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Natalia Nazarova: general information

  • Full name: Natalya Petrovna Nazarova (Krasnoyarskaya)
  • Date of Birth: August 22, 1948
  • Date of death: April 30, 2019
  • Place of birth: Kyiv, USSR
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Natalya Petrovna Krasnoyarskaya. Born August 22, 1948 in Kyiv – died April 30, 2019 in Moscow. Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, director, teacher. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1999). Mother of actress Maria Poroshina.


  • She graduated from the theater studio at the Kiev State Operetta Theater with a degree in musical comedy theater artist.
  • Then she entered the State Institute of Theater Arts named after A.V. Lunacharsky (now the Russian Academy of Theater Arts) at the Faculty of Musical Theater, specialization – “artist of musical theater”, studied at the workshop of Professor Mikhail Mordvinov, and the vocal teacher was Professor Irina Maslennikova.

Moscow Drama Theater “Sphere”:

  • Performer of songs by Alexander Vertinsky “Comedy” (Bad day) M. M. Zoshchenko (director E. I. Yelanskaya)
  • Wife of the guest of “Comedy” (Wedding) M. M. Zoshchenko (director E. I. Yelanskaya)
  • Natasha “Mol” N. F. Pogodin (director E. I. Yelanskaya)
  • Librarian; “Golden youth”; Devil “Until the third roosters.” V. M. Shukshin (director E. I. Elanskaya)
  • Olga “There, in the distance…” V. M. Shukshin (author of the composition and director E. I. Yelanskaya)
  • Participant of the disco “What keeps the world on?!” M. Aliger, J. Anouilh (director E. I. Yelanskaya)
  • Singer “Albee Theater” (Death of Bessie Smith) E. Albee (stage directors G. L. Bortnikov and E. I. Yelanskaya)
  • Missy, Vishnyakova “Theatrical novel” M. A. Bulgakov (staged by E. I. Yelanskaya)
  • Elena the Beautiful “Spring Tale” (Snow Maiden) A. N. Ostrovsky (staged by E. I. Elanskaya, directors G. D. Stolyarov and E. M. Obraztsova)
  • She “He and She” A.P. Chekhov (director G.D. Stolyarov)
  • Byubyuzhan “Farewell, Gulsary!” Ch. Aitmatov (staged by E. I. Elanskaya, director G. D. Stolyarov)
  • Irina Nikolaevna Arkadina “The Seagull” A. P. Chekhov (staged by E. I. Elanskaya, directors G. D. Stolyarov and E. M. Obraztsova)
  • Eurydice’s Mother “Eurydice” J. Anouilh (staged by E. I. Yelanskaya)
  • Top “Dialogues from the Cage” (director E. M. Obraztsova)
  • Madame Chasen, mother of Harold “Harold and Maude” C. Higgins, J.C. Quarry (staged by N. P. Krasnoyarskaya)
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1993 – “Pavel Tikhomirov will play in his circle of friends what he has never played, but would really like to.” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 1995 – Elizaveta Turaeva; Pryakhin “Theatrical Fantasy” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 1995 – Actress “Leaves from a Burnt Notebook” P. Tikhomirov (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 1996 – Madame Hortens “Orchestra” J. Anouilh (staged by N. P. Krasnoyarskaya, director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 1996 – From the decadence “Dreams of the Countess” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2000 – Lady with telephone “New York, New York.” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2003 – “Dream” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2004 – In the Cherry Orchard (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2005 – Dolce Vita (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2007 – Actress “Leaves from a Burnt Notebook” P. Tikhomirov (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2009 – Missy “Theatrical Fantasy” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2013 – “We sat and read poetry. the evening was ours.” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2015 – From the author “The Snowstorm” A. S. Pushkin (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2018 – Madame Hortens “Orchestra” J. Anouilh
  • 2018 – “Songs from the Main!” songs from the repertoire of Lyudmila Gurchenko (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2019 – Masha “Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya” by M. Gavrilov (staged by N. P. Krasnoyarskaya and P. E. Tikhomirov)

Central House of Actor named after A.A. Yablochkina

  • 2004 – “Classmates” – Romance dedicated to Nikolai Tseretelli (dir. P.Tikhomirov)
  • 2007 – “Leaves from a burnt notebook” P. Tikhomirov – Actress – Zinaida Reich (dir. P. Tikhomirov)
  • 2009 – “Alexander Tairov’s Theatre” – Memoirs of Alisa Koonen; Romances (dir. P. Tikhomirov)
  • 2010 – “We sat and read poetry. The evening was ours.” (Silver Age) – Poems by Severyanin, Akhmatova, Mandelstam (dir. P. Tikhomirov)
  • 2012 – “Eloquent silence” (on the anniversary of the mimic ensemble of the Bolshoi Theater) – N. Krasnoyarskaya, P. Tikhomirov – Host (dir. P. Tikhomirov)
  • 2014 – “Century of the Chamber Theater” A. Sadovskaya, P. Tikhomirov – Romance performer (dir. P. Tikhomirov)
  • 2014 – Singer of the song about Leningrad “Leningrad is speaking!” A. Sadovskaya, P. Tikhomirov (Director P. E., Tikhomirov)
  • 2015 – Singer – “At six o’clock in the evening after the war” (dir. P. Tikhomirov)
  • 2015 – Romance performer; Actress reading Claire Tsekhanasyants’ monologue “Capital provincial” (Natalya Melikhova) (dir. P.E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2015 – From the author “Snowstorm” A. S. Pushkin, music by G. V. Sviridov, staged by O. Zelentsova (dir. P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2016 – The heroine of the evening “The cycle “Different Fates” “The Bolshoi Theater – a happy fate” (Natalia Krasnoyarskaya) (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2016 – Partner “Simply – Nina Agapova!” (Benefit performance of the Honored Artist of Russia Nina Agapova) (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2016 – From the memoirs of Vadim Ryndin “Chamber Theater: Book of Memories” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2017 – “I’m a little ballerina”; “Do not be sad” – “Songs from the Main!” songs from the repertoire of Lyudmila Gurchenko (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2017 – Director and Friend “I am a perfectionist” Margarita Mamsirova Cycle “Different Fates” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2017 – Performer of romances “Jubilee without a Master. Evgeny Tashkov” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2018 – Pryakhina “Strange People” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2018 – Madame Hortens “Orchestra” J. Anouilh (staged by N. P. Krasnoyarskaya, director P. E. Tikhomirov, plastic N. V. Kandelaki)
  • 2018 – Heroine – “Natalochka! Natasha! Natalia Petrovna! (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2018 – Partner in the play “Nureyev”; Performer of Vertinsky’s romances “Big Ballet of Igor Tsvirko” (director P. E. Tikhomirov)
  • 2019 – Masha “Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya” by M. Gavrilova (stage directors N. P. Krasnoyarskaya, P. E. Tikhomirov)

State Academic Bolshoi Theatre

  • 2017 – American at the auction “Nureyev” I. Demutsky (stage director K. S. Serebrennikov, choreographer Yu. Staves)
  • Kursk Theological Seminary and the Foundation for the Development of Educational and Social Initiatives “The Present”:
    “The Captain’s Daughter” by A. S. Pushkin, staged by O. V. Zelentsova (staged by N. P. Krasnoyarskaya and P. E. Tikhomirov)


  • Medal of Moscow State University. Lomonosov (performance “Leaves from a Burnt Notebook” drama troupe “Wandering Stars”; author and director P. E. Tikhomirov, 1996)
  • Prizes of the Board of Trustees of the Bolshoi Theater
  • Gratitude of the President of the Chechen Republic (2005)
  • Medal of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow (1997)
  • Medal “Veteran of Labor”
  • Letter of thanks from Metropolitan German of Kursk and Rylsk (12/10/2015).
  • Letter of thanks from the Russian Representation in Romania, the Russian Center for Science and Culture (2015).
  • Diploma of the laureate of the XIV International festival-competition “Moscow – the city of the world” (performance “Leaves from a burnt notebook” author and director P. Tikhomirov, project of the Central House of Actors named after A.A. Yablochkina) (2017).
  • Letter of thanks from the Metropolitan of Kursk and Rylsk (performance “The Captain’s Daughter” by A. S. Pushkin, directors N. P. Krasnoyarskaya and P. E. Tikhomirov) (10.12.2016).
  • Letter of thanks from the Department of Culture and Sports of Rostov (for organizing and holding the I Interregional Theater Festival “Lepota!”) (2017).
  • Diploma of the International Theater Festival “Golden Province” named after. People’s Artist of the RSFSR L. A. Lozitskaya “For the Preservation of Russian Classics on the National Stage” (2018).
  • Letter of thanks from the Department of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports of Rostov (for organizing and holding the II Interregional Theater Festival “Lepota!”) (2018).
  • 2019 – Diploma of the VIII International Theater Festival “Golden Province” (play “Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya” by M. Gavrilova, directors N. P. Krasnoyarskaya and P. E. Tikhomirov, project of the Central House of Actors named after A.A. . Yablochkina)
  • 2019 Diploma. People’s Artist of the RSFSR L. A. Lozitskaya “For the Preservation of Russian Classics on the Domestic Stage” (performances “Leaves from a Burnt Notebook” by P. Tikhomirov, “Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya” by M. Gavrilov, projects of the Central House of Actors named after A.A. Yablochkina)


Natalya Krasnoyarskaya is known to the public for her numerous roles in theater and cinema. In 1976, she became a member of the Bolshoi Theater troupe, and in 1980 she became the director of the mimic ensemble under it. For some time she taught acting for students of the vocal department of the Moscow Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky.

The artist is also known as the mother of actress Maria Poroshina and the former wife of artist Dmitry Nazarov.

Childhood and youth

Kyiv became the birthplace of Natalia Krasnoyarskaya. The future singer was born on August 22, 1948. It seemed that the biography of the girl did not pass the scene. Her father was an Honored Artist of the Byelorussian SSR, her mother is also an actress. It is quite understandable that the girl demonstrated her creative inclinations already in her youth. Natasha’s voice was noted by all close families. Parents enrolled their daughter in a music school and contributed to the development of talent. Natalya was given a voice and taught musical notation, and she began to dream about the stage.

Krasnoyarskaya received an acting education at the theater school at the Kiev Operetta Theater. The diploma issued to her confirmed that the girl was an artist of the musical comedy theater. Having taken the first step in the professional field, Natasha was not going to stop there. She went to Moscow and entered GITIS at the Faculty of Musical Theater. The student was lucky: Mikhail Mordvinov and Irina Maslennikova became her mentors.

Krasnoyarskaya’s dreams were not destined to come true. In her youth, she suffered a disease, the course of which involved a throat operation. After the procedure, Natalia could not return to the profession. This event did not break the artist. Krasnoyarskaya moved to another faculty at the institute and began to study directing on the course of Boris Pokrovsky. In 1975, the girl received a diploma.


During her diploma practice, Natalia managed to participate in staging performances in the musical theaters of Khabarovsk and Ivanovo. So she got her first directing experience. In 1976 she was invited as a director to the Bolshoi Theatre. Natalya combined her new job with an internship at the GITIS assistantship. There she subsequently taught acting to students of the musical theater department.

As a director, Natalya Krasnoyarskaya was in demand from the very beginning of her career. From 1978 to 1979, in parallel with her work at the Bolshoi Theater, the artist served as director of the People’s Opera House, which functioned at the Central Palace of Culture of Railway Workers. Her first performances on this stage were Rural Honor and Pagliacci.

In 1980, a new position of director of the mimic ensemble was introduced at the Bolshoi Theater. She was offered to Natalya Krasnoyarskaya. Later, for 3 years, from 1991 to 1994, the director was in the artistic board of the theater. During the same period, she fruitfully collaborated with the “Sphere”, participating in productions as a director and performer of leading roles.

1992 brought Krasnoyarsk the role of Vertukha in the production of The Cage. An entertaining performance was shown at home and abroad. He was greeted with sympathy by the public of the United States, Israel and the Baltic states. From 1995 to 2002, Natalia collaborated with the Wandering Stars drama troupe. Her authorship belongs to the production of the play “Orchestra”, created in collaboration with the Museum. A. A. Bakhrushina.

The creative enthusiasm of the artist was enough not only for traditional manifestations in dramatic art. It has also been implemented in commercial projects.

Since 1996, Krasnoyarskaya was invited to work as a director at hairdressing shows of the Wella brand. She was also among the organizers of the charity show “Ball in the Bolshoi” and the holiday “Christmas Tree in the Bolshoi”. Natalia managed to work in the capital and in the provinces. She collaborated with the Astrakhan Musical Theater and the Kursk Theological Seminary, being involved in creative projects.


The filmography of the artist, director and teacher did not become extensive. Her film debut took place in 1983. Then Natalia was offered a role in a historical film called “Worth its weight in gold.”

Having concentrated on work in the theatrical field, Krasnoyarskaya did not seek recognition in the cinema. For a long time she did not appear in the frame. Viewers have seen her several times in episodes of television series such as “Law & Order: Squad of Investigations” or “Always Say ‘Always’ – 5”.

Personal life

Natalya Krasnoyarskaya was married twice. The first husband, Mikhail Poroshin, studied at GITIS, where the young people met. Mikhail was a soloist in the dance ensemble “Birch” and acted in films. In 1973, Natalya gave her husband a daughter, Maria. She, like her parents, preferred a creative profession for realization. At first, the director’s personal life was going well, but the spouses parted ways.

Natalia Krasnoyarskaya remarried in adulthood. Her chosen one was the famous actor Dmitry Nazarov. Their relationship was not cloudless. Taking advantage of the attention of women, the artist cheated on his wife. A divorce took place, which was widely discussed in the press.

In 2018 and 2019, the name of Natalia Krasnoyarskaya appeared in the press not only because of her creative successes. Maria Poroshina’s mother told reporters about her personal opinion about her daughter’s divorce. She gave comments on how the relationship of Mary and children with her ex-husband and their father, Ilya Drevnov, develops. Photos of Natalia often appeared in the media.


Natalya Krasnoyarskaya died on April 30, 2019. In early spring, the artist was examined and treated in a Moscow clinic. The hospitalization took place after the director suddenly felt unwell at a rehearsal at the Bolshoi Theater. There were weakness and problems with speech, to which colleagues responded in a timely manner. She failed to save her life.

A civil memorial service in memory of Natalya Krasnoyarskaya was held on May 4, 2019, and the funeral service was held at the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity. You can now see a photo of the artist at work and in a stage image on the Internet.

Interview: Maria Poroshina’s mother spoke frankly about her daughter’s divorce

Interview from 11/19/2018

The woman did not approve of the choice of the actress, but preferred not to interfere in her life.

Natalya Krasnoyarskaya, the mother of the star, is also an actress. The woman, like her daughter, had several novels. For example, one of Maria’s stepfathers was Dmitry Nazarov, the star of the TV series “Kitchen”.

Poroshina says that Nazarov was the best father she knows. Thanks to Dmitry, the girl formed a certain stereotype of an ideal man.

The actress herself believes that choosing Ilya Drevnov as her husband, she made a mistake. The actress lived with him for 17 years, working for two and giving birth to three daughters: 12-year-old Seraphim, 8-year-old Agrafena and 2-year-old Glafira. The actress has three nannies working in the house at once – one for each child.

Maria’s biological father, singer Mikhail Poroshin, only recently found out about his daughter’s next pregnancy. The mother of the actress shared that her daughter showed her ultrasound pictures and confirmed that this would be the first boy. However, his father is not Ilya.

In January, Maria will give birth to a child from her lover. So far, he has not proposed to her. A man lives in Spain, so he cannot be with his beloved all the time.

“I’ve wanted this to happen for a long time. There are men who are brought up by men, and there are those who remain boys for life. She had no help. No. Masha even builds a house alone, but he did not want to, he said that these were extra costs. I myself taught him to hold a drill in my hands, ”Natalya Krasnoyarskaya said about Poroshina’s divorce from Drevnov on the air of the talk show“ You won’t believe it! ”.

Poroshina’s mother sang at her own funeral

Wikipedia Natalya Nazarova actress, director, mother of Maria Poroshina, Natalya Krasnoyarskaya

In August 2019, the mother of a large movie star, Maria Poroshina, celebrated her 70th birthday. Alas, it turned out to be the last birthday of the Honored Artist of Russia and the director of the mimic ensemble of the Bolshoi Theater Natalia Krasnoyarskaya – on May 4 she was buried. Colleagues, relatives, friends and even former classmates of Poroshina at the Shchukin School came to the farewell ceremony. Including the famous “Capercaillie” and “Sklifosovsky” Max Averin. But the ex-husband of the deceased, the star of the TV series “Kitchen” Dmitry Nazarov, whom Masha once called the second dad, did not wait for the memorial service. At one time, Nazarov already once vilely betrayed Krasnoyarsk, which, in fact, nurtured a great artist out of him.

– We talked with Natasha Krasnoyarskaya every day, – after the funeral, without holding back tears, her close friend, director Pavel Tikhomirov, told Express Gazeta. – For all of us, her departure was a shock, no one, including herself, expected such a terrible ending. In March, she was taken to the hospital straight from work. Well, you might think, anything can happen.

A 70-year-old woman suddenly felt paralytic weakness. Plus, she suddenly lost her speech. An ambulance Natalia Petrovna was called to the Bolshoi Theater, where she served since 1976.

Wikipedia Natalya Nazarova actress, director, mother of Maria Poroshina, Natalya Krasnoyarskaya

In the clinic, Krasnoyarsk, of course, was visited by many. Most often, the mother (despite the fact that not so long ago she gave birth to her fifth child) came to her only daughter Maria from her first marriage with Mikhail Poroshin, soloist of the Beryozka choreographic ensemble. With him, unlike the second spouse – actor Dmitry Nazarov, the woman was friends until her last breath.

– Nazarov is a sore subject for Natasha, – Pavel Tikhomirov reluctantly explained. – She did not want to discuss the relationship with him with anyone. It is clear that they have been divorced for a very long time, but surrounded by both they knew very well that it was Krasnoyarskaya that largely shaped Dmitry both as a person and as an artist.

In one of the rare TV interviews, Maria Poroshina’s mother said that after a divorce from the father of her daughter, who at that time was only five years old, she went to work with her head:

– Rehearsal in the morning, performance in the evening, and between them 3 – 4 hours of break. I didn’t always get to go home. The fact is that I had a beloved man who took all my free time and energy. And such a huge passion lasted a very long time. In this cycle, I did not have time to follow how Masha grows. It’s my fault…

Wikipedia Natalya Nazarova actress, director, mother of Maria Poroshina, Natalya Krasnoyarskaya

When Krasnoyarskaya married Nazarov, her daughter was 11. Dmitry raised his stepdaughter until her 22nd birthday, and then left the family.

By that time, Maria was already arranging her own personal life with might and main. While studying at the Shchukin School, she had an affair with a charismatic student Gosha Kutsenko. However, he soon cheated on her.

– I was seduced, – after many years the bald playboy clumsily justified himself. – Then I practically did not drink, and therefore could not appease the pangs of conscience. Masha confessed everything, and she replied: “Fool! Who talks about this?” She then was well done, did not forgive me, and we parted. Of course, it was very hard. Masha drank such a cup of grief with me that in the future she turned into a good actress. She learned to feel pain, became more emotional.

Wikipedia Natalya Nazarova actress, director, mother of Maria Poroshina, Natalya Krasnoyarskaya

By a bitter irony of fate, at the same moment, Poroshina’s mother also experienced unbearable pain from betrayal. The husband of Natalia Krasnoyarskaya Dmitry Nazarov went on a spree with actress Olga Vasilyeva, with whom he later signed and still lives. Then Vasilyeva was also not free. Her husband, actor Igor Vetrov, told us about these love polygons:

– When Dima Nazarov and my Olya started an affair, he decided to leave Masha’s mother. Poroshina and I then toured with a private performance in Sevastopol, and she told me about everything with horror. Moreover, the departure of Nazarov from their family coincided with the separation of Poroshina herself from Gosha Kutsenko. Masha complained to me that her parent was tearing up and throwing and was indignant: “Not only do I have hell in my personal life, Dima also sleeps with your wife, who is 20 years younger than mom!”

Wikipedia Natalya Nazarova actress, director, mother of Maria Poroshina, Natalya Krasnoyarskaya

Negligent son-in-law

After her divorce from Nazarov, Krasnoyarskaya never got married again. As always, she worked hard – staged and played, and, of course, helped her star daughter raise children.

Son-in-law – actor Ilya Drevnov, with whom Poroshina divorced last summer after she became pregnant on tour by Yaroslav Boyko, Krasnoyarskaya did not like and did not hide her joy that this happened. She has long reproached Ilyusha for the fact that the main earner in their family was Maria, who, by the way, never stayed on maternity leave for more than two weeks.

Poroshina also pulled the construction of a country house on herself, and her mother was indignant that the negligent Drevnov was not only unable to earn money, but even did not know how to use a drill and a hammer, preferring to wallow on the couch idle.

Wikipedia Natalya Nazarova actress, director, mother of Maria Poroshina, Natalya Krasnoyarskaya

– Soon the House of Actors will host the premiere of the performance of our troupe “Wandering Stars” in memory of Natasha, – says Pavel Tikhomirov. – Her granddaughter Polina Kutsenko will play the main role there. The director was Polina’s boyfriend, Yan Yanovsky. Polina is an amazing girl. Her grandmother Natasha went to theaters and museums a lot, she brought up an acting streak in her. None of Masha’s children, by the way, called Natasha grandmother. Only by name. She was such a grand maman. Natasha was glad that recently, after four girls, Masha gave her a grandson. Natasha was sure that she would raise this baby too. But fate decreed otherwise.

During the funeral of Krasnoyarskaya at the Perepechinsky cemetery, a song performed by the deceased sounded.

– As soon as the coffin was lowered into the grave, we all heard Natasha’s voice, – says Tikhomirov. – When she sang, her smallest granddaughter Glafira asked: “Mom, where does Natasha sing from?” I’m sure the deceased would have loved it.

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