.

In 2017, changes occur in the life of a millionaire who enjoys life. Why can’t I pay off a 9-year-old loan from an Italian bank? As a result of the debt, the property of the dancing millionaire was seized. In order to improve his situation, Gianluca had to star in commercials, but Vacchi did it with his inherent optimism.

Soon Gianluca Vacchi showed his subscribers a new acquisition – a two-story yacht. Some fans believe that the Italian earns money with DJ-sets, others insist that all the wealth of Vacchi is imaginary.

Gianluca Vacchi personal life

Gianluca Vacchi is in excellent physical shape – his acrobatic stunts are the envy of young men. In the personal life of the eccentric millionaire, the order is also the freedom of prejudice.

Really likes women 18-25 years old. It was a millionaire novel with Ninoy Senicar and Belen Rodriguez. In 2011, Wacky announced that he was engaged to TV presenter Melissa Satto, but the couple broke up a month later. In 2014, the press wrote that Gianluci Vacchi had an affair with actress Michelle Rodriguez, but if there was anything between them, it was only a short affair. Soon, the millionaire became famous in Lindsay Lohan’s company.

In 2016, the main heroine of the millionaire’s Instagram feed was the creative director and designer of the fashion brand Wandering Georgia Gabriele, whom Wacky called his wife. Georgia is 18 years older than her husband, but says that she does not feel the age difference.

The model expresses her admiration for the trained body of Gianluci Vacchi – she exercises for 2 hours every day. With a height of 173 cm, his weight is around 72 kg. The fantasies of the millionaire did not bother the girl – Georgia tried to play along with her husband. So it happened with the incendiary dance – a video that was viewed by hundreds of thousands of users. In the summer of 2017, the millionaire and his girlfriend broke up without explanation.

At the same time, joint photos with Vice-Miss Universe 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez began to appear on the womanizer’s page. Soon she was replaced by the Venezuelan model Sharon Fonseca, and it seems that she lingered in the life of a millionaire for a long time – in 2020 it became known that the girl was expecting a child from Vacca. Previously, the millionaire has repeatedly stated that he is not ready to become a father, because he did not find the woman who can become a worthy mother for his heirs.

A joyful event happened on October 27: a daughter was born to a millionaire. The happy father even performed a dance in the hospital.

Dancer Ginevra Mavilla can also be called a frequent guest of Vacca’s account. The girl is also blogging. Ginevra signs the photo with Gianluca in her account as joint pictures with her father, because the Italian has known the millionaire since childhood.

Gianluca Vacca now

Gianluca overcomes life’s difficulties with the same ease as he performs acrobatic pirouettes. At the same time, Vakki does not deny himself the pleasure of continuing the sybarite lifestyle.

In 2018, the millionaire joined the international flash mob and danced to the track of rapper Drake “In my feelings” near his house in a bright female attire. To do this, he chose high-heeled shoes and a black women’s swimsuit. On the head of the eccentric was a bright hat.

Now Vacca continues to delight fans with new videos that he uploads to his account. In the videos, the man demonstrates how he manages to stay in shape. He regularly trains in a plastic suit and arranges sessions in a cryosauna.

Recently, the millionaire published the book “Enjoy”, where he shared the principles of hedonism, which he professes.

“The Dancing Millionaire” by Gianluca Vacca: how an eccentric Italian who became a father lives

June 18, 2021

For six years the whole world has known Gianluca Vacca. “The Dancing Millionaire” managed to amass a multimillion-dollar army of fans, have romances with the most beautiful women on the planet, tickle the nerves of the tax office, almost go broke and become a father.

How does the “dancing millionaire” live today?

Video with “dancing millionaire”

Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacca was born in 1967 in Bologna. He lived quietly, earned money, met beautiful women, rode expensive yachts – in a word, he led the traditional life of a rich man.

Meanwhile, the new social network Instagram was entangling the planet, and in 2016 the stars aligned. In the summer, a video appeared on the Web with a man dancing on a yacht.

A lean handsome man lit up with a long-legged brunette. The female audience began to pour compliments to the pumped-up stranger, the men looked with envy at the brunette and the dancer’s tattoos.

The dance to the song La Mordinita by Ricky Martin so “went” to Internet users that overnight the couple gained worldwide popularity. The Internet was feverish with attempts to find at least some information about the couple. Particularly curious got to the bottom that in the video the Italian Gianluca Vacca and his lover, supermodel Georgia Gabriele.

Stars that quickly burn out just as quickly go out, but with Wakki, the story went a different way. Either the lucky star of the Italian had an effect, or the feeling of a millionaire. He quickly realized what was what and made a bet on the social network.

The audience of the “dancing millionaire” grew exponentially and crossed the 10 million mark in a year. The face of the entrepreneur has become recognizable along with Hollywood stars, fans have learned to dance like Wacky, and they are still willing to pay big money for tickets to the events he attends.

What is it that attracts the public in Gianluca so much (and the audience of his Instagram page has already exceeded 20 million by 2021) and who is he really?

Gianluca Vacca in his youth

The biography of the millionaire is shrouded in mystery. Even his date of birth raises questions. Some claim that Vakki was born on August 5, 1967 (53 years old), while others insist that the tattooed handsome man will be older …

In any case, since childhood, Vakki did not know the refusal of anything. His father was in business, in 1961 he founded IMA, a company manufacturing packaging and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

After graduating from school, Gianluca entered the University of Bologna at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, and, having received a diploma in 1993, plunged headlong into the family business.

Gianluca’s youth was spent in the Mediterranean, this could not but leave its mark. The Italian looked at the girls and gained fame as a real womanizer. Many beauties dreamed of capturing his heart, which turned out to be not an easy task. Vakki twisted novels, but was not going to marry.

From the university bench, the guy fell in love with sports, and also began to tuck one leg on trousers or shorts, he tremblingly protects this tradition even now. The only exception is for a tuxedo.

By the way, Vacca is a surname that has a long history. The millionaire himself has repeatedly shared on social networks that in his family there were not only businessmen, but also artists. And the works of the ancestors were exhibited in the famous gallery “Palazzo Pitti” in Florence.

Vakki worked in his father’s company until the age of 29, but he could not be imbued with the idea. Gianluca’s sphere of interests lay in a different plane: he was attracted by art, music, clothing production.

“I only inherited three or four percent of what I own,” the millionaire said in a recent interview. — From the age of 25 to 35, I worked in twelve sectors of the economy. He was engaged in the tourist business, motor homes, wristwatches.

Business and wealth of Gianluca Vacca

From open sources it follows that the fortune of Gianluca is estimated at 450 million dollars (about 27 billion rubles). His annual income is approximately $20 million. A wealthy heir lives on dividends from the IMA Corporation. As of 2010, he owned 876,000 shares. How the situation has changed by 2021 is unclear, the information has not been updated for a long time.

In 2016, IMA had a turnover of over one billion euros and a net profit of 101 million euros. And here it is important to note that Vacca’s rights in the company are very limited.

For some reason, the father did not hand over the reins of government to his son, but preferred to make his nephew Alberto Vacca the chief. He grew up the exact opposite of Gianluca: he got up at six in the morning, worked until late at night and was careful about every penny. The businessman is still trying to stay away from the extravagant relative and limit his participation in the family business.

The Italian media claim that the IMA pays five million euros to Gianluca every year. The Quotidiano edition even noted that this is a payment for not getting into the company’s affairs.

“I am lucky that there are people in my family who can both run a successful business and support it. This allows me to fulfill myself the way I want, ”Gianluca said in an interview.

This arrangement of affairs completely suited the “dancing millionaire”, he invested dividends in his business. At one time, Vakki was engaged in plastic wristwatches ToyWatch. A year later, he sold the business and decided to try himself in the tourism field, but he almost got into trouble with the law. Then there was an attempt to launch his own clothing brand called GV, but this did not work either.

By 2014, Gianluca was focusing on investments. His holding First Investments provided loans to partners, but according to such a cunning scheme that he almost left the millionaire without his pants.

Debts of Gianluca Vacca

Problems with law enforcement agencies and tax authorities broke out in 2016. It turned out that First Investments was lending money to Cofiva Holdings and Eleven Finanziaria. At the same time, a solid share in each of the companies belongs to Vacca himself, and the one that is not his went to companies partially associated with the millionaire. In general, a terrible dream of any accountant. Apparently, the business covered up some schemes of the Italian.

As a result, the soap bubble burst and most of the property of the dancing millionaire was arrested for debts. Then the same yachts, villas, a golf club and other assets that he boasted on social networks fell under arrest. According to Italian media, the amount of debt amounted to about 60 million euros. The millionaire himself assured that the figure was greatly overestimated and the problems arose not at all due to lack of money, but due to a bank error in calculating interest on the loan.

I must say that the millionaire owed not only to banks, but also to numerous relatives, for this he is not liked in the family.

The intricacies of fate led the businessman to the idea that he needed to reconsider his attitude to work. Vakki abandoned his business (but there were good dividends) and began to live to the fullest. Now he prefers sunbathing on the best beaches in the world to financial planning in the cool office walls. This is how the character we know from Instagram was born.

Personal life of the “dancing millionaire”

Looking at Vacca, it’s hard to believe that in 2021 he will be 54 years old. With a height of 173 cm, his weight is kept around the mark of 72 kg, and the daily two hours spent in the gym leave no chance for fat and sagging skin.

A man takes care of himself and is not ready to give up old age. Hair transplants, beauty injections, veneers – all this has turned an aging businessman into a media handsome man. Plastic surgeons tend to believe that Vacchi did not resort to the operation, but he probably used fillers to correct his cheekbones and temples, as well as Botox, which got rid of wrinkles on his forehead.

Nevertheless, it is impossible not to admit that not a single plastic surgeon will make cubes on the press – this is entirely the merit of a man.

Wakka’s entire body is covered in tattoos. On the right hand, many saw the Masonic sign – the letters GV, but most likely these are the initials of the millionaire. Many inscriptions are dedicated to Egyptian themes, Chinese sayings and Tibetan symbols. It can be seen that the tattoos were applied gradually and very meaningfully.

Endless optimism, excellent physical shape and money – all this made Gianluca Vacca a favorite of women. I must say that all his lovers are like a selection.

  • In 2011, he had an affair with Melissa Satta, an Italian TV presenter and Victoria’s Secret model. The girl is 20 years younger than Vacca.
  • Italian actress Raffaella Zardo is not just Vacca’s ex-girlfriend, but her best friend. She often visits a millionaire and communicates with his wife.
  • Lindsay Lohan is another passion for Vacca, but the romance ended quickly.
  • The brutal beauty Michelle Rodriguez had every chance of becoming the legal wife of a millionaire. The couple had too long-term plans, but a new beauty appeared on the horizon.
  • Georgia Gabriela – it was she who danced with Vacca that very incendiary dance. The millionaire did not skimp on the gifts of his beloved. Gianluca even visited Russia with her.
  • In 2018, model Sharon Fonseca appeared in the life of the “dancing millionaire”. The girl is 27 years younger than her lover and has been his constant companion for three years now. Apparently, the ladies’ man Gianluca decided to end his series of high-profile novels and finally start a family.

Wife and daughter of Gianluca Vacca

2020 has become a landmark year in Gianluca’s life. He finally decided to marry Sharon. The joyful event was reported by the model on her personal blog, showing footage from the wedding. Apparently, the ceremony was modest, “for their own.” The girl tried on a loose white dress, throwing a jacket over her shoulders. And her fiancé is a pink suit with a white shirt.

And a couple of months after the ceremony, the couple had a daughter. Fans were delighted with the news, congratulations to the newly-made father flew from different parts of the world. The baby was named Blue Jerusalem.

Sharon planned a natural birth, but the doctors did not take risks and performed a caesarean section. Blue was born with a pathology – a cleft palate. This is a congenital deformity, which is a splitting of the tissues of the hard and soft palate. At the age of five months, she underwent surgery and eliminated the disease.

“This happens to one in 700 babies. We are very lucky that we have an excellent team of doctors, that in due time they will perform the operation and thus help her live a normal life, ”Vacchi shared.

The father celebrated the birth of the baby on a grand scale and put on a real show during his wife’s discharge from the hospital. He also shared that he plans to get a tattoo with the name of the girl and her handprint.

Gianluca turned out to be an excellent father, he spends days and nights with the heiress and gladly shoots her for his new videos.

Gianluca Vacca in Russia

In the fall of 2016, the Italian flew to Moscow twice, shared shots against the backdrop of local attractions: from Red Square and with Olga Buzova. Many even suggested that Vacca’s page was hacked, but no, he really managed to get to know the singing presenter.

On his first visit, the eccentric rich man was supposed to perform as a DJ in one of the capital’s nightclubs for a five-figure fee, but for technical reasons his set was constantly postponed. Outraged by this attitude, the Italian refused to stand at the console and left the club.

On the second visit, Vacca agreed to come to the program “Let them talk”. It is noteworthy that a month before the filming of the show, Lindsay Lohan visited, where she spoke about the break with the son of the Russian oligarch Egor Tarabasov.

They made a real show out of Vacca’s visit. They began to look for a Russian wife for the millionaire and offered to evaluate photos of Russian stars: singer Slava, Alsou, Anna Sedokova and Anna Kalashnikova. The choice of the Italian fell on Alsou and Kalashnikov. But since the heart of the first was busy, the millionaire invited the second to dance

Georgia Gabriela, who at that time was in a relationship with Vacca, did not roll up scenes of jealousy and noted that she supported her man in everything. Live to the fullest.

Gianluca Vacca on social media

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  • Gianluca Vacca Instagram
  • Gianluca Vacchi Vkontakte
  • Gianluca Vacca Twitter
  • Gianluca Vacca YouTube

Gianluca Vacca interview

“Dancing Millionaire” Gianluca Vacca on 27-year age difference with his girlfriend: “I have the enthusiasm of a 15-year-old boy”

Interview for Gossip on June 8, 2020

Wikipedia Gianluca Vacchi dancing millionaire, blogger, businessman Gianluca Vacchi

52-year-old Italian businessman Gianluca Vacca, who became famous online for his incendiary dances and received the nickname “dancing millionaire”, will soon become a father for the first time: his 25-year-old girlfriend Sharon Fonseca is pregnant. The couple recently sat down for an interview while at Vacca’s mansion in Bologna, talking about their relationship, the beginning of their romance, and their 27-year age difference.

Now Gianluca and Sharon divide their time between Bologna and Miami, where Vacca has a penthouse. In his native Italy, the entrepreneur owns 15 hectares of land, on which several residential areas with three swimming pools are equipped.

Vacca and Fonseca have been together for about three years, and, as he recalled, the future mother of his child made the “dancing millionaire” suffer. They met on the set of one of his music videos.

She made me suffer, that’s for sure. I thought Sharon would fall into my net that same night, but I was wrong!
— he said.

Wikipedia Gianluca Vacchi dancing millionaire, blogger, businessman Gianluca Vacchi

During the conversation, the couple was asked if the 27-year age difference worries them. Gianluca replied that he remained young at heart.

Despite the gray beard, my enthusiasm is the enthusiasm of a 15-year-old boy,
— he said about himself.

And Sharon confirmed his words.

Jan is an open book, a person from whom I learn something new every day. His soul and energy, like a 15-year-old boy,
she added.

The other day Vacca showed the mansion he lives in with Sharon, as well as the surrounding area. The businessman said that after years of hard work, he was able to earn the house of his dreams. The cottage is located in Bologna, it has all the conditions for a luxurious life – swimming pools, a gym and even its own cryo-chamber for beauty treatments.

Recently, the girl of the “dancing millionaire” made a splash on the Web. The model starred in a swimsuit, “lighting up” a rounded tummy in the frame.

Prior to his relationship with Sharon, the popular Italian had an affair with model Georgia Gabriele. The blogger broke up with her in 2017 after four years of marriage. In the same period, the businessman had financial problems. The man was on the verge of bankruptcy due to huge debts.

Gianluca Vacca photo

Wikipedia Gianluca Vacchi dancing millionaire, blogger, businessman Gianluca Vacchi

Wikipedia Gianluca Vacchi dancing millionaire, blogger, businessman Gianluca Vacchi

Wikipedia Gianluca Vacchi dancing millionaire, blogger, businessman Gianluca Vacchi

Wikipedia Gianluca Vacchi dancing millionaire, blogger, businessman Gianluca Vacchi

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