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Yulia Yurchenko: general information

  • Full name: Yuliya Yurievna Yurchenko
  • Date of Birth: September 21, 1988
  • Place of birth: Armavir, Russia
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Brief biography: Yulia Yurchenko is a Russian film actress who has managed to acquire an extensive filmography over the years of work in the industry. Many series in which the artist took part (and in some places even played the main roles) are among the very popular ones.


  • ITIRiShb
  • Sergey Melkonyan Higher Theater School

Julia Yurchenko films

  • 2019 My Boy – Elya
    Main role
    Director: Alexander Parkhomenko
  • 2019 New Year’s Angel — Anastasia
    Main role
    Director: Valery Ibragimov
  • 2019 Don’t you dare say goodbye to me – Inna
    Main role
    Director: Alexander Salnikov
  • 2017 Oh, New Year! — Irina
    Feature film
    Main role
    Director: Dmitry Makarov
  • 2015 False Note – Daria
    Main role
    Director: Roman Prosvirnin
  • 2015 And the ball will return – Svetik
    Main role
    Director: Valery Devyatilov
  • 2015 Sonata for Vera — Svetlana
    Second lead role
    Director: Alexey Rudakov
  • 2015 Love blooms in spring — Marina
    Main role
    Director: Vsevolod Aravin
  • 2014 Karpov 3 – Zhenya (drug addict)
    Director: Vlad Niaolaev, Ivan Shchegolev
  • 2013 Wasp — Elizaveta Romanova
    Main role
    Director: Yuri Kharnas
  • 2013 Insomnia — Daria Koreneva
    Main role
    Director: Andrey Marmontov
  • 2012 Floor — Alina
    Main role
    Director: Ivan Schegolev, Sergey Alekseev
  • 2011 Katina love – Marina
    Main role
    Director: Dmitry Goldman

Roles in the theater

  • 2010 8 women – Suzon
    Director: Vladimir Vlasenko
    Theatre: Vlas Vegas
  • 2010 Profitable place – Yulinka
    Director: Vladimir Vlasenko
    Theatre: Vlas Vegas

Yulia Yurchenko biography

Yulia Vasilievna Yurchenko was born on September 21, 1988 in the Krasnodar Territory, in the small cozy town of Armavir. As a child, she did not think about the career of an artist. The girl considered completely different specialties as a future profession, including absolutely non-creative ones.

However, when Yurchenko was in her last year of school, she mentally tried on the role of an actress and decided that this is exactly what she wants to do for the rest of her life. The girl went to the capital of Russia and entered the Higher Theater School of Sergei Melkonyan at the Harlequin Music and Drama Theater.

Wikipedia Yurchenko Yulia Yuryevna theater and film actress

Yulia Yurchenko also has the Institute of Theatrical Art, Advertising and Show Business, where she studied acting under the guidance of artistic director Vladimir Grigoryevich Vlasenko.

The teacher highly appreciated the student’s abilities, and even while studying at the university, Yulia joined the troupe of his own theater “Vlas Vegas”. True, when the cinematic career of the young artist began to require more and more time, she left the theater stage.

Julia Yurchenko personal life

A detailed biography and the private side of Yulia Yurchenko’s life is hidden from curious fans and ubiquitous journalists. It is not known whether the actress has a husband (she avoids the topic of relationships in an interview), but there is definitely a loved one with whom the celebrity has been dating for a long time. However, neither the name nor the type of activity of the chosen one Yurchenko does not want to announce publicly. The paparazzi could not even take a photo of her in the company of her lover.

The actress likes to spend her free time actively. She visits a dance studio, yoga classes and fitness training, and draws from time to time. Julia, despite her beauty, stately image and figure (weight is 49 kg, height is 167 cm), was not filmed for men’s magazines. But on Instagram, the actress can find photos in a swimsuit. Until 2010, the weight of the actress was much more.

She managed to lose 14 kg with the help of proper nutrition. In 2017, Yulia shared with subscribers the secrets that helped her achieve harmony and love her body.

All acquaintances note that she is a very friendly, sincere and positive person. Friends also talk about the modesty of the actress. Therefore, it is so surprising for close people to see Yurchenko in the images of insidious and mercenary women, which she often gets.

The artist is reluctant to work on the Internet. The VKontakte page and Yurchenko’s YouTube channel have not been updated for several years.

But the celebrity maintains a personal account on Instagram with pleasure. For a long time, fans wondered if she had children. On August 21, 2019, Julia gave birth to a son. Yurchenko showed a photo of the tag from the maternity hospital indicating the height and weight of the baby to subscribers. The father of the child did not get into the frame – the parents did not take pictures together. The actress managed to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape in just 3 months, thanks to a kitchen scale and a careful calculation of calories consumed.


Since 2007, Yulia Yurchenko began acting in episodes of television series, for example, “The Right to Happiness”, “Still I Love.”, “Univer”, “Lawyer”, etc. The first major work was a 2-season melodrama “Katina Love”, which brought fame to the actress. Dmitry Pchela, Galina Sazonova, Nikolai Tokarev (Yurchenko later played with him in the OCA serial film) and others took part in the filming. In social networks, fan clubs of the artist began to be created, and directors began to offer more interesting scenarios.

2013 was a real breakthrough for Yulia. She starred in about a dozen projects, of which the comedy “Floor” and the melodramas “And the ball will return”, “The Fifth Floor Without an Elevator”, “Once and For All”, “Cornflowers” stand out. In the same year, the life story “False Note” was also filmed, which appeared on Russian screens only 3 years later, in June 2016.

In both films, the actress played field workers. But there are still much more films about love in Julia’s repertoire. In “Insomnia” the artist worked together with Vladislav Pavlov, Anton Batyrev. She also crossed paths with the latter in 2017 on the set of the comedy Opa, New Year!, which tells about the classic pre-New Year ups and downs and accidents.

Of the works of 2014–2016, it is worth paying attention to the romantic story “Love Blooms in Spring” (Yulia acted in her usual role as a villain and intriguer, playing Marina), the family drama “Almond Taste of Love” and the tragedy “Sonata for Vera” . In addition, the actress starred in the comedy “Mom” and the youth film “Londongrad. Know ours! In 2014, in the 3rd season of the Karpov series, she played a drug addict, appearing in the frame with dreadlocks and Afro-braids on her head. The scenes with the image of “breaking” turned out to be very emotional and reliable.

Yulia Yurchenko, whose acting talent is becoming more and more in demand, is clearly not going to slow down. She speaks about her work like this:

“I consider myself in the category of actors who accept any role. My profession is to play different roles, whoever it is. I am interested in everything. And this is my bread.

In 2017, the artist was involved in two film sets at once – in one of the episodes of the Eleon Hotel rating series and the Unknown crime detective. This was followed by “Bars”, “Mylodrama”, “Don’t you dare say goodbye to me!”

Yulia Yurchenko now

In September 2020, the actress completed filming in the TV series Ugly Girlfriend. She noted that the team on the project was excellent, and the experience gained during the cooperation enriched her.

Now Yurchenko is raising his son, in whom he does not have a soul. Judging by Yulia’s status on VKontakte (“Everything is rrrrrrelevant!!! Thank you, darling, for your support!”), she is happy.

Yulia Yurchenko in social networks

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Interview with Yulia Yurchenko

Yulia Yurchenko: “I would like to play Bulgakov’s Margarita”

Interview June 22, 2014

– One of your recent works is the series “Insomnia”. This is not your first work with the DIXI TV company and with the material of Ilya Kulikov.

– Regarding the projects of Ilya Kulikov, if you watched “The Floor”, you probably noticed that the author has an excellent sense of humor. That is, he writes not only on criminal topics. But I must say, there is really too much violence on TV screens, here, apparently, the TV channels follow the viewer’s lead. And if the viewer is interested, demand creates supply. However, returning to Ilya Kulikov, he makes very vivid images, puts it in great drama, and as a result, after watching a movie / series, people think. And this is the most important thing.

Take, for example, the recently released series “Insomnia”. Well, how can you not think about it – we live, but we do not value our lives. And when people know that they are about to die, they begin to live in a completely different way. They love without looking back, become bold, decisive, courageous. In a short time, all feelings and sensations are aggravated.

– Everyone has their own ways of coming into art, someone from childhood, someone was helped by some random event, someone is determined by the method of elimination. How was it in your case?

– I was born in Armavir. From the age of six she danced in the folk choreographic ensemble “Rovesnik”. In this ensemble, the choreographer Olga Konstantinovna directs, in addition, she was the head teacher at my school. She saw my talent. And at her suggestion, I was invited to try out in the New Year’s performance for the Armavir Palace of Culture.

Yulia Yurchenko: it’s scary to look at yourself

Interview from 12.03.2015

Yulia Yurchenko, who played in the TV series Love Blooms in Spring, spoke about filming in the project and trials for roles

Bright blue-eyed blonde Yulia Yurchenko can be the envy of many actresses – directors entrust her with the most difficult roles of bitches and villains.

Those who know Yulia in life are surprised at her transformation in the frame and do not understand why the kind and gentle Yulia is given such roles.

For example, in the series “Karpov-3” Yulia very convincingly played a daring drug addict with an unusual appearance (with dreadlocks and brown lenses), and in the film “Three Stars” – a rock singer with a difficult character.

– If the character is negative, I look for something good in him, I try to understand the motivation, – says the actress. – My heroine Marina is an egoist, spoiled by her parents in her time, she cannot have children, but she really wants to.

Yurchenko does not justify his heroine.

– But taking a baby from an orphanage is not her way. It’s easier to come prepared. A friend has a husband, such a good husband, it is quite possible to fall in love, she also has a child. Perhaps she shows real feelings for someone else’s husband and son, but they do not justify her terrible deeds, says Yulia.

For the role of Yulia, it was necessary to constantly offend the little actor Igor Kalina, who played the son of her friend Vesna – Seryozha.

– Marina is strict with him: “Who do you look like?! Go wash your hands!” There was a scene where I had to hit the boy. But my heart was not in it. Igor tried to support me in this test, ran up to me and said: “Marina, that’s it, you already hit me!” He called me by the name of my heroine. And when he caught me without makeup and red lipstick, he asked: “Who are you? Where is Marina?

Because of her role, the actress had to cut her contact with Igor.

– He turned out to be a very understanding, loving child, but I was asked to have less contact with him. He should have perceived me as an evil aunt. But behind the scenes, we still became friends, – says Yulia.

Alexei Yanin, who played the role of Vesna’s husband, and then Marina, is also perceived by the audience as a rare villain. But in life, the actor is one of those who “won’t hurt a fly”, he loves children, he is a young dad himself. His wife is studying acting. Julia tries not to talk about her personal life, she only said that she was “busy”.

– Almost all of our actors are not free on a personal level, so there was no talk of office romances. We became friends with Alexei Yanin, he, like me, loves sports, leads a healthy lifestyle, – says Yulia.

One of the biggest challenges for an actress is smoking. Julia recalls with horror how long and painfully she learned to smoke for the TV series “Three Stars”. Her heroine, rock singer Lana, did not part with a cigarette according to the script. Before that, there was the series “Katina’s Love”. Friends, having looked at it, accused Yulia of not knowing how to smoke!

– I was supposed to puff on a cigarette in the frame, but I didn’t know how, I took the smoke in my mouth and let it out. It was very embarrassing. And so for the role of a rock star, I learned to smoke, exhausting my poor lungs. I came to shoot in Anapa, and the first thing the director told me was: “We throw away all the scenes with a cigarette, since the law banning smoking came out.”

As a result, the heroine Yurchenko in the frame fiddled with a toothpick in her mouth:

– They decided that she had just quit smoking and found a replacement for the habit. I watched the series “Thaw”, in every frame of the actress with cigarettes! Julia is amazed.

Yulia Yurchenko photo

Wikipedia Yurchenko Yulia Yuryevna theater and film actress

Wikipedia Yurchenko Yulia Yuryevna theater and film actress

Wikipedia Yurchenko Yulia Yuryevna theater and film actress

Wikipedia Yurchenko Yulia Yuryevna theater and film actress

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