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Zinaida Sazonova: general information

  • Full name: Zinaida Sazonova
  • Date of Birth: September 19, 1952
  • Place of birth: Tbilisi, USSR
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Brief biography: Zinaida Sazonova is a pop star, singer, honored worker of culture, honored actress of Russia and pop vocal teacher.
  • Education: The future star studied at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, and then at the International Slavic Institute named after Gavriil Derzhavin.


  • “You’ll still be mine!”
  • “Where are you running, dear path?”
  • “My Russia”
  • “Don’t leave, stay with me”
  • “Oh, it’s not evening”
  • “Special communication”
  • “I’m not ashamed of my love”
  • “Remember”
  • “Our Tenth Airborne Battalion”
  • “Hundred Hours of Happiness”
  • “Ivushka”
  • “Fragrant clusters of white acacia”

Zinaida Sazonova singer biography

The talk show “Actually” on Channel One continues to shock with new stories and bring the main characters to light. On March 29, 2021, Honored Artist of Russia Zinaida Sazonova turned out to be visiting Timur Eremeev, who replaced Dmitry Shepelev a year earlier, and a trio of experts.

The military singer found the strength to come to the studio after resuscitation, where she ended up after the sad news about her husband’s betrayal with her young lover, and meet her rival.

Wikipedia Zinaida Sazonova singer, star from the 90s

Childhood and youth

On September 19, 1952, the daughter Zina was born in the Nikoghosyan family (this is the artist’s maiden name). A joyful event took place in Tbilisi, where the couple were in the service.

Already at an early age, the girl earned her first fee in the form of sweets. The young talent, together with two boy friends, organized an ensemble and gave impromptu concerts right in the store at the military unit, diligently deducing “Oh, apple”. Adults from Georgia were subsequently transferred to Siberia.

“I am a child of the post-war years. Mom, a soldier, grew up in an orphanage – her parents died during the war. And every year on May 9, she rejoiced and cried at the same time. Since my mother served in the military unit of ZATO, from the age of 5 I spoke to the soldiers. For me, the military unit has become a second home! ”, The celebrity recalled in an interview.

In Krasnoyarsk, the future pop star graduated from secondary school No. 161, where she studied with only five and was a pioneer leader, from the age of 16 she shone on the stage of the Palace of Culture and learned from Margarita Petrova. After the 8th grade, a participant in many competitions entered the conductor-choir department of a music school, but quickly left because of inconvenience – she had to play the dombra with her left hand.

Despite the fact that nature did not deprive Zinaida of good vocal abilities, she was not going to become a professional singer. She conquered a motor transport technical school with a financial institution, but the case changed everything.

Once, with her mother, the girl was visiting friends in Leningrad and during a walk she went to the Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory. In the list for enrollment, the applicant found herself in 261st place, and only four were taken to the course.

Fate smiled at the talented nugget, and soon the student was educated at two universities at once, transferring to what is now called St. Petersburg State University of Economics. Later, the Gavriil Derzhavin International Slavic Institute was added to them.

According to the distribution, the graduate was sent to Armenia, where she joined the variety and symphony orchestra of radio and television, collaborated with Armina and Erebuni and was constantly on tour. Within the framework of one republic, it became crowded, and Moscow turned out to be the next destination.


Conquering the Russian capital was not easy, but yesterday’s student coped with this task with a bang, combining her musical activities with the position of an economist and administrator on television.

The turning point in her creative biography was New Year’s Eve 2000, when the singer was invited to take part in concerts in Chechnya. And she, leaving her family and little daughter, went to the North Caucasus, where she gave 4 performances a day for two weeks under bullets.

In the future, the soloist and head of the group of cultural and artistic work of the department of culture of the Central House of the Russian Army named after Mikhail Frunze came to hot spots 8 more times. These tours formed the basis of the film “Civil feat and personal memories of the front-line singer Zinaida Sazonova”, filmed with a presidential grant.

In 2002, “Don’t go away, stay with me” performed by Sazonova got into the “Constellation of hits: romances. Vol. 1”. After 2 years, he migrated to the Constellation of Hits. Russian hits (chanson, romances, drinking songs)”, and after – in a separate disc of the same name with 30 covers.

In 2005, her “I am not ashamed of my love” settled in the “Golden Russian Collection (part two 1960-1989)”, and “Remember” – in “Shine, shine, my star … Dedicated to the memory of Anna German” . In 2013, the discography was enriched with “Drinking Songs in Russian” with “Where are you running, dear path?”.

The rich repertoire of a celebrity who has released several solo albums includes folk (“Oh, it’s not evening …”), military-patriotic (“Our Tenth Airborne Battalion”), pop (“One Hundred Hours of Happiness”), author’s ( “Ivushka”), jazz compositions and romances (“Fragrant clusters of white acacia”).

The artist willingly shared her accumulated knowledge with the younger generation, being an assistant professor of the pop-jazz vocal department of her native MSI.

Zinaida Sazonova personal life

Little is known about the first marriage of the singer. The clergyman Stepan Sazonov became her chosen one. On September 30, 1990, Zinaida had her only daughter, Inna Sazonova, who graduated from the Moscow Institute of Economics, Finance and Law. The heiress married MEFI graduate Dmitry Kozlov and on September 27, 2014 gave him the heiress Alice. Photos of mother and child often flash on the page of a young woman on Instagram.

Later, fate brought the singer together with Pavel Pererva. The man received his higher education at the Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation and took the position of editor at the Central House of Arts.

The couple often visited programs on domestic television together – for example, Malakhov Plus and Fashion Sentence. It was the husband-colonel who pushed the chosen one to shoot in the last show (“The Case of How to Take a Fashionable Chord”). He believed that his wife dresses like a seed seller, although her status obliges her to purchase outfits for herself in expensive stores, and not in markets and in transitions.

Until the fateful March 2021, harmony reigned in the personal life of the performer, despite the age difference with her husband of 15 years. The favorite of the public herself did not hide the secrets of family happiness from fans and was philosophical about betrayal:

“A happy family develops when a good husband, and most importantly, a wonderful wife! A good wife is one who is not jealous. It is important for a woman to be confident. I realized that my husband loves me for my bright appearance, and for a kind heart, and for wisdom, and for understanding, and for not biting a person who is nearby, but helping him live.

Zinaida Sazonova now

Zinaida Asaturovna continues to conduct active touring and social activities, willingly appearing on television.

A year before the talk show “Actually”, the singer acted as one of the experts of the 6th edition of the 2nd season of the vocal project “Come on, all together!”, Being among the three judges who did not stand up during the performance of Yana Gornaya. Honored Artist of Russia and Honored Worker of Culture of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic advised the 14-year-old contestant to think about what she sings about and focus on the auditorium as a whole.

Interesting Facts

  1. The first job of the future pop star was a city-forming enterprise, where she worked as an apparatchik in a dry cleaning shop in Krasnoyarsk. In addition, the singer mastered the profession of a cleaner and a trolleybus driver.
  2. In 1995, the winner of vocal competitions and participant in artistic and patriotic actions received the title of “Miss Karaoke”.
  3. Sazonova starred in the programs “Without complexes”, “Army store”, “Russian Lotto”, “Let them talk”, “They and we” as a guest, and also acted as a screenwriter, editor of TV show texts, director – the director of concert programs and was listed as the main specialist at the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. Behind her shoulders is the experience of working on the capital’s radio, where Vladimir Zhirinovsky sang for the first time in her Moscow Trolleybus.
  4. The performer performed in many military units and hospitals, not giving up dangerous tours: “The famous singer Sasha Serov, with whom I am friends, compares me with front-line singers Claudia Shulzhenko and Lyudmila Zykina. The guys in the units sometimes admitted that my autograph saved their lives. Now I sing the way one general described my work: “After your songs, I would not hesitate to go on the attack for the Motherland.”
  5. In her youth, in addition to creativity, Zinaida Asatlevel also submitted to sports. The girl won prizes in ski tournaments and made progress in swimming. Thanks to the latter, she has saved at least two lives.

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Zinaida Sazonova interview

Star of the 90s Zinaida Sazonova has been hiding the name of her real father from her daughter for 30 years

Interview from 03/29/2021

In the studio of the program “Actually”, the artist met her rival. She had to admit that for many years she kept a secret from her husband.

The name of Zinaida Sazonova thundered throughout Russia in the 90s. Now she almost never performs. Only in 2007, in an interview, did the honored artist talk about her life with her husband Pavel Pererva, with whom she has a six-year age difference. Until recently, it seemed that they were happy together.

But in January, the 68-year-old singer suffered a heart attack after learning about her husband’s betrayal with a 24-year-old girl Zhanna, who is fit for her granddaughter.

Now Zinaida challenged her opponent to face-to-face. They appeared in the studio of the transfer “Actually”. The reason was that Pavel’s mistress claims that his wife has been deceiving him all these years. Allegedly, she gave birth to a daughter, Inna, from a completely different man.

“I found him with a young girl who stroked him and hugged him. It was at another job, and we work together. I felt so bad that I couldn’t say anything. I was on a drip for several days. I can’t be nervous. In 2017, I underwent severe heart surgery and barely got out of this state, ”Sazonova said.

Now the woman is discouraged by the fact that her husband demands a DNA test from her. She suggested that in this way he wants to anger her and deprive her of the opportunity to save her family.

“I’ve noticed this for a long time. For six months, there was always a call at night. A woman kept calling. He’s asleep and you can’t wake him up. I try not to take the phone, but I’m already tired of it. I pick up the phone and hear a female voice, ”the artist shared.

“Girlfriends told Pavel that before that she had another marriage and she brought him an adult child,” Zhanna attacked the woman.

She believes that the singer is deceiving her husband. Pavel confirmed that he received calls, and also friends said that the daughter was not born from him. It turned out that there is a man in the archive photos holding tiny Inna in his arms. The artist explained that it was just her friend. However, Zinaida, under pressure, stated that this man was indeed the father of her daughter. However, the lie detector showed that she was lying. Later it turned out that this was not a friend, but the first husband of the singer Stepan. Moreover, Sazonova lied twice. Neither Pavel nor Stepan are Inna’s fathers.

“Yes, Inna is not your daughter. Whose it is, I will not say. I want to say that it is your right. I wanted to save my family. You are a good person, ”Sazonova explained.

Zinaida Sazonova photo

Wikipedia Zinaida Sazonova singer, star from the 90s

Wikipedia Zinaida Sazonova singer, star from the 90s

Wikipedia Zinaida Sazonova singer, star from the 90s

Wikipedia Zinaida Sazonova singer, star from the 90s

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