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Jack Savoretti

Giovanni Edgar Charles Galletto-Savoretti (born 10 October 1983), known as Jack Savoretti, is an English acoustic singer, songwriter and musician. He has released seven studio albums to date: Between the Minds (2007), Harder Than Easy (2009), Before the Storm (2012), Written in Scars (2015), Sleep No More (2016), Singing to Strangers (2019) and Europiana (2021).

Singing to Strangers became his first number one on the UK Albums Chart.

Early career

Savoretti was born in Westminster to an Italian father and a half-German/half-Polish mother, grew up in London and then moved to Lugano, a Swiss city close to the Italian border. Moving around Europe as a child, he ended up at the American School in Switzerland, where he acquired an accent he describes as “transatlantic”.

As a teenager, he was only interested in poetry.

“I wrote all the time, it was the most appropriate thing to do – sit under a tree with a notebook, mentally go somewhere else. I was in the clouds.”

When his mother gave him a guitar and suggested that he try putting some of his words to music, he was “surprised how many more people listen to you when you sing than when you read poetry”. “After that, I couldn’t stop, I wrote constantly, every day, it became almost a form of conversation, a way of interacting with the world.”

He started playing the guitar at the age of 16. Savoretti performed two duets with Shelley Pool called “Anyday Now” and “Hope”, both of which appeared on Poole’s album “Hard Time for the Dreamer”, which was released in September 2005. Jack was signed to De-angelis Productions when he was 18 and later signed to De-angelis Records, a label created by Anna Barrett and Eric Ramon. Rick Barraclough joined De-angelis in 2005 and produced the first two albums, Between the Minds and Harder than Easy.

The label signed a deal with Nick Fleming’s radio promotion company, who introduced Savoretti to Radio 2, where his album Between The Minds was album of the week.

De-angelis then sent Savoretti to the US, where Sue Crawshaw, who worked for De-angelis, organized a showcase at Fox, where he performed and quickly became the darling of many film and TV executives. During this time, the label approached Caffè Nero director Paul Ettinger (who had previously seen Jack perform at Tony Moore’s Hammersmith) to organize Jack’s tour of the café, becoming the first label to come up with the marketing idea. Graham Stokes, who advised De-angelis, suggested that De-angelis approach new Grammy Award winner Corinne Bailey Rae’s management to have Savoretti act as the backing band for Corinne’s upcoming European tour.

After this tour, Jack also supported Gavin DeGraw on a European tour. Savoretti parted ways with De-angelis in 2010.


Between the Minds (2006-2008)

Savoretti released his first single on October 9, 2006 called “Without”. Filmed in Mallorca, the video was directed by Oscar-nominated director Bobby Garabedian. The single peaked at number 90 on the UK Singles Chart and was B-Listed on BBC Radio 2. His second single, “Dreamers”, was less successful and peaked at number 123 on the UK Singles Chart; it was also listed by radio station Radio 2. Savoretti was then spotted by Corinne Bailey Rae, who invited Savoretti to perform with her on her European tour. His album received support on Radio 2, where it was declared album of the week.

Between the Minds was released in March 2007 and peaked at #5 on the UK Indie Charts. On August 6, 2007, he made his television debut on GMTV, where he performed the song “Dr Frankenstein”. In February and March 2008, Savoretti embarked on a solo mini-tour of Caffè Nero bars in the UK.

After the Caffè Nero tour, he re-released his debut album Between the Minds with a bonus CD featuring versions of some of his songs, three new songs, and a live cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” on March 31, 2008 of the year. Four days later, on April 4, 2008, he made another television appearance, performing the song “Gypsy Love” on This Morning.

Savoretti joined Steve Booker (writer of Duffy’s “Mercy”) to write the A-side to his single “Gypsy Love”, which captures the sincerity of Savoretti’s songwriting. Songs such as the A-side of his single “One Man Band” are a testament to how he spent the beginning of the year and an expression of his ability to showcase his voice without the backing of a full band.

Two of his songs were featured in the fifth episode of the hit television series One Tree Hill. The song “Between the Minds” was featured on the episode “Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now” and “No One’s Aware” was featured on the episode “What Do You Go Home To?”. The song “No One’s Aware” was also featured in the movie Sister in Travel Pants 2, which was released in the US in August and was released in the UK in January 2009.

His song “Chemical Courage” was featured on the A&E television series The Cleaner. The song “Soldier’s Eyes” from Between the Minds was played over the closing credits of the second episode of the fifth series of Sons of Anarchy.

Savoretti toured Europe with Gavin DeGraw after he approached Savoretti to support him. Coinciding with DeGraw’s support, Savoretti’s debut album “Between the Minds” was released to all European iTunes stores.

Harder Than Easy (2009-2011)

Savoretti’s second album, Harder Than Easy, was due out on July 6, 2009. The album’s release was delayed and was eventually released in North America on September 15, 2009. On April 14, a new song titled “Him & Her” was released via as a free download to launch the new album.

Savoretti wrote the song “One Day” specifically for the American film Post Grad, and the version of “One Day” in the film is performed by Zack Gilford’s character. A music video for the song “One Day” was released featuring footage from the film Post Grad. The film was released in the United States on August 21, 2009.

On November 2, 2010, Savoretti announced via Facebook that he is in London working on his third album. He spent most of 2011 touring and working on his third album, debuting many new songs.

Before the Storm (2012)

On February 2, 2012, Savoretti released the song “Hate & Love” featuring Sienna Miller, followed by the first single “Knock Knock” on February 12. On May 3, Savoretti released a third single titled “Take Me Home” along with a music video.

A contest was announced in which fans had to cover this song and submit it to the Facebook page to win the chance to tour with Savoretti.

The third album, “Before the Storm”, was released on June 4th. They recorded with their band The Dirty Romantics at Kensaltown Studios and mastered the LP at Abbey Road Studios. The album showed a new side of Savoretti but retained the same poetic charm as previous albums. Kicking off the UK leg of the tour at The Borderline, Savoretti showed off some new material and also showed he had a little more up his sleeve with a song called “Crazy Town”.

In the fall of 2012, Jack co-wrote songs with Janet Devlin for her upcoming debut release.

Written in Scars (2014-2015)

Before the Storm rekindled Savoretti’s passion for songwriting, taught him how to put himself into his songs and, most importantly, led him to the musicians who helped him create Written in Scars, his fourth album and first released by a major label BMG Chrysalis, with whom he signed a contract in 2014. Many of the songs on the album were co-written by Samuel Dixon and Matt Benbrook.

The track “Wasted” featured Lissy and the deluxe version contained three acoustic tracks.

The singles “Tie Me Down”, “Home” and “The Other Side of Love” made the playlist and were supported by BBC Radio 2 where Savoretti made guest appearances on The Dermot O’Leary, Chris Evans and Richard Madeley Shows . Savoretti also appeared on BBC One’s The One Show on 20 February 2015 to perform his single “Home”.

The official video for the song “Home” was filmed during a football match at the stadium in Genoa, Jack’s hometown; fortunately, Genoa won.

The official video for “The Other Side of Love” premiered in March 2015 and features actor Rafe Spall.

Written in Scars was released on February 9, 2015 via BMG Chrysalis. The album peaked at number 7 on the Official UK Albums Chart and charted for 41 weeks. BBC Radio 2 made Written in Scars Album of the Week on February 1, 2015, and Tesco made it Album of the Week on April 10, 2015.

To celebrate the release of the album, Savoretti embarked on a UK and Ireland headlining tour, visiting cities such as Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin and Leeds, finishing at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire, receiving a four-star review from Emily Jupp of The Independent.

In 2016, Savoretti recorded a duet with Elisa called “Waste Your Time on Me” on her album On. He also played a sold-out concert at the Hammersmith Apollo and performed at a special event in the center of the elegant little Italian village of Portofino.

Sleep No More (2016-2018)

Savoretti’s fifth album Sleep No More was released on October 28, 2016.

In 2018, he took part in Kylie Minogue’s album Golden, where he performed a duet with her on the song “Music’s Too Sad Without You”.

Singing to Strangers (2019-2020)

Promoted by a performance on The Graham Norton Show, Singing to Strangers became Savoretti’s first album to reach number one on March 24, 2019.

Europiana (2021-)

Europiana, Jack’s seventh studio album, was released on June 25, 2021 via EMI. It was preceded by the single “Who’s Hurting Who”, which was the only track on the album produced by Nile Rodgers and Mark Ralph. The album debuted at the top of the UK Albums Chart, becoming Savoretti’s second number one album in that country.

Personal life and family

Savoretti’s grandparents hid in the mountains near Genoa, Italy during World War II. His grandfather was posthumously recognized by the city as the head of the partisan movement that liberated Genoa and this region of Italy from fascism. Subsequently, a street in Genoa was named in his memory.

He speaks fluent Italian.

Savoretti is married to British actress Gemma Powell. They live in Oxfordshire with their three children. Savoretti also has a home on the island of Formentera in the Balearic Islands.

He is a fan of the Italian football club Genoa Crickets, who appears in the video for the single “Home”.

Studio albums

  • Between the Minds (2007)
  • Harder Than Easy (2009)
  • Before the Storm (2012)
  • Written in Scars (2015)
  • Sleep No More (2016)
  • Singing to Strangers (2019)
  • Europiana (2021)



  • 2008 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 “No one knows”
  • 2009 Post Grad “One Day”
  • 2013 Univer “Changes”

TV show

  • 2008 One Tree Hill “No One Knows”
  • “Between the Minds”
  • “Dreamers”
  • The Cleaner “Chemical Courage”
  • EastEnders “Gypsy Love”
  • 2009 One Tree Hill “Wonder”
  • Grey’s Anatomy “Songs from different times”
  • One Tree Hill “Mother”
  • 2010 Grey’s Anatomy “Breaking News”
  • “Wonder”
  • 2011 “Harder Than Easy”
  • Greek “Ring of Fire”
  • 2012 The Vampire Diaries “Love and Hate”
  • One Tree Hill “Changes”
  • Sons of Anarchy “Soldier’s Eyes”
  • 2016 Teen Wolf “Fight Til’ the end”
  • 2017 The Royals “Deep Waters”

Video games

  • 2019 Gone Days “Soldier’s Eyes”

TV appearances

  • 2007 Top of the Pops 2 “Dreamers”
  • GMTV “Dr. Frankenstein”
  • 2008 This Morning “Gypsy Love”
  • MDA Telethon “Dr Frankenstein”
  • 2012 Got to Dance “Knock Knock Knock”
  • Morgan Spurlock’s New Britannia
  • The Xtra Factor “Lifetime”
  • “Take Me Home”
  • “Last Time”
  • Freshly Squeezed “Breaking the Rules”
  • Sunday brunch
  • 2013 BBC Breakfast “Not Worthy”
  • MOTD Kickabout
  • Sunday brunch
  • 2014 Life’s a Pitch “Sweet Hurt”, “Broken Glass”
  • Vintage TV “Sweet Hurt”
  • 2015 Sunday Brunch “Written in Scars”, “Back Where I Belong”
  • 2016 Graham Norton Show “Catapult”
  • 2016 The London Palladium “Catapult”
  • 2017 Graham Norton Show “Only You”
  • 2018 Michael McIntyre’s Big Show “Music’s Too Sad Without You”
  • 2018 Jonathan Ross “Music’s Too Sad Without You”
  • 2019 The Graham Norton Show “Candlelight”
  • 2019 Soccer AM “Candlelight”
  • 2019 Saturday Kitchen “Singing To Strangers”
  • 2020 Saturday Morning with James Martin “Singing To Strangers”
  • 2021 Loose Women “Who’s Hurting Who”
  • 2021 Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best! “Who’s Hurting Who”
  • 2021 The Graham Norton Show “Who’s Hurting Who”

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