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Actress Anna Tveleneva: general information

  • Full name: Tveleneva Anna Sergeevna (Nesterova)
  • Date of Birth: August 23, 1948
  • Place of birth: –
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Anna Sergeevna Tveleneva (Anna Nesterova). She was born on August 23, 1948. Soviet and Russian theater and film actress.
  • Education: In 1971 she graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography (workshop of Igor Kaim).

Actress Anna Tveleneva filmography

  • 2016
    Shaman. New Threat
    Anna Sergeevna
  • 2017
    Water area
    Zinaida Markovna
  • Streets of Broken Lights 16(TV series, 2016)
  • Major 2(TV series, 2016)
    Lyubov Efimovna Eremeeva
  • Sorcerer Dolls (TV series, 2008)
  • My general (TV series, 2006)
  • Mine (TV series, 2006)
  • Streets of Broken Lights 5(TV series, 2003)
  • Empire Under Attack (TV series, 2000)
  • Secrets of the investigation (TV series, 2000–.)
  • White dance (1999)
  • Streets of Broken Lights 2(TV series, 1999)
    Voice acting
  • Streets of Broken Lanterns (TV series, 1997)
  • Roman «Alla Russa” (1994)
    Russian tourist
  • Sin. Passion Story (1993)
  • Ring (1991)
  • Year of the Good Child (1991)
  • Executioner (1990)
  • Trains without smiles (1989)
  • Criminal Talent (1988)
  • Esperanza (1988)
  • White curse (1987)
  • Portraits of men (1987)
  • How to become a star (1986)
  • Learn to dance (1985)
  • Guilt of Lieutenant Nekrasov (1985)
    Galina Semyonovna
  • The best road of our life (mini-series, 1984)
  • Applause, applause. (1984)
  • Beyond the blue nights (1983)
  • There would be no happiness. (1983)
    Woman with glasses
  • Life of Berlioz (mini-series, 1983)
  • Cossack outpost (1982)
  • White dance (1981)
  • Comrade Innokenty (1981)
  • And I’m with you again. (1981)
  • Rico Brothers (1980)
  • Lucia di Lammermoor (1980)
  • Ideal husband (1980)
    Lady Gertrude Chiltern
  • I’ll be waiting. (1979)
  • It’s not evening yet (1974)
  • Berth (1973)
  • Hope (1973)
  • Grandmaster (1972)
  • Labeled atom (1972)

Actress Anna Tveleneva biography

Most fans of Soviet cinema remember the film “I’ll be waiting.”, in which actress Anna Tveleneva played the main role. People often identified the woman with her screen heroine. But in real life, Tveleneva had to go through many trials, with which she certainly coped.

Wikipedia Tveleneva Anna Sergeevna (Nesterova) theater and film actress

Difficult childhood

The girl Anya was born in a very poor and large family. The father often drank, and the mother herself could not cope with the children. So, Tveleneva ended up in an orphanage. Later, she will remember more than once that it was that experience that made her so uncompromising and always thirsty for justice. In the future, this character more than once interfered with the actress. When the boarding school was left in the past, Tveleneva entered a music school. To buy a used piano, the future actress had to earn money by sewing. She offered her friends to buy nightgowns and dressing gowns from her. In 1971, the girl became a graduate of LGITMiK.

Anna Tveleneva: businesswoman and actress

While still a student, Anna Tveleneva married a young and promising physicist. A son was born in the family. The woman saw in her husband the future great scientist, so she took on all the worries about the family, so that he would not be distracted from science. She had to abandon her career as an actress and equip home comfort. Unfortunately, the husband soon lost interest in physics and got a job as an ordinary engineer. But even worse, he practically ceased to be interested in the family.

Then Anna took her son and went with him to live in a rented apartment. To survive, she had to take up sewing again. Only this time she became a real businesswoman, although then there was no such thing. Tveleneva hired two dressmakers and opened something like an underground atelier.

A woman bought fashionable things, ripped them open and made patterns. Things were going so well that she was even able to buy herself a car. Soon our heroine returned to the stage. She saw an advertisement for the search for the host of the Heart to Heart program. The candidate had to be a dramatic actress with singing and dancing skills. Despite the 7-year absence of any practice, Tveleneva decided to try. And she was accepted. Later, the actress came to the Lensoviet Theater. Here she again successfully passed the audition. True, soon things did not go the way Anna would have liked. The actress was offered a job in the cinema, she wanted to accept, but the director of the theater was against it. The woman went on stage three times a month, so the shooting would not interfere with her work, but Igor Vladimirov did not like it.

Moreover, the man hinted unequivocally that Tveleneva should have come to his dacha. The woman categorically refused. After some time, when her contract ended, the request was repeated. And again refusal! So the theater had to be tied up.


After leaving the theater, Tveleneva received an offer to play a major role in the film “I’ll be waiting.”. She was approved, and it turned out that Nikolai Eremenko would be the shooting partner. The man at that moment was at the peak of popularity after the release of the films “June 31” and “Red and Black”.
At first, Tveleneva considered Eremenko a narcissistic man who breaks the hearts of girls. But one day I heard him talking to his daughter, and later I realized that this man can be very gentle and even defenseless. But our heroine hid her interest in Eremenko, but he did not show that such coldness hurt him. In general, Tveleneva remained impregnable in her personal life. But on the screen between the actors passions boiled. Perhaps this is why the film became so popular.

After the release of the picture, Tveleneva began to be regularly invited to various roles. But most often they were secondary, so to repeat the success of the picture “I’ll be waiting.” she was not meant to be.

Anna Tveleneva now

Anna got married a second time, gave birth to a daughter and became happy. In the new millennium, a woman continues to act, but most often these are small roles in TV shows. Also, it is simply impossible not to note the striking appearance of the actress. At 72, she looks like she is 30 years younger.

Anna Tveleneva in social networks

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Interview with Anna Tveleneva

Interview from 12/11/2019

Anna Tveleneva. ” I’ll be waiting.”

After the release of the TV movie “I’ll be waiting.” the audience married Nikolai Eremenko and me. They were so worried about our parting on the screen that they changed the ending in life. Well, how can you not reciprocate such a crazy handsome man? And after the death of Eremenko, one lady sent a letter to television: “If Anna and Nikolai were married, he would still be alive.”

God knows how old this melodrama is, but our duet is still remembered. Most recently, I take a shower after the pool. Neighbor asks:

— Won’t you rub your back?

— With pleasure. Then tell everyone that the movie actress rubbed your back.

Suddenly she says:

— I know you. My favorite film is “I’ll be waiting.” You are playing with Eremenko. How he loved you!

And now we are both standing naked in our souls and talking about the film, about the vicissitudes of love, remembering the unsurpassed Eremenko. How strange. It seems that everyone should sympathize with his young bride, and curse me, a predator who makes a boy fall in love with herself, and then abandons me. But it turned out the opposite: my Anna unexpectedly aroused sympathy. The film left its mark on the hearts of the audience, and Eremenko left a mark on my heart.

I often think of Kolya. Over and over again, like in a movie, I replay our meetings on the set. The emotions that he gave me then were so strong that they are still alive. Anticipation, unfulfilled desire – these are emotions. With me forever remained fantasies associated with Kolya. And thank God that they did not turn into reality, sometimes it can frighten, but from meetings with Eremenko, a light breath remains in my memory.

Last May, a creative evening dedicated to the memory of Nikolai Eremenko was held in St. Petersburg. Almost all of his partners were invited to this meeting.

I remember how I laughed to myself: “Kolka is a handsome young man on the screen, and we are all grandmothers here!” One after another, famous actresses rose to the stage of the Rodina cinema: Sveta Kryuchkova, Larisa Luzhina, Valentina Telichkina. Unfortunately, Natalia Bondarchuk and Natalia Belokhvostikova, his classmates, could not come. The host of the evening, biographer Eremenko, said that he was madly in love with Belokhvostikova, but she married the director Naumov.

Quite possibly, this personal tragedy left its mark on his whole life: numerous novels were the result of his first love.

We, the actresses, sat and waited for our appearance on the stage in the front row. Kolya’s childhood photographs were shown on the big screen. I suddenly realized that he was a notorious boy, more a romantic than a fighter. The father had a tremendous influence on Kolya. Eremenko Sr. built his son, forced him to live by his own rules. Once he brought him by the hand to Sergei Gerasimov and said: “Make at least something out of this blockhead.”

Sitting in a dark hall, I thought about Kolya’s vulnerable soul, about the search for that one for life. And maybe he saw it in me. How to know.

Actress Anna Tveleneva photo

Wikipedia Tveleneva Anna Sergeevna (Nesterova) theater and film actress

Wikipedia Tveleneva Anna Sergeevna (Nesterova) theater and film actress

Wikipedia Tveleneva Anna Sergeevna (Nesterova) theater and film actress

Wikipedia Tveleneva Anna Sergeevna (Nesterova) theater and film actress

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