Wikipedia Sumishevsky Yaroslav Russian singer, musician, presenter and YouTube blogger

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Sumishevsky Yaroslav: general data

  • Full name: Sumishevsky Yaroslav
  • Date of Birth: October 18, 1983
  • Place of birth: Shakhtersk, USSR
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Short biography: Folk singer and musician, Youtube Golden Button winner miraculously survived the accident and is now going through a bereavement.
  • Education: In 1997 Sumishevsky successfully graduated from the children’s music school. Yaroslav Sumishevsky entered the conductor-choir at the Sakhalin School of Arts (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk).

Sumishevsky Yaroslav biography

Yaroslav Sumishevsky is often called an Internet phenomenon. The first fame and popularity came to the singer thanks to the Network, where the young man posted his own recordings. Amateur clips with the songs “I’ll go out into the field with a horse at night” and “Beloved Woman” became real hits on YouTube.

Yaroslav gradually won a huge number of fans, and then did not rest peacefully on his laurels and organized a whole talent search show.

Wikipedia Sumishevsky Yaroslav Russian singer, musician, presenter and YouTube blogger

Childhood and youth

The future star was born on October 18, 1983. The homeland of Yaroslav Sumishevsky is the town of Shakhtersk, in the Sakhalin region. Music from childhood attracted Yaroslav, the boy even graduated from a music school, choosing the button accordion class. The young man owed his love for singing to his father – at that time Alexander Sumishevsky led the vocal ensemble. It was he who first discovered his son’s excellent hearing. Immediately after graduating from a regular school, he went to neighboring Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where he entered the art school with a degree in choral conducting.

In parallel with his studies, Sumishevsky constantly participated in competitions and festivals, winning first places. Soon, many people knew about the talented singer, and Yaroslav began to be invited to perform at official concerts and city celebrations.

After graduating from college, Sumishevsky only strengthened his desire to become a professional artist and went to the capital, where he entered the vocal department of the University of Culture and Arts. In 2009, the singer received a diploma from this university.


In the same place, in Moscow, Yaroslav first began to earn a living by singing. However, it was far from being as simple as it initially seemed: the young man agreed to any part-time jobs, performed in a restaurant in the evenings, and hosted events. Soon Yaroslav’s father and brother moved to the capital to support him. Today Alexander Sumishevsky lives in Moscow in the Chertanovo district. With such a “family contract”, the Sumishevskys continued to work in restaurants.

In parallel, Yaroslav, despite all the difficulties of life in the capital, continued to dream of fame. The young man did not miss the opportunity to participate in a particular competition and even got on the show “People’s Artist”, but did not reach the final. He used another chance by passing the audition for the Hello, Jurmala music competition in Jurmala, where he presented the hit “How delightful evenings are in Russia.”

Now in an interview, the singer admits that those times were difficult. Work in restaurants was exhausting, you had to sing until the morning, entertaining tipsy guests, and because of tobacco smoke, your eyes hurt and your throat was sore. But Yaroslav did not want to give up his dream, and soon luck smiled at Sumishevsky.

The fact is that all this time Yaroslav posted records of songs and romances on the Internet. The talented performer was soon seriously talked about, the number of subscribers and fans began to grow day by day. Sumishevsky realized that the big stage is not the only way to declare his own talent to the world. An unexpected acquaintance with the musician Alexander Kuzmin, with whom Yaroslav worked for almost 2 years, also helped.

Some time later, already quite famous, Yaroslav decided to help other talented musicians and singers find their way to fame. The young man organized his own reality show, called “People’s Makhor”.

Together with a group of like-minded people, Sumishevsky began to travel around the cities and film performances of singers. In addition, Yaroslav happily sang a duet with unknown performers, and then posted recordings of songs on the Internet, helping aspiring artists to find their own audience.

The show has become popular and viewers are looking forward to new seasons. In its implementation, Sumishevsky is helped by the first winner of the show “People’s Makhor” – Alena Vedenina. The audience also remembered the singer Galina Pakhomova, who became popular thanks to this program. During the broadcast of the program, the artist Ksenia Taranushich also found her audience.

In addition, the singer is also known for unexpected flash mobs and surprises that he periodically arranges in different places. On the Web, you can find recordings of Yaroslav Sumishevsky singing in karaoke, on the streets of cities, on the parade ground with the military (Sumishevsky held this flash mob together with Oleg Gazmanov) and even in a minibus. Such videos, according to the artist, are gaining the most views and positive reviews.

Gradually, the popularity of Yaroslav became interested in television. So Sumishevsky got into the program of Andrei Malakhov on Channel One. This edition of the show “Tonight” was dedicated to the singer Stas Mikhailov, whose fan is Yaroslav. The performance of the young man impressed Stas, and the regiment of Yaroslav’s fans arrived again.

In 2018, Sumishevsky’s creative biography was replenished with another show. The performer reappeared before the audience of Channel One, this time as a participant in the Three Chords program.

This time the jury of the program was Alexander Rosenbaum, Sergey Trofimov, Alexander Novikov and Lidia Kozlova. Yaroslav’s rivals were Eva Polna, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Igor Sarukhanov and other popular and emerging artists. The host of the show is Maxim Averin.

The essence of the program is to present new interpretations of the hits of urban romance, chanson, author’s song, as well as popular songs from Soviet films.

At the concerts held as part of the project, the singer performed the compositions “Without You”, “Trouble Has Green Eyes”, “Good Night, Gentlemen”, “Let It Go”. Despite the fact that the artist did not take a prize, he received a special award from Chanson radio.

In the same year, a new album by Yaroslav Alexandrovich was released. The disc was called “Confession”. The track list includes such hits as “Beloved Woman”, “Unfulfilled Miracle”, “Roads”. Sumishevsky performed the composition of the same name in a duet with Zheka (E. Grigoriev).

The next work of the artist’s discography – the disc “Madness” – was replenished with the hits “My Shores”, “You are my madness”. The songs “Ah, fog”, “To parents”, “And I thought you were happy” are still popular.

The musical creativity of the performer is inseparable from his life: the artist is expected and loved in the farthest corners of Russia. The singer tries to visit the Far East and Sakhalin every year, sometimes with tours in Blagoveshchensk and Khabarovsk.

At the airport of the last of them, the artist even arranged a flash mob, which pleased all the passengers. During the performance of the song “Let’s leave everything as it is”, Yaroslav presented all the listeners with a red rose. A touching video appeared on his official website and YouTube channel.

In November 2020, the release of the popular show “Hi, Andrey!” Dedicated to the work of Yaroslav Sumishevsky was released. In the studio, in addition to the musician and his father, there were Oleg Gazmanov, Tatiana Sudets, Irina Klimova, Renat Ibragimov, Zhanna Bichevskaya, Yaroslav Evdokimov. At the end of the program, the guests sang the Soviet hit “The song helps us to build and live” in chorus.

After a break in touring activities due to quarantine caused by a coronavirus infection, the artist gave a long-awaited solo concert with the program “I have been going to you all my life” in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The venue was chosen by the SC “City-Hall”.

In autumn, another significant event took place in the singer’s creative life – he became the owner of the “Golden Button” YouTube. The number of subscribers to his YouTube channel exceeded 1 million. In addition, the premiere of the video for the song “Plastinochka”, which Yaroslav performed in a duet with Alexei Petrukhin, took place. Together with Sergei Volkov, he released a cover of the hit Dreamer, and with Yuta, the song My Beloved. The performer’s repertoire was also replenished with a lyrical duet with Alena Petrovskaya “Closer than we are.”

The main creative event of the year for Yaroslav was the premiere of his new album “Steps”. For the first time, the artist performed all the new tracks as part of the Kvartirnik Internet project. With the hit of the same name, which gave the name to the disc, the singer performed earlier at the Slavic Bazaar.

During the quarantine period, the Kvartirnik project on Sumishevsky’s YouTube channel gained popularity among fans of the Russian bard. Victoria Cherentsova, Alexander Shevchenko, Vladimir Levkin used to come to Yaroslav’s studio.

Sumishevsky Yaroslav personal life

The artist began to build his personal life as soon as he crossed the threshold of adulthood. His first wife was a native of Sakhalin = Svetlana. Young people met in their homeland when Yaroslav was in his 1st year. They lived in a hostel, where the daughter of the singer Xenia was born.

Then the newly-made parents left together to conquer Moscow, leaving the girl to be raised by her grandmother. Those were very hard times. Since Sumishevsky studied at the paid department, they were not allowed to live in a hostel. Then the young man was offered to get a job at the university as a janitor, so that he and Svetlana were given a room. So the couple lived until 2009, when Yaroslav met Natalia Borodkina.

It was very difficult for the artist to decide to leave the family. Moreover, his mother, before her death, convinced her son that his wife should be alone. After her death (the woman died of brain cancer), Yaroslav thought for a long time and realized that life should be lived next to a loved one. Not finding the right words, he sent Svetlana an SMS message, packed his things and left.

Natalia was Sumishevsky’s project director. The woman supported the chosen one in everything and helped him in organizing performances and flash mobs.

In 2017, the couple had a son. The boy was named Miroslav. Sumishevsky immediately shared his joy with the subscribers of the channel on YouTube, saying that he was personally present at the birth of the child. Later, the artist posted a photo of the heir on his Instagram page.

Yaroslav preferred to spend his free time with his family and children. In the Q&A video section, the singer repeatedly emphasized that he considers parents to be important people in life.

On January 29, 2021, the car in which the singer and his wife Natalya were going to a concert in the village of Solgon, Uzhursky district, got into an accident. Driver Alexander Gulyakov, organizer of the event and head of the regional Union of Paratroopers, died. Sumishevsky’s wife was in a critical condition after the accident – in a coma. According to Yaroslav, he himself “got off with a concussion.”

On the night of February 6, Natalia died. The singer himself spoke about the tragedy. The heart of Sumishevsky’s wife stopped in the hospital.

It was a severe shock for the artist. There was a time when he blamed himself for what happened: he had to convince the driver to slow down and be more careful, because the weather conditions at the time of the accident were bad. But then the man realized: it’s wrong to constantly delve into the reasons for what happened.

Yaroslav left a little son. He honestly told Miroslav that an accident had happened and his mother “became an asterisk.”

Now the singer regrets only one thing – Natalia never became Sumishevskaya. The lovers did not find time to marry in the busy tour schedule.

Yaroslav Sumishevsky now

After the death of his common-law wife, Sumishevsky was not ready to communicate with the press on this topic, giving rare comments about what had happened. For the first time, he decided to have a long conversation in the program “The Fate of a Man”. Memories of a terrible tragedy mixed with stories from early youth – the issue turned out to be very sincere.

At the same time, Yaroslav said: work saves him from despondency. In May 2021, he gave a solo concert at Crocus City Hall. The artist said that even his fans do not understand how you can sing and have fun on stage when such grief happened. But the artist did not see another way, although he tried to find salvation in prayer.

Interesting Facts

  1. Yaroslav’s first performance took place when he was only 9 years old. Sumishevsky sang a song based on the poem “The lonely sail turns white.”
  2. For the sake of his dream of becoming a pop star, the musician quit smoking.
  3. The artist auditioned for the Voice project. He auditioned several times, but each time he was rejected.

Sumishevsky Yaroslav in social networks

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Sumishevsky Yaroslav interview

Yaroslav Sumishevsky: “For the first time in my life I was left alone”

Interview from August 21, 2021

Singer Yaroslav Sumishevsky has a unique voice, incredibly beautiful timbre and irresistible charm. But to which direction his work can be attributed, neither numerous fans nor the artist himself know.

He became known to the general public after participating in the show “Three Chords” on the “First”. At the end of last year, the singer gave a solo concert in the Kremlin. Recently, the duet of Yaroslav Sumishevsky and Alexei Petrukhin received the Chanson of the Year award for the song “Plate”.

And at the end of January the whole country was shocked by the news: Yaroslav and his wife Natalya were going to a concert in Siberia and had a terrible accident. He survived, but she did not … The couple had a four-year-old son. Sumishevsky announced that he would not cancel the concerts that were scheduled.

His wife always called her husband’s fans their big family, so Yaroslav believes that she would not let him cancel the concerts. Sumishevsky’s performances at the “Slavianski Bazaar” in Vitebsk also went off with a bang.

“Just singing well is not enough”

– You were dubbed the “People’s Artist of the Internet”. But, in fairness, I must admit that you are a professional musician, the owner of two red diplomas: first you successfully graduated from the College of Arts with a degree in Choir Conducting, and then – the Institute of Culture …

– This was not enough. To achieve something, you need to be well untwisted. Many believe that one day a producer will see you, come up and say: “Oh, how well you sing!” And everything will be. In fact, everything is not so. Nowadays, you need to be your own producer – to be able to shoot videos, edit them, mix the sound, fix the computer … Just singing well is not enough. Now no one asks if you have a musical education. I think it’s not very good. Of course, it is necessary to culturally enrich and develop people.

In my case, everything was very slow, I went to my goal for a long time. At first I went on television projects, hoping that my talent would be noticed … But I successfully failed them. He appeared on the Internet in 2013, when he created his own project. A year and a half later, I had my first solo concert. What advice can I give to those who are following a similar path? On the Internet, you need to be original, unlike the rest. And it’s also important to upload high-quality videos: even if it’s filmed on a phone, everything will be clearly visible and audible.

– And who is your listener?

– My listener is mostly women. From 35 years old and … To infinity. Recently, at a concert, my grandmother, who celebrated her 90th birthday, presented me with a 120-year-old samovar.

– Do you consider yourself to be in show business?

– I don’t like this word, but still I’m in show business because I travel around the country with tours. Although I still don’t know many people from show business.

– Nevertheless, you often sing a duet – for example, with Oleg Gazmanov …

– Yes, sometimes we meet with colleagues. We met Oleg Gazmanov by chance at the Orlyonok children’s camp four years ago. It turned out that he knows my work. And then I offered him cooperation. He agreed.

– Valentin Gaft himself dedicated poems to you, although it is known that he was very critical of modern performers … How did you manage to achieve his location?

– For me it was amazing. My director Sasha once said: “There is a person calling you, introducing himself as Valentin Gaft. Says he wants to meet. I don’t know if he is or not.” It turned out he was! I recognized him by his voice. We came to visit Valentin Iosifovich, he said a lot of good words, and at the end he read a verse dedicated to me. It was a pleasure! There is this line: “He clears the road with his voice that leads us to God…”

“Once on stage I was presented with a sack of potatoes”

– Yaroslav, you will surely be recognized on the streets…

– Yes. A funny thing happened recently. I was paying at the store, and suddenly the cashier asks: “Oh, is that you?” I proudly say “Yes!” And she continues: “Vlad Stashevsky, right?” I laughed: “Well, almost … Yaroslav Sumishevsky.”

In one northern city, my performance was held on the main square. Something unimaginable was happening: crowds of people like at the performance of “Tender May” in the late 80s … They drove the car as close to the stage as possible so that I could safely get into it … I got into the car, but people with children attacked it. The driver opened the window, and one woman put her baby in it: “Yaroslav, touch at least him – I beg you!”

There are female fans who call their children by my name. And recently, fans gave me a bag of potatoes right on stage. It was in Voronezh.

– Do you have any idols yourself?

– As a child, I really liked Freddie Mercury, the band Queen. Dad instilled in me a love for classical arias and romances. He studied at the House of Culture himself, sang Neapolitan songs there, and at home we listened to The Beatles, Deep Purple … All this shaped my taste.

– How do you feel about the music that young people are listening to now? Like the Morgenstern that teenagers love?

– I always remember myself at that age. I have an older brother. We somehow left him at home to celebrate the New Year with friends. We returned home on January 1st. I turned on the Gaza Strip cassette left in the tape recorder and was surprised – does this happen? Now “Gaza Strip” is almost a classic. Maybe Morgenstern will eventually become the same classic…

– How do you deal with anxiety before a performance?

– I watch videos about animals. Even before a big solo concert in the Kremlin, when everyone was tense, I watched them to the last. This turns on my power saving mode.

– How do you feel about the phonogram?

– Bad. For me, singing to the soundtrack is much harder than live. I worry all the time: I forget at what point I should open my mouth, I worry that people will understand that I don’t sing … It’s very scary. Therefore, I sing to a phonogram only if on television, when they are not ready to provide me with the appropriate equipment for singing live.

– How do you choose the authors of the songs you sing?

– I don’t choose authors according to their popularity. Although very often I open a letter in the mail and read: “Hello! I am so-and-so, my songs are performed by great ones … ”It doesn’t work with me that way. I need to listen to the song and understand if I like it or not.

“I definitely won’t go to the Secret for a Million show by Lera Kudryavtseva”

– You are a very active Instagram user. Is it to get people to know you better?

– Maintaining social networks is almost my job. I wake up and immediately see who writes what…

I started with the Internet and continue to be its active user. I always personally answer questions from fans.

– You took part in the program “The Fate of a Man” by Boris Korchevnikov. And this interview turned out to be too frank … How were you not afraid?

– I consciously went there, understanding what event of my life will be the focus of this program. I had several proposals of this kind… Boris Korchevnikov’s group for five months very persistently asked me to take part. And I finally agreed. But only on the “Destiny of Man”. It seemed to me that Boris had the kindest program on today’s television … Not “jaundice”.

For example, on the show “Secret for a Million” by Lera Kudryavtseva, they continue to call me. But one day the director and I decided that we only participate in musical programs. So “The Fate of Man” is rather an exception.

– Who is your son with now?

– While I’m on tour, Miroslav lives with his grandmother – my mother-in-law. You see, I’ve lived with a family all my life. Up to 18 years old – with mom. Then he married early. I had a first wife, then a second one… I live alone for half a year. It’s very hard. For the first time in my life, I was alone.

Sumishevsky Yaroslav tragedy and 6 facts

Fact #1. Wife died in a car accident

On the evening of January 29, the car in which Yaroslav Sumishevsky was traveling to the concert collided with a tank truck. The accident occurred in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, driving a Toyota Highlander car was the organizer of the event – the head of the regional Union of Paratroopers Alexander Gulyakov. The third passenger was the singer’s wife, Natalya Borodkina, who decided to accompany her husband on the trip that day.

As a result of a car accident, the driver died immediately, Yaroslav’s wife, without regaining consciousness, died a week later in the hospital. The artist himself received a slight concussion. According to the Main Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the deceased driver was to blame for the accident. Doctors tried for several days to save a young woman who fell into a coma, but her heart stopped on February 6. On February 8, the singer buried Natalya, with whom he was truly happy before the tragedy.

The artist is going through a hard loss, on February 10 he published an emotional post on Instagram and accompanied it with a music video in which he showed happy moments of life with his beloved.

“The world collapsed for me. Natasha was the universe in which I lived and existed. She was my soul mate, literally and figuratively. And when her heart stopped, exactly half of me was left. It is very difficult, I have never experienced such pain, I do not know how to live on. But I will try to save this half for my children and live for them, ”the widower shared.

Without a mother, their three-year-old son Miroslav and daughter Natalya from a previous marriage, 15-year-old Alexandra, were left without a mother.

Fact #2. Became a father at 18

It’s hard to believe, but 37-year-old Yaroslav, in addition to his little son Miroshi, has an adult 19-year-old daughter Ksenia from his first wife Svetlana. As the singer said in an interview, at the age of 18 it was easier for him to be a dad than at 33. “Because I didn’t fully understand what happened to me. After all, he was quite a boy. Everything was easy. I slept for three hours, rocked my daughter, then studied, worked. Now it’s hard not to sleep. In my opinion, it is better to have children early than late. You still don’t fully understand! Yelling? Well, let him yell – I’ll give you a pacifier, and okay. When I had a son at the age of 33, then it became scary. Despite the fact that Yaroslav’s first marriage lasted only a few years, the former spouses still maintain friendly relations.

And Ksyusha’s vocal data was inherited from dad, they often sing a duet. However, the girl decided not to connect her professional activity with music, she wants to be a veterinarian.

Fact #3. Found a love on Valentine’s Day

Yaroslav met his second wife, Natalya Borodkina, at an event dedicated to Valentine’s Day, which she organized. “Natalia somehow found out about me and invited me to speak. The first thing I thought about her was: “Something crazy.” Because she suddenly offered me a photo shoot and was generally very active. And then I realized that she was quite serious and with good intentions, ”recalls Yaroslav. The business relationship gradually developed into a romantic one.

According to the singer, he realized that he was in love at a concert in Minsk, it was 2016.

“At a concert in Belarus, I realized that I love this person. She was engaged in its organization, she believed in me very much. And the concert was a success, and then I was an artist whom no one knows yet. How did she do it? I don’t know, ”said the musician.

Since then, until the very day of the tragedy, they were together. In 2017, the couple had a son, Miroslav, and recently a common dream with his wife came true – the construction of a house was completed in the Moscow region. Before that, the family lived in a Moscow one-room apartment. “It was the apartment of my wife’s grandmother, but I always dreamed of a house with a music studio,” the singer said.

Fact #4. Got Youtube Golden Button

At the end of 2020, the singer became the owner of the Youtube Golden Button. This is an award that is given for a million subscribers on the channel. Yaroslav Sumishevsky is often referred to as an “Internet Phenomenon”. The first fame and popularity came to the singer thanks to the Network. But there was a moment when the singer decided that he couldn’t “break through” to the musical Olympus, and he had to look for another job.

“For a long time there was this idea among singers: to get through, you need a producer, radio, television and auditions, which I went to and always failed successfully. My last casting was the “Voice” project, where I did not even get to the blind auditions. After that, I thought it was time to quit singing and look for a normal job, ”recalls Yaroslav.

However, Natasha’s wife found a way out of the situation, she suggested that there is another option – the Internet. The couple decided to record videos of Yaroslav’s performances in a restaurant and post them on Youtube. “And in order for people to vote, somehow empathize, they decided to make a competition called “People’s Makhor”, that is, a cool restaurant musician. And so they began to go to restaurants, record talented guys, sing with them and upload them to the Internet, ”says the singer.

About six months later, the first million views were scored, a year later Yaroslav began to be recognized on the street, and two years later the first solo concerts began.

Fact No. 5. I sang “Demons” in the Kremlin and went to “zero”

In November 2019, another dream of Yaroslav Sumishevsky came true – his solo concert took place in the Kremlin Palace. The real surprise for the listeners was the singer’s performance of the rock opera “Demons” to the verses of Alexander Pushkin. Yaroslav had such an idea thanks to. Freddie Mercury. “I am a big fan of Queen and Freddie Mercury. I was inspired by his “Bohemian Rhapsody” to do something in the same style.

We chose the verses together with my musicians, who then made a cool arrangement. The text is absolutely consistent with the idea that was in my head. It is very simple: it is very difficult to break through in life, ”Sumishevsky shares. However, despite the fact that the hall was full, this concert did not bring money.

“We went to zero, and we were told that this was a success, since a concert in the Kremlin is not about money, but about status. Very often, artists go into the red, ”explained Yaroslav.

Fact No. 6. The first fee was spent on bananas

Before going to conquer Moscow, Yaroslav Sumishevsky studied at the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk School of Arts, and earned money by singing in restaurants. “The school treated this normally – many of them worked! The important thing here is that you go to class. By the way, I spent my first fee – 800 rubles – on a kilogram of bananas! I loved bananas, and on Sakhalin they were very expensive, ”recalls Yaroslav.

Sumishevsky Yaroslav photo

Wikipedia Sumishevsky Yaroslav Russian singer, musician, presenter and YouTube blogger

Wikipedia Sumishevsky Yaroslav Russian singer, musician, presenter and YouTube blogger

Wikipedia Sumishevsky Yaroslav Russian singer, musician, presenter and YouTube blogger

Wikipedia Sumishevsky Yaroslav Russian singer, musician, presenter and YouTube blogger

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