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Melchizedek Drunvalo: general data

  • Full name: Drunvalo Melchizedek, birth name: Bernard Perona
  • Date of Birth: January 18, 1941
  • Birthplace: Alamedo, California
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Short biography: Drunvalo Melchizedek is a world famous scientist, ecologist, inventor, esotericist, healer and teacher.
  • Education: Melchizedek attended the University of California, Berkeley, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


Drunvalo is the founder of the seminars “Flower of Life”, “Earth and Sky” and “Live in the Heart”. In his teachings, ancient esoteric knowledge and spiritual practices are harmoniously combined with modern scientific ideas and technical achievements.

Drunvalo’s teaching openly presents esoteric information coming from the depths of centuries on how to consciously use the principles of Sacred Geometry for spiritual growth – the geometry of forms that underlies life and all other manifestations in the Universe.

Wikipedia Melchizedek Drunvalo scientist, ecologist, inventor, esotericist, healer and Teacher


Using sacred geometry, drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, the Golden Section and the Fibonacci sequence, he derives the idea of ​​Merkaba meditation (based on the Star of David) from the Tree of Life of Kabbalah, with the help of which the soul and body of a person are able to ascend. Merkaba is a light body of a person in the form of a star tetrahedron, which allows you to move in space-time, as well as travel between dimensions. The name comes from the ancient Egyptian words mer, ka and ba, meaning, respectively, light, spirit and body. In other languages, merkaba often means “celestial chariot”. Merkaba divides into natural (living) and technical (calling its creation “Lucifer technology”). Both the living and the “Luciferian” Merkaba are illustrated with many geometric drawings. He gives scientific photographs of the embryos of living beings, illustrating how the primary cell divides, then the halves divide, and so on, forming 8 primary cells – the main ones in its geometric construction, and then division occurs from these cells, forming all kinds of living beings – animals or humans. But this system of primary cells is the same for everyone, and he claims that these centers remain in a person even after growing up as very important centers. Merkaba as a body of Light needs to be maintained for a certain time after the start of the practice. In meditation, a person is centered in the heart – thus connecting the Earth and Heaven.

In general, the essence of the practice is the feeling of unity and love with all life everywhere – it is this feeling from the Heart that awakens the Merkaba.

Claims that “unemotional pragmatic Martians” arrived from Mars about 65,000 years ago on technical Merkaba vehicles (in that version, the former and a time machine), fleeing a nuclear war from the distant past, when there was life on Mars. The earth was then inhabited by the [advanced] civilization of Atlantis.

Conspiracy claims that the governments of our planet are trying to build a technical electro-magnetic Merkaba. He argues that due to previous unsuccessful attempts by the Martians to remember the lost technology for creating a time machine and anti-gravity aircraft, the space-time of our planet was destroyed. These attempts were: the Bermuda Triangle, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Experiment, and the secret government programs HAARP are associated with this.

Claims that “gray” aliens are collaborating with governments to develop technical Merkaba powered aircraft. For the aliens themselves do not have an emotional body and without it they will not survive the “quantum transition” – the frequency shift of consciousness in 2012 in the entire solar system. “Gray” aliens can not hide from this threat in space.

Promotes a variety of the idea of ​​the Christian Apocalypse. The cataclysm and the death of mankind could have been at the end of the 20th century, but “we were given time to change our minds.” Following the ideas of E. Blavatsky, he writes about the transition of mankind to an era of mutual respect and equality.

Claims that in order to create a living Merkaba, you need to open your Heart and respect all life on Earth, be grateful for every moment of life. Merkaba meditation is a breathing-meditation exercise that switches consciousness from mental speech to bodily-mental and spiritual sensations.

Claims that a very ancient and wise man named Thoth told him the ancient history of mankind, which often coincides with the research of Zecharia Sitchin.

Citing evidence of the Dogon tribe, who have inexplicable knowledge about astronomy and the Sirian system for scientists, he develops ideas about paleocontact with amphibian aliens from Sirius (the cult of Dagon, Cthulhu, Enki, Olokun) from where dolphins allegedly came.

Great attention is given to the 6-meter giant aliens Nifilim from the large and yet undiscovered by astronomers planet Nibiru. Nibiru’s satellite collided with a planet named the goddess Tiamat (more often called Phaeton) exploded, forming an asteroid belt, the Earth and the Moon.

From the culture of Mesopotamia and Dr. Egypt derives the idea that the Nephilim genetically engineered humans—as slaves and miners—about 200,000 years ago. He argues this with the modern discovery of geneticists that, according to DNA, people appeared just in this period. The Negroid part of the people of the Nifilima settled in southern Africa, where recently archaeologists found the remains of miners 100 thousand years old. And the other part of the people were settled in Eden near Ararat.

Every 3600 years, the Niphilim arrive on Earth, which is the reason for the jumps in the evolution of mankind during these periods and the subsequent degradation of mankind during the periods of their departure.

The author attributes a special origin to Akhenaten and Nefertiti, thus explaining their height, physique and goals of government.

The Crystal Skull also links here.


Much of his first book, The Flower of Life, is devoted to illustrations of sacred geometry. In the second book, he writes a lot about angels, harmony and love for the world, breathing and meditative exercises are given to create a “living Merkaba around your body”. Practitioners learn Merkaba meditation (a star tetrahedron, a three-dimensional figure consisting of two tetrahedra and similar to the three-dimensional Star of David – the figure has eight vertices). To unwind the Merkaba to a stable state, it is required to do meditation every day for a year, consisting of seventeen breaths, after which the field becomes more stable.


An associate of D. Melchizedek is the popular New Age writer Bob Frissell.

In Russia, the doctrine of the Merkaba is developed by E. N. Vselensky, who created his own cult and wrote several books, greatly developing the doctrine (has nothing to do with Drunvalo Melchizedek).

Drunvalo Melchizedek presents the school of memorization

The School of Remembrance was created by Drunvalo Melchizedek to promote individual growth and deepen understanding of the human consciousness revolution that is now taking place. The school will be your host for eye, mind and heart changing experiences. Our programs are developed by a global network of over 300 guides and leaders to help you achieve the highest levels of peace, health and wellness.

Health, peace and well-being are different experiences for everyone, and this process can vary depending on the individual degree of awareness, personal vibrations, spiritual practice and even individual goal on the planet. We all have a calling, and each of us must reach out and understand our place in time.

Our happiness on a physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual level is associated with energy and consciousness. As a person begins to experience new energies and new levels of consciousness, old patterns, behaviors and beliefs that have limited perception and kept their vibration in a denser state of being begin to re-emerge. The workshop programs offered by the School of Memory are designed to help people overcome their own barriers and exercise their own empowerment so they can remember and reconnect with their own place in the universe.

Whether you just want to connect with people dedicated to higher consciousness or are looking for help to silence the mind, stabilize emotions, or increase cognitive awareness, there is a workshop that is perfect for you.

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Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek

Interview from October 22, 2012

1 part. Angels, dimensions, our cosmic halves.

Drunvalo talks about his goal here.

Leeloo: Guess who’s with us now? Drunvalo! How amazing to meet you in person. Is this the place where you wanted to do the interview, I take it it’s special?

Drunvalo: It’s just that last time we talked about plasma beings and they were just here and I thought this would be a good place for our conversation.

Leela: Yes, it’s very beautiful here, in the middle of the red rocks. And this is a very powerful energetic place, because there are several energy funnels in Sedona?

Drunvalo: Yes, the energy here is very special. And either the person likes it and stays here or leaves in the middle of the night. In general, the whole of Sedona is a continuous energy funnel, since there is a lot of iron in the earth, which combines with an electro-magnetic field and makes it rotate. So funnels are everywhere.

Leela: I would like to talk about dimensions and angels so that we understand our connection with them.

Drunvalo: Yes, last time we were talking about plasma beings and then you said it would be nice to talk about angels and I thought it was a great idea because we are so connected together. I want to start with physics, as this will give our listeners an understanding of what I’m talking about. In physics, scientists have come to the concept of 11 dimensions. Their ideas are based on the fact that the x,y,z axes are 3 dimensions, time is the fourth dimension. Then, using the math from this, they came up with the concept of 11 dimensions, maybe they will come to more dimensions later, but so far they have limited themselves to 11 dimensions.

So what I want you to understand is that when I’m talking about measurements using the same word, I’m talking about something completely different. I’m not talking about measurements from a physics point of view, these are their ideas and they have nothing to do with the universe. All the indigenous peoples I speak to understand what I am saying because it is part of their understanding. When I talk about dimensions, I’m talking about the structure of the universe, that it is vibration. From one point of view, there is only sound and nothing else. And the way all vibrations and frequencies in the universe are interconnected is not something that happens on its own. They are all connected in the same way that music and notes are connected to each other.

If you look at the chromatic scale in music, the distance from “C” – “C sharp” – “D” – “D sharp” is based on 11 cycles per second and that’s what music is based on. Thus, all notes in the chromatic scale are based on 11 cycles per second or their derivatives. And this is because the universe structures and organizes itself. All are frequencies and all are musical harmonics. When we look at measurements, we see them separated from each other, just as notes are separated from each other. Bell labs has discovered the frequency of the 3rd dimension.

It’s a long story how they calculated it, but they ended up with a frequency length of 7.24 cm. If you know one, you can calculate the others. It’s also like on TV, when you look at some channel, it has a certain frequency and wavelength, if you switch to another channel, the wavelength becomes either longer or shorter, so the picture you are looking at changes completely. If you have consciousness, and you can change your frequency of consciousness, and there are people who can do this, you would instantly disappear from this world and appear in another wave, the one that you can tune into. Throughout the universe there is a separation between dimensions, just like the intervals between tones in music.

When we talk about angels, they live not in the 3rd, but in the 4th dimension. They are in specific overtones, 4-5-6. People on that level have a connection with them too, they are on the 7-8-9 overtones. Humans and angels on the 4th dimension are literally neighbors. And we were together forever. And we have a relationship with them that has existed for a very long time.

Leela: What is this relationship?

Drunvalo: Humans were once higher than angels, but when there was a fall in consciousness 13,000 years ago, which we provoked, we fell very far, to where we are now. Now mankind thinks that we are the greatest creation that ever existed on Earth. We have such an ego and we think that we are somehow better than others in the universe and alone in the universe. In fact, we are like beetles, we are as low as you can go and have the opportunity to climb back up through the levels of consciousness, otherwise this process can take a lot of evolutionary orders.

We have a love relationship with the angels and they have with us, we loved each other forever. And when we fell in consciousness, and the Bible says it, they talk about the same fall, just don’t define it very well, the angels said, “Oh God, you hit,” and followed us down. And they appeared for Mary in the time of Jesus, for the Jews, the Muslims. They are in and out of our existence all the time, always trying to help us remember who we really are, as we have forgotten everything.

Leela: They seem to be saving us this way

Drunvalo: They save us all the time, most of the time we don’t even know it’s happening. They are constantly doing things to help us get back on our path so we don’t fall any further. And we are very close to falling even further. We are ready to blow up the whole world and start killing each other. But this is not our nature, this is not who we are. And the angels are always trying to help us. But on another level, humans are angels. We have been together for so long and so close in these dimensional worlds that there are angels who are human and humans who are angels.

Every person on Earth has at least 2 angels associated with him. Many people are not even aware of this. They do not know that they have another existence in another world, in another dimension, and there they are other beings. This is true for absolutely every person on Earth. A person simply could not be here if he did not have this connection.

What happens is that when you are born on Earth as a child, to do this you have to split yourself into two. Because we are in a polarized world: good-evil, bad-good, man-woman, up-down, hot-cold. But in other places everything is different, in the majority there is a consciousness of unity. They understand relationships between polarities, we don’t. To come here, we need to divide ourselves into two, so every person on Earth has a soul mate. If you are male, then your other half will be female.

Leela: Is this what some people call twin souls, twin flames?

Drunvalo: Yes, people call it differently. And many people have romantic images and ideas that if only they could find their other half, they would be happy. They just don’t know the full picture. When you separate, you are on different karmic paths, and before you can be completed at that level of consciousness, you must come together and balance your karmic patterns.

Ultimately, you die together and merge your souls. But this bonding together in terms of balancing karmic patterns is not easy and it is not at all joyful. That is, your other half is here on Earth, unless she died and is not now in the 4th dimension. Unconscious death brings a person to the 7-8-9 overtone of the 4th dimension and here the soul will be forced to return back and incarnate into the body again. You will reincarnate until you learn to leave here consciously, that is, keeping consciousness between the worlds, this means transferring your physical body with you.

If you bring a body with you, that’s it, that’s the end of the 3rd dimension.

Leela: How do we know this, that you need to carry the body with you?

Drunvalo: This brings us back to Egypt and India. Sumeria. The whole focus in Egypt was connected with the process of transition from one state to another, or with the process of dying. They knew that they needed to move their physical body to the other side. Because this body becomes a child on the other side, in the 4th dimension. Further, your body begins to grow, you become taller, your head changes shape, your eyes are of a different color, 3-4.5 meters tall. It’s in the 4th dimension. This is what dying is – the transition to the 4th dimension. But if you come without a body, at some point you will need to come back here, go through life and consciously move to another level of dimension. For the most part, people who have been here have been through this 1,000 or more times.

Except for the new people who are here now. Our numbers on Earth have grown tremendously over the past decades. For the most part, for new people, it’s new to be human. They come from other levels of existence and some of them are very advanced souls who have chosen to be here. It’s not what they were told – you have to be there, you have to decide for yourself to do it. And when they make a decision – they say “I understand that our brothers and sisters need help, I will go downstairs and help them”, but when they come here, they say “Oh my God, this is so difficult!”. Because they have forgotten how it is to be in a dense physical body, since these people come from bodies of light. This is a big transformation.

Leela: Did you have to remember who you are, your journey here to Earth?

Drunvalo: I’m not much different than most of the new people coming in now. I completely retained the memory of other worlds. I remember every minute of my journey from my world to here. I remember everything and I needed it in order to do what I’m doing here. When I talk about other dimensions, I speak from experience, not from the fact that I learned something somewhere.

I know what other dimensions are and I have been in each of them, in all 144 (12 dimensions of 12 overtones) dimensions of our universe. This is who Melchizedek is. There are a lot of Melchizedeks, there are about 10 million in this galaxy. But this is one level of consciousness with which we are all connected. The physical form is not important – the level of consciousness is important and it is the only one for the Melchizedeks. And in order to be a help, to be able to help from Melchizedek’s point of view, I had to remember where I came from and why.

Leela: What is your role here on the planet?

Drunvalo: The same role as any Melchizedek who comes to some planet. What is happening is that the soul begins its existence close to the source and then descends into all greater density. Then when they go as low as they feel they can, and then they start going up. We are talking about ascension now, but the high beings to come here are going through a descent. And as you pass through all the levels of existence downward and then evolve upward, you come back to the source. And you then have the choice to either go beyond this universe or make another evolutionary circle. I chose another circle.

Then life tells you: “yep, you are Melchizedek” and uses you, because you know how to pass through all dimensions and be stable in your consciousness. Life uses us when either the planet, or the sun, or some area in space, or the galaxy needs help in connecting dimensions, life sends Melchizedek, because we know how to work with it. And we have a problem here to move from the 3rd to the 4th dimension. People don’t know how to do it. The Mayans now remembered how to do it only a few months ago. They forgot how to do it even though they knew it well. This happened recently and they told me about it.

Leela: Then why are you here now, do we need to learn something, learn something?

Drunvalo: Really, it’s not about learning, but about understanding. We are all experts in this. We all remembered and knew how to do it at least between the 3rd and 4th dimensions, but we hit our heads hard and forgot. My job is just to be the catalyst and say, “remember, we did this and that,” and I just remind it, and when you remember, you say, “of course, I’ve done it so many times.” When you actually connect with the flow of it, you will know exactly what to do. Everything will be fine with us. In the depths of my heart, I know that everything will be fine and we have already done it in fact.

Part 2. The big picture of what is happening on Earth.

Our physical body, a creation from the mind and the Heart.

Drunvalo: Now the world thinks that our bodies exist, that they are real. People think that the world is real, the planets are real, that they are solid, fixed, they will never disappear, that they can change, but still remain. It is not true. The truth is such that it is almost impossible to believe in it. When Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” He meant that if you truly understand the truth of who you are as a person, then you will be free, you will no longer need to worry or anything that you have ever wanted, aspired to, you can create instantly. This is where we’re going, we’ll be able to do these things. And this is only a small part, we will become spiritual beings very quickly.

In Peru, the city of “Kora” was found, there were no walls to protect this city, they did not have any tools of self-defense. No bodies were found there either. This was about 5125 years ago, which was the end of the previous cycle according to the Maya. At that time, we entered a new age. The century before that was one where we apparently did not inflict violence. That city confirms it. And apparently, we understood the meaning of a conscious departure from here, when you carry the body with you. There is no trace of their existence other than the city.

Now we are leaving another cycle in which there is a lot of violence, where wars followed other wars, and this went on all the time. But we are on the verge of entering a completely different age of non-violence, which in our particular case will never turn back. This is it, this is the last time. I want to mention that we could experience chaos in another 2000 years, and this is what should have happened.

But there is something else that is happening that the indigenous people don’t understand, they don’t know it. All cycles of existence come to an end, including those spoken of by the Maya. But we do not know that the greatest cycle that can exist in creation is coming to an end. Bigger than our solar system, bigger than our Milky Way, bigger than our galaxy, even clusters of galaxies. This is the cycle of the beginning and end of the universe. Alpha and Omega.

This whole universe with galaxies, everything we know about it, will cease to exist very soon. I know that almost everyone will say that this is nonsense. But they will all soon see it and understand. We will soon transcend this level of existence. And we will go up the spiritual ladder of perfection very quickly, all of humanity, together with everyone in the universe, to that level, which is called the 144th dimension. And from there we will step over there, beyond this existence, through the great void, into the 145th dimension.

And this is a huge miracle. When we are there, this universe will disappear and we will be born into a completely new universe that we have never experienced. And we will be a child like crazy, we will not understand anything at all, but at the same time we will be taken care of. We will have no bodies, we will be pure spirit and we will start all over again, in a completely new way of expressing life. And I can’t wait for this.

In this universe, my memory goes very far, before the creation of this universe – 16-17 billion years, I remember even further. And that was another universe. You see, the universes are like octaves on a piano, only they go both ways indefinitely. And no one I know has had the experience of the next universe. Melchizedek does not know this, we do not know this universe very well, we know the previous one, and we are just beginning to understand the next one. We ourselves are only children. There are almost no new things in the universe, everything that happens has ever happened somewhere else.

Leela: It’s all very new for us.

Drunvalo: For you, yes, but what happens when we go up the dimensions – this never happened. This is new. The reason the population is growing so fast and there are so many races and beings watching us right now is because of what is happening here. Nobody has ever seen this anywhere. It has to do with evolution and with the speed of how we develop.

We can’t say how fast we are developing, we think that our life is ordinary and very natural and it’s just so in itself. But it’s not. About 100 years ago, the idea that you could take a little thing called a cell phone and talk to anyone on the planet was not even in our imagination. The level we have reached now usually takes a very long time. We are going very fast. In the next 5 years, we will go so fast that we will become such creatures that it is even difficult for us to believe in, let alone imagine.

Leela: Can you imagine?

Drunvalo: Yes, I know exactly who we will be, it was part of my journey here. When you get there, you will remember that you know all this. But this is only the first step. We will start developing very, very quickly. When we are in the 4th dimension and pass it, it usually takes hundreds of thousands of years, but we will come, find out, pass it and go further in 2 years (as if time is felt now).

And we will start moving through these dimensions very quickly, as fast as no one has ever seen. And that’s why everyone everywhere is so “fixated” on this grain of sand somewhere far away on the outskirts. God has chosen us for a reason, but it is absolutely not the reason that Christians, Muslims, Jews talk about. It has to do with something completely different, which I can’t even talk about right now. It will simply be the point from which a new evolution will begin. And everyone knows it will affect them.

Leela: Many people are having a hard time right now.

Drunvalo: Yes, I know it’s hard.

Leela: everything falls apart…

Drunvalo: That’s right and all you can do is stay in the Heart, be centered in yourself. And you must feel your connection between yourself and God and with all life everywhere. Every person on Earth has his own sacred and intimate connection with God and with everything that exists. We have forgotten it, we think that we are ordinary people who are nothing of themselves. We are not “nothing”, we are something very important, something very special and you can say that about any form of life. But we are really important and special, and if we could remember who we really are, who is Leelu, Drunvalo and every person, then everything becomes very simple.

Our body is an instrument, it is a sacred and sacred temple and we contain within us a huge instrument in terms of power when some things are connected together. We can do anything if the spirit knows how to use the body. There is nothing that cannot be done, you can create planets, galaxies, literally. I’m not saying maybe, or, you could, you can. You can do anything, and it’s nothing compared to what is possible when the spirit is fully connected to the body. And the part of the body that is the most important, without a doubt, is the heart. Infinitely greater than the brain. And I can prove it.

If we turn to science, starting from conception, you are moving along a certain path. In the beginning it is a sphere, then when the spermatozoa enter the egg cell, there are 10-11 or 12 of them, and then with the help of mitosis, cell division begins. When 512 cells are reached, a toroidal field is formed, hollow inside. And this is the beginning. After further division, this field becomes the human heart. And there is a stage when you are in the mother’s womb and you are only the heart and nothing else. There are no other parts of the body, you are simply the heart and the heart starts beating. Here we see that the main part of the human body is the heart, then the body begins to come out of the heart in a literal sense. Gradually, arms and legs appear, and the heart is placed in its chamber. Further, when we start talking about various connections in the body, for example, if you are studying kundalini or kriya yoga, you are usually told to place the tip of the tongue on the palate in the mouth, but most do not know why and why, what is really is happening.

The reason language is so important is because there is a small space in the heart called the sacred space of the heart, and it was written about in the Upanishads 5,000 years ago. This is the place where creation takes place. Everything that has ever been created on any level of creation has come from there, from that little space of the heart. But when the heart created the brain, it created pathways to connect with the brain. Before the spirit was in the Heart, but when we fell 13,000 years ago, we left the heart and came to the brain, and this is where the ego develops. And then we forgot all our understanding, wisdom, and all our knowledge and began to function at a very simple level, using the power of the brain, which is nothing. The power of the heart is infinitely greater than that of the brain in understanding, in wisdom, in knowledge and in all other aspects.

Previously, we lived in the heart, and we controlled the brain, as it were, on the control panel, and we did this through the tip of our tongue. Why is the tip of the tongue so important? When we are the heart and body parts start to come out of the heart, the first thing that comes out is the tip of the tongue. And you can intuitively see that there is a connection between the tip of the tongue and the sacred space of the heart. And not only this. There is a physical connection that runs from the heart to the tongue and ends at the tips of the tongue.

Thus, the tongue is physically directly connected with the heart. There is a very specific place in the mouth that is connected to the Thalamus in the brain, and the Thalamus is an important part of establishing the connection between the heart and the brain. The thalamus is what generates alpha waves. And when you put the tip of your tongue on a specific point in your mouth and you start massaging – I can’t go into that now – but it’s a sexual connection between the brain and the heart. When it is set, 4 parts of the head cortex begin to emit alpha waves of a very high level.

And when the 4 parts are balanced in a certain way, which may take one evening or 30-40 years, but when it is done, a green light appears in the head. When this happened in ancient times, the instruction was to go to the 3rd eye chakra, which is located in the center of the head. 3rd eye – it is located in the center of the head and literally represents the eyeball, it is literally the eye. You can read it in Jacob Lieberman’s book Light, Medicine of the Future.

This eye – it is hollow inside and should be the same size as your eye, but we haven’t used it for a long time and it has narrowed. But it has light receptors, a lens, but it looks straight up because it receives prana from above. And when you see green light, at that moment you need to literally turn your eye forward so that it looks through the 3rd eye chakra and then what happens – the green light spirals forward and closes with this chakra. You can see it happening, it “gets you excited” when you see it. Sometimes you see smaller concentric circles, usually a spiral.

Next, you connect with another chakra in front of your body, and when all 3 chakras are connected, 8 “tubes” of light appear from your head, a halo forms around your head, and you literally start to glow in the dark and this has already been scientifically documented. This is the same thing that is depicted around the head of Christ or other saints. Now the 3rd eye is open, and at this moment you are between the human consciousness and what we will become very soon. Here you have two ways how to do things. We usually choose the first way when we use our brain to look through this place (3rd eye and 3rd eye chakra).

When you do this, you become very mentally advanced, you can foresee things, do different things, lift objects into the air, walk through walls, etc. and you can create whatever you want. But we do not recommend doing this, as the brain has no wisdom and it is a polarized instrument (right – left, male – female hemispheres) and everything you do will be polarized, that is, you will get what you want, but and get what you don’t want and with the same intensity.

But there is another way of creation – from the Heart and in this way you look from the heart through the 3rd eye. When you do this, new feelings appear and you can see the world in a completely different way, in an ancient way, you look at things and see and know things that you would never have known from the brain. And this is the point-to-point opening of when we see angels, various beings, and so on. and we begin to enter the stream of remembering who we really are. Inside our heart we have written down everything that exists. We have the Akashic records of our universe, our own history, and in this state, you can know everything about everything.

Leela: Thank you for this trip…

Drunvalo: This is the most important information in existence for humanity right now.

Part 3. Changes on the Earth.

The importance of opening the heart.

But it takes a certain time for a person to install all this. And what I’m saying is that some people may not find this memory fast enough. Thus, the change that we all go through (I’m talking about the pole shift) about the big changes on Earth, where the need for government and religion disappears, everything that you have will not matter, you will only have your body, your loved ones and the people you love. Wherever you are, you will be there, as there will be no planes, trains, cars, or any other means of transportation other than walking.

Leela: I’m staying here.

Drunvalo: Me too.

Leela: Is this a good place for that?

Drunvalo: Yes, but any place is good. But the easiest way is to practice entering the sacred space of the heart and truly living from the heart. And if you start living through the heart, a vibration appears in you, in your spirit, inside your consciousness. And Mother Earth, Heavenly Father and almost all of our brothers and sisters from other planets and dimensions know this vibration. And the most important thing is for the Earth to be aware of this vibration, because in times of change, wherever you are, the people she will protect, and I don’t care if you sit on a volcano, somehow she will take you out of there and make sure you survive. And these will be the people who will be asked to raise the level of people’s consciousness to the next level.

Other people who can’t find their way through this will be taken care of, yes they will die, but death is not a bad thing. They will go through death and most likely go back to the level of consciousness they came from. This is what the native Hopi and other North American tribes talk about, they believe there will be so many deaths during these times, you can look around and everything will look terrible. But whatever happens, you must remember that this is a transitional moment, and everything is fine, and you must believe in your connection with God and life everywhere.

If you can do that, not only will you be okay, but you will be able to help your family and those you love, and you will be one of the new people who can make this transition. But the practice of going into the heart means that you have to give up your ego, and be detached from your physical things: your money, your cars, and so on. You must completely surrender to life, and no matter what happens, everything will be fine with you and with life. It’s such a simplified version, I’m still trying to figure out how to convey it exactly in a very simple and simplified way. But really, that’s all it takes.

Kundalini yoga and kriya yoga hold the key, so does Tibetan Buddhism, some forms of Sufism hold the key, and there are many indigenous peoples in the world who know what we are talking about, it is their language. We think that we are very advanced, but there are people from the indigenous population of America who are so much taller than any person here on Earth that it is simply unbelievable: for example, there are people in Colombia who live at an altitude of 4000 meters inside the mountains, they glow in the dark, and hover above the ground. Those people are literally supporting our lives, we are still here because of their spiritual work. It is they who keep the world from going into complete chaos. And other people want to kill them because they don’t understand who they are. But they cannot be destroyed, they have gone beyond any reach.

We are all at the top of the pyramid of our family tree, and at the bottom we are all connected. Whatever happens to us will happen to the great pyramid of life. We have responsibility for more than ourselves in these times, and times like these don’t happen often. When we are in such times of change, we must go beyond thinking only about ourselves: “Will I survive or not?” What kind of survival will it be then? We are not talking at all about surviving here on Earth in order to continue living as a human being. We are talking about surviving on a new plane of existence in order to take the human consciousness and take it to the next level.

How it happened on Earth: certain races came to Earth and connected with us, and they misused the energy. Those who did it weren’t even human, and because of that, huge problems were created. And it all looked like it was just terrible, but then right before the end, it all turned around in such a way that we began to have tremendous value for all life everywhere. Who would have thought that everything would be like this…

Nobody thought it would happen. But now we see it happening. Now no one doubts that this is the very place where amazing things happen. And even those 250,000 races that are here – they represent the lower levels – are those who use spaceships or means of transportation between dimensions to get here. People who are actually advanced, they don’t use anything: do you think Archangel Michael uses a spaceship? He can be where he wants, at any time.

Leela: What about plasma beings?

Drunvalo: The same. They flew here. But they are a little different. If the angels fix themselves on the 4th dimension. They do it on 3m. They are learning how to go into the 4th dimension and beyond. They are connected to the earth. They are the people of the Earth, they were born here. They are not aliens from somewhere. All forms of life evolve in different ways. A spirit that has become a spider is very different from one that has become a horse or a man. It is the same spirit, but we follow different possibilities in existence.

If we trace all forms of life to their source, there is only one being, one spirit. All higher forms of life know this. The lower planes may come to ideas that we are different, we are separate, but we are not. The highest truth is that all this is not real, it does not exist: the Earth does not exist in the same way as planets, galaxies, the universe, our bodies. All of this is a creation from the Spirit. It is nothing more than an Image, than a holographic Image of reality.

Leela: Yes, but this image looks real and static.

Drunvalo: Yes, it looks like that, but you will be very surprised because you can change everything. We do not know our history, we do not know who we are, why we are here, and yet we have become the most important living thing in existence. Life is wonderful! At any level!

Leela: It seems that we need to fix a lot of things that were written incorrectly and we were on the wrong track.

Drunvalo: This is only in the human mind, but other forms of life have a much clearer idea of ​​history and what happened in a certain period of time. We know a lot about what happened in the past. We can actually look at what happened before: for example, science can look at the stars and see what happened at those levels. The Melchizedek consciousness knows every planet in existence, we know its history from beginning to end and why events happened in a certain way.

I’ll say something: but remember that you can’t use words to describe what I’m going to say. They cannot convey it. Therefore, this is only an approximate description. When this universe was created, it was created in such a way that God entered into creation in order to experience life in a way that it had not yet been lived. And when God entered into creation, there was emptiness, there was nothing. But when God entered into creation – the vibrational frequency of the name of God entering into creation is called Melchizedek, this is a vibrational frequency. And then, a moment later, and there is a sequence, Christ was created. Melchizedek and Christ are connected in an inalienable way.

Therefore, when Jesus began to do his mystery, he could not do anything until he became part of the Alpha and Omega order of Melchizedek, he had to be associated with the aspect of Melchizedek in order to complete what he came for. But at the moment when Christ was created, the third component was created, which is both Melchizedek and Christ. We do not have a name for this on Earth, but in Hinduism it is called the highest personality, which is greater than, or is the product of Melchizedek and Christ.

Thus, a trinity is formed, 3 aspects of things that are created one after the other. Christ is a body, it is the physical embodiment of everything that exists: Planets, Galaxies, the Sun, everything that we see and everything that we cannot see is part of Christ, his body. Thus, evolutionary creations began through Christ, but from Melchizedek. And the consciousness of Christ and Melchizedek descended further and further into density until it reached our level. And now we’re all going up very quickly.

The truth is that everyone is Melchizedek and everyone is Christ, everyone is part of this energy. The idea that there are people taller than others is simply not true. We are all the same and valuable on every level. It’s just that some have gone further than others and have wisdom that others don’t, but that doesn’t make anyone better, we’re just explorers. And now we’re all going back.

Thus, the library of what is possible is much wider. That’s why I’m so excited about what’s going on, I’m like a little kid.

New things almost never happen. The idea that “there is nothing new under the sun” is largely true, but now everything is new. We are all immortal, whether we know it or not, and we will not die, but will go through something that God has created for us in a completely new way. Why shouldn’t I be happy? It’s incredible! I came very, very far to get here. I’m ready and everyone is ready whether they know it or not, ready on a very deep level and it’s amazing!

There will come a time when all of humanity, even those who die now and go the other way, will meet and we will say: “Wow, do you remember when we were on Earth and what was happening there”, we we will remember each other and it will seem like it was a very long time ago and this is the moment when the thing that I really look forward to seeing will happen we will go through all the levels of existence that usually takes billions of years to go through and we will do it literally in minutes.I can’t even imagine now how it is possible, but we will do it.And we know it will be, as the ascended masters of earth have already done it, except for the 7 of them who stayed here.

Somewhere in 96 ascended masters, there are about 8000 of them, they are the same people, only they are a little ahead of us in consciousness, and have become immortal, but they are still connected with the Earth, and with the evolution of the Earth, and they are not intended to go nowhere until we were all ready to go with them. In 96 they left the Earth, leaving 7 here, and made the journey that we will soon make. They did it, they went to another octave of universes and connected with that level, about half remained here and half came back here.

So it’s in our DNA now. We know exactly what will happen, we know how to do it, this is known. If we really understood what we were going to do, we would be celebrating now. Even though we are facing the reversal of the poles and other things – this is absolutely nobody’s concern. It will be an enlightening journey beyond what has ever happened. And all forms of life will follow us, this whole stream of consciousness.

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