Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

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Lena Lenina: general information

  • Full name: Lena Lenina (Razumova)
  • Date of Birth: October 25, 1971
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk, USSR
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: –

Projects and books

  • 2004 — Cours, cours, camarade
  • 2006 — «Perfection. Passion for excellence”
  • 2006 — Russes comme Cresus
  • 2006 — Multimillionaires
  • 2006 — EliteFrance
  • 2007 — Seduire a la russe
  • 2007 – Sexual. How to seduce any man”
  • 2007 – “EXCELLENT.”
  • 2007 — Showbiz Millionaires
  • 2008 — La Blonde contre-attaque: les blagues sur les brunes
  • 2008 – “Lenin’s body lives and wins”
  • 2008 — “Passion of the King or Black Pearl of Tahiti”
  • 2008 – “Blonde Revenge – jokes about brunettes”
  • 2008 — Stars
  • 2009 — Les nouveaux tzars
  • 2009 — MultiMillionaires 2
  • 2009 – “How a Blonde Became a Model”
  • 2010 — Les Gigolos
  • 2010 — Alphonse
  • 2011 — Lena Lenina. Revolution of Love”
  • 2012 — “New Tsars”
  • 2014 — “Business lunches in Bristol” or Secrets of Success in Business”
  • 2016 — Leninskaya Pravda


  • 2005 – “Bachelor Party, or Big Sex in a Small Town”
  • 2006 — Rublyovka Live
  • 2010 – “Mom is better!”


  • 2007 – “In My Phone”


  • “Helen-Video”
  • “Paris Revelations”
  • Business Fever
  • Nice people
  • “50 Blondes”
  • “Naked and funny”
  • “Who wants to marry my son”
  • “Reception at Lena Lenina”

Lena Lenina biography

Lena Lenina is a writer and businesswoman. She demonstrates numerous talents that cause mixed reviews from the press and the townsfolk. Now fans know Lenina as the author of popular novels, tutorials and books on self-development in Russian and French. In addition, she owns a network of nominal manicure studios.

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

Childhood and youth

There are many secrets in the biography of the fashionable writer Lenina. The real name of the businesswoman is not known for certain. Another dark spot is the exact age and place of birth. Most sources agree that Lena was born on October 25, 1979 in Novosibirsk.

Lenina’s parents are medical scientists. Her father was looking for an effective cure for cancer, and her mother worked as a cardiologist, published about 20 scientific papers. Lenina’s family lived in the academic city, the girl went to school with in-depth study of the French language.

After graduation, Lena entered the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics of Novosibirsk State University, and at the same time continued to study French. After university, Lena went to conquer Moscow.

Modeling career

Lenina’s modeling career began in her student years. The director accidentally noticed an attractive girl with a height of 175 cm and a weight of no more than 56 kg and invited him to an advertising project. In 2005, Lena became the face of the French brand Charlott, which produces underwear.

In 2007, the photo session “Lenin’s body lives and enjoys” was published in Penthouse magazine. Today Lena Lenina is the face of many French jewelry and perfume companies and fashion houses. The writer often appears in advertisements for Russian brands.

Television and media

In 2003, the TF1 channel invited the star to participate in the reality show Nice people (the European analogue of the Behind the Glass program). After the release of the program on the screens, Lena Lenina became “the most famous Russian” in Paris.

In 2011, Lenina appeared on the Ukraina TV channel as the host of the talk show Who Wants to Marry My Son? . She still regularly appears on talk shows as an expert. Later, Lenina’s own channel was opened on YouTube.

Movies and music

Lenina’s debut on the screen took place in 2003: Lena played in the film Once Upon a Time Johann Sebastian Bach, directed by Jean-Louis Guillermu. The film is based on a book by Johann Forkel, who devoted his life to searching for unpublished scores of the great master and collecting little-known facts about his work.

For the filming of a film about the legacy of the composer, we managed to gather a star cast.

The voice-over was provided by Jean Rochefort, known to the Russian audience from a series of films about Angelique with Michel Mercier and a tall blonde with Pierre Richard. The main role in the film was played by Christian Vadim, the son of director Roger Vadim and Catherine Deneuve, and Lenina herself embodied on the screen the image of the second wife of the composer Anna Magdalena Bach.

After 2 years, director Alexander Polynnikov invited the artist to the comedy series “Bachelor Party, or Big Sex in a Small Town.” The plot focuses on the life of the writer Nyukhovsky, who creates a script for a television project based on the turbulent romantic memories of his own youth. Together with Lenina, Dmitry Kharatyan, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Boris Shcherbakov and others were involved in the project.

Lena also participated in other series as a cameo. Annual appearances at the Cannes Film Festival have become an integral part of the celebrity’s film career. For each exit on the red carpet, Lenina came up with a bright shocking image with extravagant hairstyles.

In parallel, the musical activity of the artist also developed. Fans appreciated her duet with Alexander Barykin: the couple sang the song “I See You”. Later, Lenina repeatedly performed with other performers. So, with Oleg Popkov, Lena sang the hit “Slow Dance”, and with Prokhor Chaliapin she recorded the track “Incompatible”, for which a video was shot.


Lenina’s first book Cours, cours, camarade! In it, the author spoke about the fate of the modern Cinderella, who woke up famous in Paris. In 2005, the first Russian-language work of the writer “Passion for Perfection” was published. In subsequent years, she began to publish literary works with enviable regularity.

Basically, the topics of Lenina’s writings were relations between men and women.

In the books, the author gave advice on how to find a worthy knight and avoid scammers. The number of bestsellers included “Sexual, or How to seduce any man”, “True. How to become rich and famous” and others. In Russia, Lenina’s works were published by such famous publishing houses as AST, in France – no less authoritative Grasset and Florent Massot.


Entrepreneurial talent manifested itself in the girl already in her student years. At the age of 19, Lenina opened a company that produced commercials and television programs. Having moved to Moscow, Lenina appeared on central TV. Several years passed, and she became the producer of the Paris Revelations and Business Fever programs, which aired on TVC.

Advertising turned out to be the direction in which a woman made her initial capital.

In 2010, the model went into business by opening the Lena Lenina Network of Manicure Studios. The company has grown rapidly, acquiring more than two hundred salons in Russia, half of them are franchises in large cities of the country. On the basis of the studio, which has an official website, courses for masters were held.

Personal life

A celebrity lives in France. Lenina also moved her mother and son there, whom she gave birth to in her youth. She was engaged in raising the child herself, today her son is studying in France. In one of the interviews, Lenina admitted that she would give birth to more children, but she is afraid that the first-born will not like this idea, because he is spoiled and does not tolerate competition.

In the star’s Instagram account, photos of a luxurious life on the Cote d’Azur often appear – in many of these pictures, a businesswoman is captured in a swimsuit.

Lena was credited with a relationship with pop singer Vladimir Presnyakov, Jr. The source of rumors and confusion was the consonant names of Lena Lenina and Elena Lenskaya, Presnyakov’s ex-wife, with whom he was married from 2001 to 2005. At one time it was said that Lenina became the last love of the singer Alexander Barykin.

In 2011, Lena married a timber merchant and banker, millionaire Pascal Florent-Edouard. The wedding was celebrated in an old French castle. Lenina met her future husband at a reception at the Duke of Orleans. The newlyweds spent their honeymoon in Bali.

After the marriage, the couple lived in Pascal’s mansion near Paris. The husband doted on a beautiful wife, promised to carry his wife in his arms. But in 2014, Lenina announced that she was divorcing a millionaire. The reason is the pathological jealousy of the spouse.

In January 2020, Lena Lenina surprised the followers of her Instagram account with a wedding announcement. The writer preferred to hide the name of her husband and his appearance from fans: for the festive picture, the groom posed with his back. Later it turned out that chef Anton Ignatov became the chosen one of the writer.

Unfortunately, family happiness turned out to be short-lived: in January 2021, Lenina spoke about the divorce. The businesswoman emphasized that she did not intend to share details with journalists and subscribers, she only noted that everything happens without scandals and the division of property, by mutual decision.

Lena Lenina now

In 2021, Lenina continued her creative activity. New videos of the popular show Naked Truth have appeared on the celebrity YouTube channel. The guests of the issues were Cornelia Mango, Katya Lel, Nikita Dzhigurda and other stars. In an interview, celebrities shared the secrets of their personal lives with the host.

Lena’s regular appearances on the red carpet in Cannes also became loud. The most memorable was the image chosen by Lenin for going to the premiere of Francois Ozon’s film “Everything went well.”

The star put on a shiny closed black dress, and the TV presenter’s head was crowned with a “kokoshnik” made of many braids. According to the writer, when creating such an original hairstyle, her hairdresser was inspired by the appearance of the heroine of ancient Greek myths, the Gorgon Medusa. Photos of the original image immediately scattered across the Web.

Interesting Facts

  1. In 2015, the name of a celebrity appeared at the center of a scandal: the press wrote that the cat painted by Lenina pink died of intoxication. Later, denials appeared on the Web with photos demonstrating that everything is in order with the animal, and the paint is gradually coming off the wool.
  2. The post of the businesswoman turned out to be resonant that she wants to take the daughter of Yulia Nachalova into her family after the untimely death of the singer. Some of the subscribers supported Lenina’s emotional impulse, others reminded that the girl has a father.

Лена Ленина в соцсетях

Студия Лены Лениной отзывы


Встреча с мастером по маникюру, педикюру прошла отлично, оцениваю работу специалиста на 5 +, очень всё аккуратно, очень всё профессионально, маникюр и педикюр держится на отлично. По стоимости тоже всё прекрасно, как и договаривались, всё хорошо, супер мастер. Мастер Гаяне.

Записалась в студию ТЦ «Метромаркет» на Соколе мастер Екатерина Ж. на маникюр и педикюр. Через некоторое время мне перезвонила администратор и сказала, что мастер не успевает и предложила перенести запись на 16. 00. Я согласилась. Приехав на маникюр к этому времени мастер Екатерина Ж. удивленно подняла на меня глаза и продолжила заниматься клиентом. Я напомнила. что записана на 16 часов, на что Екатерина Ж. позвала администратора "Настя, разберись". Появилась девушка, которая с испугом стала спрашивать у Екатерины Ж. когда она освободиться. А эта, так называемая мастерица, на все вопросы отвечала "Не знаю". Администратор, как могла пыталась сгладить ситуацию, то ли мастер опоздала, то ли клиент опоздал поэтому мастер не успевает ( Пришлось просто уйти, т. к. ничего внятного не услышала. Постоянно посещаю салоны Лены Лениной, но впервые столкнулась с таким хамством. Такое впечатление, что Екатерина Ж. возомнила себя по-меньшей мере заместителем Елены Лениной. Жалко потраченного времени, пришлось специально ехать.

ТЦ «Калейдоскоп» цокольном этаж. Прекрасный мастер! Очень душевная и отзывчивая девушка. Работа была проделана аккуратно и достаточно быстро. Спасибо Вам, Зуля, за такую красоту, мне очень у Вас понравилось. Однозначно вернусь ещё!

Отвратительный салон, один раз решилась пойти на маникюр с покрытием, это был последний раз, всё сделали коряво, лак лежал буграми, неаккуратно обрабатывали кутикулу, до крови, при попытке вернуть д/с за услугу, нарвалась на некомпетентный персонал и руководство! Отказали в возврате. Я не знаю как можно так относиться к клиентам, при данной ситуации в стране? Сейчас каждого клиента надо ценить, что б не потерять, вы же видимо работаете по другой не логичной схеме! Я так же работаю в сфере сервиса услуг, и всегда стараюсь идти клиенту на встречу, либо предлагаю варианты решения проблемы, даже если мой сервис не имеет к данной проблеме отношения! Вот так надо работать, а Вы лишь ищете причину как отказать клиенту в решении того или иного вопроса! Сама больше никогда не приду в данную сеть, и всем рекомендую обходить его стороной!

Вчера была в студии в тц Мега Химки, и это просто фантастика! Очень довольна индивидуальным подходом к каждому клиенту. Мастер учла все мои пожелания и, сказать честно, спасла мои ноготочки! Была в разных маникюрных салонах, перепробовала все, но такого качества ещё нигде не встречала (знаю о чем говорю, живу в Испании). Огромное спасибо мастеру Соне за качественную работу и отличное настроение!

Лена Ленина интервью

Лена Ленина о красоте, путешествиях, мужчинах и SPA

Интервью от июнь 03, 2017

Лена Ленина, писатель и модель Author of more than twenty books in Russian and French. He regularly goes to the Russian bathhouse and organizes major social events.

In 2012, Russian celebrities, including Iosif Kobzon and Nikolai Baskov, presented Lena with the “Best Eventor of the Country” award. This award has been called its own “Lenin” award for several years now, it is received not only by successful SPA and beauty salons, but also by the most beautiful stars.

Lenina is a classic self-made-woman. He shocks with spectacular hairstyles, trusts his body only to the best masseurs in Moscow and Paris, dine at the Moscow restaurant “Bristol”, once a month spends a weekend in European SPAs. Co-owner of more than a hundred salons of Lena Lenina’s Network of Manicure Studios.

– What is the main thing for you in the beauty of a woman?

If you don’t become like ugly hypocrites who consider spiritual beauty to be the only kind of beauty, then beauty is when men look back on the street. A woman sniffing with a cold nose and sneezing cannot be beautiful. A lazy opponent of high heels also cannot claim a beautiful shape of the buttocks and long legs. But the main thing in beauty is grooming! A woman who has never crossed the threshold of a SPA in her life cannot be considered well-groomed. A woman who does not appear a couple of times a month for a manicure-pedicure, of course, in the Network of Lena Lenina’s Manicure Studios, cannot be considered beautiful. A well-groomed woman knows what hyaluronic acid is and that the highest quality aesthetic and cosmetology service in the world can only be obtained in Switzerland at La Clinique Matignon. A woman who has no idea about integral laser hair removal, about the new revolutionary products of the Argo company, cannot be considered beautiful.

– That is, female beauty is exclusively for men?

Visits to the hairdresser would not have become so widespread if only women lived on Earth. Then there would be no one to look back at them, no one would sniff at them. And today, shampoo with aphrodisiacs Lovely by Egomania & Elena Lenina breaks sales records, which is understandable, because without exception, all men react to an erotic-stimulating smell.

But, most importantly, a beautiful woman knows what to say and when. She knows how to convince a man that her red sports convertible or a necklace from the Pearl Compound fashion house is an increase in his own status.

– Does beauty help in business?

How often “girlfriends” skewed by nature or envy say to pretty girls: “Well, of course, everything is easy for you, I would like your appearance and I would also become a millionaire / writer / star / TV presenter / singer.” And how rarely do we remember that neither Madonna nor Barbara Streisand differ in appearance or strong vocals. And we love them! We must not forget that as much as beauty helps, exactly the same way it interferes with a woman in business matters. Imagine that a charming beauty comes to an appointment with a certain leader. If this is a man, the result is almost guaranteed. And if a woman sits in the place of the leader, who does not want to feel herself out of circulation? Do you understand? Therefore, when going to negotiations and being sure that beauty is the key to success, it is necessary to clarify who will receive you, a man or a woman.

– Is it important for a woman to make a career?

A woman, like any person, can be happy when she has realized herself in three hypostases. First, as a beloved woman. It is not enough to love yourself, you still need to feel loved, adored, pampered and desired. Second, as a mother. No woman will feel like a full-fledged woman until she knows the sweet joy of motherhood. And finally, thirdly, as a professional. As a person respected by society and aware of his value as a person. Using my example and the examples of my girlfriends, I can statistically say: men betray us more often than our professional skills. Therefore, the question “to make or not to make a career” can actually be equated with the rhetorical “to live or not to live.”

– You have published more than twenty books. Do you write yourself, or, as is customary among the stars, do you get help from “dark-skinned” exploited people?

Our spiritual and intellectual craft has always caused a lot of questions, blasphemy and enthusiasm. We contemporary writers have even been accused of exploiting black assistants. I will try to honestly break the wrong stereotypes about our work shop. The use of literary assistants took place. And this drop of tar ruined the reputation of the whole barrel of writer’s honey. But due to its insignificance, we can safely say that 95 percent of modern authors write themselves. And capable “blacks” themselves quickly understand the process and become brands. Smart, attentive, kindly by nature and not lazy people can easily make sure that the author writes himself by comparing the style of any writer in his different works. Normal people will also take my word for it: I write myself!

– You often travel. Is it always related to your work?

Where ordinary people rest, stars work. At secular presentations, on TV, at concerts, on weekdays and on holidays. When you have six performances on New Year’s Eve, it’s hard to consider such a day a holiday.

It is also difficult to consider racing across countries on an international tour as traveling, when from every major city you see only a hotel room, an airport and backstage of a concert venue. There is simply no time left for sightseeing. The only desire is to take a nap in between filming and interviews. What rest is for a normal person is hard work for celebrities. Of course, you will say that it is a sin for the stars with their fees and the love of the public to complain. But do not forget that the love of the public is always in direct proportion to envy, malice and slander. And no fees can compensate for the inability to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one or celebrate the New Year with your child. Therefore, every month, my husband or my girlfriends without makeup and cameras settle in some cool European SPA and recover, and at the same time we conduct psychotherapeutic sessions of heart-to-heart chatter.

– Where did you visit SPA there?

Decent hotels on all exotic islands have wonderful SPAs. I especially love essential oil massages, hot stone massages, Chinese healing massages, foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage. And in the Maldives, I order procedures at the SPA from home, long before departure, so that later I don’t have to stand in lines for pleasures.

– Which countries attract you? How important is travel comfort to you?

I like sparsely populated islands the most. Have you heard about the island of billionaires Mustik? And about the island of St. Barth? And it’s also wonderful in Tahiti, only a very long flight. Flying away from there, I was convinced that if heaven exists, then it is very similar to what I saw over the past ten days. I enjoy traveling in French Polynesia. All this is far away, so few Russians have had the pleasure of visiting it. By the way, when flying on scheduled planes, I like to buy three seats at once in economy than one in business class. It turns out cheaper and more comfortable. And yes, there are more handsome guys. Once I saw my friend, one of the Kings of luxury in Russia, traveling to Sardinia with six suitcases on the march. Especially, I was perplexed by the fact that he carries bed linen, a blanket and a pillow with him. Then it turned out that he was right about everything, but in order to learn to appreciate comfort, you need to understand the difference between different types of down in blankets and get used to sleeping on silk sheets. Now, having traveled a lot, I have learned to travel comfortably.

– Is there a quality SPA in Russia?

Yes! In Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in almost all cities with a population of over a million. I suspect that my desire to fly around Russia with master classes is subconsciously connected with the fact that after each performance I have the pleasure of discovering the best SPAs for myself. Moreover, I am now familiar with the best SPAs not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The secret of a good mood from Lena Lenina

You need to clearly understand that life passes not yesterday and not tomorrow, but today. And today you need to be able to live and enjoy life. Every minute that I spend in exhausting work in difficult psychological conditions, which is the work of a public person, I use up a supply of energy and health. And every minute I spend in the SPA, I accumulate useful energy. Therefore, my secret of a SPA-mood is in a rational approach to the own energy of a person who has decided to live better and longer than others. I personally plan years, commercials up to eight hundred.


It is difficult to find a person more mysterious and ambiguous in the domestic show business. She is known for her extravagant hairstyles and a penchant for luxurious lifestyles. There are no less legends and myths about her (or even more) than about her famous namesake. Who is Lena Lenina really: another outrageous beau monde character or a pragmatic business woman? I am sure that opinions will be divided, but it cannot be denied: Lena Lenina is a vivid example of a self-made woman who no longer needs to prove anything to anyone.

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

Lena, you are known not only as a successful business woman, but also as a luxurious socialite. What, in your opinion, is expressed by the luxury of secular life?

The main luxury of secular life is money. Bills are bent at the corners, and this is their only drawback. But her money allows the socialite to buy herself any beautiful villa on the Mediterranean coast overlooking the endless blue expanse. Money, on the other hand, allows you to arrange your son in a prestigious school in Switzerland and never think about how much a dinner in a three-star Michelin gastronomic restaurant or a crocodile bag costs. Their money allows them to choose beautiful and charming men for sexual pleasures and not stand humiliatingly with outstretched hands, as if on a porch, begging a stingy husband for boots. Money gives confidence to the walk, peace to words, and sleep the serenity of a secure old age. Big money, it is true, brings certain troubles in their preservation, reinvestment and management, but these are more pleasant worries than a frantic search with a tongue hanging out a couple of hundred before payday.

What are the essential attributes of a luxurious life for you?

You will be surprised: an essential attribute of a luxurious life is a healthy lifestyle! Moreover, this season, smart and healthy are back in fashion! Mind training goes through reading and communicating with wise people, but health has to be collected bit by bit. If not for my apparently unhealthy “workaholism” with the resulting stress and overwork, one could consider that I lead an angelic lifestyle. Judge for yourself: I don’t drink alcohol, and even never in my life – which is generally indecent for a Russian person – I have never tried vodka; I have never tasted any wine in my life, which is quite indecent for someone living in France. I don’t smoke and I think that smoking is the most stupid of human habits. I have not tried drugs, which is rather rare in the artistic environment. I have been a vegetarian my entire adult life. And I don’t drink chemical stakes or stimulants like coffee. Nothing but pure water. I allow myself weaknesses only in the form of chocolate and culinary gourmets, and I eat high-calorie fruits in buckets, because I think that pleasures are good for the psyche, and splendor adorn a woman.

Family has always occupied the first place in my hierarchy of values. I made the biggest sacrifices in my life on the altar of my family. And the person for whom I committed the most crimes against my career is my son. He does not know, and I am ready to continue to sacrifice for him and further.
Lena Lenina, writer, model, TV presenter
In the world of show business – and business in general – you need to be a real shark in order to succeed, to find a worthy “half”. Do you see a lot of girls and guys ready to do anything for their dream of a “luxurious life”, and are their efforts worth the end result?

I understand what you are implying. Sex is just a carnal form of love. You need to sleep only with those with whom you want to live your whole life. And in business, profit wins in the long run, not liking. Sex as a weapon is used only by the stupid – the wise use their heads. How unreservedly stupid people are who believe that sex is a way to make money! I am not a moralist, but I work for another body, because I earn much more in this way. It is located between the ears – and these are not beautiful eyes.

There is a famous phrase by Coco Chanel: “Modesty and luxury are sisters.” Agree, the great couturier is cunning: Coco, according to the memoirs of her contemporaries, has never been distinguished by modesty …

Modesty is a sign of unsuitability in our show business. I am for healthy impudence! A person who wants to succeed will definitely achieve it. Especially if he is ready to put everything he has on the altar of achieving this success – even if he has nothing but time and audacity. The most ambitious, the most vain, the most courageous, the most persistent and the most arrogant win. Yes, yes – impudence, in the best sense of the word, this is a super lever! All the billionaires I know are incredibly arrogant and self-confident people, although, due to their reasonableness, they carefully hide it. And modesty is a sign of unsuitability not only in show business, and let all those who have nothing else to be content with be content with it.

One of my acquaintances, a successful person, once exclaimed in his hearts: “If someone dares to say that I am lucky, I will punch him in the face!” After all, a person is the blacksmith of his own happiness.

There is a saying that the rich also cry. How often do you meet unfortunate billionaires?

The rich also cry, and the rich also save. And it’s not just the impending economic crisis. Having met one of them the other day, a fashionable party-goer from Moscow, in a secret place in Italy, I analyzed – to the best of my blond brain capabilities – the new fashion trend of European shopping. In the past, it would have been embarrassing to meet a wealthy Muscovite shopping during the discount period, and even in a special place reserved for year-round discounts. I would have to look away and think that the guy is not forced to save money, but simply greedy. Today, greed has become fashionable.

Lena Lenina – mother: what is she like? And how did the birth of a son and motherhood in general affect your social life?

My son, a blond, blue-eyed angel, studies at a private school in Paris. He loves his mother, but his mother loves him even more. The most difficult thing in the life of a business woman is the constant compromise between work and family. And by family, I first of all mean children. Men who are not burdened with a sense of physical and psychological responsibility to children work much easier. In this I see an element of some kind of professional discrimination, which is the result of a higher sense of responsibility of mothers towards their children. Although there are exceptions among men. And in order for my child from a prosperous family not to repeat the sad fate of the spoiled sons of billionaires, I decided to “help him without help” – thus, according to my theory, children become independent faster. If mom will do all the lessons with him, he will not learn to do them himself. At first, this theory obviously faltered, but then it bore fruit. For example, a couple of years ago, the child not only managed to do his homework (he is still in school), but also patented his brand of sportswear. At first, he sold T-shirts with computer-designed logos to his buddies. Now he prints sports T-shirts and sweatshirts with emblems of neighboring lyceums after school and sells them wholesale to school authorities or retail to children. He, while still in school, pays taxes like an adult. He has his own bank account with a tidy sum and the desire to make his brand a worldwide brand.

What would you sacrifice everything you have for?

For a huge amount of time that will allow me to earn even more than I have. Twenty-four hours in a day is the greatest injustice of existentiality. I have no time to eat, drink water, sleep, make love and, of course, there is a terrible lack of time for work. And I, on the one hand, love to work, but on the other hand, I have to, since my child regularly requires replenishment of the refrigerator, and we are not paid alimony. Although we did not ask out of delicacy.

In those moments when social life gets boring, where do you run away to? Do you have your own, so to speak, “place of power”?

My “place of power” is the kitchen. (Smiling.) In direct proportion to the growth of well-being and wages, the area of ​​u200bu200bmy house is growing. And accordingly, the number of empty rooms is growing, because I still live in the kitchen – it is tastier, cozier and warmer there. My bed has long ceased to be jealous of my kitchen chair – I have reconciled myself. And the swings of the pendulum of my weight easily reach an amplitude of 5 kilograms in both directions. Before an important photo shoot – minus five, after a week on the islands – plus five. But it turned out that men prefer curvy girls to thin bony hangers and, most importantly, a girl’s success with the opposite sex and in her career does not depend on her appearance. Therefore, with a light soul, I pamper myself with sweets. And the price of food in a restaurant does not matter to me. After all, I am a feminist only at work, and since dinner I am a weak, tender, fragile, sexy and enthusiastic creature who reads only a menu without numbers.

What is true human happiness for you? It is hardly a luxury of secular life, is it?

A woman, like any person, can be happy when she has realized herself in three hypostases. Firstly, as a beloved woman. It is not enough to love yourself: you still need to feel loved, adored, pampered and desired. Second, as a mother. No woman will feel like a full-fledged woman until she knows the sweet joy of motherhood. And those unfortunates who did not happen to know this can tell a lot about the suffering associated with this kind of inferiority. And thirdly, as a professional, respected by society and aware of his value as a person. Based on my example and the examples of my friends, I can statistically say that men – and sometimes even children – betray us more often than our professional skills. Therefore, the question “to make or not to make a career” can actually be equated with the rhetorical “to live or not to live.” And career success leads, in turn, to money. Money is good, because it is an opportunity to be free!

Ilya Kalinin tells the story of one of the most outrageous socialites from Novosibirsk

Secrets of Lena Lenina: how a socialite with strange hairstyles confused everyone with age and number of husbands (dated FEBRUARY 20, 2020)

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

The news about the marriage of our compatriot Lena Lenina, if not shocked, then definitely shook the Russian glossy world a little. Now she lives somewhere in the cottage village of Cambridge near Moscow, is considered a fashion model, fashion writer, blogger, and more recently she was the wife of a French aristocrat and millionaire. But then Lenina got married again, and the world found out that the outrageous socialite decided to do it in her 40s for the second time. And here those who have known Lena for a long time and personally were surprised: they knew that the age of their countrywoman was not at all the same. What is wrong with Lena and why women love to hide their true age so much – Ilya Kalinin argues in his author’s column.

Remember David Fincher’s wonderful film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”? Where the hero of Brad Pitt lives his life in the opposite direction – from old age to infancy. I found such a person. However, first things first.

Recently socialite Lena Lenina, formerly one of the popular Novosibirsk TV stars, announced through Instagram and glossy media that she was going to marry the chef of a Moscow restaurant. He, as Lena listed, is simple, handsome, sensitive, subtle, delicate, decent, honest, affectionate, kind, intelligent and very passionate. Although they are not at all equal in status and financially, Lenina emphasized.

I contacted Lenina and offered to do an interview. True, there was no complete understanding between us. In the electronic correspondence, Lenin immediately clarified: it is better not to touch her biographical data.

And she didn’t answer questions normally, writing off everything for permanent employment: a heavily loaded socialite simply threw in response letters fragments from articles already published with her, offering to choose any pieces and compile them “without gag”. I didn’t cut other people’s journalistic texts and wrote, as it happened, a solid “gag” …

When I was just thinking about studying at a university and had not yet dreamed of working in journalism, Lena Lenina was already known in Novosibirsk. True, then she was TV presenter Elena Povalyaeva. A young woman with a tousled head looked at passers-by across the city from advertising banners for her personal TV program Helen Video. The audience either passionately loved Elena, or also passionately laughed at her.

In the publications of glamor publications, Elena’s maiden name – Suverneva – was usually not mentioned.

Povalyaeva – surname from her first marriage. From him, the socialite also has a son. But in Moscow, where the well-known TV presenter quickly moved from Novosibirsk, such details of the “peripheral” life are probably not really needed. And, apparently, unnecessary details were no longer needed when she moved to France and began to call herself a writer, model and owner of a network of nail salons.

True, nothing can be found in the media about the modeling activities of Elena Suverneva-Povalyaeva-Lenina. There are also no details about the network of salons. More often, journalists talk about Lenina’s literary talent. For example, that she has written more than 20 books. True, in 2008 she received the Russian anti-award of the year “Full paragraph” for the book “Sexual, or How to seduce any man.” Elena was accused of borrowing from the Russian translation of the book by American writer Leila Lowndes “How to make anyone fall in love with you.”

In general, Elena attracts more attention with her outrageous hairstyles. With unimaginable designs on her head, she loves to appear at the Cannes Film Festival.

Once a socialite needed an inflated condom to prepare such a hairstyle. “Ours dubbed the hairstyle “torpedo melon”, French journalists – “medical candle”, but no one knows that inside, in fact, it was just an inflated contraceptive with the smell of strawberries. New, of course, ” quoted Lenin as saying.

Lenina had a passion for unusual hairstyles, apparently, since school. My friend studied with Lena Suverneva in the same class of the 162nd school of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. “The hooligan trick of the boys from the class was to hit Suvernev on the head with a textbook and shout: “Suverka, Suverka, is your head big? Smart or what? This is because of her fashionable hair on her head, ”said a classmate of the future show business star.

The more famous the Novosibirsk Elena Povalyaeva became, the less accurate information appeared about her in the press.

An interesting thing happened with the number of Lenina’s marriages. Now some media write that Lena is going to get married a second time. And here it is not clear: either the journalists forgot about the first husband, from whom she has a son and the surname Povalyaev, or it seems to them that the French millionaire Pascal Florent-Edouard seems to be a fake, with whom, as they wrote, Elena lived in an official marriage for two years.

But the biggest miracle is Lenina’s constantly changing age. My friend, who was friends and studied in the same class with Lena Suverneva, remembers her as “a messy, but good girl – not vile and not cruel.”

  • This friend was born in 1971 and has always been the same age as Suverneva.
  • But about 10 years ago, maybe a little more, the press began to write that Lena Lenina was born in 1974.
  • Then, after some time, her date of birth changed to 1977.
  • Now in the news about the wedding, journalists are already writing that Lenina was born in 1979.

It seems to me that a little time will pass and Lenina, who once was fit for my older sister, and then turned out to be the younger one, will become the same age as my daughter. And quite later, when I approach retirement, probably, the outrageous lady can already be written down as a granddaughter.

Surprising changes in the age of Lenina, most likely, can be explained. This topic worries her, it seems, seriously. Someone will say: a woman just wants to stay young and what’s wrong with that? Moreover, outwardly she manages to look beautiful even now. True, others have suggested that this is part of the business project of a socialite: Lenin, they say, regularly advertises cosmetics, and for this you need to be in a certain age group and not jump out of it.

Lena Lenina photo

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

Wikipedia Lena Lenina (Razumova) writer and entrepreneur, showwoman, owner of a manicure chain

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