Wikipedia Viktor Evgenievich Blud YouTube-blogger and athlete Viktor Evgenievich Bashun

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Victor Blud: general data

  • Full name: Viktor Evgenievich Blud (Viktor Evgenievich Bashun)
  • Date of Birth: 03/13/1991
  • Viktor Blud age: 30 years old
  • Place of birth: St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • Viktor Blud height: 171 cm
  • Victor Blud weight: 80 kg
  • Short biography: Russian video blogger and athlete, founder of the Old School Strongmen movement.
  • Education: In 2009, after school, Viktor entered the Art and Restoration Professional Lyceum. In 2011, after graduating from the lyceum and having received the profession of a stonemason, Blud entered the NSU. Lesgaft to the coaching department.
  • Viktor Blud real name: Viktor Evgenyevich Bashun

Viktor Blud biography

Victor Blud, despite his youth, is already called a legend, there are many records in the list of his achievements, he is a blogger and entrepreneur, and the performances of the Old School Strongmen club he created are extremely successful.

Viktor Evgenievich Bashun (real name of a strong man) was born in St. Petersburg in 1991, on March 13. Nothing is known about the athlete’s parents, however, some sources contain information that he has a younger sister and brother.

Wikipedia Viktor Evgenievich Blud YouTube-blogger and athlete Viktor Evgenievich Bashun

Victor started playing sports in his school years, he says that his parents sent him to the sports section because of his insufficient, as they thought, physical development. Victor crossed the threshold of the gym for the first time at the age of twelve, at fifteen he already began to make his first successes, and at seventeen he won his first award: silver in karate competitions.

After graduating from school, Viktor entered the Art and Restoration Professional College, but after receiving his diploma he decided to continue his education at the famous Lesgaft University of Physical Education, which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

The name of the athlete is also mentioned in the article “Armlifting” in connection with the record he set.

Viktor Blud: training and records

By his own example, Victor shows that any person can improve their health, achieve success in sports and acquire a luxurious physical shape. It is people like him who are called self-made, which means “a person who has made himself.”

The athlete says that once he saw a video with kettlebell juggling on You-Tube, he immediately went and bought the first kettlebell, which became a new milestone in his biography. Six months later, the young man’s room turned into a mini-gym, in a small room 500 weights and a mattress on which Victor slept could barely fit.

Acquaintance with the amazing story of Alexander Zass, who performed at the beginning of the 20th century in the best circuses of Europe under the pseudonym Samson, inspired the young strong man to revive old traditions. Alexander Kapralov became Victor’s like-minded person, with whom he founded the movement “Strongmen of the Old School” in 2013.

According to Victor, he doesn’t have a clear training program, he works out 2-3 times a day, using every opportunity for this.

Being at home or outside the city, he performs strength exercises, including with live weight, and stretching exercises, strengthens his abs and back, does acrobatics and weightlifting. He also does not adhere to a single nutrition system, however, he prefers natural products, and he treats disputes about whether he is a chemist or a natural, ironically, citing strongmen from the times of Tsarist Russia and his idol, the Amazing Samson, as an example.

Victor’s records could be devoted to a separate article. In addition to winning competitions in arm wrestling (in particular, he became the champion of the city championship in St. Petersburg in 2011) and armlifting, his list of achievements includes tearing three decks of cards in front of astonished spectators, and pushing a barbell weighing 90 kilograms, moreover, with one hand , and a deadlift of 190 kilograms, and the conquest of a high-rise building without insurance.

Personal life

The image created by Viktor, of course, also played an important role in the development of his career. The muscular, compact body covered with tattoos, the shaved head and mustache worn by the strong men of tsarist times, as well as the fighting dog that often appears in his photographs, on the one hand, draw attention to the athlete, and on the other, raise questions about his political views. However, Victor is neither a monarchist nor, moreover, a Nazi. You can find out how old the athlete is, whether he has a loved one, from social networks, Victor maintains a VKontakte page and a personal blog on Instagram, and he also has a tik-tok account.

In many photos and videos, Victor holds a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, which also attracts the attention of fans, however, girls may not have illusions about the imposing athlete, his heart is occupied, and the little girl who can be seen in photos and videos in social networks – his daughter.

Victor Blud now

Having found his niche in the show business space, Victor is a successful blogger and entrepreneur, in his store everyone can buy sports nutrition and branded products, merch. Thousands of people follow his work, he develops a YouTube channel, speaks at city holidays, takes part in various events and makes good money.

On his channel, Victor gives recommendations and shows how to pump up his neck or biceps, or strengthen his back, and in the Neva club you can sign up for personal training with him.

Other weightlifters often appear in Viktor’s videos, for example, Goga Tupuria, and several million people watched his fight, which would be more accurately called a duel, with Alexei Shredder.

Athletes from all over Russia take part in marathons from Viktor Blud and share their successes in social networks. For many of them, Victor is a role model, with initially modest enough data, he managed to build both a successful career and create the body of his dreams: with a height of 1 meter 71 centimeters, he weighs about 75 kilograms, and his forearm girth is 37 centimeters.

Viktor Blud workout

A strongman trains on outdoor sports grounds, at home and in the gym. It uses the minimum amount of inventory. To achieve high results, he did not need expensive simulators and personal instructors. The list of the main equipment used by Victor includes weights, a barbell and pancakes, massive tires, and metal fittings.

Victor Blud tattoo

Bodybuilder’s ideal body representative loves tattoos. One of the ornaments of his powerful chest is a pierced ram with a ferocious look.

Viktor Blud in social networks

  • FacebookLink
  • Victor Blud instagram
  • Vkontakte
  • Telegram
  • Viktor Blud YouTube
  • Official website
  • Victor Blud School

Viktor Blud interview

Victor Blud. Old School Modern Strongman

Interview from 25 OCTOBER 2019

ALEXANDRA RYTHEU, correspondent:
A healthy lifestyle has become a trend that attracts more and more people. Being strong and well built physically is what today’s young people want. And if the process looks even more spectacular. As you know, demand creates supply.

Petersburger Viktor Blud knows firsthand what it’s like to be hard. He, a modern Russian athlete and strongman, revives the traditions and tricks of athletes from the times of Tsarist Russia. In the sport, parents gave Victor as a child. Today a young man helps thousands of people to believe in themselves.

VICTOR BLUD, sportsman, blogger:

I saw a video with kettlebell juggling on the Internet, where one young man simply handles the kettlebell, throws it up in every possible way, catches it. It inspired me so much that literally the next day I broke a piggy bank and bought a weight with all the money. And from then on, he started doing it.
Viktor is an international master of sports in armlifting and a world record holder in the category up to 90 kilograms.

VICTOR BLUD, sportsman, blogger:
My room eventually turned into a gym. I slept on the floor on mattresses. I had 500 kettlebells at home. I bent iron right there. My strength training journey began in my room with materials at hand.
Traditionally, the strongmen of Tsarist Russia showed their numbers in the circus arena. Most often, these were guys from the outback: loaders and blacksmiths demonstrated their strength, surprising the public, which helped them move up the career ladder. Today, Victor, reviving traditions, has created a whole movement. In their performances, the guys juggle weights, bend nails, tear decks of cards and lift people into the air.

VICTOR BLUD, sportsman, blogger:
Now we will do a number called Turkish lift with live weight. The Turkish school is quite diverse and interesting.

ALEXANDRA RYTHEU, correspondent:
I will be the living weight.
Each athlete’s workout includes elements of acrobatics and weightlifting, strength exercises, stretching, crossfit and gymnastics. At the heart of this prowess is a valiant healthy lifestyle.

VICTOR BLUD, sportsman, blogger:
We do not use anabolic steroids, and all our results, everything you see, is the subject of our painstaking, long, monotonous work. See what the men who lifted weights looked like in Tsarist Russia. Anything can be achieved with the right attitude.
Victor currently has hundreds of thousands of fans. He has his own vlog on YouTube. And the performances of his team always cause a storm of emotions and excitement among the audience. The athlete plans to raise a horse, as Alexander Zass did, and conquer the world public.

Viktor Blud photo

Wikipedia Viktor Evgenievich Blud YouTube-blogger and athlete Viktor Evgenievich Bashun

Wikipedia Viktor Evgenievich Blud YouTube-blogger and athlete Viktor Evgenievich Bashun

Wikipedia Viktor Evgenievich Blud YouTube-blogger and athlete Viktor Evgenievich Bashun

Wikipedia Viktor Evgenievich Blud YouTube-blogger and athlete Viktor Evgenievich Bashun

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