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Tatyana Konovalova: general information

  • Full name: Konovalova Tatyana Vyacheslavovna
  • Date of Birth: August 21, 1981
  • Place of birth: –
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 61 kg

Short biography:

  • Graduated from the Kiev State Theater Institute named after Karpenko-Kary (2002).
  • Since 2002 – actress of the Odessa Russian Drama Theater.
  • Education: Graduated from the Kiev State Theater Institute named after Karpenko-Kary (2002).
  • 2020
    Mousetrap for a cat | Misholovka for a cat (Ukraine)
  • 2020
    Pied Piper (Ukraine)
    Tina Vorontsova
  • 2019
    Dog-5 (Ukraine)
  • 2019
    Her men | Її people (Ukraine)
    Olga Zakolskaya
    ex-wife of Boris
  • 2017
    Saturday | Saturday (Ukraine)
    Arina – main role
  • 2014
    Beach (Russia, Ukraine)
    Protasova / Krotova
  • 2013
    Weekend | Weekend
  • 2012
    Tea with bergamot (Ukraine)
    Tatyana — main role
  • 2012
    Mistress of the taiga-2
    cult killer
  • 2012
    Dragon Syndrome (Russia, Ukraine)
    train companion
  • 2012
    SBU. Special operation (Ukraine)
    Tanya Teliga – main role
  • 2012
  • 2011
    Fellow Policemen
    Lyudmila Terentyeva
    common-law wife of Vaidot
  • 2011
    Diamond Hunters
    wife of Bes
  • 2010
    Dmitry’s secretary
  • 2010
    Jazz style

    Under mysterious circumstances (Ukraine)

  • 2009
    Marry Kazanova (Ukraine)
    thief girl
  • 2009
    House with a surprise (Ukraine)
  • 2008
    Smile of God, or pure Odessa story
    host of the concert
  • 2008
    Shoot, immediately! (Russia, Ukraine)
    wife of Smirnov
  • 2008
    Scouts. War after war
    Boatswain’s wife
  • 2008
    Lonely Angel (Ukraine)
  • 2008
    Turquoise ring (Ukraine)
    lady in black
  • 2008
    Boiling water
  • 2008
    Blessed (Russia, Ukraine)
    head nurse
  • 2007
    Ensign Shmatko, or Yo-myo
    Valery’s wife
  • 2007
    Luna-Odessa (Ukraine)
  • 2007
    Vorozheya (Ukraine)
  • 2007
    Evening Tale (Ukraine)
    make-up artist, Masha’s friend
  • 2007
    Alexander Garden-2
  • 2006
    Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman detective-1
  • 2006
    Return of Mukhtar-3
  • 2005
    Happiness is not in money
  • 2005
    Bachelor party, or Big sex in a small town
  • 2001
    Bourgeois birthday – 2 | Bourgeois National Day – 2 (Russia, Ukraine)
  • 2000
    Adventures of an abandoned husband (Russia, Ukraine)

Awards: Prize for the best female theater festival of the International Black Sea Club “HOMO LUDENS” (Man playing) in Nikolaev, 2008, Ukraine

Works in the theater
  • “A funny case”;
  • “The Man Who Laughs”;
  • “Stepan Razin”;
  • “Don’t leave me”;
  • “Insights. One summer in hell”;
  • “Three, seven, ace.” based on the “Queen of Spades” by A. S. Pushkin;
  • Pippi – “Pippi?!”, Astrid Lindgren;
  • Greta – “Last Stop”, E.-M. Remarque;
  • Katya – “Girls”, A. Mardan;
  • Irina – “Indecent name”;
  • Elena Andreevna – “Uncle Vanya”, A.P. Chekhov (2008, dir. Alexey Litvin);
  • Susanna – “Recipe for Love” (“Tina”), A.P. Chekhov (2011, dir. Anatoly Antonyuk);
  • Mrs. Watson – “Odessa by the Ocean”, Viktor Shenderovich (2011, dir. Mikhail Chumachenko).


Tatyana Konovalova is an actress who starred in a large number of television films. Bright appearance and talent helped her become a real star, despite the fact that almost all the roles were episodic.

Wikipedia Konovalova Tatyana Vyacheslavovna actress

Tatyana Konovalova was born on August 21, 1981. She grew up in a family of doctors, but from early childhood she had a craving for self-expression and a wayward character. Tatyana studied at a music school and wanted to further develop in this direction. Adults did not take her desires seriously. At some stage, Konovalova wanted to go to law school, but changed her mind. She played in the school KVN team and decided that she could try herself as an actress.

After graduating from school, Tatyana decided to enter the theater institute. The parents were categorically against it. They did not consider this profession serious and hoped that their daughter would follow in their footsteps. But Tatyana insisted on her own and she managed to enter KGITI. Karpenko-Kary, as well as successfully graduating in 2002.

Konovalova admits that in her youth she was very insecure and quite well-fed.

Entering the theater was a way for her to overcome herself, since she often experienced such embarrassment that she fell into a stupor and could not utter anything. I even had to deal with a specialist. Overcoming embarrassment, she took up her physical form and soon got rid of excess weight.

Now it is even difficult for many of her fans to imagine that this fragile and slender young woman had similar problems.

Immediately after graduating from the institute, Konovalova got a job as an actress at the Odessa Russian Drama Theater. Within the walls of this theater, she lingered for a very long time. At first, she got only minor roles.

In the theater she played in very interesting and popular productions:

  • “Pippi”;
  • “Viy”;
  • “The Cherry Orchard”;
  • “Uncle Vanya”.

Over time, her talent was revealed and Konovalova became one of the theater actresses beloved by the audience. Her bright appearance, mobility, artistry allow her to play a variety of roles. Colleagues have always been surprised how quickly she manages to transform into her heroines.

In parallel with her work in the theater, Tatyana Konovalova tried herself in the cinema. But one of the first pictures with her participation, “The Abyss,” was shown only in 2012. Tatyana also starred in the films Tea with Bergamot and Everyone Has Their Own Chekhov.

Her episodic roles in the following films were bright enough:

  • “Marry Casanova”;
  • “Melodrama for barrel organ”;
  • “Ring with turquoise”;
  • “War after the war”.

Gradually, even eminent directors began to take an interest in Tatyana, but she was invariably offered supporting roles, believing that she would do better with them.

Tatyana Konovalova enjoyed acting in popular Russian TV series. In 2011, she took part in the filming of the serial film “Police Comrades”. She appeared in the episode “Custom Solution”. In 2012, the series “Mistress of the Taiga 2: To the Sea” was released. This role made her truly recognizable and famous. A little later, Tatyana starred in “Diamond Hunt”, directed by Alexander Kott. In this film, she got the role of a simple girl Tasia Kovrova.

Like any other actress, Tatyana dreamed of more serious work in the cinema. One of these can be considered the main role played by her in the film “Submarine Rose”. Her heroine is a nurse Marina with a complex character, which Konovalova so accurately conveyed.

In 2017, Tatyana got a role in the TV series “Saturday”. As the actress notes, she has a lot in common with the heroine of this serial film, Arina Kablukova. And it helped her to play the role brilliantly.

Tatyana Konovalova actress personal life

Tatyana Konovalova is not only a talented, but also a rather modest actress. She never advertised her personal life and was not seen in any scandals. It is known that she has a husband and a wonderful family. Her husband is also an actor.

Tatyana admitted that her family always came first. If she were faced with a choice, she would make it in favor of loved ones, and she would move her career to the second. And it is not just words. Tatyana got married at a time when tempting prospects opened up before her, but still she was not afraid to take a break and went on maternity leave.

The actress did not use the services of a nanny and raised her first daughter herself. After the birth of her second daughter, she felt that she yearned for filming, acting in films.

When the youngest daughter was 11 months old, Tatyana was offered a good role. After a long break in acting career, this was a real gift. After consulting with her husband, she decided to accept the invitation. At first it was difficult to combine family and career, but everything worked out.

Tatyana Konovalova tries to spend as much time as possible with her closest relatives and friends. She rarely attends social events. Currently, the actress lives in Odessa with her family and considers this city already native.

Konovalova plays on the stage of the Odessa Russian Drama Theater and believes that this place has a special energy. As Tatyana said in an interview, the theater scene still remembers Sarah Bernhardt.

Adults and young viewers are very fond of watching the actress play in the play “Pippi Longstocking”. Tatyana not only masterfully plays the main character, but also sings, dances, juggles on stage. She studied all this additionally so that her game was even more professional and memorable.

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Wikipedia Konovalova Tatyana Vyacheslavovna actress

Wikipedia Konovalova Tatyana Vyacheslavovna actress

Wikipedia Konovalova Tatyana Vyacheslavovna actress

Wikipedia Konovalova Tatyana Vyacheslavovna actress

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