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Mikhail Pavlik: general data

  • Full name: Mikhail Konstantinovich Pavlik
  • Date of Birth: January 1, 1977
  • Place of birth: Tartu, USSR (Estonia)
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Short biography: Mikhail Pavlik is a popular Russian actor who starred in many films and TV series. Widespread fame brought him participation in the television project “Interns”, where Mikhail played the orderly Pasha, a simple and kind guy with a charming smile. Pavlik has an unusual, memorable appearance and undeniable talent.
  • Education: Theater Institute. B. Shchukina, theater and film actor.


Roles in movies and on TV
  • 2009 Brest Fortress – Lieutenant Weinstein
    Director: A. Kott
  • 2012 Cop — Vitya Koshkin
  • 2012 Interns – Sanitar Pasha
  • 2013 Think like a woman – Tarasyuk
  • 2016 Such a breed – Inspector
    Director: A. Mazunov
  • 2015 Moscow never sleeps – Pasha
    Director: Johnny O’Reilly
  • 2012 Guaranteed Man – Globe
  • 2016 Salam Maskva — Major Rykov
    Director: P. Bardin
  • 2008 Tell Leo
    Director: L. Rybakov
  • 2015 Bars and Lyalka — Poet
    Director: N. Shcherbakov
  • 2009 Pickup — Vitalik
    Director: F. Gerchikov

Roles in the Theater

  • 2015 Grooms — Fried eggs
  • 2015 Napoleon and Josephine — Captain Poppleton
  • 2015 Anna Karenina
  • 2012 Death of Tarelkin
  • 2005 Old gentleman with enormous wings
  • 2006 La Mancha — Sancho Panza
    Director: A. Nazarov
  • 2014 Without 30 zero – Egghead
  • 2014 Madame Bovary
  • 2006 Christmas Eve

Mikhail Pavlik biography

Mikhail Pavlik is familiar to viewers not only by his roles in films and serials, but also by his repeated participation in the talk show “Actually” on Channel One. The scandalous story about the illegitimate son did not have time to settle down, as on February 11, 2021, a Russian celebrity who was officially married was suspected of having a relationship with her friend Christina Spiridonova. Beloved of the latter suggested that the actor was the father of the woman’s possible child.

Wikipedia Mikhail Konstantinovich Pavlik theater and film actor

Childhood and youth

On October 12, 1977, in the Estonian city of Tartu, Konstantin Pavlik’s son Misha was born. In parallel with school number 6, where he studied in the humanitarian class, the boy also attended music. The craving for “melodic” art did not go away as he grew older. In his youth, Mikhail stood at the DJ console, played in clubs, and now he continues to practice writing electronic tracks.

In a secondary educational institution, the student willingly attended the theater studio “Date”, participating in the productions of “The Bear” and “About Fedot the Archer, a daring young man.” In 1995, the graduate applied to the local TSU, where until 1998 he studied semiotics and cultural studies, and then until 2000 – Russian and Slavic philology.

As a child, Pavlik did not dream, like all his peers, to explore space, but wanted to be a surgeon, a sailor or a policeman. However, later he realized that all these professions can be combined into one, becoming an actor. Therefore, at the beginning of the 2000s, the guy moved to Moscow, where in 2002 he entered the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute, getting into the workshop of Vladimir Poglazov.

Talking about his student years, the artist especially singled out Alla Kazanskaya and admitted that he would like, like a teacher, to maintain a look like that of an 18-year-old until old age.

One of the fellow students of the star of TV series and films was Valentin Stasyuk. The latter literally saved his well-drawn comrade in quarantine, introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, by offering to illustrate his work “Pike. Notes of the future actor. The book was published in December 2020.

Theater and films

Mikhail began acting in films as a student, in 2005 he reincarnated as a salesman Sysoev in the adventure comedy Oversized. Flashing in episodes of “School No. 1” and “Innocent Creatures”, he received the first major role of Fat Man in the thriller “Tell Leo”, produced by sisters Anna and Nadezhda Mikhalkov and Maxim Korolev. The next transformation into the central character awaited in the crime thriller “Such a Breed”, released in 2016.

In 2010, the filmography was replenished with the military-patriotic drama The Brest Fortress, which Igor Ugolnikov even proposed to nominate for an Oscar. The transformation of the actor into a lieutenant of the NKVD, an officer of the special department of Weinstein (the prototype is deputy political officer Shiman Shneiderman), turned out to be very convincing. Enthusiastic fans did not stop praising him for a worthy and incomparable game, noting great potential.

In the same year, Pavlik “took the position” of a nurse in “Interns”. TNT viewers still remember the comical situation, how the colorful Pasha went on a date with Varya Chernous and Lyubov Scriabina.

A native of Tartu appeared in Office Romance. Our days”, “Gentlemen, good luck!” and “A Man with a Guarantee”, became a hijacker in “Yolki-3”, a fireman in “Tom still Carloson” and an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the “Rag Union”. He had to work as a toastmaster at a wedding in “Happiness! Health!”, a cook in “Day of the Fool”, “Running from Love” and “Ray”, and a banker in “Second Sight”.

In 2020, the creative biography of the Pike graduate was enriched with several projects at once. It found a place for “Inner Fire”, which traveled to prestigious film festivals (including the New York Film Festival, where the hero of “Brother-2” Danila Bagrov went), “Defenders”, the 4th part of “Balabol” and “The Present Future “. The artist also participated in the filming of the series “New”.

Mikhail Konstantinovich also developed relations with the theater. He collaborated with the entreprise troupe of the Moscow Independent Theater (“Amazing Woman”, “Grooms”, “Napoleon and Josephine”, “Anna Karenina”) and serves in the Moscow Art Theater (“Bachelor Party”, “Anna Karenina”, “Passion in French”) .

Personal life

Until 2020, little was known about the personal life of a colorful blue-eyed man (height 188 cm and weight 100 kg). Pages on social networks “Facebook” and “Instagram” did not contain photos with the second half – the accounts were full of working pictures and publications with colleagues in the shop.

On January 22, 2020, on the air of the talk show “Actually,” it turned out that the actor had been married to a beloved woman named Angelina for almost 10 years, although they had no children. But, unfortunately, the family happiness of the couple was in jeopardy. The former chosen one of the celebrity, Anzhelika Belova, who had a short romance in 2011 on tour in Krasnodar, came to the studio with a statement that Pavlik had an illegitimate son, Plato.

The story was aggravated by the fact that the girl met in parallel with a certain Evgeny Korolev, who later became a husband and suspected that his wife had not given birth to a child from him. For this, she was repeatedly beaten and humiliated. The confusing situation was resolved by a lie detector and a DNA test, which confirmed that Mikhail Konstantinovich had nothing to do with the child of Belova and Korolev.

The star of serials and films devotes her free time from performances, rehearsals and filming to cooking, writing electronic music, painting and literature.

Mikhail Pavlik now

In 2021, Pavlik was in the spotlight not because of the planned premiere of the comedy A Friend for Sale. In February, he again came to the studio of the TV program “Actually”. This time, the main character of the program was suspected of cheating on his wife and the possible pregnancy of a girlfriend. Anna Ivanovna Kravtsova accused her son’s beloved Christina Spiridonova of having an intimate relationship with the actor, saying that she once found them in the bedroom. Moreover, the hostess was alone with the guest in her underwear.

For an hour, the experts, the presenter and the guest stars tried to get to the bottom of the truth, but in the end, the lie detector dotted all i’s. It turned out that the future mother-in-law slandered the hated daughter-in-law, and she, in turn, was not in an interesting position. As for the artist, if he was involved in scandals in other people’s families, then only indirectly.

Interesting Facts

  • The celebrity loves cooking and composing music, considering these two processes to be very similar to each other, because from many ingredients one masterpiece is obtained. The artist is not greedy for sweets and prefers spicy dishes of Caucasian and Asian cuisine.
  • In self-isolation in 2020, the actor read the works of Anton Chekhov, Ray Bradbury and his beloved Umberto Eco, flipped through albums with impressionist masterpieces, got acquainted with the domestic film Sputnik and reviewed the adored Agatha Christie’s Poirot starring David Suchet .
  • At one time, Pavlik rented an apartment in the village of Zarechye, Odintsovo district, together with classmate Elvira Voloshina: “We have exclusively brotherly and sisterly relations. Everyone has a private life. Elya is a wonderful sister! In all the years we have not had a single quarrel on domestic grounds. We have all property, including products, in common. There have never been any problems, ”he admitted in an interview.
  • The role of the actor’s dream is Prince Grigory Potemkin. The strong and large-scale personality of a true patriot interested him after reading historical novels and works by Valentin Pikul.
  • Fans are sure that Mikhail Pavlik is surprisingly similar in appearance to the People’s Artist of the USSR Vyacheslav Innocent (“It can’t be!”, “Russian Field”, “Garage”, “Guest from the Future”).

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