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Satya Das: general information

  • Full name: Sergey Yakovlev
  • Date of Birth: 1972
  • Place of birth: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Rost: –
  • Wes: –
  • Brief biography: Satya Das is a Vedic philosopher, family psychologist, author of numerous seminars and books.

Satya Das Biography

Many people know the unusual name Satya Das. Especially women who spend a lot of time on social networks have heard this. Satya Das is a very famous family psychologist. He is interesting, first of all, in the manner of his behavior and interaction with the audience.

It tells about complex things, human relationships, with a lot of humor and irony.

Together with such popular Vedic psychologists as O. Torsunov, R. Narushevich, Satya organizes festivals, lectures, promotes a healthy lifestyle and a healthy approach to interpersonal relationships. At the same time, he does it not in dull and boring terms, but in the form of an interesting and even sometimes funny conversation.

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

Early years

It is assumed that the year of birth of the psychologist is 1975, however, it was not possible to find exact information about this. Satya Das is, of course, a pseudonym. The therapist’s real name is Sergey Yakovlev. But, as the man himself admitted, he practically does not use his real name. Only mother and official state persons call him im.

Interesting fact:
Why did he decide to choose such an unusual pseudonym? Translated from the Indian language, it means “servant of absolute truth.” He received this name from a spiritual mentor and actively uses it.

The future guru spent all his childhood and youth in Ukraine. He was born in Dnipropetrovsk in an ordinary family. As Sergey himself recalled, his parents were very hardworking people and were constantly absent from work. Satya was forced to help by taking care of two younger brothers. Also, he often worked on the garden plot.

It is noteworthy that Yakovlev does not have a higher psychological education. For a long time he was interested in studying history, reading the holy scriptures. After finishing school, he studied to be a cook.

This is interesting:
Satya has been a vegetarian for over 15 years.


Satya calls himself a humanitarian to the brain. That is, in the dark sciences it is not strong, and we admit it. Also, the fact of the absence of education is not in a hurry to hide. Guru, in addition to history and reading, is interested in foreign languages, loves to cook (which he is very good at, if you learn that he is a chef by education). Satya conducts special courses for women.

They are in great demand both in Russia and abroad. Moreover, he cannot call it his “work”. Das says that this is his mission and hobby – to help people and make their lives more colorful and simple.


Satya Das has been teaching for more than 15 years. His seminars have created a response not only in the hearts of Russian women, but also residents of Ukraine, Belarus and some European countries. Guru said that he likes to travel to Spain and Germany, where he also gives his own seminars.

His seminars are not boring lectures in a boring format. More detailed information about these meetings and their venues can be found on Satya’s official website. In summer, Das organizes multi-day festivals. Often these meetings are held in the fresh air, and the most interesting lectures are filled with pleasant entertainment – visiting holidays, socializing and culinary moments. Satya often goes to Barcelona or the Indian city of Vrindavan for such a scenario.

His most famous seminars are “Laws of physical marriage”, “Non-boring family psychology”, “The charm of femininity”, “Where to find a kindred spirit”, “6 stages of getting out of a crisis”, “What does civil marriage mean?” and many others.

Judging by the names, it is possible to understand that his main audience is women not only because they are more interested in psychology, but also because the main part of his seminars is devoted exclusively to the female half. Why does it give instructions only to women? The guru is convinced that relationships should develop according to the female script, and the role of men in their construction is so small that it is not even worth talking about it.

Every year, the demand for lectures, and at the same time, the audience of Yakovlev is constantly increasing. Millions of women were bribed by his charm, simplicity and charisma. His lectures are literally saturated with positive energy.

The psychologist builds his lectures as follows. At first, he tries to answer the women’s questions as much as possible. Moreover, someone asks them orally, and someone – in writing. Often the questions concern family relationships.

The listeners are primarily interested in how to build healthy, harmonious and long-term relationships, how to behave properly in marriage, whether one should tolerate unworthy antics of a spouse, and whether it makes sense to cohabit with a man without official registration of the relationship.

He teaches to focus on the true nature of the child: listen and hear his desires, develop strengths and not concentrate on weaknesses, abandon kindergartens and plant personal principles in the process of education. Das treats the question of earnings with his inherent share of philosophy: each person receives exactly as much as he is entitled to from above.

Satya Das personal life

The personal life of the guru has developed for a long time, and moreover, successfully. The man has been married for over twenty years. There is practically no information about his wife, because Satya himself does not like publicity and in every possible way protects the family from her.

The acquaintance of young people took place as students, when they studied together in the same group. It is known for sure that the couple has a son, Ivan.

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Satya Das interview

“What a woman – such a little man.” 13 funny and wise sayings of Satya Das in Nizhny Novgorod

Interview from 12 FEBRUARY 2019

A well-known psychologist gave lectures on family relations for Nizhny Novgorod residents

1. A man’s efficiency increases greatly if you thank him. And at every lecture in every city they ask me: “How to thank a man?” How how. Mouth right in your ear! You say with the words: “Spa-si-bo.” What kind of culture do people have, that they don’t know how to give thanks. And there is also a myth that if you thank a man, he will deteriorate. And where are all these spoiled men?

2. In a family, a man and a woman are always worthy of each other. We are never given a person unworthy of us. What a woman – such a man. And vice versa. Therefore, when they say: “My husband is a moron,” it actually turns out: “I see a fool in the mirror.” If he is a moron, this indicates that he has lived with a fool for a long time. If sissy boys are nailing you, then you head the mommy association. If all your husbands are tyrants, then you are a hellish victim. Our other half is a reflection of our consciousness. Consciousness changes – half changes. Nobody prevents us from being happy. Just no brain. And this is a big problem for modern people: neither to borrow nor to take a mortgage …

3. The best way to manipulate a man is to feed him delicious food.

4. Do all men want to change one woman for another? No, not necessarily. You know, if you can’t fry potatoes, then what’s the potato? If you don’t know how to play, it’s not the guitar’s fault; if you don’t know how to drive, it’s not the car’s fault. Learn. And you don’t have to change.

5. Can you change a man? Of course you can. But only in secret from the man himself.

6. Who should take out the garbage from the house? Man. This is your house, your children, your wife, your garbage. You brought food in polyethylene, take the polyethylene back. Have you noticed all the garbage in the house is male? He brings everything. No? Do you wear everything yourself? Take out the trash then. I don’t mind.

7. Man = responsibility. Without it, it’s a male. Can a woman be responsible? Well, just in a different way. Any man who has been married for a long time knows that a woman cannot be held accountable. You reproach: “We agreed!” And she: you pressed me, shouted …

8. A silent woman is very dangerous for a man. She can speak, but only contraband. This is when in the wrong place, at the wrong time, when a man is not ready at all. This is called hysteria. Therefore, if a man sees that a woman is silent, you need to ask her questions.

9. An experienced man understands that a woman is an unstable substance. Therefore, she is sympathetic to her mood swings. Discomfort in a man is caused only by the lack of sex, food and money. And the woman also influences him. Everything affects a woman – hormones, the phase of the moon, an eclipse … If a man is not touched, put in a vacuum, he will not change, he will sit there for himself. And a woman, even in a closed space, will suit all kinds of emotions. She will be prettier there, and worse off.

10. A woman should feel loved. If he doesn’t feel it, then this begins: “Women, women, women, there are only women around, everyone wants to drag the peasant away.”

11. A man is a huge buffalo, and his wife is a little girl who leads the buffalo somewhere. In the nose of the buffalo is a ring with a small rope, by which she holds it. There is such a girl all in bows, and the buffalo calmly follows her and gets where she wants – and will be happy. There is one condition: you can not pull this rope strongly. The ring is inserted in the most painful place, and if it starts to bleed, this girl will get it in the ass.

12. For a woman, money is: “Aaah, everything can be bought, and everything must be bought.” For a man, a bundle of money in a safe is already self-sufficient. Women don’t understand this. He has no idea to spend it all. He sits: “So, we saved up for a car, a little more – and we’ll save up for a house, and then we’ll save up more.” This thought calms him, the opportunity to buy a car already raises his self-esteem, you can not buy it. The woman would have gone crazy. A man, if there were no woman, would not spend money at all.

13. You don’t work to get tired, it’s not fitness. And to earn. Aerobatics – earn money without working and without getting tired.

Lecture notes by Satya Das “6 phrases that men perceive inadequately from women”

Satya Das, he is Sergey Yakovlev, he is also a family psychologist, he is also a vegetarian cook, he is also a lecturer. True, devoted fans also call him a Vedic stand-up comedian – after all, it is almost impossible to watch his performances without laughter.

As Satya Das himself says, he is not even a psychologist, but a certified chef! But this did not prevent him from becoming one of the most popular lecturers on “non-boring psychology”.

After all, people like it when they talk about complex things like relationships in a simple, understandable language, and Das is simply an ace in this. Valuable information combined with sparkling jokes, charisma and a direct manner of presentation – it’s all about him and about him.

Judging by the reviews, after Satya’s lectures, the personal life of many women has changed dramatically for the better. But in addition to minions, there are also ill-wishers – as they say, to whom the mare is the bride. Here to each his own.

In any case, it’s better to see once and draw your own conclusions. Moreover, the Youtube channel of Satya Das is regularly updated with free videos of his lectures, master classes and interviews. Some things can be applied, some things can not be accepted at all.

Let’s talk today about one of the popular lectures of the Vedic psychologist – “6 phrases that men perceive inadequately from women”, the video version of which is also freely available on Youtube.

In this material, we will still try to figure out how to get through to your husband if he does not take your words seriously.

Listen or hear?

Men and women use the same alphabet and the same words, but put different meanings into them. And in the family it is very important that the spouse hears exactly what they are trying to tell him.

The same problem arises when dealing with children. We are considering the same format – we tell them something, we hope that it will have an effect, but nothing happens.

We are too different, which means that it makes sense to make sure that the meaning of your words is clearly understood by the second half.

Agree, we rarely say something, wanting only to aggravate everything – usually we are guided by positive intentions. And in order to reach an agreement with your husband, you should choose essentially the same, but in sound less provoking phrase.

1. We need to talk!

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

This is a classic female phrase – anything can be discussed with it. Even if we are talking about the menu for today’s lunch.

What does she demonstrate with this phrase? – Importance.

What does a man think about? “That pressure will be put on him. He immediately becomes somehow uncomfortable.

Personal experience of Satya Das: “If they call me Sergey Anatolyevich, I understand that something bad has happened. Because only representatives of law enforcement agencies and the like can call me Sergei Anatolyevich.

That is, people who wish me well do not talk to me like that.

These words work the same way. A man tries by hook or by crook to move them away from him – if this is inevitable, then let it be inevitable tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or even later.

What to replace?

“I want to tell you something”

Agree, it’s the same thing, isn’t it? But it sounds different and is perceived differently.

“I need to consult with you”

Even if you want to have a serious talk with him. Even if you want to borrow money from a person, start the conversation with the phrase “I want to know your opinion.” No one wants to give money, advice – please!

  • “Can you help me solve one situation?”
  • “Be kind, listen to me, please”

Phrases – darkness, but with maniacal persistence, women always start with “We need to talk!” – “We must dot the i”, “We are adults”, “Let’s talk seriously!” and so on. Dear women, this is not working.

Then women are surprised and offended that a man, as it were, behaves inappropriately. You are wrong, he just behaves quite adequately to the situation.

Do you want to achieve something from a man? – Be gentle! You know, there is such an aphorism: “You don’t know how to be cool? Be polite.” This is how it is expressed in certain circles, but it will also be useful for women.

2. I am an empty place for you! You don’t love me and you don’t appreciate me!

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

What does she want to say? She doesn’t want to say anything. She simply lacks male warmth and attention.

Why are men stressed out by these revelations? Because most of the time things don’t work out that way.

There are moments when a woman loses her inner confidence, she longs for a sense of security and dreams of finding it in her spouse. She no longer feels attractive. And she really wants her husband to dissuade her of this, to say that this is a mistake.

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

For example, what does a woman mean when she says: “I am so ugly”? She does not wait for words: “Well, I have long wanted to tell you about this. It’s good that you are on the right track and understand all your mistakes.” She probably doesn’t want to hear that.

Inadequate phrases of a woman to a man lead him into serious confusion: he loves and appreciates her, because he performs feats for her sake. Only, it turns out that she does not notice it.

The man is covered with a wave of fair rage:

How can I “don’t love”? I’m married to you, we have three children, I work like Carlo’s dad to keep this whole nativity scene on wheels. And I don’t love you? Why am I doing this? Because of the great love for work or what?

What does “I don’t appreciate” mean? Yes, you cost me more than ten mistresses.

What does “I am an empty place for you” mean? The fact that for the last ten years we have been going on vacation, wherever you say. That we live in a house that was designed the way you dreamed. That we drive the car of your choice. Doesn’t this mean anything to you?

The man is outraged! He has all the moves recorded!

But the woman didn’t mean it at all – she just wanted a dramatic effect.

And what is most interesting is that the stupid phrases of a woman kill any desire in a man to show love. Why jump out of your pants and try to please her if she still doesn’t see it and doesn’t appreciate it. What’s the point when the effect is zero? This thought generally discourages him.

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

To do or not to do? If the effect is the same, the man will choose the less costly path.

Do you remember the joke “Suddenly there is a war, and I am tired”? And scientists, by the way, proved that men have a special gene responsible for saving energy for a special extreme case: if you can not run, he will walk; if you can not go, he will stand; if you can not stand, you can sit down if you can not sit – you have to lie down, and if you lay down – sleep.

What to replace?

  • Let’s hug
  • Sit next to me
  • I need your support
  • Let’s watch something together

Dear women, do you really want this?

3. You never give me surprises and gifts! You always have the same!

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

The defining words here are never and always. This is also from the category of “enhancement of the theatrical effect.”

Here, men also lose their heads, because in the male lexicon the word “never” has an unambiguous meaning “never”:

Simple example:

  • – You never give me flowers.
  • – So, stop. You and I have been married for 23 years – this is about 96 bouquets. As a result, you already have a whole KamAZ of flowers!

A tired woman wants to show that she is tired, that she needs help. In an attempt to describe the problem, she replaces the phrase “recently” with the epic “never.”

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

But men are like children. Everything that their wives say to them, they take literally. When you say “never”, your divine spouse understands that since the moment you met him, you have not seen anything good from him.

Therefore, they do not understand such generalizations, it is better to simply avoid them.

What to replace?

Regular request:

  • I need your help
  • Please do this and that

Well, who will refuse?

When a man says something stupid, women are advised to ask a counter question, to clarify the situation.

You can also try this: “I love flowers so much. I just love them. When you give me flowers, I am all fragrant and blooming. And when there are no flowers, I feel like an old hag and I want to pour cyanide into your soup … Oh, did I say that out loud?

4. Resentment and playing silent

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

With her behavior, she wants to make the man understand that he offended her. But this only causes aggression in him, because he sees that there is a problem, but he does not see a solution, because he communicates with the partisan during interrogation.

At such moments, a woman does not want to explain anything: “You yourself know what happened!” How does he know what happened? He can’t go through all the options right now.

A man gets mad, suspects a woman has schizophrenia, tries to clarify, and she runs away from him:

  • – Well, this is already too much! Explain what’s the matter.
  • – Nothing! Everything is fine!

The atmosphere is heating up. The man decides to either freeze and let go of the situation, or give feedback in the form of an angry attack.

And here we return to the previous point:

  • – You always yell! You bulge your eyes and yell at me!

What understanding is coming to a man now? That the only thing the family remembers about him is his scream and bulging eyes.

What to replace?

  • Don’t do that
  • Don’t talk like that
  • I feel very uncomfortable

A man does not have the “guess” function. If you think your spouse is a telepath, you are wrong.

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

Tell him what specifically you don’t like. Share your feelings. Maybe you just misunderstood something? Be sure to tell him, he will not guess.

A silent woman is annoying, because the man does not understand what happened. It is necessary to explain.

5. But Ivan Ivanych…

“Sveta’s boyfriend did that, and Lena’s husband took Lena to rest”

If you want to awaken in your husband an “achiever” and “winner in life” with such phrases, your attempts are doomed to failure. This is a useless activity! Such a stupid statement by a woman and a comparison with more successful characters will not lead to anything good.

If your man is not motivated to do something, you should consider why your society does not motivate him to be successful. Why doesn’t he want to do anything?

There are only two options:

  • Either you don’t thank him for what he does
  • Either you don’t need it

There are women from the category “Well, what kind of boots do I need? I haven’t taken my skates off yet.” After all, if a woman treats herself this way, then why should a man treat her differently?

When you often compare a man with someone, he feels betrayed – they simply prefer another to him. That is, his woman looks at someone, evaluates, draws parallels between them. He is no longer number one in his family.

In other words, the wife arranges “cockroach races”. A man is not accustomed to fighting for no reason with whom and for no reason, feelings for a woman cool down, and the level of trust in her falls.

What to replace?

Decide what exactly you need for happiness: a dress, a bouquet of flowers, travel, time spent together. And tell the man about it, adding to your speech the emotions of happiness from the realization of your dream.

There is one tricky life hack: remember the face of a child when he sees a toy in the store that he really likes. Eyes burning with delight, mouth ajar with admiration: “Wow, wow!”. He looks at her, smiles, and joyful sparks burn in his eyes. It’s written on his face how happy he will be when they buy this toy!

Seeing such a sight, almost every mom or dad will want to buy him what he wants. At the same time, it is not clear who the fact of acquisition will please more – an adult or a child.

The same goes for the relationship between husband and wife. When a woman presses: “Is it really so hard to understand that I need these new boots!”, A man feels that he is turning into an ATM.

6. I told you!

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

What does the woman demonstrate with these words? “I would be very pleased if you would listen to me at least sometimes.” She wants to hear that her husband appreciates her opinion and considers it significant and significant.

But a man hears in these words only arrogance and notes of arrogance. And that she is always right. And if so, then “Do everything yourself, since everything is so good for you!”

Usually, after this phrase, a man feels depressed and does not want to do anything. After all, he himself understands that he made a mistake, and his beloved wife – what is he doing? – wins. Wants to pee on his grave and dance a jig-jig on it.

Many men generally react very inadequately to this. In response, you can even hear: “Well, what did you croak, sheep?”

What to replace?

For a man to do your way, you just need to gently ask him about it. But if you already see that he made a mistake, the best thing a woman can do is not notice anything. Dear women, close your lips. Now is the right time for this.

Mine doesn’t understand yours

There are dozens of such phrases in our folklore and subconsciousness. The bottom line is that men and women are very different, and this must be taken into account.

As an example, I would like to give a story: in the Soviet Union there was an international space project “Soyuz” – “Apollo”, in which Russians and Americans participated.

What language do you think they spoke to each other? We agreed that our crew would speak English in inter-board communications, while the Americans would speak Russian.

Can you imagine how respectfully the project participants treated each other? Therefore, a woman, when she addresses a man, must understand that a person does not understand hints and does not perceive allegories.

When a woman speaks to a man with subtext, let her know that he won’t see him anyway.

In men, the brain is arranged somewhat differently. When talking to a woman, he does it without subtext, but she will still try to find him there.

All because facts and information always come first for a man, and emotions for a woman.

Satya Das photo

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

Wikipedia Satya Das (Sergei Yakovlev) family psychologist, Vedic philosopher, lecturer, chef

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