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Samvel Adamyan: general information

  • Full name: Samvel Adamyan
  • Date of Birth: June 21, 1981
  • Place of birth: Melitopol, Ukraine
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Wes: –
  • Brief biography: Samvel Adamyan, a native of Ukraine, first became known in his native Dnipropetrovsk as an opera singer, but his participation in the culinary show “MasterChef” brought him fame on a national scale. After the project, Samvel did not forget about himself – he runs a successful video blog on YouTube. On the Internet, the man is known as Savely Ad and Ryzhiy Paskuda.
  • Education: Ufa Art Institute


  • “Master Chef”
  • “Everything will be fine”
  • “Everything will be delicious”
  • “My justice”


Samvel Adamyan’s biography is like a fairy tale. For what a famous blogger does, everything ends with success and goes as planned. From an amateur chef, the man grew up to become a culinary expert, and turned his hobby into a serious profession.

Childhood and youth

Samvel Adamyan was born in 1981 in Melitopol (Ukraine). The father – an Armenian by nationality – adhered to conservative views on the family structure. He did not celebrate with his mother or children, but soon he left the family altogether and left for a distant land. The future famous Russian singer and blogger, as he admitted in an interview, grew up with his brother Eduard and sister Irina without special maternal supervision.

Wikipedia Samvel Adamyan blogger, TV show star, culinary, Savely Ad, Ryzhiy Paskuda

The boy was interested in cooking since childhood, created “masterpieces” in the kitchen, which were able to surprise even the most unimpressive person. The young confectioner made his debut with a delicacy made of sugar, water and dyes – homemade candies liked by the neighborhood children.

Mom supplied Samvel with cookbooks, and he experimented with pleasure. Closely remembered for a long time are the signature baked goose and a pile of pancakes, small boy bacon made from 5 liters of milk and three dozen eggs.

At the age of 15, the young man began to live alone, but he did not switch to “foot feed” – he continued to experiment with cooking complex dishes. One day, Samvel decided to surprise his girlfriend with his culinary skills by serving mussels. The seafood dish was not successful – the lady was sick to her heart’s content.

In the meantime, the young man made friends with sea creatures in the kitchen, and now a rare guest will refuse the most delicious and aromatic dishes from them. My crown is a dish, the recipe of which is made by Samvel, made with Ukrainian borsch. And blinchiki, by the way, also bake amazing – openwork, on kefir.

Wikipedia Samvel Adamyan blogger, TV show star, culinary, Savely Ad, Ryzhiy Paskuda

A young soul asks for feats and incredible achievements, so at the age of 16, Adamyan went to conquer Moscow. The capital of Russia did not welcome the newcomer, he had to work as a porter and spend the night at the railway stations. At the same time, Samvel tried to get acquainted with his father’s new family, he went to Bashkiria, where he settled. However, the complete approach quickly leads to disappointment – it simply drives him out of the house.

Adamyan decided that education is important for life. Why the homegrown talented chef did not choose the culinary path remains a mystery. The young man decided to become an actor and entered the Ufa Art Institute. He was fed by part-time work in a detached house, in the living room, in the dining room. In Samvela’s workbook there are also such places of work as a psychiatric hospital and a spice factory.

Singing career

“A talented person is talented in everything” – Samvel Adamyan likes to say.

In fact, in addition to the inclinations in the culinary craft, he revealed his singing talents. While working at the JEK painting garbage cans, the young man came across discarded records with the voices of Fedor Chaliapin and Leonid Utesov, which he took home with him.

In the evenings, Samvel selflessly sang along with the classics, and when he heard the news about Lyudmila Zykina’s recruitment of students to the “Actor’s Musical Theater” course, he rushed to the Russian capital. The organizers promised free education – that’s what a poor dreamer of fame needs.

The stars favor Samvelu: the young man stepped forward and began to learn singing skills from the legendary Lyudmila Georgiev. However, a year has passed since the course was ordered to live long. The reason remains a mystery. I had to leave inhospitable, difficult life in Moscow. Ufe Adamyan developed a new hobby, quickly found a competent vocal teacher.

Then the beginning tenor was waiting for the walls of the Kharkiv School of Music. Lyatoshinsky, and then the National University of Arts. Samvel swung at a huge amount of study – he tried to combine both educational institutions.

But such a triumphant start was given by a pass without any auditions to the Dnepropetrovsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, where the man made a rapid career. In a short period of time, he grabbed tasty parts in the main productions: Adamyan sang solo in the performances of Dwarf Nose, Cinderella, The Snow Queen.

Television career

A childhood addiction to cooking turned into a hobby that Samvel transferred to the video. For funny “delicious” videos, the young man created a YouTube channel and was happy to share branded recipes with subscribers.

Once a friend advised me to try my hand at the Ukrainian TV project “Master Chef” – there was a prospect to light up all over the country, and at the same time learn from the Italian restaurateur, host of the show Hector Jimenez Bravo.

And here Adamyan was lucky – he was accepted without castings. The singer and blogger made it to the superfinal, eventually taking third place. Fans of the project adored the young chef for his sparkling humor and infectious laughter.

After participating in the show, Samvel was showered with offers to contribute to television, and the young man agreed. The new star of the STB channel taught people how to eat right and lose weight in the program “Everything will be good”, she led the projects “Everything will be delicious”, “My Truth”.

At the same time, the man did not leave his career in the theater, he still repaid his debt to Melpomene. And a site on YouTube called Saveliy Ad has grown into a multifaceted blog where Samvel shares sketches from his personal life with fans, allows you to look behind the scenes of the theater, and shows stories from travels around Ukraine, Russia and Europe. Often the main role in the videos is played by the blogger’s pet cat Thomas.

Personal life

Fans vigorously discuss Adamyan’s personal life, even attribute unconventional orientation to the idol. There are many reasons for this. The audience is alarmed by Samvel’s clothing style and manner of movement, and the recognition of the singer-cook added fuel to the fire that once a singing teacher molested him.

However, there is information that the man once met a girl. It was at the age of 17, while studying at a Kharkov university. A girl named Olya studied a year younger and was a cut above the guy. Passionate love did not illuminate the relationship, young people just lived together.

At the same time, the blogger said that they broke up on his initiative – they wanted special warmth, and the girl was “on her own”. On the topic of why Samvel Adamyan is still not married, fans continue to think on the forums. They even joke that the wife is still better than the red cat Thomas.

In 2017, the Adamyan family faced a terrible ordeal. Samvel’s mother was given a disappointing diagnosis – bowel cancer. The man was ready to give everything of value, so that only the disease receded, he sold things dear to his heart. Three operations and a joyful medical verdict – there is no more oncology. But an additional examination showed that it was too early to celebrate the victory. Cancer does not let go, which means that there is still a long way of struggle ahead.

Samvel Adamyan now

Adamyan continues to delight those who are fond of cooking with master classes, share recipes of his own invention and smile from TV screens. The YouTube channel is also growing and thriving. At the beginning of 2018, the army of subscribers exceeded 170 thousand. Last year’s block monetization estimates showed that a cheerful and sincere chef, and part-time singer, earns from $1.5 thousand per month

In his native Ukraine, a man almost became persona non grata. The reason was the rest on the Crimean coast in the company of friends. The blogger himself tries not to raise or react to political issues.

Diana Adamyan Samvel’s niece

Not so long ago, the niece of the already famous blogger and TV presenter Samvel Adamyan opened her own channel, together with her boyfriend Lesha.


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Samvel Adamyan video about life

Interview with Samvel Adamyan “Vecherniy Dnipro”

Interview from 03.08.2017

The famous Dnipro opera singer Samvel Adamyan gave an interview to Dnipro Evening, in which he explained why he went to Crimea and filmed a video

Recently, a scandal erupted in Dnipro: the famous opera singer Samvel Adamyan posted a video from Crimea on his YouTube channel. In the video, he swims in the sea, rides a catamaran, tastes local food, studies prices. The news was picked up by the Russian media, who began to gloat that the Ukrainian singer “was delighted with the Crimea.” The local media, surprised by the star’s trip to the peninsula, did not stand aside either.

Samvel came to the editorial office of Dnepr Vecherny to explain his civic position and to tell for what purpose he traveled to those regions whose Crimea is, after all, and what he thinks about the scandal that has arisen. The conversation turned out to be very difficult, but interesting.

“Crimea cannot be returned with bans”

I.A.: Unfortunately, many Ukrainians actually go to Crimea today. Everyone has their own reasons. But to you, you understand, close attention.

S.A.: Unfortunately. I would like to walk calmly on the streets.

I.A.: You have done a lot to achieve fame.

S. A: Sometimes popularity doesn’t make you happy.

I.A.: Samvel, the first question, as they say, in the forehead: whose Crimea?

S. A: Of course, Ukrainian. If you live in this state, in this country, you must sail with the ship, otherwise you will find yourself overboard.

I.A.: Yes, Crimea is Ukrainian de jure. But de facto, the occupiers settled there, introduced their own currency, appointed their officials, hung their flags. De jure Crimea is Ukrainian, de facto it is the lair of the enemy who is waging war with us.

S.A.: The lair of the enemy, you say? Then answer: Crimea is now sponsored by whom?

I.A.: Well, at the moment, I guess, the enemy.

S. A: That is, Moscow? Do you know that the Dnieper-Moscow train runs every day? That is, every person who goes to Russia to work, he also sponsors the enemy? If everything is so critical, why have we not closed transport links with Russia: rail transport, roads? Why do the trips of some do not raise questions, while the trips of others become public knowledge? It turns out that the state is pushing people to sponsor the enemy?

I.A.: There are questions to the state. But now the townspeople have a question for you

S. A: Why did I go to Crimea? Because there nature is beautiful, fresh air. There is no such beauty as in the Crimea anywhere. These mountains are neither Putin nor anyone else. This is the nature that is given to Ukraine by God. In addition, there are viewers who love me. I did not go to Putin, I went to ordinary people, to the audience.

I.A.: About trains to Moscow. It’s one thing to go to an old mother, and another thing to carry a penny to the enemy.

S.A.: Well, which one of me is the sponsor. I rode a trolley bus …

I.A.: I watched the video, you ate there, drank, rode a catamaran …

S.A.: My friends treated me. Actually, all “sponsoring”. If the government considers my trip dangerous, why not close the border?

I.A.: Samvel, here are flowers on my windowsill. If they are not watered, they will dry out. Maybe it makes sense not to “water” the enemy’s business?

S.A.: Well, I didn’t go to water. I used to live there a long time ago and I was wondering…

I.A.: So you were driven by nostalgia?

S.A.: Including. All the same, strings of cars go to the Crimea in the summer. They wrote to MI that I was “touched” by everything. But I wanted to tell you where the rest is, what for how much. If in Yalta a cutlet cost 150 rubles, I said that it was expensive. In the store “Pud” I also thought it was expensive. I told what I saw. You understand that Crimea cannot be returned by travel bans… To do this, you need to understand how these people live, what is needed to make them want to return.

I.A.: How?

S.A. I don’t know.

“What can I do?”

I.A.: Preparing for an interview, I watched the program “My Truth” with Samvel Adamyan, STB TV channel. Your family was betrayed when you were little.

S.A.: Yes, father…

I.A.: That is, you have faced betrayal in your life… Perhaps you should have been the first to push away from betrayal?

S.A.: Who betrayed whom?

I.A.: Well, someone was flattered, as it seemed to him, by big Russian pensions…

S.A.: What can I do? Should I be running with a machine gun to shoot?

I.A.: We have our own war, we can “vote with our ruble”.

S.A.: Crimeans also need something to eat. Will they want to return if we leave them to survive? Will they be offended that we will leave them to swell from hunger? Without light? By the way, they are very offended by the blockade. It seems to me that our “no trips” to the Crimea will not contribute to the return of the peninsula.

I.A.: What can we, ordinary Ukrainians do then? How can we then express our protest against aggression and occupation?

S.A.: Absolutely nothing. To persuade the Crimeans to return. We can develop our country, build Europe here. And then Crimea will look and say “we also want that!”. But this state must do. Everything should be decided at the government level.

I.A.: Well, for this, money needs to be invested not in Crimea, but in … well, I don’t know – Berdyansk, Odessa, Carpathians. Maybe this way we will “build Europe” faster?

S.A.: I doubt my two hundred dollars will do anything…

I.A.: It’s not about your two hundred dollars. You are an opinion leader, respected person. People look at you, navigate, imitate.

S.A.: Isn’t our president an opinion leader? He also allows you to go to the Crimea!

I.A.: We traditionally do not like the authorities. Oddly enough, in this case you inspire more confidence in people, as an opera singer, as a blogger.

S.A.: I am for peace in general. I don’t know how to return Crimea. Only the international community can help return Crimea.

I.A.: So, maybe I’m fantasizing on the go, does it make sense to go on a world tour “Return Crimea to Ukraine”? They would listen to you, they know you, they love you …

S.A.: It would be a comedy. I am a patriot, I love my country. I live in this country, although I could go to any other. For me, patriotism is what I am here. You can not tie patriotism to power. I am a patriot of this land, I love this land.

I.A.: Yes, the Russians also really like this land, it’s warm here, the cherries are blooming. Did you mean country? People? Ukraine?

S.A.: Well, some traditions, customs, routines… But not in the concept of government.

I.A.: Unfortunately, with the worst scenario, we can be left with traditions, rituals and even language. But to take away the statehood…. Do you vote?

S.A.: Didn’t go this time.

I.A.: Should an artist be apolitical? Or should he have a clear civic position?

S.A.: Depends on him. I prove my patriotism by living in this country. If I wanted to live in Russia or Crimea or Israel, I would have been there long ago.

“The media is to blame for everything”

I.A.: Why do you think people reacted so nervously to your video from Crimea?

S.A.: I think if the media had not added fuel to the fire, nothing would have happened.

I.A.: You know, I think the point is, first of all, that people are very tired of the war, everyone’s nerves are tense, ambulances with the wounded are running around the city, reports of battles are coming in from the front line.

Some of the townspeople weave camouflage nets, some are on duty in the recreation areas of soldiers at railway stations, some keep watch in the hospital. We recently cleaned the Alley of the Unknown Soldier at the Krasnopolsky Cemetery, there are many heroes there. I think that is why the video from a seaside vacation on the occupied peninsula is now so painfully perceived – Dnipro today is a nerve city …

S.A.: But I also do an important thing: I tell my Russian subscribers on my YouTube channel that not everyone in Ukraine is a fascist. Normal attitude towards all people.

I.A.: Is it so important what the Russians think?

S.A.: If they look at what soloists are in the theater, what good people are around, they will think, why are they telling us that it is impossible to speak Russian. Normal people are here.

And please write what I think – everyone should understand: we are an independent state and decide for ourselves how we live …. what political or economic course we should take. And no country has the right to interfere with us in this. All we want is peace.

I.A.: Thank you for the conversation.

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