Wikipedia Mukhtar Arslanovich Khordayev author-performer chanson Hardai

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Wikipedia Mukhtar Arslanovich Khordayev author-performer chanson Hardai

Mukhtar Khordaev: general data

  • Full name: Mukhtar Arslanovich Khordaev
  • Date of birth: 24.08.1971
  • Place of birth: Tyrniauz (Kabardino-Balkaria)
  • Rost: –
  • Wes: –
  • Brief biography: Mukhtar Khordaev is one of the musicians of the Russian stage, who is famous for the hits “My Friends”, “White Waltz” and “Hochu na Lunu”.
  • Education: From an early age, he learned to play the guitar and demonstrated his skills in school and at school whenever possible. Then he began to write his first songs and this process accompanied him at all stages of his life, regardless of where he was and what he was doing.
  • Awards: Laureate award “Chanson of the Year 2019”, Moscow.

Mukhtar Khordaev all songs

No. Song title Album Year Text
1. Subscriber My love” 2014
2. White Waltz Finding yourself » 2010
3. Finding myself Finding yourself » 2010
4. In the southern city One day » 2007
5. In the southern city Finding yourself » 2010
6. The look of your love My road » 2018
7. Eastern people My love” 2014
8. River of Time My road » 2018
9. Remember me My road » 2018
10. Two friends from the south My love” 2014
11. You can’t have too many friends and money My road” 2018
12. Friends One day” 2007
13. Soul My love” 2014
14. If there is no you One day » 2007
15. If there is no you Finding yourself » 2010
16. Alive and glory to God My road” 2018
17. For health and friendship Finding yourself » 2010
18. Driving myself My love” 2014
19. Star My road” 2018
20. Looking for you One day” 2007
21. Capel Finding myself” 2010
22. Bell My love” 2014
23. Beauty Finding yourself » 2010
24. Beauty My road » 2018
25. My beloved One day » 2007
26. My love My love” 2014
27. Boy from Nalchik One day » 2007
28. Boy from Nalchik My road » 2018
29. Makhachkala One day » 2007
30. I miss you My road » 2018
31. My way My road » 2018
32. My love My love” 2014
33. Find me My love” 2014
34. Sky One day » 2007
35. Sky above the earth Finding yourself » 2010
36. Sky above the earth My road » 2018
37. Clouds Finding yourself » 2010
38. Clouds My road » 2018
39. Broken string Finding yourself » 2010
40. Wait, don’t hurry One day » 2007
41. Wait, don’t hurry My love” 2014
42. Loss One day » 2007
43. Loss Finding yourself » 2010
44. Way to you My road » 2018
45. Chamomile One day » 2007
46. To my friends Finding yourself » 2010
47. Heart in half My road » 2018
48. Lilac My love” 2014
49. Thank you My love” 2014
50. Happiness will smile My love” 2014
51. Happiness will smile (bonus) Finding yourself » 2010
52. Take me with you (duet with Fatima) One day » 2007
53. You are alone One day » 2007
54. Leaving-go away One day » 2007
55. Leaving-go away My love » 2014
56. I want to go to the moon Finding yourself » 2010
57. I want to go to the moon My road » 2018
58. Schoolboy Finding yourself » 2010
59. Schoolboy My love » 2014
60. I live for you My road » 2018
61. I’m a schoolboy One day » 2007

Mukhtar Khordaev biography

Mukhtar Khordaev was born in the Kabardino-Balkar ASSR on August 24, 1971. The first musical instrument that the artist mastered as a child was the guitar beloved by all members of his family. In order not to upset the musical instrument, the boy learned to play in secret from his older brothers.

Subsequently, while studying at the Suvorov Military School and serving in the army in the Far North, Mukhtar continued to learn how to play a musical instrument and achieved good results.

Mukhtar dreamed of becoming a pilot, but did not pass the medical examination. For a long time, the artist worked as a miner at one of the mines in Kabardino-Balkaria.

In 1991, Khordaev came to conquer Moscow. The young artist sang in restaurants, but quickly realized that this was not his forte. It was also not possible to open your own business. Then Mukhtar decided to come to grips with music. The first recordings of songs began in 1994, and already in 2005 the artist recorded his first album.

Despite his talent and popularity, Mukhtar Khordaev is only getting his higher musical education now. The artist has a hobby: collecting rosaries, cigarettes, wine and sunglasses. Together with a well-known jewelry house, the performer is engaged in the creation of a rosary, which, in addition to semi-precious and precious stones, includes cosmic dust and particles of the Seimchan meteorite.

The performer does not advertise his personal life, which is why he remains a “dark horse” for the public.

Friends and colleagues nicknamed Mukhtar Khordaev “a lyricist with military hardening.”

Mukhtar Khordaev in social networks

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  • Official site –

Mukhtar Khordaev personal life

Married, raising a son.

Interesting Facts

  • Lost his parents early, brought up by his brother, who was a fighter pilot. It was he who insisted on building a military career.
  • Best friends – E. Amiramov, E. Kemerovsky, E. Ross.
  • Adheres to liberal political views.


Interview with singer Mukhtar Khordaev from the site Kumyk world

A few years ago, on the pages of the “Times” insert, a publication was published under the heading “Mukhtar Khordaev is a Balkar”, dedicated to the work of the famous Caucasian chansonnier, author and performer of the hits “Sky above the Earth” and “There are never many friends and money.” Despite the name, not a word was said about the roots of the singer, it was only mentioned that he was born and raised in Tyrnyauz, located among the mountains of Balkaria. Subsequently, I heard from a Karachai friend that Mukhtar was a Kumyk, then I found in the book “Kizlyar-Name” by Abas Datsiev a mention of a certain Mutalim Akhlau Khordaev, who studied Arabic with the Arabist Medjid Eleskhanov. In Soviet times, Akhlau Khordaev, despite the strictest ban, taught people the Arabic language and the observance of Muslim rituals. B

from and a clue! Finally, through the Facebook social network, I managed to contact Mukhtar Khordaev himself and interview him. I offer the contents of our conversation to your judgment, dear readers.

– In an interview you talk a lot about your work, but much less is known about your family, in particular about your parents.

– My father Arslan Abrekovich Khordaev comes from the Mozdok region, the village of Kizlyar. He was a respected man, an example of human dignity. Kizlyar, as you know, is a Kumyk village in North Ossetia. And my mother is also from there, her name is Imazat Khadisovna Khordaeva, she raised five sons, worked as a restaurant chef. My father worked for many years as a miner in the city of Tyrnyauz, in Kabardino-Balkaria. There we were all born. Of the five brothers, I was the youngest. Everyone played the guitar. The older brother Rizvan graduated from the flight school and served in the Far North. He was a fighter-interceptor!

– What can you say about your personal life, your family?

– Everything is fine in my personal life too, thank God! I have a son who is 16 this year. While studying at school, she finishes 9th grade. Musically, nature seems to be resting on it. But I don’t want a lot of personal stuff.

– Okay, then, if possible, tell us how you realized that music is your thing? That’s the thing you’re going to dedicate your life to.

– We can say that we have a musical family. All my older brothers played the guitar. And I tried to play, but more often in secret. They were afraid that I would detune the guitar. So, secretly, he learned to play, then one day he showed what he was capable of, which surprised everyone, and since then he has not parted with the guitar. But I did not think about music as a profession. Entered the Leningrad Suvorov Military School in 1986. I wanted, like my brother, to become a pilot, in those years the film “Two Captains”, about a pilot of the Far North, was very popular. Romance! However, I did not finish school and served in aviation on Novaya Zemlya as an ordinary private in military service. When he returned from the army, in 1991, the USSR collapsed. Difficult time. The army was falling apart. I was then only 20 years old. I didn’t have a civilian specialty, but I had to live on something. So I decided to make a living by singing. And so my destiny was determined. At first in restaurants, but soon I realized that this was not my thing. I had to sing other people’s songs, whatever they ordered. No creativity, no development.

– And what did you do then? How did you get to where you are now?

– The same thing that all singers try to do. I tried to record my songs for the stage. The first recordings began in 1994 at a studio whose name no one remembers today. In 1995 – recording at the Nika studio. In the same year, with the help of friends, they managed to raise some money and record four songs at the GALA Records studio. The money quickly ran out, as recording in those unstable years was very, very expensive. But I did not stop writing songs, and in 1997 the song “Heaven Above the Earth” was born, which then changed a lot in my life, but this was later, already in 2005. Until that time, life continued to present me with its pleasant and unpleasant surprises, most importantly, songs were written. Truly correctly they say: the road will be mastered by the walking one. I worked a lot, first of all on myself, on my skills, and in 2005 I selected, in my opinion, my best songs and released my first album – “Once”. And as they say, a gingerbread truck overturned on my street. The album brought me fame and, most importantly, a circle of connoisseurs of my work.

– What songs were included in your first album?

– The already mentioned song “Sky above the Earth”, “To Your Friends”, this is how the famous song “There are never many friends and money”, “Leaving – go away”, “Wait, do not rush” and others.

– All of them are very popular in Dagestan. Where do you draw inspiration from? You sing a lot in your songs about love and friends.

– I draw inspiration from my surroundings. From friends and ordinary normal people.

– Thank you, Mukhtar, for an interesting interview. And in the end, I would like to ask, what could you advise and wish our readers and all connoisseurs of your work?

– The main thing, it seems to me, is to do good! PEOPLE!!! HURRY TO DO GOOD!!!

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