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Petr Romanov: general information

  • Full name: Petr Romanov
  • Date of Birth: March 16, 1989 (age 32)
  • Place of birth: –
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Russian actor and TV presenter


  • Received the opportunity to enter the Moscow City University of Management of the Government of Moscow on preferential terms, where he was enrolled in the specialty “Taxes and Taxation”.
    Roman Viktyuk Theatre.
  • Slava Zaitsev Model Agency

Petr Romanov actor filmography

Movie List
  • To other worlds
    2021 — Misha
    short, drama, adventure
    Russia • David Danielyan
  • Celestial Mind
    2021 — Peter Taylor
    fantasy, adventure, 1 h 40 min
    Russia • Vyacheslav Lisnevsky
  • She, he and she SERIAL
    2021 — Anton
    melodrama, 1 hour
    Russia • Igor Kechaev
  • Girls with Makarov SERIAL
    2021 — . — Nicholas
    comedy, 25 min
    Russia • Konstantin Smirnov
  • Stay home
    short film, 13 min
    Russia • Anna Prudnikova
  • Filatov SERIAL
    2020 — . – Max
    comedy, drama, 24 min
    Russia • Maxim Sveshnikov
  • Trap for the Queen SERIAL
    2019 — Ivan
    melodrama, 51 min
    Russia • Dmitry Sorokin
  • SERIAL Winners
    2019 — Prince Trubetskoy
    detective, 45 min
    Russia • Angelina Nikonova
  • Seize the moment
    2019 — pilot
    comedy, romance, 1 h 18 min
    Russia • Antonina Ruzhe
  • Big game SERIAL
    2018 — midfielder Shakhov
    comedy, sports, 24 min
    Russia • Baibulat Batullin
  • Olushka SERIAL
    2018 — Mitya, son of Mary
    melodrama, 1 h 29 min
    Russia • Alexey Prazdnikov
  • Street SERIAL
    2017 — 2018 — Stas
    comedy, drama, romance, 23 min
    Russia • Zhanna Kadnikova.
  • Khovrino. Blog from the underworld
    horror, thriller, 1 h 15 min
    Russia • Sergey Kuznetsov
  • Classmates: New turn
    2017 — Danila
    comedy, romance, 1 h 16 min
    Russia • Dmitry Suvorov
  • Waiting for Charlotte Corday
    2016 — Dima
    melodrama, 1 h 30 min
    Russia • Alexander Atanesyan
  • Classmates
    2016 — Danila
    comedy, romance, 1 h 20 min
    Russia • Dmitry Suvorov
  • Runaway Relatives SERIAL
    2016 — actor
    comedy, 24 min
    Russia • Konstantin Smirnov
  • Margarita Nazarova SERIAL
    2016 — . — Denkov
    drama, 52 min
    Russia • Konstantin Maksimov
  • He is a dragon
    2015 — Igor
    fantasy, adventure, melodrama, 1 h 50 min
    Russia • Indar Dzhendubaev
  • Full transformation
    comedy, 1 h 30 min
    Russia • Filipp Korshunov
  • Youth SERIAL
    2013 — 2019 — Thomas
    drama, sports, 48 ​​min
    Russia • Sergey Arlanov
  • It was in the evening
    game, talk show, 45 min
  • Eagle and tails SERIAL
    Eagle and Tails, 2011 – . — presenter(2016, playing himself
    real TV, 45 min
    Ukraine • Anton Shcherbakov

Biography of actor Pyotr Romanov

Pyotr Borisovich Romanov is an actor and TV presenter, known to viewers from the show “Eagle and Tails” and the fantasy film “He is a Dragon”.

Wikipedia Petr Romanov TV presenter, model, actor of films and series


Petr (born March 6, 1989) is a native Muscovite, born and raised in the family of a doctor and an economist. His father Boris Romanov is a leading anesthesiologist at the Moscow Center for Endosurgery and Lithotripsy, and devotes all his free time to sports and travel. He skied 180 kilometers across the Arctic, swam across the Dardanelles, and in 2015 took part in an international rafting expedition along the famous Thor Heyerdahl route.

Romanov Sr. instilled in his son a love of travel and physical activity, from early childhood he taught sports, took hiking with him on feasible trips for the child.

Peter studied well, took an active part in various creative competitions and olympiads, graduated from school with a gold medal. Thanks to this, after graduation, many promising directions opened before him, but for a long time the young man could not decide on the choice of profession. He could enter the Maurice Thorez Linguistic University, the Russian Technological University without exams, but in the end he chose the Faculty of Economics of the Moscow State University of Management. His essay on “If I Became Mayor” won second place in a citywide competition, which gave certain benefits for admission. But already by the third year, a clear understanding came that finance and taxation were not at all what he would like to do in the future.

The young man enrolled in acting classes at the Roman Viktyuk Theater, where in a year and a half he mastered the technique of stage speech, got rid of tightness and complexes, learned not to be embarrassed by his body. At the same time, he became interested in the modeling business, studied for several months at Slava Zaitsev’s studio school, and began acting in commercials.

And although the modeling business did not work out because of the small height for a male model (183 cm), success was not long in coming. In 2010, Petr was cast in an advertisement, and soon a video about Crazy Cola drinks was playing on TV channels, which instantly made a recognizable media person out of a charismatic student.


Having lost interest in studies and somehow defended his diploma with a C, Peter worked as a model for some time, but more and more often he began to think about a career in film and television. He graduated from the directing courses of Igor Voloshin at the Academy of Communications “Wordshop”, collaborated with the Polish Theater of Yevgeny Lavrenchuk. Soon Rezo Giginieshvili drew attention to him and invited him to his picture “Gossip Girl”. The film was not completed and was not released, but a start was made, and the young actor began to receive offers from other directors.

Romanov starred in an episode of the comedy fantasy “Full Transformation”, “lit up” in the sitcom “Runaway Relatives”, played one of the leading roles in the domestic horror “Khovrino”. {citePetr never hides the fact that he does not have a professional acting education, but notes that it is important for directors of large projects. “In this sense, advertising is more honest,” he believes. #}

In 2015, when he was on the set of Timur Bekmambetov’s new project “He is a dragon”, Peter expected that the role of Igor, the fiance of the main character performed by Maria Poezzhaeva, would be a breakthrough in his acting career. However, the film did not justify the hopes of the creators and failed to repeat the success of the famous “Twilight”, which was predicted by Russian film critics. However, the film found its audience.

Wikipedia Petr Romanov TV presenter, model, actor of films and series

Romanov did not give up and still confidently walked towards his goal, and in 2016 fate fully rewarded him for his perseverance and perseverance. He starred in the incendiary comedy “Classmates” in the company of Svetlana Khodchenkova and Ekaterina Vilkova, then played the role of the football player Denkov in the large-scale project of the First Channel “Margarita Nazarova” and starred in the film “City of Lovers”.

But the real popularity and national love brought the young actor participation in the travel show “Eagle and Reshka. Around the World, where he became a partner of Regina Todorenko, replacing Lesya Nikityuk.

Three months spent in a crazy rhythm of constant flights and endless filming, often accompanied by emergency situations, became a real professional and life school for Peter. He learned to confidently stay in the frame, despite the sweltering heat, the presence of tropical insects, which he is terribly afraid of, and the not always friendly attitude of the locals. The audience appreciated the charm and professionalism of Romanov, who, with his indefatigable desire to work and explore the unknown, brought a fresh touch to the project.

Returning to Moscow after filming “Eagle and Tails”, Peter rushed to conquer new heights with redoubled energy. He starred in the series “Street” for the TNT channel and started working on the fantastic thriller “Project” Gemini “” (later changed its name to “Star Mind”) together with Yegor Koreshkov and Alena Konstantinova.

In August 2018, the premiere of the comedy series “The Great Game” took place – about how the coach “from the people” prepared the Russian national football team for the World Cup. Romanov played in the project one of the team members – midfielder Shakhov.

Petr Romanov actor personal life

Anna Romanov met his future wife in his student years. Having met in the company of friends, they looked at each other for a couple of months, then dispersed and met again a year later so as not to be separated again. In the summer of 2015, the couple officially registered their relationship.

Unlike the mobile and energetic Peter, Anna is a completely domestic person who appreciates comfort and family traditions. She works at customs, does not like public events and is extremely far from show business. The couple preferred to spend their free time at their dacha in the Moscow region or in the mountains, snowboarding with friends.

However, in an interview in 2020, Peter made it clear that his paths parted with Anna, but the former spouses managed to maintain a respectful relationship. At the same time, Peter denies an affair with Maria Smolnikova, a partner in the Dancing with the Stars project, which some media called the reason for the divorce. According to him, all this was invented either by the viewers themselves or the creators of the show – to stir up interest in the project.


In 2019, the actor could be seen in the series about the girl-grandmaster “Trap for the Queen”, and in 2020 – in the series “Filatov” with Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Peter also made his debut as a director, shooting a video for the singer NAZIM for the song “Lights”, in which he persuaded Zoya Berber to appear. The plot takes place in two timelines: in childhood, the main characters, a boy and a deaf-mute girl, were best friends, and in the future they became a policeman and a robber.

According to Romanov, the aesthetics of the video are inspired by the movie The Real McCoy with Kim Basinger.

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Heart-to-heart conversations: Petr Romanov about age, personal life and relationship with his mother

Interview from 03/25/2019

Petr Romanov, who became famous thanks to the Eagle and Tails project, is called a Russian artist with a Hollywood appearance. And it’s hard to argue with that. Recently, Peter tried himself in a new role and became the host of a musical talk show on the Spas channel. In an interview with SUNMAG, Peter spoke about his attitude to faith, why he got divorced and who he is dating now.

Peter, tell us what the program is about?

The program features favorite songs about the most important things, and various musical performers become its guests. The studio is designed as an apartment. According to the concept, singers come to visit me and we talk about everything: repertoire, travel, life values. I hope that the audience will like the program and dilute the channel’s repertoire a little.

Is this your first experience as a host?

If we take the format of a talk show with many participants, then yes. In “Eagle and Tails”, of course, everything was different. As for corporate events and events, I have been running them for a long time.

Did you watch the Spas channel before?

Father is watching, he is a man of rich spiritual culture. I rarely turn on, like the TV itself. If that happens, I prefer cinema. News and all sorts of shows are uninteresting.

How do you feel about faith?

I can call myself a modern believer. I don’t go to church that often, but I believe that faith lives in each of us.

You celebrated your 30th birthday on March 16th. How was the celebration?

Rented a loft and called everyone I know. Sent out invitations on Facebook. The result was 50-60 people. For the first time I celebrated my birthday in the format of a buffet table – and I was very pleased. It turned out fun, sincere and dynamic! And at midnight, exhausted, collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep like a dead sleep. Friends took me home by car.

It was definitely fun! Can you remember the most unusual gift?

In fact, almost all the presents were from the wishlist that I posted on the same Facebook. Indeed, some have stood out. A friend named Gulya handed over two books, although I am not a fan of reading. I’d rather play the console. No, of course, there are periods when I literally swallow literary works, but infrequently. Perhaps I lack perseverance.

What age do you feel like?

Mom says that in terms of development he is not far from a high school student, but I do not agree with her. Physically, I estimate myself at 21-22 years old. And 30 years is a transitional period, the beginning of something new.

By the way, yes. Your personal new year has begun. What goals did you set?

At the moment I am in a state of mild creative depression. Finished shooting in one series. I work as a host, but I don’t actually have many shooting days in a month. And I want to work without days off and checkpoints and constantly develop. I fill my free time with sports. I do CrossFit and swim.

What is happening in your personal life now? There were rumors that you were divorced.

People often ask, what happened? I answer: life happened. I still have great respect and sincere regard for my ex-wife Anya. We just didn’t have a family. It happens. Despite the fact that they parted in May last year, they officially divorced only in December. Maybe there were some grievances, but still we forgave each other. There is no clear definition or answer why this is so.

How did you meet a new girl?

It happened six months ago in the company of mutual friends. Let’s go boarding. She is studying for a master’s degree at Moscow State University. She is 23 years old. At the moment we live together.

How do you feel about negativity on social networks? Do you answer subscribers yourself?

I’m passing by. To be honest, I don’t understand how much you need to disrespect yourself in order to go to the page of a stranger and write nasty things? In fact, mom is more upset. She registers under false names and responds quite abruptly, sometimes using profanity. I have asked her several times to stop doing this. As for communication with subscribers, then, as a rule, I answer everyone with one extended comment or post so that no one is offended.

Girls probably often write to get to know each other.

It happens. There are quite unprincipled young ladies who send messages of the following plan: “Hi, how are you? Let’s get acquainted? What are you doing?” I do not answer and do not get acquainted in social networks.

Do you miss Eagle and Tails? By the way, which city do you remember the most?

Three years have passed since the Round the World. There are many good and bad memories. I understand that I was simply not ready for some tests, for example, in South and Latin America. I love Europe more. Going there is always a joy for me!

You are very stylish. Himself or someone helps?

Thank you! Actually myself. But sometimes I listen to the advice of two luminaries in the fashion world: Lesha Sukharev and Vlad Lisovets.

Do you have a favorite place in Moscow?

Yes. This is a house. It so happened that now I live with a girl. There are also apartments for parents. And in all places I feel comfortable.

You are often called handsome. How do you feel about your appearance?

What would you call me?


Perhaps the most appropriate definition. Sometimes I like myself, and sometimes I look in the mirror and think: “Well, what a freak?” But compliments are always welcome. In general, I am a truth-lover with a special outlook on life.

Do you do any supporting procedures?

Rare. But, of course, I try to take care of myself. I love Kiehl’s cosmetics.

Can you call yourself a romantic?

Yes. But usually romance ends after two weeks of communication with a person. But in the soul this feeling is always there.

You talked about a special connection with your mother. How do you like to spend time with her?

Yes, I’ll talk to you and go to visit. Mom feels me very strongly from a distance. Her bad mood or some feelings are instantly transmitted to me. We have a special mental connection.

Do you have a life motto?

I like Frank Sinatra’s phrase: “A suit, a hat, a good job and lonely drinking on the weekends – that’s what makes a man.”

Petr Romanov actor photo

Wikipedia Petr Romanov TV presenter, model, actor of films and series

Wikipedia Petr Romanov TV presenter, model, actor of films and series

Wikipedia Petr Romanov TV presenter, model, actor of films and series

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