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Valkman Oleg: general information

  • Full name: Oleg Vladimirovich Valkman
  • Date of Birth: July 11, 1968
  • Date of death: February 13, 2021
  • Place of birth: Gorky, USSR
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: –
  • Short biography: Actor Oleg Valkman, all his childhood dreamed of becoming a circus performer, but with age, the thinking of the young guy changed, and he decided to start a career in the film industry.
  • Education: Graduated from the Gorky Theater School, and in 1996 – the Russian Institute of Theater Arts (RATI) named after Lunacharsky (workshop of A. A. Goncharov).

Oleg Valkman filmography

Movie List
  • 2010-2020 serial detective series “NEXT”. The role of the pathologist Boris Selevanov.
  • Bodyguard 2 (TV series) (2009) . Nikolai Burov
  • Lawyers (TV series) (2009). Andrew
  • Scouts: The Last Stand (2008)
  • Katya (TV series) (Katya’s father) (2008)
  • Cook (2007)
  • Under a shower of bullets (TV series) (2006) . Pavlyuchenko
  • Echelon (TV series) (2005) . foreman Kolbakovsky
  • Penal Battalion (TV series) (2004)
    . thief Miron
  • Four taxi drivers and a dog (2004)
  • Goddess: How I fell in love (2004) . otherworldly
  • Lawyer (TV series) (2004-2007) . investigator
  • Happy new year, new happiness! (2003). bandit
  • Striped Summer (TV series) (2003) . father
  • Boomer (2003)
  • Magnetic Storms (2003) . MP
  • Happiness Service (2001)
  • Lady Bum (TV series) (2001) . KGB officer
  • Scam (2001)
  • Turkish March (TV series) (2000)
  • Morning is not the time for girls (1999)
  • Land of the Deaf (1998) . bandit
  • Khrustalyov, car! (1994). NKVD officer

Oleg Valkman biography

Oleg Valkman passed away at the age of 52, which was a blow to colleagues and loyal fans. He will forever be remembered for his vivid roles in Russian films and TV series, including the pathologist Boris Selivanov from the detective “Trace”.

Wikipedia Oleg Vladimirovich Valkman theater and film actor

Childhood and youth

Oleg Valkman was born on July 11, 1968 in Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod). From childhood he was active and restless, demonstrated a talent for acting. But the dream of little Oleg was to become a clown, he was inspired by the work of Yuri Nikulin and Charlie Chaplin and loved to arrange performances for guests.

As a teenager, Valkman firmly decided to perform in the local circus, but by that time it had almost ceased to exist. Then a friend advised him to become an actor and devote himself to the stage. The young man listened and began to prepare for admission, he read a lot and worked with a teacher in order to improve his diction.

When the mother found out about the celebrity’s choice, she was horrified. She considered the acting profession unpromising and was afraid that her son would live in poverty.

Therefore, the whole family dissuaded Valkman, but he remained adamant. An obstacle to the realization of a dream was the call to the army. The young man miraculously escaped distribution to Afghanistan and eventually served in Moscow.

After returning to his native land, Oleg entered the theater school the first time. Already in the 3rd year, the actor was noticed and was first invited to audition, and soon he received a small role in Alexei German’s film Khrustalev, car!

Work on the painting was completed when Valkman was studying at GITIS. Since the shooting fell just in time for the session, the student was almost expelled. But he showed perseverance and went to talk to the head of the course, Andrei Goncharov, who gave the young man a chance to prove himself in the exams and continue his studies.


The screen career of a celebrity began with episodic appearances in films. His filmography was replenished with such projects as Code of Honor, Boomer and Penal Battalion. Significant for the artist was the role of foreman Oleg Kolbakovsky in Echelon, after which he was often offered to play the military.

Among other vivid images of Oleg Vladimirovich are the heroes of the dramas “Swan Paradise”, “Gromovs” and “Cook”. But popularity came to him only after in 2010 he was approved for the main role in the detective series “Next”. Valkman embodied the pathologist Boris Selivanov, a former military man with extensive experience in medicine.

In an interview, the actor admitted that the most difficult thing was to master the terminology. The character’s speech is replete with medical terms that are difficult to pronounce. But Oleg Vladimirovich was helped by colleagues, next to whom he felt free and comfortable. The performer spoke especially warmly about working with Olga Koposova, who knows how to direct and support.

In between filming, Valkman managed to participate in the creation of other series, among them “Diamond Hunters”, “Payback”, “Divisional” and “Rook”. But since 2012, he has been fully concentrating on working on “Trace”, to the site of which he returned even in difficult periods of his biography.

Personal life

The actor preferred not to advertise the details of his personal life. It is known that he did not have a wife and children. Walkman devoted himself to a profession in which he spent all his time. He was close to the fans and kept in touch with them through the leaders of the fan communities on VKontakte and Instagram, where photos and videos were published.


The celebrity passed away on February 12, 2021. The news was published on the official website of the artist the very next day after his sudden death. The cause of death was not specified, but it was said that the performer suffered a “short illness”. Shortly before this, information appeared on the Web that Walkman had a stroke, but it was not officially confirmed.

Condolences for the loss were expressed by the actor’s colleagues on the Trail. Sergei Pioro remembered that Oleg Vladimirovich had health problems while working on the series, but later he felt better. Vladimir Tashlykov noted that the performer left in the prime of life.

Although the news of the death of a celebrity came as a shock to fans, there were those who decided to cash in on the grief. There were reports on the Web about raising money for the funeral of the actor, which were reacted to in the official group on VKontakte dedicated to “Trace”. Its leaders urged subscribers not to fall for the tricks of scammers. Olga Koposova on the Instagram page noted that the artist’s relatives have the means to say goodbye to him with dignity.

Interesting Facts

  1. Oleg Vladimirovich was fond of music. He played the guitar, sang in the Forest Gems group.
  2. The height of the celebrity was 190 cm.
  3. Although the actor was Russian by nationality, some considered him Estonian. All because of the unusual surname that Valkman inherited from his father’s stepfather.
  4. Before the performer got the lead role in The Trail, he had already appeared in several episodes of the series. First, the artist embodied the entrepreneur who is being hunted, and then the doctor.

Oleg Valkman in social networks

  • Instagram
  • Vkontakte
  • Official site

Oleg Valkman interview

Valkman Oleg actor photo

Wikipedia Oleg Vladimirovich Valkman theater and film actor

Wikipedia Oleg Vladimirovich Valkman theater and film actor

Wikipedia Oleg Vladimirovich Valkman theater and film actor

Wikipedia Oleg Vladimirovich Valkman theater and film actor

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