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Igor Filippov: general information

  • Full name: Igor Filippov
  • Date of Birth: November 13, 1968
  • Place of birth: Riga, Latvia
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Brief biography: Filippov Igor Anatolyevich is a sought-after Russian theater and film actor. Igor was born in the capital of Latvia – the city of Riga, in a large family. The boy’s childhood passed on the seashore in Jurmala.
  • Education: VGIK im. Gerasimov (workshop of M. A. Gluzsky)

Igor Filippov actor filmography

  • 2019
    At Dawn
  • 2019
    Mikhail Khromov
  • 2019
    Shadow behind the back
  • 2019
    Mikhail Yudin
  • 2019
  • 2018
    Joker 3. Animal hunting
    Andrey Khripunov
  • 2018
    Holiday Romance 2
  • 2018
    Yellow Tiger Eye
    first mate
  • 2016
    Pearls (The Secret of the Pearl)
  • 2016
    Alexander Ivanovich Yudin
  • 2016
    Veronica doesn’t want to die
    Aristarkh Olegovich Ivanov
  • 2016
    Fyodor Andreevich Varshavsky
  • 2015
    Alexey Konstantinovich Chak
  • 2015
    Alexander Ivanovich Yudin
  • 2015
    Spider (Goznak)
    Alexander Ivanovich Yudin
  • 2014
    Detective Mom
    Grigory Pavlovich Krasin
  • 2014
    Bitch War
  • 2013
  • 2011
    Alexander Kirillov
  • 2010
    Carrot love 3
  • 2009
    General’s granddaughter
    Vladimir Mikhailovich Sorokin
  • 2002
    Snow love, or Dream on a winter night
    Denis Kravtsov main role

Actor Igor Filippov biography

In the biography of actor Igor Filippov, children’s health camps played a big role. It was to his shift mates and their parents that the student gave his first concert. In his youth, working as a counselor, Filippov met his future wife.

Wikipedia Igor Filippov Russian theater and film actor

Childhood and youth

Igor was born on November 13, 1968 in the capital of Soviet Latvia, in a large friendly family. The first fee for a concert in a pioneer camp, spent on buying himself and friends an eskimo, convinced the 12-year-old Filippov that dreams of a stage were not groundless. In high school, the guy combined hand-to-hand combat training with classes in a theater studio.

However, Igor became a student at VGIK at the maximum age for admission – at 23 years old.

In his youth, Filippov served in the Airborne Forces, and then for 3 years he stormed the threshold of the forge of cinematographic shots. In between communication with the selection committee, the former paratrooper worked – in the summer as a counselor in the health camps of Jurmala, and in other seasons – as a doorman in Moscow restaurants. The work brought the guy money and opportunities for reading.

Igor received artistic education under the guidance of Alexei Batalov and Mikhail Gluzsky. Among Filippov’s classmates were Maria Mironova and Dmitry Orlov. In the 4th year, Igor was released to work at the Anton Chekhov Riga Theater of Russian Drama. In the capital of Latvia, the novice actor was waiting for his girlfriend.


Igor Anatolyevich’s film debut took place in the full-length Russian-American-Austrian drama “Over the Ocean”. This was followed by episodic roles in the popular series Lady Boss, Turkish March, Two Fates, Penal Battalion and Viola Tarakanova. Filippov easily changed film genres and artistic roles.

The first major film role was hockey player Denis Kravtsov in Oksana Bayrak’s film “Snow Love, or a Winter Night’s Dream”. The melodrama, reminiscent of a comedy by William Shakespeare, reproduced many of the plot collisions of Eldar Ryazanov’s immortal film The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath.

In Filippov’s filmography, in addition to “Over the Ocean”, there are several more joint films.

In the South Korean military drama “My Way”, Igor Anatolyevich appeared as a German officer Schultz, in the detective thriller “Archangel” by John Jones, a native of Latvia had a chance to cross paths with Daniel Craig, and in the Russian-Argentinean melodrama “In the Rhythm of Tango” – with the star of “Wild Angel” Natalia Oreiro.

The former paratrooper calls Major Oleg Raevsky his favorite role in the series “Zone”. The only female operative in the film was played by Louise Mosendz, and the actors Oleg Protasov and Alexander Rapoport had experience of being behind bars at the time of filming.

In May 2020, the premiere of the detective retro drama “Translation from German” took place, in which Igor Anatolyevich played Heinrich Lipke. The plot of the tape revolves around the assignment issued by the NKVD to a teacher of the German language – to decipher the messages of the Abwehr agents operating on the territory of the Soviet Union. The image of the main character was created by Maria Mashkova.

Two months earlier, the Rossiya-1 channel showed the serial melodrama The Ferry Woman. A native of Latvia, he organically joined the acting ensemble, which included Vadim Andreev and Vladimir Sterzhakov, Alexander Pashutin and Evgeny Ganelin. The main role of Nadia Titova, whose personal life was destroyed by a false accusation of murder, in the series went to Glafira Tarkhanova. Sterzhakov and Filippov in 2020 crossed paths in another multi-part film, Bloodhound-4.

Actor Igor Filippov personal life

Igor Anatolyevich met his future wife Yulia in the summer of 1989. The girl, who had just graduated from school, was relaxing on the Jurmala beach. Filippov immediately realized that in front of him was the mother of his future children. However, he did not dare to approach himself – he began to play cards for desire with a friend, and having won, he asked him to go and start a conversation with a stranger.

The former paratrooper (height 180 cm) first became a father a month before he turned 28 years old. The wife gave her husband a daughter. Now Liona Filippova is the pride of her parents.

In the program “The Fate of a Man”, the actor shared: at first, the wife was the breadwinner in the family. The theater paid little, and there was little work. The man himself went to the market with a stroller, cooked food, fed his daughter. Lyon’s first word was papa.

The girl graduated from GITIS in 2017 and appeared in several series, including Molodezhka. Lyona’s Instagram account is filled with travel photos.

Igor and Yulia gave their son, who was born in 2003, a name no less rare than their daughters – Darius. The Filippov family lives in three countries – Lyon and his father work in Moscow. Julia is doing business in Latvia, where Darius, who is fond of parkour, also studies. The Filippovs spend holidays and holidays in Bulgaria, where they have real estate.

During the pandemic, when it was not possible to see Yulia and Darius, Igor began to drink heavily. His salvation was his daughter, who supported her father during this difficult time. Of course, the inner circle and friends also played a big role, thanks to which the artist realized that alcohol was not an option. However, this not the best period greatly influenced Filippov’s relationship with his wife – the couple moved away from each other.


In the spring of 2021, the actor was embroiled in a sex scandal. One of his students, Veronika Sagaiko, decided to tell the public about the harassment and the fact of sexual violence. Accused of such terrible crimes (the young model turned out to be also allegedly a minor), for some time he avoided meeting with journalists and did not comment on the situation.

However, he nevertheless decided to appear in the program “Actually”, while the other participants (Veronika and her mother Daria Sagaiko) of the talk show did not suspect until the last that Igor Anatolyevich would come to record the air.

On the transfer, the mother of the model put forward demands: after what Filippov did, he must marry Veronica. She couldn’t give an intelligible answer to the question why she didn’t write a statement to the police about the rape. At the same time, her daughter made public her requests – to buy an apartment or give money.

Even without a polygraph, the testimony of the injured party was inconsistent. The lie detector confirmed: Veronica’s mother is deceiving everyone about the rape of her daughter, and she, in turn, had no close contacts with the actor.

Igor Filippov now

In 2021, the shooting of three films with the participation of Igor Anatolyevich continued: “Operation Valkyrie”, “Condemned” and “Bailiffs”. In the first of these films, saboteurs are going to poison Joseph Stalin and the children who are vacationing in Artek.

Interesting Facts

  • On the day and year when Filippov was born, the premiere of the cartoon Yellow Submarine took place in the USA.
  • The famous namesake and colleague of Igor Anatolyevich – artist Sergei Filippov, in whose filmography the paintings of Eldar Ryazanov and Leonid Gaidai, after being diagnosed with brain cancer, lived for another quarter of a century.
  • The actor’s namesake and namesake, volleyball player Igor Filippov, who is a son of a native of Latvia, now plays for St. Petersburg Zenit.

Igor Filippov in social networks

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Interview with Igor Filippov

Igor Filippov: I don’t even remember how many times I played generals, not counting majors and colonels

Interview from November 13, 2020

Maria Karpova: VGIK gave up under pressure from a young man on the third attempt, but he scored the maximum number of points upon admission – this persistent applicant was Igor Filippov.

Maxim Mitchenkov: Today, one of the most popular and sought-after actors…

Maria Karpova: A person with strong male charisma and charm.

Maxim Mitchenkov: Birthday, and we will be able to congratulate Igor personally.

Igor Filippov: “If you do not have a home, then fires are not afraid of him, and his wife will not go to another, if you, if you do not have a wife, do not have a wife. If you don’t have a dog, then the neighbor won’t poison it and there won’t be a fight with your friend, if you, if you, if you don’t have a friend, you don’t have a friend. The orchestra rumbles with basses, the trumpeter blows copper, think for yourself, decide for yourself – to have or not to have, to have or not to have.

Maria Karpova: Bravo!

Maxim Mitchenkov: Great!

Maria Karpova: We liked it very much. Igor, we know that you still have … I don’t know if you have a dog, but you have a wife, a daughter – you have a big friendly family and you will probably celebrate your birthday together, the only thing that, as far as I know, your wife lives in Riga.

Igor Filippov: Yes, it’s a bit of a… a bit of a sore subject, because now with the movement of complexity…

Maria Karpova: Yes.

Igor Filippov: I am in Moscow, so my wife, my nephews, my relatives are all in Riga now, and I work in Moscow.

Maxim Mitchenkov: Wait, but my daughter is nearby, you can call your daughter, she is here.

Igor Filippov: My daughter is nearby, this is my joy, this is my sun!

Liona Filippova: My daughter is here, my daughter is here.

Maxim Mitchenkov: Hello!

Maria Karpova: Hello!

Liona Filippova: Hello, hello everyone!

Maria Karpova: Hello!

Maxim Mitchenkov: Congratulations on your dad’s birthday!

Liona Filippova: Yes, dad, happy birthday to you!

Igor Filippov: Thank you, my joy!

Maria Karpova: It turns out that you already have such an acting dynasty, right? Although you, by the way, did not know that your daughter was entering the theater, Igor.

Igor Filippov: Yes, my daughter followed in my footsteps, but this information is a little wrong, I just knew that she was entering a theater university, but I could not dissuade her, in any way.

Maria Karpova: Igor, what project from past projects could be called such a calling card? When did you feel that people began to come up on the street to be photographed, for an autograph?

Igor Filippov: After the series “Zone”.

Maria Karpova: After the series “Zone” …

Igor Filippov: Yes, of course, after the series “The Zone”.

Maria Karpova: We know that your first big public performance took place when you assembled a stadium in the pioneer camp, so they say anyway?

Maxim Mitchenkov: Just like a teenager.

Maria Karpova: Yes.

Maxim Mitchenkov: How was it?

Maria Karpova: Even as a child, what did you perform there, how did you manage to gather people?

Igor Filippov: I remember, I was, in my opinion, 12 years old and then Saturday – it was a parent’s day, and parents came, brought gifts to the children, delicious food, to somehow pamper them, and my friend and I came up with this, that I will perform, and he will run with a cap to collect money, and I played a fairy tale, called children, parents and improvised that fairy tale, fooled around, played this Baba Yaga, and at that moment I realized that in this way you not only get pleasure when you make faces…

Maria Karpova: Yes.

Igor Filippov: For this, you can also receive material rewards. I still do Baba Yaga when they ask me to.

Maria Karpova: Yes.

Igor Filippov: (speaking in the voice of Baba Yaga).

Maxim Mitchenkov: But I just wanted to say that you are mostly offered the roles of such brutal men, and you won’t know how else to do it! You are capable of everything.

Igor Filippov: I don’t even remember how many times I played generals, not counting majors, colonels, and recently I had one of the last films – this is “Parental Rights”, where I played a grandfather, the role changes, it was very touching – this is closer to me now, when I play such roles.

Maxim Mitchenkov: We are waiting for your and your daughter’s new roles and happy birthday again!

Liona Filippova: Thank you!

Maria Karpova: Happy birthday!

Igor Filippov: Yes, thank you, and I would also like to wish everyone some kind of joy, good luck, appreciate what you have! And the following lines of my beloved Gennady Shpalikov come to mind: “People are lost only once, and when they lose, they don’t find a trace, but a person stays with you, says goodbye and leaves at night. And if he leaves during the day, he leaves you anyway. Let’s get him back while he crosses the square. We will immediately return him, we will talk and set the table, we will turn the whole house upside down, but we will triple the holiday for him.

Maxim Mitchenkov: Once again, happy holiday to you, thank you very much for getting in touch with us today on such a day!

Maria Karpova: Happy birthday!

Maxim Mitchenkov: Thank you!

Igor Filippov: Thank you very much!

Igor Filippov actor photo

Wikipedia Igor Filippov Russian theater and film actor

Wikipedia Igor Filippov Russian theater and film actor

Wikipedia Igor Filippov Russian theater and film actor

Wikipedia Igor Filippov Russian theater and film actor

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