Wikipedia Teona Kontridze singer and presenter from Tbilisi

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Teona Kontridze: general data

  • Full name: Teona Kontridze
  • Date of Birth: January 23, 1977
  • Place of birth: Tbilisi, USSR
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Teona Kontridze is a Georgian jazz singer and musician.
  • Education: College im. Gnesins

Teona Kontridze biography

Teona Kontridze is a Georgian jazz singer and musician. In 1999, she united several artists around herself, creating her own jazz band. The performances of the performer are a bright mixture of musical works with jokes, positive mood and vivid emotions.

Wikipedia Teona Kontridze singer and presenter from Tbilisi

Childhood and youth

Teona was born in Tbilisi on January 23, 1977 (Aquarius by zodiac sign). The fact that her biography will be connected with music was predetermined by the vocalist’s family. My grandfather played the piano, my mother was a singer, and my father, an engineer, accompanied relatives.

As a child, Kontridze worked in a creative ensemble. In 1994, she performed at the “Slavianski Bazaar”. After graduating from school, the girl went to Moscow and entered the school. Gnesins. Theon dreamed of a career as a conductor, but became a student of pop-jazz vocals.

In his youth, the years of study were accompanied by longing for home and relatives. Kontridze lived with a friend of relatives in Konkovo, and observations of the outskirts of the city also did not inspire joyful prospects.

Having come to terms with the Russian mentality, Teona thawed out. She liked to discover new things in musical and vocal art. In the basement of “Gnesinka” there was a “Jazz Cafe”, where talented performers gathered, she often visited here. At night they sang and danced here, and in the morning they went upstairs to study.


After graduating from the institute, Teona Kontridze was among the participants in the musical “Metro”. She was auditioned by Sergei Voronov, a musician from the Muz-Mobil group. It was risky. Theona refused to sing due to poor health, but left her notes. The audacity of the girl was surprising for the commission, and she was appointed a second meeting.

Composer Janusz Stokloss accepted the artist into the troupe. Kontridze worked under a contract, which allowed her mother to be transported to Moscow and not worry about expenses. At the end of the project, the performer had doubts about her creative future. Her mother helped, advising her to form her own group, perform songs and give concerts.

Theon did not have a financial cushion, so she herself took the position of a bass player and drummer, reproducing melodies with her voice. The vocalist uses the developed style and technique even now.

The jazz quartet under her management was formed by 1999. The musicians performed in restaurants and clubs. Theon was invited to the musical project of the Gallery restaurant in the company of a pianist and saxophonist. A successful start gave the opportunity to participate in private and commercial events.

Dramatic art and jazz merged in the performances of the singer, who was a bright personality in her youth and retains her charisma and creativity throughout her career. Knowing the history of jazz and blues, the artist was inspired by the compositions she performed, despite the fact that the era dictated other trends.

In an interview, Teona said that she wanted to create a family atmosphere at concerts, to give the public the opportunity to learn something useful for the soul. She still performs as part of her favorite team organized by her. Some musicians have changed during this time, but the tasks of the vocalist remain the same, and fashion again brings interest to jazz.

In 2018, Kontridze and her team performed live on the radio station Avtoradio. The singer not only performed the compositions beloved by many “Without You”, “Wind of Change”, “Argo”, but also gave out a number of topical jokes, danced, which made the concert unforgettable.

Together with Theon’s group, she also performed at private celebrations. For example, the artist sang at the wedding of director Konstantin Bogomolov and journalist Ksenia Sobchak, at the 35th anniversary of Ekaterina Varnava.

The Georgian discography is not replenished with albums of author’s songs. Kontridze explained this by the fact that she had not yet met “her” composer. Teona periodically became a guest of programs and TV shows like “Shabolovka, 37”, in which she performed in the fall of 2019.

On Vyacheslav Manucharov’s YouTube channel in the spring of 2020, the release of the Empathy Manuchi program with Teona appeared. On the show, the vocalist shared her thoughts about music, the difference between Georgian and Russian cultures, spoke about the secrets of family life, and also complained about the haters who did not appreciate the artist’s joint video with Nikolai Tsiskaridze. The video captured the dancer and vocalist in bathing suits, with Kontridze portraying Sylphide and Nikolai performing ballet support, lifting the jazz diva high.

Teona Kontridze personal life

The personal life of the singer turned out to be filled with dramatic experiences. A bright and eccentric Georgian woman was often in the center of male attention. In 2003, the vocalist met Nikolai Klopov, her future husband. Relations in a couple developed like a swing – a young man in love, confident in his own feelings, called the artist to marry.

The energetic, charismatic Teona either accepted marriage proposals, or refused to seal the marriage, thinking about her career and stage.

And soon fate pushed Kontridze with Yuri Titov, a participant in the Star Factory project. Real “Mexican” passions broke out between the artists (despite the fact that the performer turned out to be 7 years older) – violent conflicts and ended in bright reconciliations that made the temperamental Georgian woman forget about Nikolai. Soon the singer became pregnant.

Titov, having learned that he would become a father, was delighted at first, but later decided to “go into the shadows.” Then the “manufacturer” had a career in the foreground, and the family could interfere with these aspirations. Theon, left without support, contacted Klopov, who took over the duties of a parent. The couple got married when the vocalist’s daughter, Redi-Mariam, was already born. The common marriage with Nicholas was the son of George. The couple managed to find compromises regarding the creativity of Kontridze and the upbringing of children. Klopov stayed with the kids when his chosen one left for performances, always supported in difficult situations.

Now the vocalist thanks Titov for her daughter. Although there was a time when the failed father demanded to get acquainted with the girl – then the mother of Redi-Mariam asked him not to destroy the child’s psyche. As a result, the heiress learned about the biological father from the TV screen.

The singer has an account on Instagram, where Kontridze shares with followers news and photos, and news about creativity and tours.

In the spring, information appeared on the Web that the artist fell ill with COVID-19. In an interview, Theona admitted that she would rather die from the coronavirus in Russia than return to Georgia and become a victim of bullying.

The singer stoically endured the disease and soon nothing threatened her health. In January 2021, the Georgian, along with her beloved friend, participated in Valdis Pelsh’s musical show Guess the Melody. Ekaterina Skulkina played with them.

Teona Kontridze now

In the spring of 2021, Teona became the heroine of the show “Open, David”. In a conversation with David Winner, the performer shared: despite the fact that she has lived most of her life in Russia, she still feels like a tourist. All her words regarding politics or other important social issues turn into hatred and wishes to return to Georgia.

In the summer of 2021, the shooting of the unique project “Big Musical” began, in which Kontridze acted as a jury – this is her first experience of judging. In an interview, the singer recalled how difficult it is for performers to work in the musical genre. Each artist has to not only sing well and dance professionally, but also play like a real actor. And only in the case of a successful combination of all these skills can success be expected.

Employment on the set did not prevent Teona from taking part in the Karakuz ethno-festival in the Republic of Tatarstan. The vocalist, together with Vadim Eilenkring, Valery Syutkin and Mot, presented a jazz performance to the audience.

Interesting Facts

  • When the singer’s friends are sad, she hurries to make them laugh. When melancholy touches Theona herself, the performer prefers to live this feeling to the end, enjoy it, calling sadness “a stunningly beautiful emotion.”
  • In addition to music, Theona tried herself as an actress in the films “The Witch’s Recipe”, “Looking for a bride without a dowry”, “Fool”, “Suicides”, “An affair with cocaine”. And in 2014, she acted as the host of a culinary program on the Dozhd channel.

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Teon Kontridze interview

Teona Kontridze: “By my nature, I didn’t perceive it as a tragedy, but I understood that it was just a step”

Interview from 04.10.2021

Teona Kontridze is a brilliant singer, and she always fascinates me with her incredible temperament, frenzied energy, and most importantly, her unique talent. She knows how to transform everything around not only with her voice.

Colorful variety outfits and elegant clothes of the fashion house Marina RInaldi suit her.

Well, dear Teona, here we are. You are fast, energetic, and there is no time for you at all, for your rhythms.

I shock myself.

You are such a lighter: you walk down the street and still dance, even in the dark.

It’s true. I dance all the time.

Is the temperament so incredible or is cheerfulness squared?

My dad was like that. I don’t think it’s cheerfulness. Just when my mother died, I realized what real pain is. I realized that I would no longer waste time, energy, or nerves on trifles. There are real problems, and everything else – while we are alive, while we are healthy and while we are walking, we must cope with all this and, in the circumstances offered, try to be happy.

And when did mom die?

15 years ago.

You say that you have “such a dad”. And more specifically?

Dad could fall asleep at 5 in the morning, wake up at 7 and be “on the motor”, he managed the largest mechanical plant in Georgia for 25 years. From the age of 2-3 he read Agatha Christie to me. And when I was 5-6 years old, he closed the book and said: “Well, go on. Do you really not understand how this book will end? ”, – all the time the deductive method, all the time the analyst.

Is dad gone too?

Papa, the main hooligan of Tbilisi, left eight years ago.

Well, listen, our parents are still alive for us, as long as we remember them.

Vadichka, you know, I would like them to be physically close, so that I could take them somewhere, so that we could eat pasta together, make some noise, gather guests in Tbilisi, celebrate Christmas in Moscow. I really miss this.

You grew up in Tbilisi, and bright colors surround you all your life…

Georgians are very passionate, they instantly ignite (snaps fingers): first emotion, then rationality. Only after a few days the ratio is turned on. (Laughs.)

I said that I can’t imagine you not dancing, but I think it’s the same with singing. Surely wake you up in the middle of the night – you will start singing at the same second, and it will be high-class vocals.

Thank you very much.

Is this energy also from childhood?

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. She often ran away from the class, despite the fact that she studied very well.

Why did you run away?

I just at some point – bam, and not interested. I don’t even tell the teacher and get up. She asks: “Where are you?” – “I’ll be back in ten minutes” …

…something – and back, right?

(Laughs.) I’ll make some noise and come back. I recently learned statics.

You have two children, husband…

Two children, but my daughter was 8 months old when I set the rules in the house that were acceptable to me.

That is?

I said that a good mother is a happy mother. Mom needs to move.

Move through your career?

No. She needs travel, she needs communication, she needs work. And then everything will be at home: borscht, khachapuri, if they give me the opportunity of freedom.

Poor daughter who “heard” this at 8 months old.

She didn’t hear, she was small.

I understand, but my daughter probably perceived these thoughts at some genetic level.

It seems to me that dramatization is a very Russian trait. Why dramatize? Why can’t mom go away for a few days?

And with whom did the eight-month-old daughter stay?

With dad.

Like this.

If my mother had the opportunity not to tour, she would sit with her daughter – with joy, with pleasure. I loved being with her so much! And we were very close, we are still very close with the children. But, unfortunately, there was no opportunity, so my mother left for the first tour when her daughter was one and a half months old, and she stayed with her dad.

Is dad a singer Yura Titov?

No. Yura Titov is a biological parent who has nothing to do with her except physiology. “Papa” is our dad, Nikolai Aleksandrovich, my husband…

… with whom you had different moments, but you have been together for many years.

Yes, yes, there were some little scandals, but we survived them, thank God. (Sighs.)

Do you have a common son?


Tell me, could it happen in life that you would not become a musician, but would choose something completely different? So my father was a big leader.

An engineer, yes. You know, I really wanted to be a conductor.

This is not a woman’s occupation at all.

Not feminine at all.

There is, for example, the legendary Veronika Dudarova, but, in general, we do not really know women conductors.

Yes, and in Europe this is a rare story. And I think that I could do it.

Why didn’t it happen?

Still, jazz, blues and soul won. I studied at a music school for especially gifted children. As a matter of fact, when I started studying classical music from the age of 6, I was somehow very much carried away by “black music”. Soul, rhythm and blues, the blues of the period when only blacks were the leaders. Still, “black music” – there is such a thing.

And what attracted you so much in this music?

I was fascinated by the rhythmic structure, I was fascinated by my bodily reaction to this music. I realized that I had to find a genre for myself where I could realize my stand-up talent, my talent as a comedian, vocal and choreographic. Until I found the musical, I had no satisfaction, I kept thinking that I was missing some component to implement it.

You started in the musical “Metro”, not in the lead role, and did not become a superstar in this genre.

Didn’t become a superstar, but the fact is that superstars in musicals are very rare.

You basically didn’t go in this direction.

I did not go in this direction, but my source is from there. Actually, what I’m doing now in my solo shows originates from the cabaret and the musical. At one time, I was much more impressed by Bette Midler than Whitney Houston, she is an order of magnitude bigger for me.

Well, how did the dream of a conductor’s career appear?

When I analyze this phenomenon now, it seems that I just liked leading a large crowd.

I see.

Because I’m a hybrid of musicians and politicians. I have an aunt, my father’s sister, for 38 years she was an adviser to the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Georgia. 38 years! Visually, I am most similar to her, and not only visually – we have some kind of perception of life similar to her.

Interesting. So, conducting was over before it even started. But you have developed very successfully as a singer.

How is it successful? Material wealth came about eight or ten years ago, and I’m 44. I’ve been in Moscow since I was 17 years old. There were really hungry years. By my nature, I did not perceive this as a tragedy, but I understood that this was just a step. After the musical “Metro” I gathered my group – it was 2002.

And are you still together?

People come and go: someone wants to play with Leps, someone wants to play with Agutin, someone wants to play with Yolka, but there are people who have remained faithful to me.

At first there was no material prosperity. Has there always been creativity?

Yes. Wow, I don’t have a genre that I wouldn’t try, it seems to me. I even sang all the backing vocals in the album “Bitch Love” by Mikheya. All the genres that exist in pop music, near pop music, in jazz music – I tried them all, except for heavy metal. As a result, my style was formed.

Teona, what is written on your hand?

Thank you for the music, these are my ABBAs. Do you remember their song? This is a tribute to my favorite band.

But you work in a completely different style: where is pop music, and where are you.

I love pop music very much.

But don’t eat.

How are you? I take, for example, a song that I like, shovel it and make my own version. And ABBA is my endless love, I adore them. They saved me so many times with their songs when I had terrible periods in my life – with mood, with money, with losses. When I turn on Dancing Queen and Thank You for the Music, it’s just an antidepressant for me. And VVA has an incredible life-affirming spirit, like Mozart. They have such a ringing major, they, like a vacuum cleaner, clean you up and give you vitality. I love them very much.

Great. When did you get this tattoo?

Eight years ago.

What inspired you? After all, you can love ABBA, but not necessarily …

… to “beat” them. (Laughs.) I will not hide, there was a turning point in my personal life, when I made a decision for myself that I needed … (Long pause.) No, I will not tell.

Tell me. I can.

(Laughs.) I realized that you have to pay for pleasure and that pain will eventually end. In general, I was a hooligan … And then I realized that I shouldn’t do this, because the hangover can be so strong that even ABBA can’t cope. And at that moment I got this tattoo as a reminder that family asceticism gives incredible vital immunity and an incredible depth of perception of being. No need for horizontal pleasures, you need to strive upward. And I filled the words of my favorite song.

In fact, your husband is admired for his wisdom, his understanding of you and your subtle and paradoxical nature.

He’s amazing. It happens that it gives you the opportunity to be better than you really are.

You, it seems to me, are an absolutely free bird: I sing what I want, I perform as I want. It is clear that any freedom borders on lack of freedom, but now I am talking about creativity, about the freedom of creativity. Has it always been like this?

No, it was even freer. I still take into account some things due to my age, pay attention to market conditions, take into account some tastes of the Russian public. I have the most important freedom at my concerts, and everything that concerns events … You know, as in fashion, I divide my work into two parts: “ready-to-wear” is events, and “haute couture” is concerts .

Anyway, you don’t cheat on yourself – that’s the main thing.

I never cheat on myself, Vadim. I can brag. Once I was offered 100 thousand euros for me to perform a lezginka during a performance. I swear to you, when the negotiations were going on, right on the stage, it hit so hard that I immediately dropped 3 kilograms. A young man suddenly stood up to me and said: “Sister, please, can we have for our friends?” And offers 100 thousand euros. My ears were stuffed up, my sense of smell was gone, as during covid. But I said no. I just realized: if I cross this line, there will be no way back. In the life of every artist, every creative person, there comes a moment when a choice arises. As soon as you cross the line – that’s it, you will only sing lezginka.

You put it very well, Teona, and you say very right things… Tell me, please, you’ve probably never been a ballerina? I mean your figure.

You know, Vadim, I began to gain weight after a critical age. Before that, I was such an ordinary sweet girl, middle. When my mother came to me after a year and a half …

… to Moscow?

.yes, to Moscow — she didn’t understand me, shall we say. We didn’t see each other for a year and a half, she was just stunned by my appearance. Then there were different periods: then I lost weight, then gained weight. Now I absolutely honestly want to tell you that my weight is my conscious choice. I like the feeling of this density on stage. I no longer imagine myself different.

I can’t imagine either.

Now I’m working on getting my “7” to go away, because I understand that it’s superfluous, but 55 kilograms will never happen again! I will never stand in this line of thin women – I just don’t want to.

And don’t, Theona. Now there will be a photo shoot, where you will appear in the clothes of Marina Rinaldi. I think this is your element.

You are right. I believe that any woman can be beautiful, sexy, energetic. Marina Rinaldi allows girls in a certain weight category to look desirable, beauties. I love this brand, really.

And what gives the feeling of this joy?

First of all, Marina Rinaldi always has a beautiful print. The color scheme is very pleasant, always cheerful. Fat women think very badly about themselves, because they have been greatly rotten. Marina Rinaldi allowed women in weight to be beautiful – and gives this opportunity. She does not hide the flaws, she emphasizes the dignity. It is very important. It can be seen that this is a fashion house with traditions, which knows perfectly well what a silhouette and cut are. He knows perfectly well what fabric is, and I say “Yes!” to this house. After a certain age, I was able to choose everything I needed there.

Listen, what age? You said you were 44 years old. It seems to me that this is a wonderful age when there is already maturity and so much is ahead.

Vadyush, it seems to me that this is generally the best age. I am no longer a fool, I removed all my “shelves” and put all the books in their places, by genre. (Laughs.) I know where everything is, but at the same time. This year I again entered the Gnessin Academy, where I once graduated from the faculty of pop-jazz vocals. Now you have a bachelor’s degree, okay? I took “management in art”.

Live and learn. This is about you.

Exactly. During the lockdown, I felt some kind of young potential. I thought: “We need to apply, Teosha, we need to do something,” and again entered the Gnesinka, can you imagine?

How does it feel to be a student again?

Listen, well, this is a very strange feeling, because the rest of the students are 18–20 years old, we have one group in Telegram, they don’t know how to address me: “na you”, “na you”, I him then “kittens”, then “kids”. My classmates. (Laughs.) Some lecturers, when I enter the classroom, say: “Well, you are probably not a student.” I answer: “No, unfortunately for you, a student.” In general, I will manage and share my experience: how to monetize a genre that no one needs. (Smiling.)

How is it, no one needs it?!

Nobody needed it. I was breaking through closed doors for many years, people did not understand what it was. And now it’s just a whirlwind, a locomotive of energy is passing by – everyone is not even able to understand whether they like it or not. But I already have! Without radio and television, doing what we did is great.

I agree. Tell me, Theona, what does your husband do?

He is an economist.

That is, far from music. Although it is clear that it can no longer be far away.

He doesn’t want to, but he’s not far away. He is absolutely Russian. When autumn comes, he turns on the songs of Mikhail Krug in the car. I try to abstract, I understand that we have different psychology, different needs. Once at an event, the husband of my close friend approached me – so intelligent, pleasant – and said: “I beg you, can you sing “Vladimirsky Central”?” (Laughs.) After that, I allowed my husband everything.

How old are the children now?

14 and 15 years old.

Are they musicians?

Nope. Daughter, I think, just an actress from God. Vadik, she has such a comedic talent, she jokes like that, and she has such an amazing feeling of life – as if unfashionable. Such aristocracy is innate. She is a comedian. Comedy and aristocracy are somehow combined in her. I don’t even know who she looks like from existing templates. A very cool aunt is growing up. And the boy is just a very thoughtful, cute and real kid.

Do they go to their mother’s concerts, of course?

Georgy doesn’t really like to do it. He has a fever at my concerts, once he was over 39.

What a horror!

He really gets sick, he doesn’t want to see or hear it all.

All this jazz?

No, not jazz – a mother with a neckline, stilettos, who jumps around the stage. He doesn’t want it. He wants his mother to make him pasta. And I partly understand it.

And is he so sensitive that negative emotions cause him to have a fever?

He is very sensitive! On the one hand, such a silent, boy-boy, but the temperature rises beyond 39, Vadim. We checked, it was four times, at four of my solo concerts.

For the first time I hear about such a reaction to music, although I understand that everything here is in a complex.

I haven’t heard that myself. His sausage, koloshmatit, he begins to swear.

Does your daughter perceive everything differently?

My daughter is so theatrical, she is an actress, she argues when she doesn’t like something. Here’s an example for you. I had a yellow dress, I looked like a canary in it. My daughter said to me: “Mom, I beg you, this is such deshmanstvo. Please, not yellow.” And can you imagine, the only dress I have missing is this one. It has disappeared.

Like this, on its own?

There is, of course, an assumption that his daughter burned it. (Everyone laughs) Well, I can’t just logically explain the disappearance of this dress.

Shakespearean passions flare up! The hypersensitive son has a temperature of 39, the daughter burns her mother’s dress. Yes, it’s not easy for you, Theonochka.

You know, it’s so easy for me with them, they are so golden, my children. We have a real friendship, we are all so different, but there is a gang. The family is a gang. My daughter had a very funny situation: she stole lip gloss at H&M. He calls me and says: “Mom, it’s so inconvenient, such a shame, I was detained. A guard is holding me, please come.” I say: “Didn’t you have money?” – “Were. But it’s adrenaline!”

Adrenaline is a mother’s quality.

I arrived and when I was taking her away, I said that in public we would not make comments to each other, we would talk at home. She replied: “I am so ashamed, so embarrassed, so uncomfortable.”

See, this is a lesson for her.


Teonochka, everything you say, every millimeter of your life is imbued with such energy! Moreover, I am sure that there are no koturns in this – this is your life. As my daughter says, “adrenaline”. You are definitely an adrenaline rush.

It’s true. I need harder swings. I reduce myself very much, because if I listen to my desire, then it will not end well. But in gastronomy, I will not limit myself – this is a passion that I allow myself in full.



With which I congratulate you.

Yes, Vadyusha, you don’t understand me. You’ve been a reed all your life, as far as I can remember. Always perfect shoes. Always, when they said: “God, what a handsome Igor,” I answered: “But I like Vadik more. Vadik is a firm, Vadik is Europe.

Thank you, my dear, on your kind words. And see you again!


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Wikipedia Teona Kontridze singer and presenter from Tbilisi

Wikipedia Teona Kontridze singer and presenter from Tbilisi

Wikipedia Teona Kontridze singer and presenter from Tbilisi

Wikipedia Teona Kontridze singer and presenter from Tbilisi

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