Wikipedia Olesya Loseva Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress

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Olesya Loseva: general information

  • Full name: Olesya Loseva
  • Date of Birth: August 4, 1980
  • Place of birth: Moscow, USSR
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Brief biography: Olesya Loseva. She was born on August 4, 1980 in Moscow. Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress.
  • Education: –


  • “There-there news” program
  • Day by Day Program
  • Program “Good morning, Russia!”
  • Vesti program
  • What’s Wrong Program
  • Program “Historical duel”
  • Program “Results of the week”
  • Film «Gone in the Fog»
  • “Time will tell” program

Olesya Loseva biography

In her early youth, Olesya Loseva chose the career of a journalist. Now she is a TV presenter of rating talk shows and news programs. With decades of successful work on national television behind her, the journalist has gained popularity with viewers. Thanks to the experience gained, she began to be respected in professional circles.

Wikipedia Olesya Loseva Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress

Childhood and youth

The biography of Olesya Loseva began in August 1980 in the capital of the Soviet Union. The girl was brought up in a family of intellectuals, where the main role was played by her father, who was a professional pilot.

The mother, who remained the head of the house when her husband went on a business trip, could not cope with her hyperactive daughter, who grew up a fidget and a tomboy.

At school, the future journalist also did not differ in exemplary behavior. In her diary, triples and remarks from teachers often appeared. Parents and friends were very surprised when Olesya applied for a creative competition. She learned about the casting for the TV show from an ad published in the 7 Days weekly.

As a result, at the age of 12, the child was taken to the Tam-Tam News program. From that moment, Loseva’s cooperation with the Russian channel RTR began. In the course of work, the girl met the future popular presenter Boris Korchevnikov. The teenager, whose ancestors were honored cultural figures, at the stage of his career, morally helped his young colleague and became a comrade in adulthood.


By the end of the 1990s, Olesya, who decided to devote her life to journalism and became too mature for children’s and youth projects, switched to the capital’s TV-6 channel, which lasted until 2002. She chose the morning program “Day after Day” and, having felt the charisma of her partners Lely Turubar and Artur Krupenin, acquired inner lightness and a positive attitude.

After a couple of years, Loseva returned to her roots and took the place of co-host of Ernest Mackevicius in the popular Good Morning, Russia! program. Thanks to the advice of an experienced colleague, the girl became a student at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In parallel with her studies, she appeared in federal and regional issues of Vesti.

Trying to expand her resume, after completing her education, a native of the capital made materials for state and commercial studios. The audience liked the author’s projects called “What’s Wrong” and “Historical Duel”, the news program “Results of the Week”, made with the participation of political scientist Sergei Mikheev, as well as individual stories aired on the Tsargrad Internet channel.

In 2019, Olesya decided to try her hand at cinema. She joined the star cast of the feature film Gone Into the Mist.

Director Vera Sokolova made sure that the journalist, who, by a happy coincidence, portrayed a television presenter, adopted acting experience from Maria Shukshina and Sami Naseri. The broadcast star was present at the premiere of the film, which took place in the Moscow hall “Illusion”.

Olesya Loseva personal life

One of the most elegant women in Russian journalism tries to hide information about her personal life from strangers. Nevertheless, viewers know that Loseva entered into a legal marriage twice.

A graduate of Moscow State University met her first husband named Maxim in childhood. Over time, the man who became an entrepreneur did his best to marry an attractive girl with an exciting profession.

Due to the absence of children and busy work schedules, over time, the feelings of lovers have cooled down. After a divorce without mutual claims, Loseva said that she regarded the wedding as an experiment.

Olesya’s second husband was a wealthy manager of a metropolitan commercial company. Judging by the information leaked to the media, the new chosen one of the journalist is called Sergei. The marriage produced children. Loseva is proud of her daughters Sofia and Polina, whose age difference is 6 years.

In an interview, a Muscovite admitted that a mother is the most difficult profession in the world. The honor of educating the younger generation must certainly be earned. She considers inner harmony, as well as the ability to believe in a miracle, smile and love selflessly, as the key to family well-being.

Viewers judge Olesya’s hobby by the photos published in the profile on Instagram. The journalist with high growth and balanced weight likes to dress fashionably and travel to foreign countries and Russian cities. A young woman happily takes a selfie and poses in front of a professional camera lens against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes, beautiful interiors and a poster for the movie Gone Into the Mist.

Olesya Loseva now

In January 2021, fans of the daytime talk show “Time Will Tell” were surprised and disappointed at the same time. Instead of the usual TV presenters, the attractive Olesya Loseva and the unshakable Ruslan Ostashko appeared in the renovated studio.

The first releases caused a wave of criticism from regular viewers, because the newcomers could not cope with the emotions of the experts and the audience and did not demonstrate self-confidence.

The editors received requests to return the program to its original format. This happened due to the fact that Loseva, whose behavior sometimes did not correspond to the situation, “crushed” an experienced partner Anatoly Kuzichev with inappropriately loud statements. Executives who do not want conflict with the audience said that innovation is an experiment.

Official comments said that faces unknown to fans of political talk shows on Channel One appeared after old-timer Artem Sheinin went on a planned vacation.

Interesting Facts

  1. Olesya maintained good relations with her childhood friend and former colleague Boris Korchevnikov. Novice journalists often met during business trips at creative festivals in Sochi and at the Artek pioneer camp.
  2. In 2001, Loseva, who has a toned athletic figure, which is not ashamed to show in a bathing suit, won an exhibition tournament of star amateur judoists called “Silk Kimono”.
  3. In 2003, a journalist who is a fan of outdoor activities went to conquer a fortress located in the Bay of Biscay. Together with Igor Petrenko, Alexander Peskov, Maxim Pokrovsky, Irina Lachina and Anton Zaitsev, she bravely overcame obstacles in pursuit of the gold of the Fort Boyard television show.

Olesya Loseva in social networks

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Olesya Loseva interview

Live on Ekho Moskvy radio station Lelya Turubara and Olesya Loseva, hosts of the Day after Day program on TV-6 channel.

Issue dated August 5, 2001

The broadcast is hosted by Alexei Venediktov and Matvey Ganapolsky.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Lelya and Olesya, presenters of the morning channel “Day after Day” on TV-6. Hello. I will remind our listeners that we have an on-air pager 974-22-22 for the Ekho Moskvy subscriber. Olesya has a birthday today, and we congratulate her. Tatyana Sergeevna asks (I immediately went to the hotline to warm up): “Girls, you used to work in tandem with men. Tell me, where are your co-hosts? What are they doing now?

O. LOSEVA: My partner is now on vacation, and a month ago he worked with Tatyana Pushkina on the daytime air. There is a possibility that in September he will again appear on the daytime air together with Tatyana Pushkina, but it is still unknown.

L. TURUBARA: And the creative fate of my man, Artur Krupenin, is still unknown. I know that he came out with some projects to our general producer, and he seemed to like one of them. What will happen next, I honestly do not know.

A. VENEDIKTOV: I, of course, am not responsible for the entire world practice, but I don’t remember that two girls conducted morning information broadcasting in pairs.

L. TURUBARA: For me at first it looked somehow wild, but we know for sure that men really like it.


O. LOSEVA: We got used to each other for a long time, tried to understand how we should work together, how to react to each other.

L. TURUBARA: Before the broadcast, I tore Olesya’s stockings, she hid lipstick from me. In general, as usual, normal female quarrels. (Laugh)

A. VENEDIKTOV: Enes: “Lelya, in your duet you try to be the leader, so you often interrupt Olesya. It’s very noticeable. You are both very good, it’s nice to hear and see you.

O. LOSEVA: I don’t think we have a definite leader.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Do you have any roles?

L. TURUBARA: We have the roles of old and young. I’m older than Olesya, so

A. VENEDIKTOV: Here a man sends greetings from the residents of house 57. Signed by Kirill.

L. TURUBARA: This is my neighbor from the 9th floor. Kiryusha, big hello to you.

A. VENEDIKTOV: “Olesya, happy birthday to you. Please tell us how you came to television? Where are you studying now? Thank you. Lydia Mikhailovna.

O. LOSEVA: Thank you very much for the congratulations. I came to television in 1992, when I was only 12 years old. I passed the competition for the children’s program “There-there-news”, for the competition of presenters there was at one time such a program on RTR, the first children’s information program – and until 1997 I worked there as a correspondent, as a presenter. In general, I gained experience. And then, when she graduated from school in 1997, she entered the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University and devoted 2 years to her studies. And then she came to the program “Day by Day”.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Lelya, can I ask you the same question?

L. TURUBARA: This is the most common question. I am probably the only person in the country who works by profession. I graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, television department. Everything was classic. I came to the old TSN, and there was a Saturday supplement to Mitkova, Sorokina, Kiselev. It was an entertaining thing. Lisovsky made a hit parade there, and we had completely stupid stories there.

A. VENEDIKTOV: A cry from the soul from Elena: “Lelya, please don’t look at the monitor during the broadcast, but look at the camera. Thank you very much”. What is the problem?

L. TURUBARA: Gone are the days when I looked at the monitor, because I had to know exactly when we were going out. That is, the plot ends and our inclusion is on. The monitor is just on my side, so sometimes I have to do it.

A. VENEDIKTOV: A message came from Masha: “Lelya, I adore you and consider you the most sexy woman on our TV. Olesya has a birthday today, and when is your birthday? I beg you, tell me who you are according to your zodiac sign and the year you were born?”

L. TURUBARA: Masha, my birthday is January 27th. Mozart and Lewis Carroll were born on this day, so I think I took something from them. And the sex symbol, perhaps, was meant in the sense that once, in 1998, I starred in Playboy.

A. VENEDIKTOV: “Where does such an interesting surname come from – Turubara? asks Lena, “What does it mean?”

L. TURUBARA: I think my last name means the pace of my speech. What it means exactly, I don’t know. I know that there were entire villages of Taratuta, Turubara. That is, it is a normal Ukrainian surname. There is a legend in our family that our ancestors are supposedly Zaporozhye Cossacks.

A. VENEDIKTOV: “Olesya, what time do you wake up if the show starts at 6.30? How do you still have time to study at the institute? asks Timur.

O. LOSEVA: This is a difficult question. You have to get up early, at 4.30. When the alarm starts ringing, it is very difficult to get up. The most important thing is to open your eyes, because if you open them, hold them, get to the bathroom, then the dream is already gone. The broadcast ends at 9, then several hours for preparation, for collecting information, for talking with the editor, with the editor-in-chief. Then I go home, take my textbooks and go to the university. From the university I arrive somewhere at 22.00-22.30, and everything starts all over again. It was especially hard when there was a session.

L. TURUBARA: At the same time, Olesya manages to be an excellent student, and excellent students have always caused me awe. Olesya, what a fine fellow you are. Happy birthday to you, dear.

O. LOSEVA: Thank you.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Matvey Ganapolsky came, and he joins our conversation. “Lelya, there was a message in the press that you were going to get married. So are you married now or not? Luba asks.

L. TURUBARA: I didn’t come out again.

A. VENEDIKTOV: “Olesya, as you hosted the Tam-Tam-Novosti program, you remained at the same level. Learn more and learn,” says Elena Andreevna.

O. LOSEVA: Thank you very much, Elena Andreevna.

M. GANAPOLSKY: She was probably at a very good level from the very beginning.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Pavel says: “Lelya, I really love you and your sense of humor. I am very glad that you did not leave TV-6, but your mother has gone somewhere.

L. TURUBARA: The fact is that my mother works as a guest editor, so she stayed, but she is behind the scenes.

M. GANAPOLSKY: I want to compliment our guests. I want to say, as a person who knows television, that it is very difficult to conduct a daily morning program. There should be interesting guests, and all the software of the television program. But there is another nuance that women especially will understand. The girls appear on the screen, and the people who look at them must be in a good mood. At exactly seven you should be like a cucumber, no matter what happens at home. Indeed, this is hard work, very respected. Hence the universal love.

A. VENEDIKTOV: But these are not just compliments. For example: “Lelya, take it as a co-host. I really want to be a star. Alexey T. And there is a telephone.

M. GANAPOLSKY: What a consumer attitude!

L. TURUBARA: Yes, you know how we suffer in life. We are always perceived as TV girls.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Why? Here you are, Bekhan writes: “Giving a revealing dress in the Day by Day program. Sincerely”.

L. TURUBARA: Why should I give away my dress? Let me give it to you first.

A. VENEDIKTOV: “The girls are just great. I really want to see you. I am buying a TV. Vladimir.

L. TURUBARA: He’s already gone broke on the radio, which is good.

A. VENEDIKTOV: There are several purely professional questions. For example, on the preparation of transmissions. Are you just chirping or are you preparing yourself rigorously?

L. TURUBARA: Every day we prepare more and more severely. We leave from there at 10 pm.

O. LOSEVA: It seems that all life takes place in the corridors of Ostankino.

M. GANAPOLSKY: And tell me, what is the biggest problem in your work?

O. LOSEVA: Probably lack of sleep. Because when you do not get enough sleep, sooner or later it always affects.

L. TURUBARA: And for me the biggest problem is my mood. People who broadcast every day will understand this. You have to be a good actor anyway. We are not actors, we are just presenters.

M. GANAPOLSKY: What do you need to be in a good mood?

L. TURUBARA: You need to have a normal mood in life, this is already a character. Plus, so that nothing spoils the mood before. Because if someone comes up and says some gossip before the broadcast, it’s very difficult to sit with a happy face.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Where are you crying?

L. TURUBARA: At work, this is unrealistic.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Olesya, happy birthday to you again. Wish happiness, health, success in love. “When I feel unwell, I turn on your channel in the morning, look at you, and for me personally you are a home doctor, I feel better. It’s been verified. Thank you very much. Anna Georgievna.

O. LOSEVA: Thank you too.

M. GANAPOLSKY: How do you manage to look so good? What to do to be in good physical shape?

L. TURUBARA: You need to contact our agency “Persona”. They make us like this! Every day I leave the house and say to myself: “God, how scary you are,” and after they prepare us, everyone says to me: “How good you look.”

M. GANAPOLSKY: But it’s makeup.

O. LOSEVA: You know, in my life, I can honestly say that I don’t use cosmetics. After the broadcast, the first thing I do is remove this layer of powder. As for the physical form, we have an appropriate rhythm of life. When you are constantly running around and even forget that you need to eat, you don’t even need to play sports.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Anton asks: “I would like to know what kind of books girls like to read.”

O. LOSEVA: I can tell what book I’m reading right now. I am currently reading Jean-Jacques Rousseau, his Confession. I am very interested in confessional writings, since the topic of my thesis, which I am going to write, is “The Confession of Tolstoy in comparison with the confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Blessed Augustine.”

L. TURUBARA: And I just finished reading a strange thing written by Agatha Christophe, it’s called “The Thick Notebook”. This is something strange. If you’ve ever seen Angel Heart, it’s something like that, but in literature. There are 4 endings, all different, and all the time you feel like a complete idiot. I like it when such layers of consciousness occur.

M. GANAPOLSKY: Do you have time to read?

O. LOSEVA: Yes. I always try to find a minute to read something. In particular, among the authors of the 20th century, I adore Dovlatov. When I take Dovlatov, I just relax. I can read it endlessly.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Rest on Dovlatov is serious. “Lelya,” Margarita asks, “I have your type of figure, but from time to time I get very much better. Tell me, have you ever lost weight drastically? Give me some advice.”

L. TURUBARA: In principle, there is one rule, it will probably sound rude on the radio, but, nevertheless, do not eat. There are vegetables and fruits.

M. GANAPOLSKY: We talked about the fact that in order for the program to be interesting, the mood is very important. But it is clear that someone is interesting to you, and someone is not interested. With whom do you like to be on the air, with whom do you not like? How can you subdivide? Maybe there are some interesting people with whom it was easy? What are your passions?

O. LOSEVA: I’m sick of, first of all, boors, arrogant people who try to pretend to be something. From stardom.

L. TURUBARA: Moreover, this stardom happens even in ordinary people. It happens that a woman comes, and she is already all on hinges (there is such an expression). She says with self-respect: “If you don’t put the microphone in this way now, I won’t talk to you at all. For the sake of three minutes, I came on the air.

M. GANAPOLSKY: And if you divide by profession?

L. TURUBARA: You know, the most brilliant people are people of the old formation. Our directors, actors. They do not have star disease at all. They are professionals in everything.

M. GANAPOLSKY: These people also talk. And the current musicians, our pop music?

L. TURUBARA: It’s very difficult. There are again intelligent people, but there are not. This applies to any profession. There are people like Garik Sukachev. You always know that wherever you invite him, no matter what he says, it will be great.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Yes, especially when he’s on a roll. “I heard that Olesya recently won some sports competitions. Can she talk about her sports hobbies? Alexander”.

O. LOSEVA: It was a special judo tournament dedicated to the anniversary of the election of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin as president. We were brought to the judo school, where we trained for a long time. I even skipped university, which is unusual for me.


O. LOSEVA: Yes. I had a throw through the thigh with a painful blow.

M. GANAPOLSKY: And who did you leave?

O. LOSEVA: It was a two-meter young man. In fact, I failed a couple of times.

A. VENEDIKTOV: “Lelya, we looked at the roof with pleasure. We wish to meet again there. Zoya.

L. TURUBARA: This refers to the program “News from the Roof. News at eleven” on RTR.

M. GANAPOLSKY: Did you really climb onto the roof?

L. TURUBARA: Absolutely seriously. Everyone asked where this roof was, it was a favorite question. And we liked to answer that we have the most expensive backdrop in the history of television.

M. GANAPOLSKY: But the weather there was different.

L. TURUBARA: And that was the worst. I suffered terribly. For example, it’s 20 degrees below zero, the operator is wearing felt boots, but I can’t put on felt boots, because it can be seen. Secondly, it is necessary to be without a hat, because it was not accepted. And plus, the light is changing, which is a disaster for television. How many times have I had to say the same thing, it’s terrible! It was very hard.

M. GANAPOLSKY: But don’t let the radio listeners think that two sufferers are sitting here. In fact, they are very happy people because they are doing what they love.

L. TURUBARA: Yes, at least we should have something.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Look, they’re unhappy. She said, “At least we should have something.”

M. GANAPOLSKY: You see, television is such a thing that emasculates a person. Constantly being on the issue, constantly looking good, it’s very exhausting. Where to drink?

L. TURUBARA: I think that the biggest problem is not even what you have to do in a day, but that when you are on the screen, a huge number of people wish you harm. Envy. I, in principle, believe in the law of conservation of energy, if negative energy is sent, it comes somewhere. And if a person has everything in order specifically in this work, there will still be some problems, maybe in another area. It just doesn’t work for anyone.

A. VENEDIKTOV: And how do your girlfriends outside the television environment accept you?

O. LOSEVA: I have friends from school, and I think that they are the most reliable friends, because when our friendship began, there was no self-interest. We were sincerely friends with each other.

A. VENEDIKTOV: And if the girlfriend was a slut, and then she made a career, and now the whole country is watching her?

O. LOSEVA: My friends are sincerely happy for me.

M. GANAPOLSKY: I want to ask this question. Came to TV-6 NTV. This, apparently, was very painful for TV-6. How did you take this arrival? By the way, very sharp words were said about the TV-6 channel – that it was not a channel, and now we will make it a channel. What is happening now? What is your view from the inside?

O. LOSEVA: We reacted quite normally, because initially we were ready for the fact that the owners of our channel would invite the employees of the NTV television company to come to TV-6. We were ready to work with these people, because we all do the same thing we love. If we want to achieve any success together in this field, we must be more tolerant of each other and try to work together. Then it will be professional.

M. GANAPOLSKY: Tell me, do you feel any anxiety about your work?

L. TURUBARA: To be honest, I think that no one is immune from this. We all walk under God, and it would be a lie not to be afraid. But we have one big plus: the fact is that the idea to work together with Olesya belongs to the new general producer Levin.

A. VENEDIKTOV: A wonderful question from Stas: “Don’t you want to try to host “Extinguish the Light”?”

O. LOSEVA: If such an offer is received, with pleasure.

L. TURUBARA: You know, there is an entertainment genre, and there is a political one. Politics has always been in favor of the main channels, but we, unfortunately, can only entertain viewers.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Despite your young age, both of you have been on television for a long time. If you take out the current program, what would you like to do?

L. TURUBARA: I would love to host some evening talk show. I am attracted to the evening form. Either a game or a show.

M. GANAPOLSKY: You are talking about the form. But about what? There are some painful topics that I would like to talk about. Talk about pain. This is a tradition of Russian television from the old program of Valya Leontyeva.

L. TURUBARA: For me, this is a rather complicated topic. Programs like “With all my heart” are very rated things. It would probably be great to host such a program, but here again you need to have some acting education, because when you are fake, it is very visible. This is a dangerous thing. For example, we had an insanely difficult broadcast when this tragedy happened with the Kursk. Everyone has already said this, but we have such a situation: while mourning has not been declared in the country, we still need to make people laugh. And my partner Arthur and I went sideways. It was insanely difficult. I think that if strong enough producers made a program with me, maybe I would have pulled it. But I can’t speak 100%.

M. GANAPOLSKY: And now the most important thing. When you come to any programs, they scoff and ask this question. And now I’m going full blast. Tell us unusual cases, preferably funny ones, that happened during your broadcasts.

O. LOSEVA: Once in the spring, a transvestite Fiery Lady was invited to our broadcast. And when a person was told that he was so outrageous that he could shock the public, attract an audience, he said: “I understand everything and will be as polite as possible.” And at the end of our broadcast, he began to tell obscene rhymes. Live broadcast, and the person starts yelling obscenities. It’s morning time, the kids are watching TV. What to do? We immediately began to show our directors the cross with our hands, and, thank God, they heard us. And when we looked at this program, when we saw our faces, we just rolled with laughter.

L. TURUBARA: And I can remember, as always, completely different from what I needed to remember at that moment. Once I said some kind of eyeliner, I had 20 seconds left, and at that moment a fly starts flying around me. And I say directly on the air: “I don’t know what I’m saying, but for some reason flies are gathering around me.” And I also remember one very funny broadcast. We asked the viewers to call and tell about the most idiotic act in their lives. One lady called and said that she was fishing and near the hole they were stacking the fish that they had just caught. And one of the fish started jumping right up to that hole. It was necessary to do something, and then this lady sat down with her ass right on this hole. She said, “Why I did this, I can’t understand.”

M. GANAPOLSKY: This is an ingenious solution.

O. LOSEVA: And I constantly slide off the chair that we have in the studio. And once, I feel that I am slipping, and I say: “Tolya, I’m about to fall.” The directors regretted having to switch to the news, because we have a 15-minute step, but as soon as the news began, I collapsed.

A. VENEDIKTOV: Girls, thank you very much for coming. Once again, Olesya, happy birthday. Lelya and Olesya, Day by Day channel on TV-6.

TV presenter Olesya Loseva: “A good omelet requires experience and skill”

Interview for NDN. INFO July 13, 2021

Olesya Loseva became the host of the socio-political talk show “Time Will Show” (“Channel One”) in January of this year. But behind her shoulders, the slender beauty has a lot of experience in television journalism: she began her professional career on TV-6, then, together with Ernest Mackevicius, hosted the Good Morning, Russia! news releases. But we decided to talk with the TV personality not about work and not even about politics – but, oddly enough, about food.

Wikipedia Olesya Loseva Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress

And she not only agreed, but also told a lot of interesting things on this topic. And even shared a couple of recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

— Olesya, what cuisine of the world would you call your favorite?

– Italian. I love Italy very much, and when I go there, I have no problems with the language and ordering food in a restaurant. Many people think that Italy is all about pasta, but this is not at all the case! Italians are great gourmets, they have a cult of food. They can talk for hours about food! One day I was standing in line at the Vatican Museums and there was an adult Italian standing in front of me. For six hours he talked to his mom and then to his dad about what and how he ate!

— What dishes do you usually order in Italy?

— I really like risotto with mushrooms. And one more dish, when pieces of fish, squid, octopus are served in light deep-fried, and all this is poured with lemon juice. I also like the seafood soup. Basically, it’s a tomato sauce with mussels and shrimps. This soup is prepared in every region of Italy in its own way, but it always turns out very tasty! I can do without meat – the main thing is to have cheese, salad and some kind of seafood. I really like the way they cook in Italy, but you need to know the “right” places. Not every tourist will be able to find a tavern where they cook delicious food. But when I travel, I always miss black bread. Black Borodino bread is my love! And when I return home, I boil buckwheat for myself, mix it with sour cream and eat it with black bread with pleasure.

— What is your relationship with food in your homeland?

– Very simple: I do not tolerate any violence against the body, but I carefully listen to it and eat only what I want. I love borscht, and in winter also with lard. I can also afford sweets, but I was lucky – I can say that I am indifferent to it. Sometimes I can eat a piece of cake, but I prefer to do it in the morning. Well, in the evening I try not to load my digestive system with “heavy” foods and choose something lighter.

Wikipedia Olesya Loseva Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress

— How is your diet usually built?

— I eat twice a day. And the most important meal of the day is breakfast.

— What do you usually eat for breakfast?

– My breakfast must be solid.

– Do you cook porridge?

— No, I don’t like porridge since childhood. I can cook cheesecakes or bake an omelette in the oven – lush and tasty, like in kindergarten.

— Kindergarten omelet requires special experience and skill!

– The secret of the splendor of the omelette is a lot of milk. I won’t tell you the exact proportions, since I always cook by eye. Just pour more milk! The second point – never beat eggs with a blender. Stir a little with a fork – this will be enough. We combine milk and eggs, salt. Then pour the resulting mass into a baking sheet and put in the oven for 20 minutes. The height of the omelette will also depend on the shape of the baking sheet – it should be with deep edges. Then our omelette turns out to be lush-lush!

In the morning I like cheese, yogurt, toast bread in a toaster. And a mandatory attribute of my breakfast is a cup of coffee or tea with mint. It is important for me to eat in the morning so that I don’t even think about food until four o’clock. And only at four or five o’clock I eat a second time, thus combining lunch and dinner. I always eat a little, so that later I don’t feel heaviness in the stomach. For the same reason, I refuse heavy food, including fast food. I prefer salads, cheeses – burrata and mozzarella. I can eat some light soup. I prefer chicken over meat. My menu also includes buckwheat and pasta. I used to be fond of sushi, but then I cooled off, because they cause thirst. And rice, which is contained in sushi, retains water in the body.

Wikipedia Olesya Loseva Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress

– Tell me, is it hard to keep such a long period of time between meals?

— No, it’s not hard. I would not say that I feel a strong sense of hunger. But if I feel hungry, I will eat. But it also happens that I return home in the evening so tired that I’m even too lazy to chew! (Laughs.) And then I limit myself to a cup of kefir.

— Do you have snacks at work?

— I try to do without them, but sometimes in the dressing room I can eat candy, a piece of chocolate, drink a cup of tea. But I don’t carry bagels and dryers with me.

– What do you usually cook from the products that you have listed? Like chicken?

– Basically I choose chicken breast. Most of the time I bake it. It is very convenient to buy already marinated chicken fillet in some kind of milk sauce. I used to spend more time at the stove and could cook cutlets – fish, chicken, turkey – for a whole company! But over time, I realized that it was not worth it. We have such eaters in our family who eat very little. Naturally, much later had to be thrown away. And I decided for myself that I would no longer bother much and cook a lot. Now, if I fry cutlets, then quite a bit.

— Please name your favorite dishes.

— I don’t eat delicacies, in terms of food, everything is quite simple with us. I love picking and cooking mushrooms. And my favorite dish is fried potatoes with chanterelles. Sometimes I can eat a piece of salami on a hunt, but in general I don’t like sausage. I love scrambled eggs with tomatoes. To make the dish tasty, it is important to roast the tomatoes well. The most important thing is to wait for the tomatoes to be fried, and not just turn into tomato juice. And then I add the egg.

— What dishes did you like as a child?

– As a child, I was a small child, and it was very difficult to make me eat something! One of the most vivid culinary memories from childhood is the Napoleon cake. It was always cooked by my mother according to my grandmother’s birthday recipe. This is the most delicious Napoleon I have ever eaten!

— Has the tradition of baking this cake passed on to your family?

— Yes, now I am preparing this cake for my daughters.

— How often do you spoil them with sweets?

– Not often. We try to refuse store sweets in general. Sometimes I bake profiteroles, pies. I like to prepare something special for the mood. For example, stick khinkali in winter – so that it is enough to eat and freeze. But I don’t have enough strength for dumplings! (Smiling.)

— What other traditions have you kept in your family?

– On New Year’s Eve, my mother cooks a very tasty herring under a fur coat and always brings us one plate. No matter how much I tried, I could not repeat her recipe! We don’t have any special traditions. Probably because in our family there is no cult of food. But at the same time, I love to please my loved ones with something tasty. I love to treat and surprise guests. And it is important for me that everything on the table is beautiful.

— How do you usually surprise guests?

— There are always cheeses in my refrigerator, vacuum-packed mussels in the freezer. Meat tenderloin, from which you can quickly cook steaks. And chocolate. Rustic baked potatoes go well.

— How do you cook such potatoes?

– First I cut it into slices. I put it in a bowl and pour it with olive or sunflower oil with the smell of seeds. I add seasoning – for example, “Italian herbs”. Sprinkle, mix, spread on a parchment sheet and send to the oven. After 30 minutes, tasty and fragrant potatoes are ready!

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Wikipedia Olesya Loseva Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress

Wikipedia Olesya Loseva Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress

Wikipedia Olesya Loseva Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress

Wikipedia Olesya Loseva Russian journalist, TV presenter, actress

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