Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

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Pavel Kosinsky: general data

  • Full name: Kassinsky Pavel Romanovich
  • Date of Birth: August 17, 1976
  • Place of birth: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Height: 171 cm
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Brief biography: Pavel Romanovich Kassinsky. Born on August 17, 1976 in Odessa. Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, singer. Son of Roman Kartsev.


  • 1992 – graduating from high school in Moscow, after which Pavel decides to enter the Shchukin school, but fails the exams. Admission to the medical institute at the Faculty of Pharmacology.
  • 1997 – graduation from the university and obtaining a diploma of higher medical education. Despite the received document, Pavel is not going to work by profession. The creative vein wins, and the young man gets a job as a PR agent. Theatrical stage for a young man during this period is a hobby. Pavel takes part in performances in tandem with a famous father, starred in an advertisement for Nuts chocolate bars in the form of a stomach.
  • 1998 – entered the Institute of Television.

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Pavel Kassinsky Yeralash

In his school years, he began acting in the comic magazine Yeralash. According to Pavel, he got into Yeralash without the assistance of his father, on a general basis. Studio agents went to schools or picked guys on the streets. Somehow they gave him a business card, after which Pavel came to audition. He recalled that besides him there were about 50 children. But only a few were selected.

He liked filming in Yeralash: “Because you could skip school during filming,” Kassinsky explained.

Played in eight episodes. For example, in the series “Let’s argue!”. According to the plot, a boy (Pavel Kassinsky) eats a plate of eclairs in a dispute with a friend. In the end, he can no longer look at them. And then mom comes in with the words: “Are you doing algebra, boys? Well done! And I brought you delicious food!” – and shows a box of eclairs.

He is still recognized on the streets as the hero of Yeralash. Pavel said: “On the street, some aunts still run up to me and say: “You are the idol of our childhood!” “Sometimes they are obviously older than me. I think: “It’s clear what childhood was.” Sometimes I review the old issues of Yeralash. You look at yourself small, funny, thin, hairy, then you go to the mirror. And I still don’t eat eclairs : On set, I ate 22 or 23 pieces, and then I was sick for several days.”

Pavel Kassinsky in the magazine “Yeralash”

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

Pavel Kassinsky biography

According to the Wikipedia Films website, the Russian theater and film actor Pavel Kassinsky appeared on television screens from childhood, then the young artist was known as the son of pop star Roman Kartsev. Many years later, the man’s filmography was replenished with dozens of works, many of which were popular among lovers of serial tapes.

Childhood and youth

Pavel was born in the summer of 1976 in Odessa, Ukraine, and after 3 years he moved with his parents to Moscow for permanent residence. The son of Roman Kartsev was brought up not only by a creative father, his mother Victoria Kassinskaya was a corps de ballet dancer in her youth, they met in Odessa, and after 3 years they got married in Leningrad.

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

The first daughter Elena appeared in the family, and then the younger Pavel. At a family meeting, the parents decided that both children would bear the mother’s surname, since the real name of the father Katz (Kartsev is the pseudonym of the actor) would raise questions from others.

Pavel began to take his first steps in his cinematic career back in his school years. It was then that the first shootings in the children’s comic magazine Yeralash appeared in his biography. The aspiring actor appeared in 8 editions of the entertainment program.

After graduating from school, Kassinsky tried to enter the Shchukin school, but did not pass the entrance exams. He did not make other attempts to become a professional actor and decided to enter a medical school, so he received a pharmacological education.

The following year, he applied to the Institute of Television, worked on various projects, in the 2000s he even recorded his own album in the disco-funk genre. However, he did not forget about his acting career and periodically went on stage with his father, played with him in performances based on the works of Daniil Kharms. Often appeared in advertisements.


Since the beginning of the 2000s, Pavel has become in demand as a film actor, although he played only small roles, most often they were negative characters. In the TV series “The Return of Mukhtar” he played a bandit with a scar on his face, in “The Elimination Game” he appeared in the form of a policeman who was in a cordon. The audience remembered more for his work in Sergei Arlanov’s comedy “Soldiers”, where he played Sergeant Ryleev, nicknamed Snout.

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

Among other notable works of Kassinsky, viewers note shooting in the films “And yet I love …”, “House of exemplary content”, “Amazons”, “SashaTanya” and “The Abduction of Eve”. Fans liked the image of the man no less in one series of “Interns”, where Pavel played the role of a “thieves” patient who arrived for treatment. In a T-shirt, with a clean-shaven head and a tattoo on his arms, he looked very harmonious.

It is worth noting that due to the peculiarities of appearance and physique (height 171 cm, weight 74 kg), Kassinsky more often gets rude characters, criminals, bandits and other dangerous elements. Each time he perfectly gets used to the role and pleases the audience with his game in different genre films.

Pavel Kassinsky biography personal life

The personal life of Pavel Kassinsky is banned for his fans and media representatives. According to the man, his private life is exclusively his business, and outsiders should take care of their own lives, and not the lives of public people.

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

So, the public does not know who is the wife of Pavel Kassinsky. The network has reliable information that the man is still married and also has two children. On the Internet, it is impossible to find a photo of the artist in which he would be captured with his family, but you can find a photo where he appeared before the public in stage images.

Pavel Kassinsky now

Pavel is still acting in films, however, now he appears on the screens less often. In March 2019, the 3rd season of the Secret City series started, where Pavel got the role of Hoof (in the previous two seasons, the man played the same character). This is a fantasy film that tells a fictional story with non-existent characters.

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

Fans hope that Pavel will appear on the screen more often and will please them more than once with his acting in different films.

Pavel Kassinsky tattoos

Height 171 cm, baldness and tattoos on his arms allow Pavel to play rough and arrogant characters. However, Kassinsky never refuses to experiment. If they offer to play something characteristic, he will definitely take advantage of the offer.

Pavel Kassinsky son of Roman Kartsev

At the beginning of October 2018, the country lost its beloved artist Roman Kartsev, whose witty performances have been energizing millions of viewers for more than half a century. He was gone, and the world seems to have grown sad!

– You know, father in public and in life are two completely different people, – says the son of Roman Kartsev Pavel Kassinsky. “He didn’t laugh all day long. Dad was gloomy. All the time I thought about something, constantly studied texts, rehearsed performances, wrote books. Once he had fun. And he was also very stubborn: until he finished one thing, he did not start a new one. I admired his phenomenal diligence! Dad loved his job very much. Now there are few people with the same attitude to the profession.

– Did you spend a lot of time with him as a child?

– Yes, we walked only a few times! (smiles) But I never took offense at him, I understood everything. He was a hard worker: today he has a tour, tomorrow something else. No, of course, they used to play football. I also remember how he once decided to teach me how to ride a bike. I sat down, drove five meters and fell. Dad ran up, waved his hand: “Oh, okay, let’s go! Then somehow we will learn!” This situation has changed a little over the last ten years. You could even see him at home! Well, except for the holidays, of course.

– So you missed his parental attention?

– It depends how you look at it. We did not regularly go fishing together with him, but I often visited him at the theater. He spent half a day behind the scenes when he served in the Hermitage. I went on stage at the age of 6 – I read poetry at his concerts, while he changed costumes in the dressing room. And then we played with him in performances.

Pavel himself is a recognizable actor. He got into Yeralash back in 1988, and then it went and went. He never sought to advertise his relationship with Roman Kartsev. That’s why he has his mother’s surname. At first, the parents decided so, and then Pavel himself did not consider it necessary to change it (the pseudonym Kartsev, by the way, was invented by the artist Arkady Raikin).

– To be honest, I don’t understand many children of famous people, Pavel says. – They take their names, surnames and even pseudonyms. But not everyone can do what their parents did. And they still manage to go on stage, but with such works, what do you think: are they not ashamed of themselves?

It was hard to watch dad die

In recent months, Roman Kartsev began to feel worse. At first he had a stroke, but there was hope for recovery. And as soon as the artist began to get out, to get out of bed on his own, when suddenly there was a deterioration, and then a heart attack.

– After that, he was already on the machines, – the artist’s son continues. – Still 79 years old. Rarely people of this age after a stroke and heart attack calmly get up and leave the hospital. The last few weeks he was put into an artificial coma, from which he did not come out.

– Did you manage to say goodbye?

– Of course! My mother and I constantly went to the hospital, visited. Especially when it was still possible to talk to him. Here is a sister, of course, well done (Kartsev’s daughter Elena Kassinskaya. – Ed.) – she spent three months in the hospital next to him. And then he ended up in a coma. This, you know, just come by the hand to hold. Terribly hard! Also because you don’t know whether a person hears you or not? And then I said that I would not look at all this. Brought my mother, waited and took away. Because when you walk along these resuscitation corridors, you understand that an resuscitation machine is waiting for all of us. Only in the movies do people die at home among relatives. I have never known such a case in my life. And to be honest, it seems to me that we manage to say so much to each other during our lives – both good and bad – that it may not be necessary to strive to do this in the end.

Pavel Kosinsky in social networks

Pavel Kassinskiy instagram


Pavel Kassinsky photo

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

Pavel Kassinsky parents photo

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev

Wikipedia Kosinsky Pavel Romanovich theater and film actor, singer, son of Roman Kartsev


On the eve of his 45th birthday, the actor remembered his father, whom he is very proud of, frankly expressed his opinion about his colleagues and famous cultural figures with whom he had a chance to meet. Pavel Kassinsky admires the personality of Joseph Davydovich Kobzon and calls him a great man.

According to Pavel Kassinsky, Iosif Kobzon was a singer of rare talent, but he was also an amazingly decent and sympathetic person. Iosif Davydovich had an office where employees were always located and accepted any person.

The secretaries were obliged to listen to each person who applied to them and record what problem the person addressed. Kobzon delved into the complaints of visitors and solved their problems. He helped people with housing, with work, with the treatment of loved ones, the singer defended the interests of his colleagues, always himself, without waiting for a request and appeal to him, came to the rescue if a person had a problem.

“He is great, if only because he helped so many people!” – says Pavel Kassinsky. The son of Roman Kartsev with deep respect and warmth remembers his father’s colleagues, his partner Viktor Ilchenko, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, regrets that these artists are no longer there.

The actor highly appreciates the professional skills of Yuri Garkavi, Marina Bogatova, Alexander Palchikov. Pavel Kassinsky is outraged that television is currently occupied by mediocrity, the Gnome Gnomish and Morgensterns are constantly flashing on the screen, Pavel is perplexed by Sergey Garmash in the bank’s advertisement.

In his opinion, participating in deceiving people is an unworthy occupation for an actor. Pavel Kassinsky also condemns artists who share immodest details of their personal lives in television programs, so the revelation of Tatyana Vasilyeva, who did not hesitate to reveal the details of all her novels, was a surprise for him.

For Pavel Kassinsky, the opinion of his father remains very important, for example, he, like his father, is suspicious of the family of actor Mikhail Boyarsky.

In his opinion, Mikhail Sergeevich is a very mediocre singer, and Liza and Seryozha are insincere people and should not be trusted. Pavel Kassinsky does not hide the fact that his father Roman Kartsev was offended by Gennady Khazanov and was very disappointed in him as a person.

It turns out that Roman Kartsev fully prepared the performance in which he played with Tatyana Vasilyeva. The actors rehearsed for a long time, the scenery, costumes were already ready and the premiere was scheduled, and then it turned out that Gennady Khazanov, who had been to the rehearsals of the actors several times, wanted to play in such a production himself.

Khazanov persuaded Leonid Trushkin to give the production to him. There was a very unpleasant situation, because it was done behind the backs of the actors. As a result, the performance came out with the participation of Khazanov and Inna Churikova. According to Pavel Kassinsky, Gennady Khazanov was a good artist, but, unfortunately, he is a dishonorable person.

Pavel recalls another ugly story when Khazanov invited Kartsev to perform at one anniversary concert, and he accepted the request with understanding and performed. After a while, Roman Kartsev turned to Khazanov for permission to arrange an evening at the Variety Theater dedicated to his 75th birthday.

Having heard the request, Khazanov named a very high, even unbearable price. This incident left its mark on the further communication of the artists. Kassinsky remembers this and also has a negative attitude towards Khazanov.

Pavel Kassinsky spoke about his family, he is married. His wife, Anna Erofeeva, is Russian by nationality and is an environmental engineer by profession. The couple have been together for ten years, they have no children, and, according to Pavel, it is already too late.

He has a negative attitude towards late fatherhood and motherhood, believes that children are a big responsibility and it is not enough to give birth to a child, he needs to be brought up, put on the wing – educated, prepared for independent life.

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