Wikipedia Golubev Vladimir Evgenievich boxer, former prisoner, Barmaley, pigeon, Sizy

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Wikipedia Golubev Vladimir Evgenievich boxer, former prisoner, Barmaley, pigeon, Sizy

Golubev Vladimir Barmalei: general data

  • Full name: Golubev Vladimir Evgenievich
  • Date of Birth: 1955
  • Place of birth: Born in the city of Klintsy, Bryansk region.
  • Height: –
  • West: –
  • Brief biography: Vladimir Golubev. Boxer, former prisoner and figure in Andrei Konstantinov’s book Gangster Petersburg. He is Barmaley, Dove and Gray. Born in 1955 in the city of Klintsy, Bryansk region.

Who is Golubev Barmaley?

Vladimir Golubev. Boxer, former prisoner and figure in Andrei Konstantinov’s book Gangster Petersburg. He is Barmaley, Dove and Gray.

  • Born in 1955 in the city of Klintsy, Bryansk region. He was convicted of theft, robbery and robbery.
  • First received six years for theft and fraud in 1975 and served the full sentence.
  • In 1983, he sat down for another six months (according to some reports, for operations with documents), and in 1986 Golubev was sent to prison for ten years with confiscation of property and two years of exile. Exemplary behavior allowed him to be released 27 months before the end of his term, and also to avoid exile.

A major St. Petersburg-Moscow entrepreneur. He tried to create a social assistance fund for military personnel, controlled part of the assets of the Adamant holding (40% of shopping and entertainment complexes in St. Petersburg). Shareholder of the development company Potok, which owns the Federation Tower and other assets of Sergei Polonsky’s former Mirax Group. Established NPF “Verny”, LLC “Moscow Gates”, was the head of the representative office of the American company BIONT Corp.

The media have repeatedly noted his closeness to the Tambov group, criminal authorities Kumarin and Malyshev. He first attracted media attention as a close friend of the popular TV presenter and Miss World Oksana Fedorova.

Biography of Vladimir Semenovich Golubev Barmaley

Born in the spring of 1955 in Leningrad (according to other sources – in a village in the Bryansk region). Doctor of Economic Sciences. He was convicted of theft, robbery and robbery. Already in adolescence, his criminal habits were noted. Golubev received 6 years for theft and fraud by the verdict of the Oktyabrsky Court of Leningrad on September 19, 1975 and served the term in full.

On September 1, 1983, the Petrograd Court of Leningrad gave Golubev 6 months (according to some reports, for transactions with documents), and in 1986 Golubev was sent to prison for 10 years with confiscation of property and 2 years of exile. It was reported that the anti-corruption campaign launched by Andropov severely went through the beginning authority, however, democratization and good behavior allowed him to be released 27 months before the end of his term, and also to avoid exile. He tried to create a social assistance fund for military personnel, was a co-founder of the Adamant retail chain (household goods, restaurants, cafes).

Established the Verny non-state pension fund, Moscow Gate LLC, was the head of the representative office of the American company BIONT Corp. Tried to infiltrate the gambling business.

Familiar with a number of criminal authorities. He has many friends in the so-called Tambov criminal gang. Golubev kept the future “Miss Universe – 2002” Oksana Fedorova from the time when she was 16 years old. According to rumors, Golubev noticed the girl at the Miss St. Petersburg contest. In her student years, Fedorova complained to her friends that she was tired of living in a “golden cage”, she wanted to have a family and children, against the appearance of which her patron objected. It was Golubev who forced Fedorova to give up the Miss Universe title, stop attending the events assigned to this status and return from abroad. In 2004, Oksana Fedorova told the press that Golubev had asked her to marry him. It was also reported that Golubev assigned two strong guards to Fedorova, in whose company she moved around St. Petersburg.

They also write that another Russian star, “Beauty of Russia-2002” Anna Tatarintseva, enjoyed the attention of the “authoritative” businessman.

Vladimir Semenovich Golubev long ago lost count of even his own wives – he signed, collected valuables and left, like Ostap Bender, “to a meeting of the Small Council of People’s Commissars.” Not being a formalist and a pedant, at the same time he was in no hurry with divorces and lived for years, painted with two or three women at the same time. And besides them, there are five more wives with whom Golubev formally married, for his own benefit in fraudulent schemes.

Dossier: Vladimir Semyonovich Golubev, criminal authority, known in criminal circles as Barmaley, Siziy, Golub.

While studying at school, Golubev was a mediocre three-year student. But today he has a doctorate in economics. Golubev had no problems writing and defending his dissertation, because it was simply paid for. During his school years, Golubev was regularly beaten in the women’s restroom for spying on girls. After school, Golubev took up fartsovka (the name of the clandestine purchase / resale (speculation) banned in the USSR of hard-to-find or inaccessible to the average Soviet inhabitant of scarce imported goods) at the famous “galley” of Gostiny Dvor in Leningrad.

Then thefts, robberies, robberies followed. Golubev was convicted under Articles 147, 144, 195 and 174 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR and spent several years in a corrective labor colony. In correctional institutions, Golubev “creeped” under thieves and onlookers. But he did not become his own in their midst. Because the elite of the criminal world does not appreciate freeloaders and scammers. Golubev was repeatedly caught on the fact that, trying to earn authority for himself, he composed various horror stories about his criminal past. With simple “men”, Golubev was rude and arrogant in the zone. For this he received his nickname Barmaley. When Golubev returned to St. Petersburg after his release, he did not want to join one of the criminal groups because of greed – it was required to deduct a share in the common fund.

He began to present himself to the leaders of the organized criminal group (hereinafter referred to as “organized criminal group”) as a great authority, having served 12 years and living according to thieves’ concepts. Those of these tales were not checked.

At first, Golubev joined the local spectators from the Moscow thieves’ gangway. But he did not become his own in this environment. As they say, for the same reasons as in the zone. Then Golubev tried to organize a “Social Assistance Fund for Servicemen”. But the military, having learned that Golubev saw the Kalashnikov assault rifle only in the hands of a guard on the tower, refused his services. Then Golubev took up his usual business – fartsovka and women. Golubev for several years, as an authoritative businessman, “supervised” the Adamant retail chain in St. Petersburg. Then he became a co-founder of this commercial system, and received a solid income. Then Golubev established the Verny non-state pension fund, Moscow Gates LLC, and also represented the interests of the American company Biont Corporation.

Having connections in the criminal world of St. Petersburg, thanks to his past affairs, as well as his time in prison, Golubev begins to break through the ground for an infusion into some kind of organized crime group.

In those years, one of the powerful criminal groups was the Kazan organized criminal group. Therefore, realizing that it is possible to work with them, Barmaley joins the ranks of their brigades. But not for long. Since soon the Kazanians begin to suffer significant losses, Vladimir Golubev, in turn, begins to look closely at the Tambov organized criminal group, by the way, the opponents of the Kazanians. Barmaley several times tried to “drive up” to the king of the St. Petersburg gambling business, Mikhail Mirilashvili.

They wrote that once Mirilashvili even took Barmaley with him to Israel. But even with Mirilashvili, Barmaley did not succeed in friendship. They say, again, because of his unflattering reputation.

Golubev becomes close to the leader of one of the most brutal gangs in St. Petersburg, Andrey Volov, nicknamed Andrey Malny. His gang is engaged in robberies of currency exchange offices, and other serious crimes, including extortion and murder. Using Volov’s connections, Vladimir Golubev meets FSB officer Baranov and former head of the RUBOP Ivanov, who are loyal to Barmaley, who is gaining weight and influence. Golubev was able to gain confidence in the “Tambov”. He was often seen in the company of the well-known “Tambov” authority, the former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Mikhail Glushchenko, nicknamed Khokhol.

Golubev met with Kum himself (Vladimir Barsukov). Barmaley became a mid-level foreman in the Tambov organized criminal group.

After that, he spread a rumor about himself as the main sponsor of the Tambov organized crime group. But in the late 90s, on the arrow in Astoria, he was exposed. Bandit Golubev was sent to the hardest knockout, in which the now arrested ex-deputy of the State Duma Mikhail Glushchenko (Misha Khokhol) sent a huckster who imagined himself in the toilet of the Astoria Hotel. The case was not limited to a knockout and they colorfully described a fork stuck in Golubev’s ass, as well as dragging a sufferer on a rope behind a boat speeding along the Neva. They also talked about a significant amount recovered from him as a fine.

Barmaley tried to find protection from the famous St. Petersburg businessman Konstantin Yakovlev. But he was only amazed at such naive impudence: his contempt for Barmaley was widely known. Then Golubev again came to bow to the Tambov. The Tambovites “amnestied” him, but, firstly, they expelled him to Moscow, and secondly, they forced him to pay monthly.

Barmaley reportedly happily agreed. The brightest and most successful period of his life began in the capital. In the capital, Vladimir Golubev wraps himself in a different, not “thieves'” legend. Now he is allegedly a person who can solve any problems using his connections in presidential circles. And they believe him more than ever. Moreover, given that Barmaley is well acquainted with Igor Sechin and his wife Marina. For solving problems, Golubev has a large fee. Businessmen pay him in anticipation of miracles. But in fact, things are not being done. After several presentations of Barmaleya, people begin to threaten businessmen. Sometimes, demanding the amount paid back from Barmaley, entrepreneurs run into blackmail. But all this is nothing more than a training warm-up.

Vladimir Golubev has more serious things ahead. He recently acquired a fifth, exclusive mobile phone. Not even “Ivanych”, but “Oskarych” calls him on this number.

And not from the presidential administration, but from the government of the Russian Federation. This Oskaritch, according to Barmaley, invited V. S. Golubev to take an important post in one of the ministries and prepared an appointment order (apparently, the advance purchase of a doctoral degree was very useful). Vladimir Semenovich has not yet made a final decision, but he has already staffed his future staff – from the same zone gentlemen. Somewhere it will come in handy – at least at Ivanych, at least at Oskarich. It remains to get the go-ahead from the Tambovites in St. Petersburg – and forward, to the White House, to Staraya Square. Golubev “divorced” some big businessman who intended to become an oligarch and wished to get acquainted with “Ivanych” from the presidential administration. The service cost the entrepreneur a million dollars. At one of the receptions, an employee of the administration really approached him, patted him on the shoulder, and went about his business. All that remained for the entrepreneur was to promise Golubev a hard session of unconventional sex. According to the same scheme, Golubev circled around the finger and a major shareholder of the St. Petersburg Seaport.

Golubev appeared in the description of the criminal struggle for control over retail outlets in Kupchino, pavilions in Gavan and business structures that later turned into the Adamant holding.

Of particular interest is the list of Golubev’s partners. For example, Golubev was listed as a member of the HOA along with Galina Sharikova. That was the name of the wife of a very talented businessman Boris Sharikov, who was mentioned in the press in the same context as the antique dealer-submariner Ilya Traber and the KGB banker Viktor Korytov. About NGO “Baltic Flagman” together with Golubev was founded by Ali Beglov, who was convicted of extortion, better known as Alik Tatarin. Golubev’s partner in Businessstroyservice LLC, along with the Dec Plus company, turned out to be the singer, State Duma deputy and recognized leader of the St. Petersburg Cossacks, Alexander Rosenbaum, known for his friendship with many St. Petersburg authorities.

In 2007, Golubev was mentioned in the press in connection with the struggle for the forest resources of Russia. It was reported that Russia’s plans to introduce in 2009, in fact, protective duties on the export of unprocessed timber (50 euros per cubic meter), were received with hostility by the EU countries. They wrote that the European Union put pressure on Russian negotiators on the issue of Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization, demanding not to introduce new duties. Russian lobbyists for the interests of foreign companies staked on the placement of “their people” in the bureaucratic hierarchy of the forestry industry. According to the press, they tried to put their man in deputies to Alexei Gordeev.

The speech, as reported, was about Yuri Kukuev, in 2000-2003. head of the forestry service of Russia. The candidacy of Kukuev, as the press wrote, was “pushed” by the authoritative St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Golubev. The “road story” of Volodya Barmaley deserves special attention.

One can hardly boast of the quality of Russian roads. And the work of the Federal Road Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (Rosavtodor) raises serious questions from the country’s leadership. Managed to figure out what’s wrong. It turned out that real “robbers from the high road” are rushing to the leadership of the department. In September 2014, through the hands of the Minister, Belozerov was going to go with a report to the Minister of Transport in order to remove Starovoit and appoint Kostyuk as head of Rosavtodor. However, neither he, nor Belozerov, nor even the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov will actually manage the department. The owners of Rosavtodor will be St. Petersburg crime bosses promoting Kostyuk – in particular, Vladimir Golubev (aka Barmalei), who was convicted three times for theft, robbery and robbery.

According to operational information, Barmaley is well acquainted with the FDA deputy head from St. Petersburg, when a young promising official Kostyuk began his career in the state institution “Directorate of Transport Construction” under the Committee for Improvement and Road Facilities of the Administration of St. Petersburg. Today, Golubev, according to the same sources, through his son is doing business with Alexander Polukeev, the scandalous former vice-governor of St. Petersburg, who oversaw the city’s road industry in the “zero” – and the career of official Kostyuk. Having taken a strong position in the road industry, Barmaley begins to actively “earn” money.

Simultaneously establishes several firms in Moscow at once. One of them, Buer, wins a tender for 1.17 billion rubles, being the only bidder for the tender for the next stage of construction of the extension of Sofiyskaya Street with an overpass in Petro-Slavyanka. The competition for the tender was designed in such a way that only Buer fell under the criteria. Thus, it becomes obvious that Barmaley was helped in this. And in a simple way, another money laundering and theft of funds from Russian taxpayers took place with the hands of Golubev.

After a short break, Vladimir Golubev reappears in the information field, only in connection with the arrest of Sergei Polonsky. The story of the young builder Sergei Polonsky takes a new turn. Recall that after the start of trouble at the Mirax corporation, its owner was instructed to give a share in the assets to Vladimir Semenovich Golubev, a repeatedly convicted crime boss, a member of an organized crime group nicknamed “Barmaley”, one of the odious figures of “gangster Petersburg” of the 1990s. Of course, Polonsky did not do this, because. harbored a grudge because his former partner (note – Vladimir Golubev) was in a criminal conspiracy with the invaders of the Kutuzovskaya Mile (note – Residential complex of elite real estate). As a result of his intractability, Polonsky ended up “on the bunk.”

Golubev Barmaley and Fedorova

Wikipedia Golubev Vladimir Evgenievich boxer, former prisoner, Barmaley, pigeon, Sizy

The history of the relationship between a young model and an elderly crime boss is called by many a modern version of the fairy tale about beauty and the beast. Let’s start with the fact that Oksana is from Pskov, the girl was raised by one mother, because her father left the family shortly after her birth and was not interested in the fate of the heiress. The future model realized early on its attractiveness and what advantages and disadvantages this gives it. At school, the boys looked after Oksana to the fullest, but the girls envied her and frankly disliked her.

The girl was passionate about jurisprudence, and therefore she entered the police legal lyceum, where she was an excellent student.

Oksana’s modeling career started as a teenager. The tall attractive girl started out as a catwalk model, participating in various fashion shows, and towards the end of the 90s, she became a regular participant in beauty contests. At one of these competitions, held in St. Petersburg, the co-owner of the large Adamant company, Vladimir Golubev, known in criminal circles under the nickname Barmaley, drew attention to the young beauty.

The man was convicted three times for robbery, assault and financial fraud, besides, he was 22 years older than Oksana, but this did not stop him. According to some reports, he took a young model for maintenance when she was not yet 17 years old.

After the appearance of a rich and influential boyfriend, the life of a modest student has changed dramatically. From a cramped dorm room that she shared with several neighbors, the girl moved into a spacious apartment, an old coat was replaced by a mink coat, and she also got a personal car with her own driver who drove her around the city.

In addition, Vladimir in every possible way protected his beloved from the obsessive attention and encroachments of other influential men. At that time, Fedorova was repeatedly seen together with her lover in the company of thieves in law, which the now former police major does not like to remember.

In the early 00s, many people perceived the personality of a young model and a titled “beauty queen” very ambiguously. Everyone probably knew that the girl had a rich and influential patron with a criminal past, but Oksana herself tried not to comment on her relationship.

To direct questions from journalists, the model always answered that this was her personal life and asked not to get involved in it.

In 2002, the Russian woman won the prestigious international beauty contest Miss Universe, however, almost immediately, many people questioned her beauty and professional qualities, hinting that her lover gave the high-profile title to the girl. The question, of course, is debatable, because Golubev, although he had extensive connections in criminal circles, as well as considerable capital, they would hardly have helped him at a competition of such a scale and level.

Nevertheless, if we believe the sensational documentary project of Boris Sobolev “Crowned Persons”, then all, without exception, national and international beauty contests are sold and bought, and, according to the author, it is criminal authorities from all over who “rule” here peace.

A few months later, as you know, Oksana was deprived of the crown at the request of one of the main organizers of the contest, billionaire Donald Trump. He explained his decision by the fact that the model did not fulfill the obligations assigned to the winner to participate in charity events and advertising campaigns. The girl handed over the crown to the vice-miss from Panama. It is noteworthy that at the same time there were rumors that Trump allegedly desperately sought the favor of Fedorova, and after her categorical refusal, deprived her of the crown.

The relationship between Oksana and Vladimir Golubev lasted, in total, more than eight years. Despite the fact that the model did not like to talk about the personal, she repeatedly noted that Vladimir played an “important role” in her life and she will always treat him with respect, in gratitude for everything he did for her. In addition, Golubev, according to her, was almost an ideal man: reliable, caring, able to solve any problems of his woman. In 2004, Oksana received an official offer from Vladimir to become his wife, and promised to think about it. However, less than two years later, the couple broke up without legitimizing their relationship.

According to Fedorova, their mutual feelings simply exhausted themselves over the years, so parting was inevitable. In 2006, their long-term romance finally ended.

At the time of parting with Golubev, Fedorova was a world-class star, she successfully built a career as a TV presenter, and also took part in various rating projects. On the set of the show “Dancing with the Stars” Oksana had an affair with her partner Alexander Litvinenko. But, despite a promising start, the passion soon faded away, and the young people broke up. A year later, the model hastily married German businessman Philip Toft, but already in 2009 they filed for divorce, the reason for this was the language barrier and the difference in mentality, as well as the fact that Oksana’s mother categorically did not accept her son-in-law and was against it. marriage. Not having time to formalize a divorce from Philip, Oksana unexpectedly announced her engagement to performer Nikolai Baskov, with whom they also successfully performed as a duet for some time.

Less than a year later, they broke up, and just a couple of months later, Fedorova married FSB officer Andrei Borodin. The wedding was non-public, and therefore the fans found out about it only six months later. In a marriage with Andrei, the model gave birth to two heirs, and finally found her happiness.

As for Vladimir Golubev, there is not much information about him. The man moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow, where he now runs his business. He is one of the co-owners of Rosavtodor, and has also established several of his own construction companies. Accusations of embezzlement and money laundering are regularly heard against him, but Golubev himself insists that he is doing business “transparently.” There is practically no information about the man’s personal life, it is known that he has an adult son named Maxim, who is mentioned in the press much less often than his father, but is directly related to his business, and is also engaged in business consulting and commercial real estate management.

Golubev Barmaley photo

Wikipedia Golubev Vladimir Evgenievich boxer, former prisoner, Barmaley, pigeon, Sizy

Wikipedia Golubev Vladimir Evgenievich boxer, former prisoner, Barmaley, pigeon, Sizy

Wikipedia Golubev Vladimir Evgenievich boxer, former prisoner, Barmaley, pigeon, Sizy

Wikipedia Golubev Vladimir Evgenievich boxer, former prisoner, Barmaley, pigeon, Sizy

Golubev Barmaley sons

  • Vladimir Golubev has an adult son named Maxim Zhukov.

Could Golubev have had a hand in the arrest of Polonsky in order to take away part of his business?

As a result, Polonsky could become a pawn in the game of authorities and oligarchs, despite all his billions. The result is known – Polonsky ended up in a pre-trial detention center. At the same time, according to rumors, another reputable businessman from St. Petersburg, Gennady Petrov, could take part in the entire operation. Golubev’s company was very eloquent.

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