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Anton Kukushkin: general data

  • Full name: Kukushkin Anton Borisovich
  • Date of Birth: October 5, 1976
  • Place of birth: Moscow, USSR (Russia)
  • Height: 192 cm
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Brief biography: Born on October 5, 1976. in Moscow. C. 1996 played in the student theater of Moscow State University. B 1998 entered the theater school named after B. Shukina (M. Panteleeva’s course), which he finished in 2002. In the same year, he became the laureate of the All-Russian competition of readers named after Ya. Smolensk. In 2001-2009, he was an actor of the Satyr Theater. Takes part in performances at the “Practice” and “Modern” theaters.
  • Education: Theater school named after B. Shchukina (course M. Panteleeva)
Anton Kukushkin's film
  • 2021
  • 2020
    Family War
  • 2019
    Grannies on the run-2
    tractor driver
  • 2018
    Practice. Second season
    Philip Mishin
  • 2018
    House arrest
  • 2016-2020
    Heaven Will Wait (Russia, Ukraine)
    Sasha Spitsyn
  • 2015
    Sniffer-2 (Ukraine)
  • 2014
    Sasha walked along the highway
  • 2014
    Goldeneye Project
  • 2014
    Rally | Meeting (was not completed)
    Nikita Rubtsov
  • 2014
    Kitchen in Paris
  • 2014
    Cinema about Alekseev
    Oleg Efremov
  • 2011
    A4 format
    Alena’s partner
    Acquaintance | 1st series
    Remember what happened | 2nd series
    About the positive experience of breakups | 3rd series
  • 2011
    Tower. New people
    Tolya – the main role
  • 2010-2011
    Everything is for the best
  • 2010
    Shroud (short)
  • 2010
    Krapivin case
    Short circuit | Movie #1
    Stray bullet | Movie #2
    Magic Crystal | Movie #3
  • 2010
    220 volts of love
    Margarita’s assistant
  • 2009
    The crime will be solved-2
    Vyacheslav Isaev
    Last target | 5th series
  • 2008
    Crazy Angel
    Ruslan Runkovsky
    famous musician, virtuoso violinist
  • 2008
  • 2007
  • 2007
    Payback | Movie #2
  • 2007
    One day
    bank guard
  • 2007
    Tree, rabbit, parrot | Yalinka, rabbit and parrot (Ukraine)
    Sasha – main role
  • 2006
    Prescription Happiness
  • 2006
    Russian translation
  • 2006
    Captain’s children
    Fyodor Kazenav
  • 2005
    Horror novel
    Ghost – main role
  • 2005
    Commercial break
  • 2005
    Time to collect stones
  • 2005
    Adam and Eve’s transformations
    medical student
  • 2004
    Forest princess
    one of Ivan’s brothers
  • 2004
    Dasha Vasilyeva. Private Investigator -2
    Lady with claws | movie 1
  • 2003-2004
    Poor Nastya
  • 2003
    Guys from our city
  • 2003
    Give me life
  • 2003
    At the corner near Patriarchs-3
  • 2003
    Another life
  • 2003
    Bride Bomb
    Stepan — main role
  • 2002
    2nd series
  • 2002
    Balzac age, or All men are their own. -1
    police lieutenant, acquaintance of Alla
    Osteochondrosis, or Replenishment of wasted Shukra | 6th series

  • Awards: Winner of the all-Russian contest named after readers. of Smolensk

Theater works:

Theater MOST:

  • “Cabaret 03”

Theater Satire:

  • Nelkin – “Igra” (“Wedding of Krechinsky”)
  • Bobby Franklin – “Too Married Taxi Driver”
  • Young artist – “I’m still funny…”
  • Lucien – “Jadat?!”
  • Sergey Grankin – “Homo Erectus”
  • Meno Fortas and the Stanislavski Foundation:
  • Yasha – “Cherry Orchard”
  • Theater “Modern”:
  • Lucien – “Once Upon a Time in Paris”


Anton Kukushkin – Russian theater and film actor, laureate of the All-Russian contest of readers named after Ya. of Smolenskogo (2002), organizer of corporate events, ceremonies, presentations and other events.

Anton Kukushkin was born on October 5, 1976 in Moscow in a family of mathematicians. He followed in the footsteps of his parents and in 1993 entered Moscow State University on a voluntary basis. Already in the third year of study, he became interested in drama and performed on the stage of the student theater. B 1998-2002 received an acting education at the Theater School named after B. Shchukina. For the next 8 years, he performed on the stage of the Satyr Theater. Among his works are the performances “The Game” (“Krechinsky’s Wedding”), “Too Married Taxi Driver”, “I’m still funny…”, “Wait?!”, “Homo Erectus”.

Anton also played in the troupe of the theater “Modern” in the play “Once in Paris”. Since 2010, he has been performing on the stage of the “Practice” theater, where he participates in the “Man.doc” project.

In parallel with his theatrical activities, Anton also starred in movies and TV series. His debut was an episodic role in the popular TV series “Brigada”. Among his other works are “Krapivin’s case”, “Everything for the best”, “Protection”, “Crazy angel”, “Crime will be solved”, “Time to gather stones”, “Other life”, and others.

Anton Kukushkin is also professionally engaged in the organization and management of various events – corporate events, weddings, ceremonies.

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Personal life of Anton Kukushkin

Currently, the personal life of the actor is unknown.

Interview with Anton Kukushkin

Evening Moscow on March 18, 2021

You can meet a celebrity anywhere in the capital. In the column “Walk with the stars” “Evening” goes with famous people to their memorable places. Today, this is the theater and film actor Anton Kukushkin. Anton Kukushkin suggested meeting with Vecherka at a place that is significant for him – near the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute.

Many years ago it was here that Anton began his career. Although neither the native people, nor even the actor himself, could imagine how it all would turn out in the end. After all, Kukushkin devoted all his childhood and youth to mathematics. He even first entered the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University.

– In my third year, I accidentally got into the student theater. They paid attention first of all not to my acting data, but to the fact that I can whistle artistically. Then the director Yevgeny Slavutin came up with a number where a member of the student theater Svetlana Mochalina played the piano, and I just whistled, ”the actor shares. – Oddly enough, everyone liked the number so much that I was even invited to the Actor’s House to perform with him on the old New Year.

Walking along the Old Arbat, we slowly reached this place – it was here that the theatrical elite learned about Anton Kukushkin.

– I was in shock and jitters, because Zhvanetsky, Khazanov, Zaitsev, Zolotovitsky were sitting in the first row. First, Maxim Galkin, who was also invited for the first time from our theater, tears up the hall, and then our number made a splash. And I can’t stand it and already in May 1998 I entered the theater,” says Kukushkin.

In the Shchukin school, the actor forgot about everything, he practiced from morning until evening: classical dance, stage combat, fencing, singing, stage speech. And at the end of the second year, for the efforts of the young man, Vasily Lanovoy himself, who then worked at the school, took to himself.

— It was a pleasure to rehearse with him, — Anton Kukushkin admitted.

But in senior years, the actor already had enough time for fun.

– I adored the Project O.G.I club. The whole creative crowd of Moscow gathered here. But one could also hear the then still not very well-known group “Leningrad”. Here we also had our first kiss with my future wife, ”the actor shared his memories.

At the end of the walk, we returned back to the school. When you enter the territory of an educational institution, absolutely every person greets you.

— This tradition has always existed. It even happened that the same student could greet you several times, says Anton.

Now the actor, despite the fact that he graduated from college a long time ago, is again attending first-year classes.

– Stanislavsky himself said that it is useful to return to training once every 10 years if you want to remain alive and not a hardened actor, – he explains. — Yes, and I understand that I have something to say to the students. I see their mistakes and help, but I also learn new things for myself.

But study and work still do not prevent the actor from spending time with his sons.

— My elder loves abandoned buildings. Therefore, if I find interesting places on the way to shooting or performances, I mark them on my map. We also sometimes go to places where they play jazz from the 1920s and 1930s. The younger one loves experiments, and on weekends we go to the ZIL recreation center for classes. They even bought mixtures for home experiments, ”the actor shared.

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Wikipedia Kukushkin Anton Borisovich theater and film actor

Wikipedia Kukushkin Anton Borisovich theater and film actor

Wikipedia Kukushkin Anton Borisovich theater and film actor

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