Wikipedia Tikunov Stanislav Igorevich theater and film actor Statikun

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Wikipedia Tikunov Stanislav Igorevich theater and film actor Statikun

Tikunov Stanislav: general data

  • Full name: Tikunov Stanislav Igorevich
  • Date of Birth: September 2, 1990
  • Place of birth: Chekhov, USSR (Russia)
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 81 kg
  • Brief biography: Theater and film actor, dubbing actor
  • Education: In 2012 he graduated with honors from the VTU named after M. S. Shchepkin (course of V. I. Korshunov). During his studies he was invited to the Theater of Satire. After graduation, he was accepted into the troupe of the Lenkom Theater.



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Awards: In 2011 he won the First Prize and the title of Laureate in the M. N. Yermolova Competition of Student Works on Artistic Word.


Born on September 22, 1990 in Chekhov, Moscow Region. In 2012 he graduated with honors from the VTU (Institute) named after M. S. Shchepkin (workshop of V. Korshunov). In the 4th year he was invited to the Theater of Satire, where he played in the play “Honoring” based on the play by B. Slade (role – Jude, directed by S. Artsibashev).

Diploma works:

  • “The Seagull” by A. Chekhov (role – Yakov, director-teacher A. Korshunov);
  • Orpheus Descends by T. Williams (roles – David Katrir, Shorty Binnings, director-teacher N. Petrova);
  • “Funny Case” by C. Goldoni (role – De Lacotri, director-teacher V. Sulimov).

Wins the First Prize and the title of Laureate in 2011 at the M. N. Yermolova Competition of Student Works on Artistic Word

In the Lenkom troupe since 2012. Busy in performances – “Juno Avos”, “Royal Games” (dance of an enthusiastic courtier), “Dreams of Monsieur de Molière.” (Zacharia Muarron), “Tout paye, or everything is paid”, “Falstaff and the Prince of Wales” (Lord Percy), “The Eternal Deceiver” (Tartuffe), “Profitable Place” (Belogubov), “Crazy Day, or Figaro’s Marriage” ( Figaro).

, “The Riddle of Fibonacci” and others

He began acting in films in 2007, making his debut as Dan in the film “Own Team”.

Later he played in the tapes “Capercaillie” (Bruise), “Emergency (Emergency)” (Stas), “Myrtle ordinary” (Kostya Samoilov), “Lord of Time” (Severin), “Singing Bird” (Eugene) .

He first became famous in 2017 after playing Dan in the tragicomedy Papa Dan, an adaptation of the New Zealand TV series Step Dave. His hero is a 24-year-old boy, a darling of fate, he is handsome and witty, and he takes success with women for granted and never enters into a serious relationship. One day he meets 39-year-old Tina (Natalya Nozdrina), the mother of three children. They start a relationship.

Stanislav Tikunov in the series “Papa Dan”

Wikipedia Tikunov Stanislav Igorevich theater and film actor Statikun

Then there were the main roles in the melodramas “Only love is higher” (Max) and “What she is silent about” (Valentin Rumyantsev).

The role of Sasha in the drama “On Different Shores” with Olga Venikova and Alexander Konstantinov became noticeable.

Stanislav Tikunov in the series “On Different Shores”

Wikipedia Tikunov Stanislav Igorevich theater and film actor Statikun

Stanislav Tikunov in social networks

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Stanislav Tikunov actor personal life

Married. Wife – Lisa Tikunova. The couple has children.

Stanislav Tikunov and wife Lisa

Wikipedia Tikunov Stanislav Igorevich theater and film actor Statikun


The protagonist of the original and funny series “Papa Dan” Stas Tikunov spoke about the most fun moments during filming, the difficulties in the work of the actor and explicit scenes on the set. Find out all the details in the interview!

What was the most difficult thing for you on the set?

Wake up at 4 am. When you shoot at night, then you arrive, sleep off, and the next day you need to get up again at dawn. It is difficult to turn on in the morning, the body wakes up in the afternoon. My acting apparatus is so arranged – before dinner I even talk with difficulty. It’s difficult when 4 pairs of hands touch you before each take – a costume designer, a make-up artist, a sound engineer … It doesn’t really “help” to tune in to the stage. Somehow, in the heat of 36 degrees, I had to race around the city on a bicycle in two T-shirts and a denim jacket, wearing a helmet. “Excellent” cardio load, I’ll tell you, not everyone can withstand this, given that you sleep 4 hours a day. I’m not complaining, but only talking about the delights of cinema. People who think that everything is simple and easy with us are deeply mistaken. It’s not easy at all, everywhere there are difficulties. But this is the thrill and uniqueness of our profession. Filming is a very exciting process where you are 200% involved. You can’t cheat here, otherwise you will get a by-product. Here you need to be sincere and relax well in the frame.

What funny moments happened on set?

Actors of mass scenes are remembered behind the scenes – they can approach you like an old friend and start talking or correcting you, teaching acting skills: “You know, you somehow grabbed his ear wrong now. To grab him by the ear, you had to take it with your left hand and turn it around. For example, we have a wonderful actor Lasha Ramishvili. In one of the scenes, he has to slap me and my friend Artem. And a girl comes up to him from behind and says: “You know, I’m an expert in slaps.” It was very funny, the whole crew laughed. “The Slap Specialist” – Seriously? And she taught the Georgian Lasha how to properly slap. Then this girl took me aside and said: “You know, you look great in the frame, better than in real life.” And such memorable moments can be listed indefinitely.

My favorite scene is our first date on a swing, we filmed at sunset, it was so beautiful that there was nothing to play there – it was enough to create nature and enjoy the beauty. Well, or the first quarrel between Dan and Tina on the day they met, a curious situation, it is both dramatic and comical at the same time – as for me, the most powerful scene in the series.

Wikipedia Tikunov Stanislav Igorevich theater and film actor Statikun

Is this when the mother-in-law suddenly comes with the children?

Yes! When everyone sees and understands who it is, and Dan is not catching up yet. The scene that happened after that is the most interesting. He is trying to understand how it is: she does not have a husband, but there is a mother-in-law and three children?! How to understand it at all? How old is she? This scene, it is somehow endless, there are so many things in it …

Was it easy to join the shooting. Your first scene was already with a kiss. You, one might say, saw your partner for the first time, and already you had to play feelings …

It was very easy for us to work with her. We have a similar sense of humor, we joke all the time on the set. This helps to relax in front of the frame and easily play even the most serious scene. She is a sincere and subtle partner, and I feel very comfortable working with her. But, returning to your question, that’s why we and the actors are somehow included in this, but not to connect our very deep feelings. We each have a home, a family, so we rather play on the court, but how well we play is already a matter of skill. Until the last moment, I deliberately did not look at who I was going to play with. They gave me the name and surname of the actress, but I did not read about her, did not ask to send photos … This was not the case. I came, I saw Natasha, we said hello, got to know each other, the next day rehearsals began, and the next day the first frank scene. It was difficult for me, and, I think, for Natasha too – after all, you constantly think about the house! And that’s what you’re doing here, damn it! But nothing, we are all actors, we must understand what we are doing and that our feelings remain true to our families.

Wikipedia Tikunov Stanislav Igorevich theater and film actor Statikun

Do they comment on such scenes at home?

Of course, not without a share of jealousy. I try to calm my beloved and say that she is the only one for me. It really is! There is nothing to justify here.

Dan is a bartender, do you, Stas, have a favorite cocktail?

I don’t really like cocktails, they are sweet and quickly hit the head. The most important thing is not what to drink, but with whom to drink and how to drink. Recently, my wife and I celebrated another holiday, went to a bar, they put us on bar stools and built a tall pyramid of glasses with cocktails in front of us on the bar counter. Of course, we had a good time then, we liked everything, but I have no idea what the drinks were called.

The Papa Dan series is based on the original format of South Pacific Pictures, which is part of the All3media group.

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