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Irina Tsyvina: general information

  • Full name: Irina Konstantinovna Tsyvina
  • Date of Birth: July 1, 1963
  • Date of death: April 18, 2019
  • Place of birth: Minsk, USSR
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Irina Konstantinovna Tsyvina. Born July 1, 1963 in Minsk – died April 18, 2019 in Moscow. Russian theater and film actress. Honored Artist of Russia.
  • Education: Youth theater at the Minsk Automobile Plant. School-studio of the Moscow Art Theater.

Irina Tsyvina filmography

Movie List
  • A policeman from Rublyovka. We’ll Find You (2019) (TV series). head teacher
  • Dead Lake (2018) (TV series). Larisa
  • Eclipse (2017)
  • Olga (2016-2020) (TV series). mommy
  • Jackal (2016) (TV series). Satarov’s wife
  • Pasechnik 2 (2015) (TV series)
  • Web 8 (2015) (TV series)
  • My beloved dad (2014) (TV series)
  • Santa Claus always calls… three times! (2011)
  • Duel (2011)
  • And Shepilov who joined them (2011)
  • Nanolove (2010) (TV series)
  • Fire (2010) (TV series)
  • Verdict (2009)
  • Squirrel in a wheel (2008) (TV series)
  • Rich and Beloved (2008) (TV series)
  • Love on asphalt (2008)
  • Petrovka, 38. Team Semenov (2008) (TV series)
  • Women’s stories (2007) (TV series)
  • Circus Princess (2007) (TV series)
  • Own team (2007) (TV series)
  • Three Loves Evgeny Evstigneev (2007)
  • Airport 2 (2006) (TV series)
  • Kadetstvo (2006) (TV series)
  • How the idols left (2005) (TV series)
  • Turkish March (2000-2001) (TV series)
  • The Cherry Orchard (1992)
  • The price of a head (1992) . Ellen Crosby
  • In the surf (1990)
  • Pit (1990)
  • Prishvin’s paper eyes (1989)
  • Walking people (1988)
  • Christmas trees! (1988)

Irina Tsyvina biography

Irina Tsyvina is a Russian theater and film actress, known to viewers for the dramas “Pit”, “Walking People” and the youth series “Kadetstvo”. Today in her filmography there are fifty roles in the cinema and three dozen in the theater. There is one more chapter in Tsyvina’s biography: Irina Konstantinovna is the third and last wife of the great artist and favorite of millions – Evgeny Evstigneev.

Wikipedia Irina Konstantinovna Tsyvina actress, Honored Artist of Russia

Childhood and youth

The actress was born in the summer of 1963 in Minsk, in a family where her parents had nothing to do with the world of art. Her father had a secondary technical education, but Irina does not remember her father: her parents broke up when her daughter was not even three years old.

Tsyvina’s creativity comes from her mother, Antonina Viktorovna. The woman worked as a painter, but in all life situations she preferred a non-standard approach. For example, if the task was to paint the floor, then Antonina chose red or blue paint. Since childhood, Irina Tsyvina dreamed of becoming a fabric artist: in the elementary grades, she went to art school and the teachers saw a bright potential in the girl.

After the 8th grade, Irina Tsyvina took the documents to the technological college, but the matter did not come to her studies.

At the school graduation, a friend approached Ira – a student of the directing department. Having learned what specialty Tsyvina chose, he convinced the girl that she was mistaken. After all, Irina is a born actress, she has all the data to shine on the stage and on the screen. Irina Tsyvina went to enter the Minsk Theater School and failed her exams miserably. But she did not give up: when she heard that the youth theater at the Minsk Automobile Plant was recruiting a troupe, she hurried there. Tsyvin was accepted and immediately entrusted with the main roles in productions.

The scene brought pleasure to the young Minsker, but not money. And the family was in dire need of them: one mother had to put Ira and her younger brother on their feet. Therefore, Irina Tsyvina got a job as a nurse in a maternity hospital. A year later, the artist went to conquer Moscow fully armed: the girl thoroughly prepared and went to four theater universities. I chose the famous Moscow Art Theater School. Irina Tsyvina studied at the course of Vasily Markov.

At the time of graduation in 1985, the actress had several roles in performances in her arsenal.


In his second year, Evgeny Evstigneev looked into the Studio School, looking for young artists for the play he was going to stage. Irina Tsyvina appeared on the stage in the role of Vasily, a whimsical boy in the play “The Old House”. Unexpectedly for a sophomore, she was approved for the main role in Evstigneev’s performance “The Marriage of Belugin”. Tsyvina played on the same stage with the legendary Sofia Pilyavskaya.

In 1986, Irina Tsyvina was taken to the troupe of the Mossovet Theatre, where they were involved in the play “The Cat Who Walked By Herself”. But on this stage, the artist lingered for one season. Since 1987, Tsyvina has been playing on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater for two years. She played Julia in the play “Round Table under a Lampshade”, was involved in the productions of “The Marriage of Belugin” and “Koleya”.

On the stage of the Anton Chekhov Theater, Irina Konsantinovna played in The Cherry Orchard, and in the Satyricon she was entrusted with the role in the production of The Imaginary Sick. But most of the roles Tsyvina was lucky to play in private performances. Irina appeared in the productions of “The Battle with a Psychic”, “Not Like Everyone”, “The Bride for a Banker”, “View of the Sea from the Closet” and several others.

Irina Tsyvina personal life

The first husband of Irina Tsyvina was the administrator of the Moscow Art Theater. According to the actress, it was a fictitious marriage for the sake of a capital residence permit. The second husband of a Minsker was Evgeny Evstigneev, with whom Irina Konstantinovna lived for 8 happy years. She persuaded her husband to play a star role in the two-part film by Vladimir Bortko “Heart of a Dog”: Evstigneev doubted whether he should reincarnate as Professor Preobrazhensky.

The difference between the spouses in age (37 years) did not become an obstacle to love, although at first the couple hid their relationship – Evgeny Alexandrovich was ashamed of his relationship with a student. But after a three-year romance, they legalized the relationship.

The dream of the spouses about the birth of a common child did not come true: Irina lost her child on a tour. After the death of Yevgeny Evstigneev, Irina Tsyvina was married twice. Before official marriages, she had a short affair with Vlad Listyev.

The third husband was a graduate of Sliver Georgy Pusep, whom Tsyvina met at Kinotavr a year and a half after Evstigneev’s death. Pusep introduced himself as a Hollywood producer, but the reality turned out to be prosaic: in Los Angeles, where Irina Tsyvina arrived with Pusep, she learned about George’s unbroken marriage. They lived in a tiny apartment in Los Angeles, where there was no air conditioning (in the local heat). Pusep divorced his wife and married Tsyvina.

Two children were born in the marriage – the son Zhenya (named after Evstigneev) and the daughter Zina. With her family, yearning for Russia and work, Irina Tsyvina returned to Moscow, but her marriage to George Pusep was bursting at the seams. The actress met a new love – Alexander Blagonravov, an entrepreneur and neighbor in the country.

The marriage was overshadowed by the fact that the ex-husband took his daughter Zina to Montenegro. Tsyvina could not sue the girl, no matter how hard she tried: she only achieved the right to regular meetings with Zina.

After 11 years, the marriage with Blagonravov also collapsed – Irina found out about his betrayal. In that difficult period, Tsyvina was next to her best friends – Tatyana Vasilyeva and Elena Tsyplakova.

There has been a lull in the personal life of Irina Tsyvina in recent years. She claimed that she was desperate to find a man whom she could love and respect like Yevgeny Evstigneeva.


The film biography of Irina Tsyvina started in 1988. On the screens came the comedy of Sergei Nikonenko “Firs-sticks”, where the director gathered the color of Soviet cinema. The audience saw the actress in the company of Leonid Kuravlev, Leonid Yarmolnik, Evgeny Evstigneev, Georgy Burkov and Galina Polsky. In the same year, Tsyvina reincarnated as the noblewoman Malka in the historical film “Walking People” and Alisa Aleeva in Valery Ogorodnikov’s drama “Prishvin’s Paper Eyes” about Stalinism and the cult of personality.

In 1990, Irina Tsyvina appeared in three projects. In the detective drama based on the novel by Anatoly Romov “In the Surf”, she starred in the title role, playing Lieutenant Svetlana Lozovaya. On the set, the actress met with Vladimir Kuznetsov and Valery Barinov.

Irina Tsyvina demonstrated her talent for impersonation in drama adaptations of the works of the classics. In the film “Eternal Husband” based on the story of the same name by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Irina Tsyvina played Natalie, and in the film “The Pit” by Svetlana Ilyinskaya, based on the work of Alexander Kuprin, she appeared in the image of a prostitute Manka-small.

Together with her, Tatyana Dogileva, Valentina Talyzina, Oleg Menshikov and Evgeny Evstigneev, who got the role of the chairman of the court, starred in the drama.

After a 10-year break and life in America, Irina Tsyvina returned to Russian screens. A secondary role in the series “Kadetstvo” (played the mother of the chief cadet Maxim Makarov), the actress reminded the audience and directors of her existence. Since then, Zyvina has appeared in 5-6 films and serials a year. She was attracted to supporting roles, but even in the episodes, the artist knew how not to get lost.

Irina Tsyvina starred in the melodrama “Princess of the Circus”, broadcast on Channel One from 2007 to 2008. Appeared in the continuation of the audience’s favorite “Kadetstvo” – the series “Kremlin Cadets”. And also – in the sci-fi comedy “Nanolove” and the sitcom “Daddy’s Daughters. Superbrides” in the role of Yuri Antonov’s mother. In the New Year’s fairy tale film “Santa Claus always calls … three times!” Irina Tsyvina played Svetlana Nikolaevna, and in the melodrama “Secrets of the Institute of Noble Maidens” – Antonina Izvolskaya.

In 2016, the actress appeared on television in six projects, of which the most rated melodrama is Marriage Like a Neighbor, the crime detective Jackal (a continuation of Mosgaz) and the film Beyond Death.


On April 18, 2019, Irina Tsyvina died at the age of 55. This information was confirmed by a friend, actress Ksenia Khairova. The cause of death was cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle. According to doctors, the violation occurs against the background of autoimmune diseases and severe infections, as well as due to prolonged alcohol consumption.

Irina Tsyvina in social networks

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Irina Tsyvina interview

Evstigneeva’s widow – before her death: It seems to me that they have spoiled me

Interview for Komsomolskaya Pravda April 23, 2019

Actress Irina Tsyvina suffered from depression, which she coped with either alcohol or pills

Irina Tsyvina was 29 years old when she became a widow, having buried her husband Yevgeny Evstigneev (see “KP Help”). After that, she never found personal happiness, although she tried.

– I can’t stand loneliness, – the actress told Komsomolskaya Pravda. – I can’t be alone. Loneliness depresses and scares me. I’m afraid – it will become bad, but no one is around.

“The courts brought her”

According to acquaintances, Irina said that she was jinxed or damaged.

– I talked to her on the phone for the last time on April 8, for a very long time: about children, and about men, about everything, – actress Olga Spirkina, a friend of Zyvina, told KP. – She said: “Ol, someone obviously jinxed me. At least run to your grandmother. First my mother died, then my husband, then my brother. And now I don’t feel like myself.”

She said that she had recently been to the church, taking communion. But her anxiety didn’t let go. The state was depressive. When we met before, I saw that she was not all right. I think she was on some kind of pill. I asked: “Ir, are you taking something?” “They gave me sedatives.”

I don’t know what exactly. But she definitely took antidepressants.

After the death of her last husband, Blagonravov, a year and a half ago, she fell into a terrible depression. I began to drink heavily. Moreover, the son of Blagonravov gave her a hassle – he decided to chop off the property. Moreover, he claimed not only that his father had acquired in marriage with Ira, but also that she had inherited from Evstigneev. The trials went on for a long time, for a year. As a result, the house left by Evstigneev remained with her, but her nervous system was shaken. Ira was tormented by insomnia. She complained: “I don’t sleep at all.”

Love like PR

– You starred in a TV show with her when she was allegedly taken out of a binge. Then she said that it was all staged.

– Partially – staging. The editors figured out the trick that she drinks, and decided to strengthen this moment, to make such a plot. She agreed – because of the money. She then went to the courts for the inheritance, she needed funds for lawyers.

– But after all, she had a young common-law husband, actor Denis Serdyukov (who played the role of hockey player Alexander Maltsev in the film Legend No. 17. – Ed.). She went on talk shows with him.

– This is not a husband, but so. Non-serious relationship. I think that he was with her just for some kind of PR. He is 43 years old and has never been married. At first she was very happy, she thought it was love. But then everything turned into some kind of friendly relationship.

On television, Tsyvina said that she was going to give birth from Denis Serdyukov and used the services of IVF. But she couldn’t stand it and lost her twins, after which she plunged into another depression. She assured me that she was thinking about leaving for a monastery. Serdyukov explained that Irina became irritable, her character changed, he could not stand it and left.

“I was young with plastic surgery and lived in a monastery”

– Ira and I recently went to holy places, – says Tsyvina’s friend Ksenia Khairova (daughter of actress Valentina Talyzina. – Ed.) – In December, we went with her to Gorodetsk to the monastery and lived there for several days.

Denis Serdyukov was constantly in touch with her. Three days before her death, guests came to her home. She set the table. But she drank only water – she kept the fast. Prior to that, she was cooking in hereditary affairs with the younger Blagonravov (the son of her last deceased husband). It seems to me that someone soldered Ira there. Deliberately introduced into the coffin.

She was also oppressed by the fact that there was no work. Now such a problem with actresses of our age. To look good, she did plastic surgery – and blepharoplasty (eyelid lift. – Ed.), And a facelift, and she removed her stomach with liposuction. And she got a tattoo on her stomach – there are some chains, flowers. I understand that she masked the scars. It was last summer.

The last husband of Ira Blagonravov was another gift. Over the past few years, his business began to collapse, binges began. In the end, it was terrible that (Tsyvina herself said that sometimes her husband beat her. – Ed.). Of course, this did not go unnoticed for her nervous system.

“There were thoughts of suicide”

– I did not love the father of my children, – Tsyvina admitted in an interview. – I began to live with him, just to fill the void. After Evstigneeva, I understood that I would never meet a man of this level again. I named my son Zhenya after him. But I loved Sasha Blagonravova very much. But at the end of his life he led a double life. Once, in a drunken shop, he told about one woman, Galina, to whom he was drawn. I knew that she was his business partner, but that she was not his mistress. Sasha opened their correspondence on the social network and showed me. They exchanged dozens of messages a day. Galya asked in what mood my missus woke up, how he had breakfast, how he got to work. She invited him to her house in Barvikha, introduced him to her grandchildren.

It was shocking that he even tried to make me friends with her. Imagine, my husband’s mistress came to all my performances! She visited me at home and even for some reason secretly took my mobile phone, and returned it two days later, deleting all contacts. Then I seriously thought about suicide. And she even shared her despair with her closest friend Tatyana Vasilyeva. She saved me by convincing me that the most important thing in my life is my two children.

Irina Tsyvina: It’s good that I didn’t take Evstigneev’s last name!

Interview for the Interlocutor on 25.02.2011

Everything happened in the life of this actress – both happiness and sorrow … Irina became the last wife of the great actor Evgeny Evstigneev. She was only 28 when he died. After that, many things happened. Irina spoke about her past and present in an interview with “Only the Stars”.

Everything happened in the life of this actress – both happiness and sorrow … Irina became the last wife of the great actor Evgeny Evstigneev. She was only 28 when he died. After that, many things happened. Irina spoke about her past and present in an interview with “Only the Stars”.

Yevgeny Evstigneev Irina was brought together by fate when she studied at the Moscow Art Theater School. Evgeny Aleksandrovich taught there, and at that time he was only fifty-odd. There are legends about the charm and masculine charisma of this actor, all the girls on the course were in love with him.

But it so happened that he paid attention to Irina. When Tsyvina graduated from drama school, they began dating. At first, secretly, because the age difference was as much as 37 years. And when the actor turned 56 years old, he officially married Irina. The couple lived in a happy marriage for several years. But they didn’t have children, and therefore, before his death, Evstigneev asked his wife, if she marries again, to name her son Evgeny. She kept her promise…

After the death of Evgeny Alexandrovich, Irina found her new love and left for America. She lived there for ten years, making a career on television. In the second marriage, a son, Zhenya, and a daughter, Zina, were born. But the relationship with her husband did not develop. Returning to Russia, Irina divorced her husband for a long and painful time … After many years of fighting for her daughter, she had to conclude an amicable agreement and leave the child with her father. And in professional terms, everything turned out as well as possible. After a ten-year break, Irina managed to return to the profession, now she acts in films a lot, works in the theater. Yes, and personal life finally developed as it should.

In her third marriage, with businessman Alexander Blagonravov, Tsyvina found her female happiness.

– Irina, it’s probably a shame that everyone is trying to ask you about Yevstigneev?

– I have no resentment. It’s just that this topic is already so worn out … I get asked the same thing all the time. On the one hand, I’m really tired of repeating myself. On the other hand, I understand that such a unique personality was present in my life and it is my duty to remember him. Probably, if I had not remembered him, he would have been forgotten faster.

– Then why don’t you write memoirs about Yevstigneev?

– I published a book about him a long time ago. This happened in 1994, two years after his death. I missed my husband so much that I needed something to occupy myself. And I prepared a book called “Artist”. Then it was re-released once. So far this is the only book.

– Your difference with Yevgeny Alexandrovich at the age of 37 then seemed huge. And now, probably, no one would be surprised at such a marriage.

– Of course! Now you can name a lot of names of actors who allowed themselves to marry a young one. However, neither I nor those around me perceived Yevgeny Alexandrovich as an old man. He was young at heart. And we, despite the difference in age, lived very harmoniously. Although I affectionately called him “dad”…

– Your daughter Zina is 13 years old, and she lives with her father, and even in another country…

– Still, a bad peace is better than a serious war. I don’t want to hurt my daughter, we’re on a great relationship. We are dating. I just got back from her. I had a short break in work, and I went to Montenegro. And to anyone who is in a similar situation, I would advise not to tear the child apart! My daughter did not lose from this decision. She loves her father and her mother very much. And she has no contact with them.

– Has your son Eugene already decided on his future profession?

– He is now 16 years old. I don’t know which path he will take. He is either an artist, or he studied in the cadet corps, then an artist … He needs to decide, this is his life. Of course, I worry about him, but I think: as fate wills, so it will be. At this age, you can push in only one direction: so that he at least somehow learns. Everything else is his business.

– You are married for the third time… Can you say: “I am happy”?

– My husband Alexander is not connected with the acting profession, he is a businessman. And so we complement each other. Thanks to him, I learn a lot about ordinary life. Sometimes I need to be distracted from the theater and cinema. True, when he starts talking about my profession, in which he understands little, we can seriously argue. As for happiness… For some reason, as soon as I say to myself: “I am happy!”, the picture immediately changes. So I’d rather not answer this question. Let everything go as it goes.

– Irina, you are playing in the same performance with Tatyana Vasilyeva. Are you friends with her in real life?

– We have been friends for over twenty years, and our friendship is not based on work. You know, Tatyana is a person without flaws. I consider her a great talented actress! We are united by common tastes and interests. We love the same things. For example, we love to collect paintings together! We have a common gallery owner. We love all sorts of interesting antique things, we go to flea markets together. We take care of each other’s health, we talk a lot about our children. She is like a sister to me…

– They say you are also friends with Valery Garkalin…

– He is my favorite partner! I play with him in four performances. When I returned to the acting profession after a ten-year break, he supported me a lot. He explained a lot, instructed, in a sense helped to remember everything. I am very grateful to him for this!

– Many actors now like to talk, they say, we disdain to play in serials, cinema has become base … What do you think about this?

– I don’t think like that! I think that, like any professional, I should do my job honestly. This is my job, I get paid for it. Shoes are brought to the shoemaker, he begins to repair them. He doesn’t say, “Let me fix Dolce and Gabbana!” It is clear that I will not act in pornography … Although I, of course, do not have enough bold roles. Now she played in the film “Santa Claus always rings three times” directed by Konstantin Statsky. There I played without makeup at all, I was even a little aged. When my daughter saw the photo from the film, she exclaimed: “Mom, are you playing grandma?” I’m not afraid of it…

– And what about the film “The Pit”? After all, in it you play a prostitute, and Evgeny Evstigneev – a visitor to a brothel. Did any of you have any doubts when this was proposed?

– Well, if we talk about Evstigneev, he is a great comedian. Such a role could not frighten him. Yes, me too. A rude heroine with a black eye, always drunk – this is interesting! True, then I was young and ambitious and always refused to play in the same films with Evstigneev. If you notice, I didn’t even take his last name. And I don’t regret it. And we got into this picture so. We were offered to film at the same time. At first I was uncomfortable. I thought: they want to get Evstigneev in the picture and therefore offer me this role. But when I read the script, I saw that he had such a small role, and I had such a big one … This calmed my pride, and I agreed.

– Irina, you are one of the few Russian actresses who tried to make a career abroad. And what conclusion did you come to? Perhaps it?

– It is very interesting to work in Hollywood. But it’s one thing when a girl at the age of four leaves for America, as was the case with Mila Jovovich. And I came there at the age of 30. Making a career at that age is unrealistic! Do not believe any of those who say that they rose to some heights there. Volodya Mashkov reached the maximum. But even then, he is a star here and therefore is needed there. I also filmed with the Americans. Naturally, I played Russian, with an accent. By the way, there was an interesting case. At some point, the light suddenly went out on the site. I go into the set, and suddenly it lights up, and when I came out – bang, everything went out again. The director shouts: “Urgently Tsyvin to the site! She’s lucky!” What does “lucky” mean. And so I sat next to the camera for the whole day of shooting so that the lights would work.

– Are you really lucky in life?

– As for me, sometimes luck bypassed. But in general, I have a light hand. I get a big charge when I make people happy. I love giving gifts. I know how to introduce people …

– I know that you received a second higher education as a psychologist. What did it give you?

– I realized that the actors themselves are very powerful psychologists. After all, in order to get inside the character, you need to analyze his psychology, understand the motives of the act. As for scientific psychology, here I underestimated the role of mathematics, for which I am completely unsuited. And I brought my education to the end only because I like to do everything thoroughly. By the way, I did not need to study psychology for five years to understand, for example, that in my husband I was always looking for a father, whom I did not have.

“She was found in a pool of blood, and the diagnosis was a heart”: Irina Tsyvina’s husband about the death of the actress

Interview for Cosmopolitan on 03.11.2020

Wikipedia Irina Konstantinovna Tsyvina actress, Honored Artist of Russia

A year after the death of Irina Tsyvina, a scandal erupted in her family. The daughter of the actress questioned the cause of her death.

The star of the series “Kadetstvo” suddenly passed away at the age of 55. Irina Konstantinovna left two children: son Yevgeny Blagonravov and daughter Zinovia Pusep. Both were born in the third marriage of the actress – with George Pusep. After the divorce, the couple sued for their daughter, but the man won the case and took the heiress to Montenegro.

If the girl lived with her father for a long time, then Eugene was next to Tsyvina. The young man is very worried about her unexpected death. “After my mother died, I didn’t eat for 26 days. Everything came back. I lost eight kilograms,” said the son of the actress in the talk show “Let them talk” on Channel One. It was Blagonravov who discovered Irina’s body.

The cause of death of the artist was called cardiomyopathy – a pathology of the heart muscle. Zinovia doubted this. The girl decided to turn to the prosecutor’s office for clarification, in which her father supported her. “For her, nothing is clear in the testimony that she saw on television in various shows,” said ex-lover Tsyvina. On the day of the tragedy, he called his son and found out that he had found his mother in a pool of blood.

“We found a certificate, issued on the same day, with a diagnosis of ‘unspecified cardiomyopathy’. The question arose: how could such a diagnosis be established for a person who was found in a pool of blood? Secondly, we heard that Zhenya wanted to quickly cremate her, but nothing happened. Naturally, Zina had questions, ”George explained.

The girl does not accuse her brother of killing her mother. She intends to learn the details from the investigators. Nevertheless, Zinovya believes that Eugene is worried about his inheritance, which was originally divided equally among the children of the actress. Irina Konstantinovna did not have time to leave a will, and now Blagonravov, who took the name of his stepfather Alexander Blagonravov, wants to receive more than half of his mother’s property.

“I heard different versions from Zhenya, on the programs too. But I never saw any official documents, except for the first death certificate. Zhenya does not want to get in touch, to discuss. It is so convenient for him – he uses the property, receives all the money, ”Zinovia explained.

Blagonravov claims that he pays for utilities in Tsyvina’s large house, but his sister has not seen a single confirmation of this. “He also did not send checks, information about the mortgage,” the girl assured.

Blagonravov accused his father of indifference, because George did not fly to Russia at a difficult moment for his son. “As soon as my mother left, my sister and father showed their true colors. Dad didn’t even come to the funeral. They want half, but I think that this is unfair, ”complained Eugene. In his opinion, the property of the stepfather, who adopted the son of his beloved, should also go to him.

At the same time, there was information that Eugene might not be George’s own son.

Journalist Denis Sorokin said that Blagonravov’s dad is Irina’s colleague. “In the acting environment, there has been such a version for many years that Zhenya’s real father is a very famous actor,” Sorokin said. Blagonravov, hearing this, replied that “there will be nothing to say about my mother.”

Former boyfriend of Irina Konstantinovna spoke about the upcoming wedding. Dmitry Serdyukov was able to recover from the death of his beloved. His chosen one was a glamorous TV star.

The widow Evgenia Evstigneeva tried to arrange her personal life after the loss of the lead actor in the drama Heart of a Dog. However, she could not love and respect anyone like a famous actor.

The sudden death of Sofia Konkina revealed new details of relations in the family of the star of the film “The meeting place cannot be changed.” It turned out that Vladimir Alekseevich was cheating on his wife. Once Alla Lvovna herself, the wife of the actor, saw it.

Irina Tsyvina photo

Wikipedia Irina Konstantinovna Tsyvina actress, Honored Artist of Russia

Wikipedia Irina Konstantinovna Tsyvina actress, Honored Artist of Russia

Wikipedia Irina Konstantinovna Tsyvina actress, Honored Artist of Russia

Wikipedia Irina Konstantinovna Tsyvina actress, Honored Artist of Russia

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