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Angelina Poplavskaya: general information

  • Full name: Poplavskaya Angelina Nikolaevna
  • Date of Birth: January 19, 1997
  • Place of birth: Klintsy, Bryansk region, Russia
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 61 kg
  • Brief biography: Angelina Poplavskaya is a Russian theater and film actress. Fame brought to Angelina the sports series “Dyldy” on the STS channel.
  • Education: Angelina Poplavskaya is a Russian theater and film actress. Fame brought to Angelina the sports series “Dyldy” on the STS channel.

Angelina Poplavskaya films

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Angelina Poplavskaya biography

Angelina Poplavskaya was born in the Russian outback, but from childhood she confidently walked towards the dream of becoming an actress. Less than two decades passed between her debut at the kindergarten matinee as a bee and becoming a national star.

Wikipedia Poplavskaya Angelina Nikolaevna actress from the TV series Dyldy

Angelina Poplavskaya parents

Angelina Nikolaevna Poplavskaya was born in Epiphany frosts in 1997 in a family far from art. The girl is not the daughter of either Yana Poplavskaya (“Little Red Riding Hood”) or Yadviga Poplavskaya (Belarusian vocalist). Only the girl’s great-grandfather was an artist. His widow, great-grandmother Geli, from whom her great-granddaughter inherited curly hair, big blue eyes and a charming upturned nose, sang ditties and told fairy tales to her great-granddaughter. Also, grandmothers Olya and Yulia doted on the girl.

Gelya’s parents – mother Natasha and father Kolya – wanted their daughter to become a dentist. The girl studied diligently at the Gagarin Gymnasium in the city of Klintsy, won competitions (including in chemistry), in the 11th grade she became the president of the educational institution and was awarded a gold medal for excellent studies.

In addition, Angelina participated in reading competitions, played in the Free Art Space club and the People’s Theater, from the 9th grade she led school events, and from the 10th grade she led city events.

Poplavskaya applied to five artistic universities in Moscow. The girl prepared for creative competitions on her own, studying videos on YouTube; she learned the poems of Vera Polozkova and Nikolai Nekrasov, excerpts from the prose of Konstantin Paustovsky and Alexei Tolstoy, and together with her mother went to conquer the capital.

In all universities, Angelina overcame the first round, and at the Moscow Art Theater School, after listening to Poplavskaya, they said: “Girl, don’t go anywhere else – we need you!” So the girl entered the budget education in the famous forge of artists.

During her studies, Poplavskaya played in student performances “MiracleMiracleMan”, “Nameless Star”, “Suicide”, “Undermusic” and “Journey to Twin Peaks”, and in 2018 she took 3rd place in the competition of readers, the jury which was headed by Vasily Lanovoy. After high school, the girl was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow theater “School of the Modern Play”, but after 3 months Angelina quit, realizing that she could not combine acting in performances with filming in films.


The first professional tape in the biography of the actress is a diploma short film by VGIK graduate Pavel Palekhin with the symbolic title “Conquering Dreams”. Angelina responded to a casting announcement for a film based on a story by Ray Bradbury and, despite being 10 years younger than her heroine, convincingly played the mother of three children. The role of husband and father in the film was played by Alexei Chadov.

In the filmography of the rising star, there is another short film “Scum”, based on the miniature of the same name by Anton Chekhov. Poplavskaya’s character is a young timid governess who is trying to deceive the parents of her students.

The graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio gained all-Russian fame after the TV series “Everything could have been different” was shown by the TV channel “Russia-1”, in which the star of “Policeman from Rublyovka” Tatyana Babenkova also played. On the Internet, the name of the character even “stuck” to Poplavskaya: the actress is often called Yana Reznik. Angelina admits that she was interested in playing the antipode, an insidious greedy girl, ready for any crime for the sake of profit. The smile that does not leave Yana’s face is Poplavskaya’s creative find.

Since Reznik is a prostitute, there are many bed scenes in the series, but there is no “nudity”. Although the artist has a beautiful figure (with a height of 172 cm, the weight of the girl is 62 kg), the maximum exposure that Gelya allows in the frame is shooting in a swimsuit. An excellent student from Klintsy does not want to make her family blush and disappoint her teachers.

As soon as the saga about the villain Yana ended on Rossiya-1, another serial film with Poplavskaya in the main female role began to be shown. In the melodrama Blue Lake, Angelina played Alice, the mistress of a wealthy man, the hero of actor Yuri Baturin.

Although Poplavskaya’s character in “The Lake” is not a bitch like Yana, but a girl looking at the world “through rose-colored glasses”, the actress is upset by the distribution policy of the TV channel, which showed 2 tapes in a row with her participation and with similar plots.

Angelina’s favorite role now is Lodyagin’s wife in the action-packed series by Sergei Ursulyak based on the novel Bad Weather by Alexei Ivanov. Both the writer and the director have been loved by Poplavskaya since her school years, and the participation of the master in the film is a sign of quality that opens the door to other projects for the actress. The excerpt from “Bad weather” the girl chose to perform at the state final exam at the Studio School.

In 2019, Angelina participated in several projects at once. The actress starred in the short film “Felt Romance”, which was based on a real story that happened during the Great Patriotic War.

In the film “Ice-2” Poplavskaya played together with her colleague Aglaya Tarasova; viewers find the girls similar, but they got completely different characters.

Angelina joined the work on the 1st season of the youth comedy series “Dyldy” about a team of young volleyball players, which premiered in the fall of 2019 on the STS channel. Angelina played the role of Christina, the informal leader of the team, who, due to her short stature, plays the libero position.

Two famous Pavels starred in the series: Pavel Derevyanko reincarnated as a volleyball coach, and Pavel Maykov (Bee from Alexei Sidorov’s bandit saga “Brigade”) plays the father of Poplavskaya’s heroine. Interestingly, as a child, Gelya did not like volleyball and, when other girls threw the ball over the net, she ran away to play football with the boys.

Angelina Poplavskaya personal life

Angelina Poplavskaya is in no hurry to share the details of her personal life with her fans. In an interview, the girl talks about her childhood love for the stars of Russian cinema, whom she was then lucky to meet on the set, as well as about the love that stirred her heart in the 1st year of the institute, which she refused for the sake of studying.

Therefore, when a joint photo appeared on Poplavskaya’s Instagram with Alexander Golovin (the star of the Yolki franchise, the TV series Kadetstvo and Kremlin Cadets), the fans decided that Sasha was Angelina’s lover. However, the girl assures that the famous heartthrob is only her shooting partner. In her youth, the actress is not yet keen on finding a husband.

Gelya is much more willing to talk about her culinary preferences. In addition to the dishes prepared by her mother and grandmothers, the actress loves French croissants, Minsk cheesecakes with melted cheese, julienne with shrimp. However, usually a girl, due to being busy, manages to eat fully only once a day, reducing the rest of her meals to snacks on fruits and sweets. Rare weekends Poplavskaya spends in Klintsy with her parents and younger sister Nastya.

Angelina Poplavskaya now

The schedule of the actress is busy filming a movie. Poplavskaya tried out an unusual format by starring in an artistic reconstruction of the events of the fall of 2019 in the Doc-talk show. The issue was about the real story of Oleg Sokolov, a candidate of historical sciences, who brutally murdered his graduate student and beloved Anastasia Yeshchenko, whose role went to Angelina.

The girl joined the jury of the Children’s KVN, joining Dmitry Khrustalev and Alexei Krivena. The Junior League of the Cheerful and Resourceful Club is broadcast on the STS channel with Mikhail Galustyan and young Eva Smirnova as hosts.

In March 2021, the 2nd season of the series “Dyldy” started. A close-knit film crew migrated to the sequel in full force. Angelina shared that she happily returned to the role of Christina, because she liked the character. In between seasons, the girl maintained relationships with colleagues and screen friend Daria Pitsik.

On the Premier video service, another series on a sports theme with the participation of Poplavskaya called “Master” was released. This time we are talking about the KAMAZ-master racing team, the girl got the role of the dancer Sveta Ryazantseva.

In the television series “USSR” about 4 friends, whose initials coincidentally repeat the abbreviation of the great power, Angelina starred together with Philip Bledny, Ilya Malakov, Alexei Veselkin and Samvel Tadevosyan. The picture tells about friendship and hope for a brighter future in a rapidly changing country.

In 2021, the premiere of the full-length action drama “Buran” is planned. The heroine of Poplavskaya is a female investigator who transports a young criminal, played by Sasha Golovin. On the set, Angelina had to plunge into the hole, and to do this, being very cold. However, the next morning after bathing, the actress woke up completely healthy.

Poplavskaya performed a no less dangerous stunt in the pilot episode of the film Ilya Muromets, the release date of which is still unknown. The nightingale the robber throws a whip around the girl’s neck and drags her along the ground. Angelina will play the wife of Vladimir Monomakh in the film.

Several more series with the participation of Angelina Poplavskaya are expected to be released: the detective story “First People You Meet”, the melodrama “Hidden Motives”. In the film “Alice against the rules” the character of the actress is the main character – an investigator girl, caught in a whirlpool of events, the origins of which lie deep in the past. There was a murder, the handwriting of the case resembles the circumstances of the tragedy in Alice’s family.

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Angelina Poplavskaya interview

Actress Angelina Poplavskaya: “I want to go to the Middle Ages!”

Interview from February 24, 2021

Angelina Poplavskaya was born in the city of Klintsy. Graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. The viewer knows the actress by her roles in such films and TV series as “Mom”, “Bad weather”, “Everything could be different”, “Big-head”, “Perfect marriage”, “Blue Lake”, “Master”, “Ice-2” and others. On March 1, the STS channel will begin showing the continuation of the comedy series “Dyldy”, where Angelina Poplavskaya plays one of the main roles.

– How did your heroine, the captain of the volleyball team, change in the second season of “Dyld”?

– Her character has not changed. As she was a daring rebel, she remained. In the second season, there are more experiences, openness to friends, parents, more kindness. At some point, the viewer will sympathize with the heroine, despite the fact that “Dyldy” is a comedy.

Wikipedia Poplavskaya Angelina Nikolaevna actress from the TV series Dyldy

– Were you replaced by an understudy on the court, or did you yourself learn to play volleyball well?

– We all learned to play. Olympic champion Elena Zarubina trained with us. And we played most of the series ourselves. Understudies were taken to work only when it was necessary to portray a complex trick.

I am the smallest in the team – 1.72. I played libero, for this role my height is sufficient.

– How did you interact on the set with Pavel Derevyanko, who played the coach? What kind of person is he, partner?

– Pavel is a very open, kind, positive person. As a colleague, he is fabulous. If something doesn’t work out, if it doesn’t come out funny, Pavel will always tell you, come up with something. It is easy to work with him. No need to squeeze anything out of yourself, try to play something special. You have a partner who is a lot of fun to play with.

– Were there any difficult scenes in “Dyldy”, or everything went like clockwork?

– Of course, there were. And sports scenes, and some dialogues. In principle, in the acting profession, it rarely happens that everything is easy for you.

Wikipedia Poplavskaya Angelina Nikolaevna actress from the TV series Dyldy

– How did you show yourself as a captain on the set?

– I have leadership qualities, I can organize something, gather everyone somewhere, take them, show them. On the site, I also offered something, and we did it together.

– Does beauty help in the acting profession, or does it sometimes interfere?

– It probably helps, but I’m sad when, after some tests, they say about me: “Too beautiful, we can’t approve it.” Damn, what’s wrong? Why don’t you want a beautiful actress?

– You must come to the auditions without make-up!

– I do not make up in life, only eyelashes …

– Which of the venerable old-school actors did you shoot with? What impressed you, what did they teach you?

– In one picture, my partner was Mikhail Gorevoy. What struck me? His ability to improvise. Each new double he played differently. And from this life appeared in the frame, and you also begin to play with it in different ways. And it is so interesting to watch how Mikhail changes unpredictably! This actor is an example for me in a sense.

– Think about your film debut.

– My first filming was in “Bad weather”, with Sergei Ursulyak. I have a small role there, but we communicated well with Sergei Vladimirovich. And I would love to play in any of his other films, because his skill, knowledge and experience are simply amazing.

– You probably got into a real bad weather on the set of the film “Buran”?

– Basically, all bad weather was created artificially, because it is very difficult to play in real extreme natural phenomena. On the set of Buran, we once climbed the ski slopes one weekend, and a snow whirlwind began there. I screamed: “Guys, why aren’t we filming here?! Why are we inventing something? Here, everything is natural!” But after three minutes, everything froze: my lips stiffened, my jaw stopped moving. And I understood why we are not filming here…

– Who did you play in Buran?

– A novice investigator who thinks that she is capable of anything and is ready to complete any task, just entrust her with some difficult case. The reference for me was Bunny from Sing, who exclaimed: “I want to be a policeman, I want to be an investigator! I know everything, I can do everything! And there are elephants, hippos around… My character is something like this – I can do anything! And then a natural element begins to act on you – a blizzard. And try to do everything you have to do.

– What did you specially study for this or that role?

– For example, before Buran, when there were no auditions yet, when I didn’t know that they would approve me, I had a dream to shoot while driving, while driving in a car. And I went, passed on the rights, and a week later I was offered a role in Buran. And there my heroine had to drive a car. There are such miracles!

– You played in the film “Master” – about the racing team “KAMAZ-master”. Did you drive a KAMAZ?

– No, I played a cheerleader. But even the guys who played drivers and navigators were not allowed to drive a KAMAZ, because such a truck costs a lot of money – at least 700 thousand euros. I think the actors were scared to steer such an expensive “tank”.

– What kind of driver are you – risky or very careful?

– I’m not very careful, but I’m not risky either. But with me, passengers are not afraid to ride, because I have a smooth, confident driving style. I don’t overtake unless I have to.

– In the film “Everything could have been different”, you played the girlfriend of one of the triplets. If you had to give birth to triplets in your life, would you be scared or delighted?

– Of course, at first I would be scared. But I think it’s still a great happiness when this happens. So, for some reason, fate presents it to you.

– How much are you immersed in the Internet, how many followers do you have on Instagram?

– I’m on many social networks, but I haven’t got used to Tik-Tok yet. So far, I don’t really understand it. But mostly I’m immersed in Instagram. I have almost 11 thousand subscribers, I regularly lead it, post photos, occasionally write posts. Sometimes such a desire rolls over, and I write posts with pleasure.

– Do you offer to advertise something on Instagram?

– They offer something, but I refuse so far. You need to develop your page to a certain level in order to receive more interesting advertising offers.

– Are you chasing brands, or is it important for you that you just like a thing?

– It is important that you just like the thing. It happens that even branded items do not always fit well, they are not always satisfied in terms of quality. For me, it is more important that I feel comfortable in clothes, so that nothing irritates me.

– Where do you usually dress?

– In shopping malls.

– Can you be called a shopaholic?

– Probably not. I only go shopping when I need to update my wardrobe. I just don’t like walking around the mall.

– You played in the film “The Perfect Marriage”. What do you think is ideal?

– I heard this phrase from American actor Will Smith on Tiktok. He said of the relationship between husband and wife, “These are people who just chose the path to walk together. But everyone has their own way, everyone does their own thing, no one interferes with each other. It’s just good for them to be together, spend the weekend together, have a rest. But everyone lives their own life. For me, this is the perfect marriage.

– Have you ever done stunts on set?

– In “Buran” I had to fall through the ice in winter, in a real lake. I had a temperature of minus 40. But the shooting could not be cancelled. They dug a hole in the middle of the lake. Rescuers checked that everything was in order at depth. They put a wetsuit on me, but I dived with my head – you can’t put a wetsuit on your head. Then I lay on the ice for a few more minutes, when I was “rescued”, I came to my senses. Wet head. For my health, it was a risky scene, I’m not particularly hardened, I never dived into the hole at Epiphany. And also the temperature! In general, it was fun. After the dive, I was sent to the sauna, where, thank God, I warmed up. And the next day was as healthy as a cucumber.

– What are your fears?

– I’m not afraid of heights, I would like to jump with a parachute. I am an extreme lover. I’m afraid of spiders. Especially big and furry ones.

– What qualities do you value in men?

– I love romantic men. Caring. It’s close to me when a man has reached the level where he knows what he wants to do, when he has succeeded. It is interesting to communicate with such men, because I consider myself accomplished, independent. I appreciate independent men.

– How do you feel about male actors? One famous actress told me that acting is not a male profession…

– There is such a thing. There are some soft qualities and traits in a male actor. I am surrounded mostly by actors. But recently I broke out to go snowboarding in one camp, in Rosa Khutor. And there thirteen people who did not know each other lived in the same house. Guys, girls of different professions. We all actively communicated, and I suddenly realized how interesting it is to talk with them, how versatile people they are, free in their manifestations. We tried to shoot something, our own movie, and I saw how they get high from it. I liked how these men cared, cared for, helped us girls. We just met, and already such a warm relationship with each other.

– What genres of cinema do you like? Like, for example, horror films?

– Yes, I do. But I also love comedies. I myself did not act in a feature-length comedy film. But “Dyldy” is a comedy series!

– In what historical time would you like to live?

– I would like to live in the Middle Ages. I really like the movie “Perfume”, I would like at the time.

– But there was a stench at every step!

– Nothing, I would get used to it. There was something about that time that attracted me. Maybe costumes?

Angelina Poplavskaya photo

Wikipedia Poplavskaya Angelina Nikolaevna actress from the TV series Dyldy

Wikipedia Poplavskaya Angelina Nikolaevna actress from the TV series Dyldy

Wikipedia Poplavskaya Angelina Nikolaevna actress from the TV series Dyldy

Wikipedia Poplavskaya Angelina Nikolaevna actress from the TV series Dyldy

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