Wikipedia Irina Polyakova weather forecaster on NTV channel

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Irina Polyakova NTV: general data

  • Full name: Irina Polyakova
  • Date of Birth: March 9, 1961
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Irina Polyakova is a charming presenter and editor-in-chief of the TV program “Weather Forecast” on the NTV channel.
  • Education: Entered the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, which she graduated with honors.
  • Irina Polyakova NTV how old is 60 years old

Irina Polyakova NTV biography

Irina Polyakova is a weather forecaster on Russian television, runs an agency for organizing holidays, and has a daughter, Vera.

Wikipedia Irina Polyakova weather forecaster on NTV channel

In 1961, on March 9, Irina Polyakova was born in Moscow. The father of the future presenter worked as a military engineer. Discipline in the family was in the first place. The main goal of the parents was to teach the daughter to go to the intended goal and achieve what she wanted. Strict authoritarian upbringing was not in vain. At the graduation party at school, Irina was awarded a gold medal.

In an educational institution, many subjects were given to the girl easily, but Polyakova’s love woke up only for geography. Despite this, the TV presenter decided, at the insistence of her father, to enter the Institute of Steel and Alloys, for several months she was actively preparing for the entrance exams.

But fate made adjustments to Irina’s education. Shortly before the crucial moment, an aunt came to visit the Polyakovs. And the woman was horrified when she learned about the intentions of the future presenter to enter the Institute of Steel and Alloys. Aunt sincerely believed that the specialty was not among the women’s professions. A relative recommended that Irina try her hand at the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University.

But, if the girl was not afraid of mathematics and physics, then problems could arise with the main subject – geography. Irina received a ticket consisting of two questions. Australia dealt with the first about the animal world easily, but the second topic caused problems. The girl sincerely thought that the exam had failed, but the chairman of the selection committee encouraged Polyakova with a story about a frog that ended up in a jug of milk.

Knowledge about marsupials on the Australian continent delighted the examination committee, so the second question was left without attention. Polyakova received the coveted “four”. In parting, the chairman called Irina “a good frog.” So the girl became a student of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University.

Journalism and TV

The professional stage of Irina Polyakova’s biography began at the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, where the girl was doing her postgraduate studies. But it was not possible to get a diploma of a TV presenter. Soon, Irina is invited to conduct a weather forecast on Channel One in the Good Morning program. The work was difficult for Polyakova. The girl had to draw a map, and then independently switch the camera to shoot from different angles.

In 1998, the novice presenter was invited to work on the Meteo-TV channel. The first programs, according to Irina, were very funny and not at all ideal. Because of the excitement and responsibility that lay on the shoulders of the young Polyakova, the girl constantly stammered, forgot the details. Because of this, the team had to record releases several times.

Professional development turned out to be rapid. After 4 years, Irina was promoted to the position of chief editor of the channel. This event was unexpected, but pleasant for Polyakova. And in 2006, the TV presenter was offered the position of editor of the weather channel on MTV +. Among the places of work of Irina was the NTV channel, where the woman was also engaged in weather forecasting in different parts of our country.

Personal life

Irina Polyakova is a happy mother and wife. A woman tries not to talk about her personal life. But sometimes in an interview he describes his hobbies and the life of his charming daughter Vera. The TV presenter prefers to avoid strictness and prohibitions in raising a child, unlike her own parents. But the family for Irina comes first, and then a career.

Polyakova is fond of sports pastime, including skiing and skating, and in the summer she goes rollerblading. Only such a rest, according to Irina, is able to charge a person with energy and joy.

Journalism is not Polyakova’s only hobby. A woman organizes ceremonial events. Together with her friends, she organized the Big City holiday agency. Working together as a team can turn an ordinary birthday or presentation into an incredible event.

Irina’s figure is admirable. But as Polyakova admits, keeping fit is part of the job. For a long time, a woman follows the principles of proper nutrition and goes in for sports.

From time to time, Irina gives in and indulges herself and family members with culinary masterpieces, despite the fact that she does not like to cook. Polyakova speaks about her work with love. Attention is paid to the viewers expressing their opinion on the program.

In addition to her husband and daughter, two red-eared turtles named Katya and Vasya live in Irina’s house. Pets, according to Polyakova, are original. Animals quarrel and cause damage to each other, so you have to call the veterinarians. And peace and friendship reign between people in Irina’s family.

Irina Polyakova now

Now Irina Polyakova’s life is full, so there is simply no time for social networks, including VKontakte and Instagram. But numerous photos of a young woman can be found on the Internet, on some the TV presenter poses with her daughter Vera.

Irina continues to lead an active lifestyle, combine career and family idyll. Polyakova organizes weather forecasts on television and admires her own work. He manages to pay attention to his own business for organizing holidays.


  • TV presenter of the weather forecast in the Good Morning program on Channel One
  • TV presenter of weather forecast on Meteo-TV
  • Editor-in-chief of the Weather Forecast program on Meteo-TV
  • Editor-in-Chief of the Weather Forecast program on NTV

Irina Polyakova in social networks

Irina Polyakova NTV Instagram

Interview with Irina Polyakova NTV

Irina Polyakova graduated from the Department of Meteorology and Climatology of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, worked a little at the Hydrometeorological Center, and then received an invitation to become the host of Meteo-TV, which dramatically changed everything: habits, appearance, self-esteem, personal life … No wonder, Irina considers one of major turning point in her life the day she first talked about the weather on television. Irina says: “I was terribly worried, mixed everything up, but (thanks to the make-up artists) looked gorgeous, and they forgave me everything and (thanks to the far-sighted chief of Meteo-TV) they left me to work.”

Now Irina Polyakova is not only the host of weather forecasts, but also the editor-in-chief of the Meteo-TV television company. As she herself notes, “every day I try to prove to everyone that nature does not have bad weather!”

Irina gladly answered the questions of our informal questionnaire.

My morning starts with. ultimatums to my daughter that she is already late for school, and if I don’t urgently cook porridge for breakfast, then she will go to school hungry.

On my way to work, I. I listen to the news about politics and the weather, when I get bored, I listen to music and sing loudly. Very loud. Once, in a dead traffic jam, she sang along with a girl from a neighboring car (Pugacheva’s song “Three Happy Days”). Surrounding cars honked…

In my free time, I. in autumn, spring, summer every free minute I am in my garden. I plant something, I transplant something, I cut, I cut. If the planting material runs out, I go to the garden nursery. I can spend a huge amount of time there without noticing how it went. I don’t notice how money disappears from the wallet there. Usually I understand that it’s time to leave when I see that no more pots will simply fit in the car. Well, in winter, when the garden is asleep, I improve my gardening skills by reading educational literature, communicating with the same obsessed people. Relatives consider it great luck that my garden is very small. I completely disagree with this.

This is my family. my relatives and friends and two red-eared turtles Katya and Vasya. The human part of my family is very peaceful and friendly, we quarrel extremely rarely, for this we need some kind of emergency reason. And Katya and Vasya are real thugs. It comes to bloody showdowns with self-mutilation and calling the veterinarian. But I can’t imagine my life without these lovely creatures. Someday I will write a book about them. And maybe not only about them.

My first childhood memory. summer, village, scorching sun, heat. My grandmother takes me to the river to swim. We walk along the road barefoot. The sand is fiery, the heels are burning, delight. Now I understand that there was a blocking anticyclone over the European territory of Russia, but then I didn’t care.

As a child, I wanted to become. To my shame, I can’t answer this question. Honestly, I dug into my memory for a long time, did not find any traces … I probed myself for the astronaut, and the teacher, and the ice cream saleswoman – no, nothing in my soul responded. My daughter, at the age of 6, declared that she wanted to be a paleontologist or a masseuse – I remember this … But about myself – no. I didn’t dream about the profession of a TV presenter for sure.

At school, I loved most of all. All subjects were easy for me, there were no problems with anything. I was a straight A student. Now I understand that it was possible to be more indifferent to studies, to try less. And then it seemed that you need to be the best … Why? Then I did not ask myself about it.

I am by profession. meteorologist. Almost none of my former classmates work in their specialty. And I succeeded. And I didn’t put any effort into it. Everything worked out by itself. It must have been like this…

If I were a fairy-tale hero, it would be. I like Vasilisa the Wise. And beautiful, and smart, and a sorceress. For happiness, nothing more is needed.

  • My favorite books. Catalog: everything for the garden, which is easy to care for.

Only those closest to me know that I… If I say this now, then not only those closest to me will know. So let everything stay as it is.

I love my job because. I like what I do. I like the weather, I like to tell the whole country about it, I like to like it …

I’m proud. but I’m not proud.

I would like to live. Let everything be as it is, only the climate is a little calmer and milder … But, in general, it would be nice to have a beautiful house on a huge plot, where there will be a tulip field, a vineyard and a stable, a tennis court and a lake. Actually, what’s the point? Let there be sea and mountains on the site! I will plant beautiful flowers myself.

I dream about. If a child or friends persuades me to ride scary rides, I always refuse, citing the fact that I am not interested. Actually, of course, it’s interesting. It just creeps me out terribly. So I dream that my motion sickness would stop, so that I would not watch these extreme descents and ascents from the sidelines, but together with everyone would enjoy the speed, danger, heart-stopping delight. The rest of my dreams are more real, banal and doable.

I love myself for what. just like that, without “for”…

I know exactly what. everything will be fine, everything will be fine!

My weakness. I love to eat delicious food, but I don’t really like to cook. Let this be my most important terrible shortcoming.

My motto. let things happen.

I want to wish you. so that everyone is happy and appreciates every moment of their lives. After all, if you wait for something, you can miss what you have now, at this very moment. It will never happen again later… Of course, there will be other minutes, maybe brighter ones… But this one is beautiful too, it should not fly by just like that, on its own. This moment also needs to be felt, to live for real. A meteorologist is forced to look into the future. And, all the time. This is exactly what is required of us, everyone needs a forecast. Fine! Here is the forecast for tomorrow, the weather forecast. But let him help you live happily today first! And tomorrow will be tomorrow …

Irina Polyakova NTV photo

Wikipedia Irina Polyakova weather forecaster on NTV channel

Wikipedia Irina Polyakova weather forecaster on NTV channel

Wikipedia Irina Polyakova weather forecaster on NTV channel

Wikipedia Irina Polyakova weather forecaster on NTV channel

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