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Maxim Radugin: general data

  • Full name: Radugin Maxim Anatolyevich
  • Date of Birth: June 21, 1978
  • Place of birth: Moscow, USSR
  • Height: 189 cm
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: In 1978, a boy was born in Moscow in the family of an architect and engineer. He was given the name Maxim. No one in the family could have imagined that by the age of forty Maxim would star in more than fifty films. Maxim Radugin became a popular Russian theater and film actor.
  • Education: Maxim graduated from high school and went to study at the Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation. Shchukin Theater Institute.

Maxim Radugin filmography

Movie List
  • Midwife. Happiness to order (2021), TV series
  • For Life (2020)
  • Last day of the war (2020)
  • New neighbor (2020)
  • Kola Superdeep (2020)
  • Still in the Water (2020)
  • Anna detective-2 (2020), series
  • Fortress (2019), TV series
  • Friday Murders-2 (2019), TV series
  • Let’s go (2019)
  • My alien daughter (2019)
  • Women’s version. Romantic from the USSR (2019)
  • Midwife. New Life (2019), TV series
  • Lawyer Ardashev. Murder on the waters (2019)
  • Contingency (2018)
  • Flamingo (2018)
  • Voronins (2018), series
  • Birth certificate (2017), TV series
  • Maid (2017), TV series
  • Alenka from Pochitanka (2016)
  • Sofia (2016), TV series
  • Shadow of the Dragonfly (2015), mini-series
  • Concerned, or Love of Evil (2015), TV series
  • Both in sorrow and in joy (2015)
  • The snow will melt in September (2015)
  • Bride from the gas station (2014)
  • The Perfect Man (2014), mini-series
  • All Treasures of the World (2014), TV series
  • Tatyana’s night (2014), TV series
  • Father Matvey (2014), TV series
  • You are not alone (2013), TV series
  • You will pay for everything (2013)
  • Zemsky doctor. Return (2013), TV series
  • Deffchonki (2013), series
  • Diary of Dr. Zaitseva-2 (2012)
  • Jamaica (2012), TV series
  • Mistress of my destiny (2011-2012), series
  • Closed school (2011-2012), series
  • Ural Lacemaker (2011), TV series
  • Peter the Great. Testament (2011)
  • Lavrova Method (2011), series
  • Quiet Center (2010), TV series
  • Last chord (2010), series
  • Zworykin Muromets (2010)
  • Doctor Tyrsa (2010), series
  • Varenka. Both in sorrow and in joy (2010), TV series
  • Ranetki (2009-2010), series
  • Special Correspondent of the Investigation Department (2009), TV series
  • Wedding ring (2008-2012), series
  • Bigwigs. To be together (2008), series
  • Bigwigs (2008), TV series
  • Circus Princess (2007-2008), series
  • Gift of God (2007), TV series
  • From flame and light (2005), TV series
  • Women’s stories (2006), series
  • Blood Sisters (2005-2006), series
  • Rublyovka Live (2005), series
  • The machinations of love (2005), TV series
  • Heavenly life (2005), TV series
  • Adjutants of Love (2005), series
  • Kulagin and partners (2004-2013), series
  • Lily of the valley silver-2 (2004), TV series
  • Code of honor-2 (2004), series
  • Operation “Color of the Nation” (2003), TV series
  • Dasha Vasilyeva. Private Investigator: The Cool Heirs (2003)
  • Break Point (2002) /Break Point/

Maxim Radugin biography

Maxim Radugin is a Russian theater and film actor who, with his charm and charisma, has been captivating Russian and Ukrainian viewers with his talent for several years now. The artist has the skill of transforming into romantic heroes and notorious villains. There are costume roles in his repertoire.

Wikipedia Radugin Maxim Anatolyevich Russian theater and film actor

Childhood and youth

Maxim Radugin was born in Moscow in a family that had absolutely nothing to do with creativity. Grandfather worked as an investigator and prosecutor, grandmother worked as a gynecological surgeon, father is an engineer by profession, mother is an architect and interior designer.

At first, Maxim did not think about the acting profession, he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an engineer. After leaving school, the young man entered the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation, but after graduating from high school, he realized that calculating numbers and doing electronics was not for him.

Then Maxim decided to follow in the footsteps of his grandmother and enter the Medical Academy, but she dissuaded her grandson, saying that a doctor is a vocation. As a result, Radugin firmly decided to become an actor and entered the B. Shchukin Theater Institute for the course of E. Knyazev. In 2004, he received the coveted diploma.

Maxim Radugin personal life

Maxim met his future wife Nelly Radugina at a disco in the late 90s. The artist went to the dance to find his destiny. He saw Nellie dancing and immediately fell in love – the girl, a student at the Pedagogical Institute, was beautiful as a model. Maxim was shy, but in the case of Nelly he showed courage. The courtship period lasted 5 years.

After graduating from a theater university, Maxim and Nelly got married. The wedding took place in 2005, the newlyweds went to Paris. In 2007, twins were born in the Radugin family – the girl Anya and the boy Sasha, and then the daughter Amelia appeared. The actor treats his wife and children reverently and cherishes stability in his personal life.

Maxim Radugin is not a fan of social networks, but he has a personal account on Instagram dedicated to his creative life. In the public domain, fans can also find photos from the artist’s professional portfolio.

Maxim adheres to a healthy lifestyle. With a height of 189 cm, its weight does not exceed 80 kg. He goes for a run every day, the distance is 5-6 km. In his free time, Radugin plays tennis. He became addicted to this sport while preparing for the filming of one film, where his character skillfully controlled a racket. The artist’s other hobbies include freediving and cycling.

The actor also attracts his children to sports. Alexander plays tennis, Anna loves dancing, and the youngest daughter goes to several sports sections.

Theater and films

After graduating from the Theater Institute, Radugin was accepted into the troupe of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Thanks to his romantic appearance, the actor received the roles of the Prince in the performances of Alexei Litvin’s Tinderbox and Lev Durov’s Cinderella.

On the stage of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, Maxim played Martial in the farce “Potassium Cyanide … With Milk or Without?”, the artist Adolf in The Cavalier of the Roses, Maurice of Saxony in the play Adriana Lecouvreur. On the stage of the Theater E. Vakhtangov Maxim Radugin got the role of Deribas in the production of “The Royal Hunt”.

Radugin played his first role in the film while studying at a theater university. The guy reincarnated as a Serbian tennis player in the drama Break Point.

Popularity came to the actor after the release of the TV series “Princess of the Circus”, where Maxim played the role of circus performer Ryabin. To embody the image, Radugin underwent a training course at a circus school. The role was very difficult due to the peculiarities of Ivan’s character – the character constantly had mood swings.

The negative hero Maxim had the opportunity to play in the TV series “God’s Gift”. The character of the actor is a young man leading a wild life, who leaves his girlfriend and two children.

The artist has long dreamed of embodying an image with a “devilishness” on the screen, as many colleagues were sure that he had too kind eyes for such a role. But the most difficult during the filming for Radugin were the striptease scenes. According to the script, his hero becomes a professional stripper who demonstrates his skills on camera.

In the late 2000s, he played in series of completely different subjects. Maxim transforms into a chemistry teacher in the youth series “Ranetki”, a dancer in the film “Doctor Tyrsa”, Cyril in the film “Closed School”. The actor also appeared in the popular television series Lavrova’s Method, which was broadcast on the STS channel for several seasons.

Since 2012, the actor has appeared in the leading roles of the projects Jamaica, Diary of Dr. Zaitseva – 2, You will pay for everything, You are not alone. In addition, Radugin participates in the filming of the popular TNT television series Deffchonki, as well as in the no less famous medical melodrama Zemsky Doctor. Return”.

In 2014, the TV channel “Russia-1” launched the comedy “The Ideal Man”, in which Maxim reincarnated as the character of Sergei Nikolsky, an actor by profession, who works part-time at the marriage agency of Valeria Gorodetskaya (Evgeny Serebrennikov). In the same year, the artist began acting in the series “Fizruk”, where he received the role of Andrei.

In 2015, Maxim signs a contract with Ukrainian filmmakers and gets the main role of Roman the blacksmith in the mystical drama The Witch. At the same time, the actor reincarnates as the artist Igor in the comedy series Moms, commissioned by STS.

In 2016, Maxim got the opportunity to star in Alexei Andrianov’s historical drama Sofia about the life of Ivan the Terrible’s grandmother, Byzantine princess Zoya Paleolog. Radugin appeared before the audience in the role of the Italian Sergio. The main characters of John III and Sophia were played by Evgeny Tsyganov and Maria Andreeva.

In April 2017, with the participation of Radugin, the premiere of the series “The Maid” took place on Ukrainian television, where the actor transformed into a hotel business magnate who raids a network of provincial hotels.

The news of 2019 on the STB channel includes the release of the costume drama “Fortress”. The hero of Maxim in the film has to go through a test of feelings. A strong and courageous man who has redeemed himself from serfdom finds the love of his life. The actor embodied the money-obsessed character in the melodrama My Alien Daughter.

Maxim Radugin now

Now the creative biography of the actor in the cinema is developing at a rapid pace. In 2021, the STS channel presented the series “In the Still Whirlpool” to the attention of the audience. Radugin calls his hero Dmitry a confused person who failed to distinguish reality from delusion at the right time. His shooting partner was Irina Sheyanova.

Maxim Radugin in social networks

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Maxim Radugin interview

Maxim Radugin. Big Romantic

Interview for 7 days from November 30, 2019

For the first time they began to recognize on the streets after the “Princess of the Circus”. But young people mostly remember me from the Closed School. I always communicate with the audience with pleasure, and if they ask “Where did we see you?” – I usually joke: “Yes, we are neighbors in the country!”

I met the main love of my life at the age of twenty, back in 1998.

“I’m a model for Vyacheslav Zaitsev!” Nelli introduced himself, deciding in this way to impress. My parents are engineers, and at first I followed in their footsteps – I entered MIREA, but worked part-time on the podium. Our students went to dances in the neighboring pedagogical school, where more girls studied. That evening, Nellie and I were so fascinated by each other that we continued to dance slow without noticing that the music had long since changed to fast.

My wife and I have a magic box where we keep little things reminiscent of different happy moments: my photo in the form of a sailor with a mustache and Nelly’s school drawing for February 23, which she seemed to have copied from me, although we did not know each other yet . And also – poems, notes, cartoons, commemorative tickets, souvenirs. Dried roses.

I gave her bouquets on every date. Once Nelly saw a program about Dutch flowers and exclaimed: “I want a blue rose!” I traveled all over Moscow in search of the “scarlet flower”. I come to Taganka – there was a big market there. Saleswoman says:

“There is no blue rose, but there is this one,” and he takes out a can of paint from under the counter.

— Oh, — I was delighted. – Color it, please!

And even though the fragrance of my gift was now by no means roses, I completed the task. We then laughed together. I never looked for easy ways, because the more difficult, the more romantic! Sometimes, when he saw Nellie home by metro, he put her on the train, waved goodbye, and jumped into the next car and after a couple of stations he suddenly found himself in front of her: “Surprise!”

She also likes to make surprises. Once, for my birthday, she gave me an excursion to Sergiev Posad. All the way, my wife was with someone on the phone. I didn’t notice any trick. As soon as we arrived, I saw a large basket and realized: we are waiting for a flight in a hot air balloon! Having risen into the sky, I experienced indescribable sensations – even despite the fact that I am terribly afraid of heights. Fortunately, the flight was not as extreme as skydiving in school days.

A friend of Romka then weakly took me: “Let’s jump with a parachute!” He agreed, because he wanted to show that he was brave, although he was terribly afraid! We arrived at the flying club near Chekhov, and they told us there: “Guys, there are no places today, only tomorrow.” I breathed a sigh of relief and thought to reverse, but then Romka suggested: “Let’s stay, let’s see how the professionals jump.” We watched them all day, spent the night on a bench, although I hardly slept – I mentally said goodbye to life. Moreover, before the jump, we were forced to sign a paper that we would not blame anyone if an accident happened. Great tip!

A friend stepped into the clouds first, followed by me. I think, as the instructor taught: one, two, three – I pull the ring, but it is tight and it is not clear whether the dome has opened. The next moment, I shook hard and I hung on the lines. Screaming:

– Ro-omka-ah!

I hear in response:

— Ma-ax!

And then someone calmly says over the ear:

— Hello!

I turn around: the guy is right at me! Screaming:

— Get the hell out of here!

I pull the lines in a panic, the canopy folds. The guy, apparently, was heavier – he flew past. I didn’t have time to be happy – a click, as if the straps had come off my shoulders. And a reserve parachute opens under your feet, and another three hundred meters to the ground. As a result, he landed on two parachutes. I will never do this again in my life!

By the way, entering the theater is almost like jumping with a parachute: the same step into the unknown. It’s funny, but on my first trip to the Vakhtangov Theater with Nelly, I grabbed a map of Moscow – I didn’t know where it was. I walked along the Arbat lane past the Shchukin school, where the guys played guitars, and thought: “Vocational school, is it some kind?” I did not know then that I would soon study there myself.

At Zaitsev’s modeling courses, we were also taught acting skills. I liked these classes so much, besides, it seemed that I was doing great. Without thinking twice, I decided to enter a theater university in parallel with my studies at MIREA.

I found out that the commission was to be shown, and I was terribly afraid to speak in public – I have had this since childhood.

At school, sometimes he refused to read poetry in front of the class, if called, he said that he had not learned it. After the lesson, he approached the teacher: “Can I tell you now? I’m shy in front of everyone.” The teacher inspired – you need to overcome your fear. Before entering the theater, he began to struggle with the complex: for example, he went into the subway with the radio turned on in order to attract attention to himself. Or, let’s say, Hare Krishnas are dancing on the Arbat, I join in – I also dance. Nelly was indignant: “Stop clown!” and dragged me away quickly. And I suddenly began to get high from my own courage! However, at the crucial moment, fear still failed.

At first I wanted to go to VGIK. Now I am surprised at my self-confidence: after all, as I planned to do, I appeared there – in September! When the set is long gone. The head of the acting department looked appraisingly at my appearance: “You can try to Reichelgauz at the School of Modern Play, he just scored a course, suddenly he will take you.”

I arranged for Iosif Leonidovich to look at me. I hastily learned a fable, a song, prose, but at the audition I constantly lost my way and forgot the words. Reichelgauz looked and looked and concluded: “You are probably not completely ready.” He listened to me together with director Viktor Shamirov, who advised: “You should be like theater courses.” And I returned to VGIK, studied at the preparatory, I really wanted to enter Batalov. At the same time, like many, he auditioned for all theatrical universities.

Passed to the first round in Sliver. Wow! I bought a bottle of wine, drank it with my mother – she supported me very much, she herself dreamed of becoming an actress, she thought about entering GITIS, but did not dare. My mother is very beautiful, she looks like Lucia Mendez, the star of the series “Nobody but You.” When she brought me to school, classmates asked:

— How old is your mother?

– Thirty-five.

She remained a thirty-five-year-old beauty for me. My admission was kept secret from my father: he would not appreciate that his son decided to leave a serious university in order to play on stage. Father is a strict man, although he knows how, when necessary, to support both in word and deed. I decided: I will tell him only if I do. My mother and I secretly celebrated the first round of the Moscow Art Theater School, then I stopped buying bottles – and I didn’t sleep long.

In a word, I got to the exams everywhere, then I had to choose where to carry the documents.

In “Pike” Valentina Petrovna Nikolaenko said “Study with us, this is a wonderful school” – and began to list graduates, movie stars: Etush, Bykov, Yakovlev, Shirvindt, Andrei Mironov, Gundareva, Vertinsky, and many others. Thank you very much for your advice and support. But nevertheless he decided to try his luck at VGIK – he did not leave hope to learn from Batalov.

Alexei Vladimirovich asked at the audition: “Maxim, read one thing, your favorite.” He began with Pushkin: “I love you, even though I’m mad.” Our eyes met, I see: Batalov silently pronounces poetic lines with me. He was delighted, but Radugin did not find the names of Radugin in the list of applicants. Vladimir Poglazov approached: “Since they take them to the Pike, study there and don’t play the fool. You will thank me later.”

In Shchukinskoye I got on a strong course with Rodion Ovchinnikov. A whole galaxy of future stars studied with me: Sasha Ustyugov, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Pyotr Fedorov, Marina Alexandrova, Olga Lomonosova, Andrey Chadov, Grigory Antipenko. Many of them already at the time of admission had significant theatrical experience and set the bar high.

Because of the lack of an acting background, I did not understand a lot. No matter how hard I tried, nothing worked! And the teachers thought I was just lazy. It got to the point that at the end of the first year they decided to expel.

Valentina Petrovna Nikolaenko again supported: thanks to her, he received an academician for a year, although there is no such practice in theater universities. However, it was still necessary to agree that someone would take me to their next course. Yevgeny Knyazev did not agree: “I have enough handsome men, and they say you are lazy.” By that time, I had already starred in my debut film and told him about the first experience in the cinema.

The story came out quite funny. Sometimes actors embellish the questionnaire, attributing to themselves different skills – what if some one becomes decisive when approving for a role? That’s exactly what I did when, after the first year, I came to try out the Russian-Polish project “Break Point”: I wrote that I was professionally engaged in tennis, although I did not hold a racket in my hands.

And now they are invited to the second stage of trials – to Poland. A car drove up behind me, in which the famous artist Irina Rozanova was already sitting. I was introduced to her as a contender for the main role – tennis player Dushan. The flight to Warsaw was delayed for ten hours, and the producer offered to drink. At first he refused: “I have samples, I am an athlete!”, But then he succumbed to persuasion and quickly got tipsy. When the producer left, he confessed to Rozanova:

— Irina, I don’t know how to play tennis at all! I do not know what to do.

– Shut up! – advised an experienced actress. – Since they are taking you to Warsaw, it means that ninety percent want you to film.

And now we are finally in the Polish capital. I put on a tennis uniform, go out onto the court – a lot of people are looking at me. The coach serves the balls, and no matter how I jump, they all fly past the racket! I think: “If only it would end as soon as possible and I could walk around Warsaw before they sent me back.” Everyone, of course, laughed at me: “Well, it’s clear how you play tennis!”

After the audition, the director invited the group to a restaurant, where he said that they approved me! They gave me two weeks to learn how to at least hit the ball. Since then, I really fell in love with tennis – I have several victories in amateur tournaments. Shamil Anvyarovich Tarpishchev made a great impression on me then, in the film he played himself. During the filming, he taught me a couple of lessons, and a few years later I brought my son to him to study.

In the film, I had a chance to play with Daniel Olbrychsky, even beat him on the court. A few years later, I met Irina Rozanova at the project “Peter the Great. Testament”, she remembered the name of my hero: “Dusan!” Embraced. By the way, the producers didn’t pay a dime for Break Point, but I got such valuable experience that I didn’t stir up a scandal.

After listening to my story about filming in Poland, Yevgeny Knyazev said: “I’ll take it, but if you don’t study, I’ll expel you! And don’t be offended.” I tried my best, and I must say, I defended myself perfectly. Vladimir Yaglych, Anna Kazyuchits, Viktor Dobronravov graduated from our course. Many chose the theater, after all, Shchukinskoye is a theater university.

After graduating from college, he appeared in several theaters, they took him to Malaya Bronnaya, where he served for three and a half years. I remember this time with pleasure. I played a lot, and most of all I loved the children’s play “The Flint” – I really wanted my children to see it. However, in parallel, he began acting in serials, and it became difficult to combine with the theater.

Then he worked for a short time at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater, but an unpleasant story came out there. At the end of the season in this team, everyone quit of their own free will and immediately wrote a second piece of paper – with a request to be accepted into the staff from September. Such was the practice. I also signed both papers, and suddenly, before the performance of The Master and Margarita, my colleagues report: “Max, just don’t worry, but you and six other people were fired.” I could, of course, leave without having played the performance, but I did not allow myself this – is the audience to blame? I didn’t begin to sort things out, although it’s a shame – after all, I was involved in almost all productions. Thank God, filming has begun again.

Until I graduated from Shchukinskoye, Nelly and I did not talk about marriage and did not even live together. I proposed to her in an Italian restaurant near Mosfilm. The wedding was played a month later, in early August.

It was a hot summer day. We left the registry office, and along with festive rice and rose petals, a small hail suddenly fell on us. The guests joked: “It’s fortunate!” When we arrived at the restaurant, another miracle happened: right in front of us, a heart-shaped balloon descended from the sky, we took a picture with it – and it flew back into the clouds.

We went to Paris on a honeymoon trip, we didn’t go there on purpose before, we left it for a special occasion. There they decided to boo, went to a pretentious restaurant, but we were politely asked from there: “There are no places. We can book a table for tomorrow. And don’t forget to wear trousers.” The hostess shot a withering glance at my shorts. “We’ll give you a jacket if you didn’t take it with you.”

The next day they came at the parade, but I still borrowed a jacket from them, because it didn’t occur to me to take it on my honeymoon. Nellie was given a menu with no prices – a women’s one, but I received a men’s one and realized that the concept of “luxury” in this establishment extended not only to the interiors and ladies’ toilets, but also to the dishes. With a fright, Nelly asked:

— Do you have a lobster?

— For you, madam, we will do it.

The custom lobster was more expensive than anything on my menu. As a result, we ate for six hundred euros, and the money ran out. Thank you parents sent, but in Cannes we rented a motorcycle and went bankrupt again. But there is something to remember!

Having returned from the honeymoon, they began to establish a joint life, and I immediately put on ten kilograms. Then he played in a performance where he made a wheel – in the new weight it ceased to work out. In general, I like to eat, and Nelly also cooks amazingly.

By the way, I also know how since childhood: it was a way to appease my parents when I got bad grades. Cleaned, washed, baked cookies. Mom will come: “What kind of holiday?” And this son grabbed a deuce! Once I cooked soup. He put the pan on the stove and went with the guys to mint the ball. I woke up when smoke poured from the window. My son recently also missed the soup, he was distracted, though not by friends, but by a tablet. My parents then put me in a corner, and now we are depriving our gadgets.

I prepared consciously for fatherhood – I didn’t take a drop in my mouth for a year. And how happy he was when the doctor showed two dots on the screen during the ultrasound:

— You have twins! Here’s a boy, and here’s a girl!

— Where? — was surprised. — What do you see there?

During pregnancy, he protected his wife, even changed his driving style: he was used to being reckless, he ran away from traffic cops several times, and then he began to move smoothly, to open the door to his wife.

Just approved for the lead role in the TV series “Princess of the Circus”. My pregnant wife and I went out into nature, I put Nelly on a folding chair, and I myself juggled with maces – I arranged a performance. He played in the series a lovitor – an acrobat who insures an aerial gymnast, went to the circus school to train. And again faced with a fear of heights. For the first time I climbed under the dome on a rope ladder – my hands were tired, the playpen below was so small. They tell me: “Swing upside down on the frame, feel the freedom!” With insurance, of course, but it’s still scary, but what can’t you do for the sake of the role ?!

When my wife gave birth, I starred in the TV series “Vorotyli.” However, I didn’t tell anyone on the set that an important event was coming in my life: a bad omen is the first birth, and even twins. Nelly was scheduled for a planned caesarean, I was going to her, and I was set to shoot at the same time.

Begging the director:

– Reschedule by twelve o’clock!

— What happened?

— I can’t say.

Cherkasov went to meet me, but I was almost late anyway: I was so worried that I turned the car on the wrong street and circled Moscow for a long time. Managed! And I heard the first cry of my babies. When they put them in my arms, I cried.

Returned to the court:

— I became a father!

— Well, you are a quiet one! Cherkasov was surprised.

In the series, Dmitry Orlov and I played, and with his then wife Irina Pegova later starred together in the series “Varenka. Both in sorrow and in joy” and “Midwife. New life”. When preparing for the role, I went to the maternity hospital, observed, memorized various little things, for example, how doctors wash their hands: each finger is rubbed with soap. By the way, my grandmother was a gynecologist surgeon, she worked as the head physician of the hospital. Once I myself thought about entering the medical school, but there you have to take a histology, and you can study it only in the morgue. Frightened and abandoned this thought.

It was not always lucky with partners in the cinema: it happens that you need to go through the scene again, and the actress says: “Sorry, I have a rider, my time is over for today.” She leaves the site, and someone gives me cue from behind the camera. I don’t allow myself to do that.

I was pleasantly surprised when on the set of the series “Peter the Great. Testament ”Alexander Baluev – I called him Uncle Sasha – was one hundred percent laid out behind the camera when only I was filmed. He thanked him and in response he heard: “Yes, what are you? How else? Or the wonderful Viktor Sukhorukov, with whom we played in Fizruk, greeted me so cordially: “Hi, Maxim, I know you, a good actor.” He was like a father to everyone on the site, carefully offered to bring tea to the make-up artists so that they would not eat dry food.

For the first time they began to recognize on the streets after the “Princess of the Circus”. But young people mostly remember me from the Closed School. I always communicate with the audience with pleasure, and if they ask “Where did we see you?” – I usually joke: “Yes, we are neighbors in the country!”

I am glad that in the cinema I did not become a hostage of any one role: I play heroes-lovers, comedy characters, insidious scoundrels. In the TV series “My Alien Daughter”, which airs on the Domashny TV channel, he played a villain who is able to calmly put a knife to a child’s throat. Behind the scenes, he explained to a small partner: “I didn’t want to – it’s just a game.” Everyone says that I have a positive charm, but it’s interesting when the hero looks like a darling, but in reality turns out to be a scoundrel.

Older children do not yet show much interest in their father’s profession: how many times he called to the playground, but they have their own interests – drawing, music, dancing, sports. One hope for the youngest, Amelia, who appeared seven years ago. We are thinking of giving it to a theater studio, my daughter is very artistic.

Sasha and Anya I only once involved in filming – in a car advertisement. It seems like they liked it, they even received a fee. The son asked:

— Do you act like this all the time?

— No, — I say. – So you just got out of the car, and sometimes I repeat the same text on camera from morning to evening.

The older children did not show any more enthusiasm. I wanted to shoot them in the extras of the series “Fortress”, but both preferred to take a walk around Kyiv with their mother. And not everyone watches my films, sometimes, even when they see dad on TV, they may ask: “We want cartoons!” By the way, I share their love for animation: I constantly cry in the cinema during touching scenes.

Sometimes we joke with my wife that our family is like a company of ants: once we saw a living bridge made of little hard workers at a photo exhibition and were amazed at how friendly they are. This is how we hold on to each other!

Maxim Radugin photo

Wikipedia Radugin Maxim Anatolyevich Russian theater and film actor

Wikipedia Radugin Maxim Anatolyevich Russian theater and film actor

Wikipedia Radugin Maxim Anatolyevich Russian theater and film actor

Wikipedia Radugin Maxim Anatolyevich Russian theater and film actor

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